Top 10 Youtube Tricks that blow your mind

Here are the top 10 youtube tricks that blow your mind.Have a Look on these youtube tricks and apply into your daily Youtube life.It will make working on Youtube easy and Interesting.

Top 10 Youtube Tricks that Blow your Mind

In today’s era, we spend most of our time on watching videos on YouTube. Well, almost all of them. (If You all know what I mean.) Trailers, movies, parodies, Vines, reviews, Pranks, Motivations- you name it, and the one site that comes to mind is YouTube. And the best part is that the site is so seamless. So smooth. So friendly, that makes you habitual of it.

Even after being so familiar with the site, we’re still unaware of many awesome tricks it has to offer. Like the ones listed here. Check them out.

1. Download any youtube Video in One Click

To download any Youtube video in one click, You just need to enter ‘ss’ after www. and before ‘youtube.com’.For example – https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=Lxje_en7fII

It will redirect you to Saveform from there you can choose different quality and download your video very easily.

saveform download youtube video

View a video on youtube.
In the URL location box, add 9x Before youtube.com
Get links to download the video. ( no software, no copy/paste! )
Example » https://www.9xyoutube.com/watch?v=Lxje_en7fII

2. Type “Use the force Luke” on Youtube and click on search.Youtube will behave like a drunk person

use the force luke

3. Watch Age restricted video Without Logging in

Ohh Came across an age-restricted video? Don’t feel like logging in? But still, wanna watch it? Because hey, it’s age restricted! Well, worry not. All you have to do is, remove “watch?” from the URL, and replace the “v=” with “v/”. Press enter and enjoy the video.Youtube age restriction Bypass

4. Just Type and search “doge meme” on Youtube to make youtube Colourful

Doge meme is not Working in the New version of Youtube 2017, It will work only in Olde version.
doge meme in youtube

5. Add ‘gif’ before the ‘youtube.com’ in the video link will make the video a ‘gif’.

youtube to gif

This process will take you to make a ‘gif’ of that video where you can choose the part of the video to be trimmed or converted in the gif.See the Image.

6.Start your Video at a Specific Time

Wanna start your video from a specific time? Just add “#t=” followed by the time you want your video to start from. For example, “#t=1m6s” or “#t=66s”.

Ex- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxje_en7fII&t=16s

Start a video from different time in Youtube

7. Keyboard Shortcuts list for Youtube

Are you Feeling too lazy to reach out to your mouse? Worry not for you can always use that keyboard of yours to control your YouTube videos.
k= Pause/play.
j= Rewind the video 10 seconds.
l= Fast forward the video 10 seconds.
m= Mute/unmute the video.

8. Operate youtube Only through keyboard

Use this link “https://www.youtube.com/leanback”. You will see a window like this which is fully manageable with the keyboard.This window also shows you category wise videos like entertainment, science, and technology ext.See the picture below.

Youtube leanback

9. Use Extension which will stun you | Try them Now
  1. Turn off the lights – The entire page will be fading to dark, so you can watch the videos as if you were in the cinema. Works for YouTube™ and Beyond. Watch all known popular video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Yahoo, Dailymotion and much more, as well as Facebook, MySpace, Google+ and other social network sites.Turn off the lights
  2. AdBlock for Youtube-  Popular Adblock for Youtube™ Extension: Removes the video ads from Youtube™. Not good for creators.Adblock for youtube
  3. Magic Actions for youtube – An extension that changes the way you’ll watch videos on YouTube. The world’s largest streaming video service and this magic extension brings your video watching experience to the highest level by providing you with a set of pro features: Mouse Wheel Volume Control, Auto HD 4k capabilities, a Dynamic Backlight feature that boasts over 40 different colors presets, Stop Autoplay, and a well-designed Night theme. These are just a few of the many customizable options that are available. If you have not installed the Magic Actions already, now is the time to do so. Over 4,000,000 people use Magic Actions. It is donation-ware, so, you can download and use it free of charge.Magic actions for Youtube

How to Fix Lenovo K8 Plus Screen flickering issue

How to Fix Lenovo K8 Plus Screen Flickering issue. Screen flickering issue in Lenovo K8 is creating a problem for users right now. Here, are some steps by which your screen flicker will vanish.Follow these steps.

Tips to resolve Screen Flicker in Lenovo K8

There are two methods which might work in your case. If any of this method not work then this problem would be resolved by Lenovo by a Software Update.But before that Follow these methods.

Try to On or Off your Adaptive Brightness option In Lenovo K8 Plus. This might work for you.This method is tested but not always works.

Some users have also recommended that after a simple reset their flickering issue has been resolved. SO you can also try this method.Hope it might work for you.

You need to start your Lenovo K8 Plus in “Safe Mode”, rebooting in Safe Mode might help to resolve this issue.But again this is not a permanent solution.This won;t work in all cases.Have a try.

Rebooting Lenovo K8 Plus in SAFE Mode

Safe mode is indispensable when it comes to troubleshooting pesky software problems on your Desktop, Laptop or Personal Computer. But have you ever noticed that a similar feature existed on your Android Smartphone? Yes,  It does, and it’s easy to use.Here’s how to restart your Android phone into safe mode.

  • Press and hold your phone’s power button for a few seconds until Android prompts you to turn off your phone—>just as you would normally do to power it down.
  • Next, tap and hold Power off for a few seconds until your phone asks you to confirm that you want to enter safe mode.
  • Tap OK, and your phone will restart into safe mode.

Android reboot to safe mode you sure you want to restart into safe mode? If so, tap OK.

Safe Mode doesn’t allow you to open Any “Installed App” which you have installed or the third-party app. Only The pre Installed default App will be allowed to use. So this will help you to gather information about the problem occurring in your phone is due to Some App or Due to other problems.Android will remind you that you’re in safe mode with a badge in the lower-left corner.

Once you’re done with safe mode, go ahead and power down your phone as you normally would by pressing and holding the power button, then start your phone normally as you do generally.

If both the methods not worked to resolve Lenovo K8 Plus Screen Flickering then Wait for some serious announcement from The Lenovo Officials.

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How to check SAR value of a Phone Ussd code *#07#

How to check SAR value of a Phone use USSD code *#07#.Specific Absorption Rate Information of any Android Smartphone, Dial *#07# to know SAR.Check SAR before Buy any Smartphone.

Check Radiation level (SAR) of your Smartphone by USSD code *#07#

Test for SAR is conducted using standard operating positions with the device transmitting at its highest certified power level in all tested frequency bands.In India SAR limit for mobile devices is 1.6 W/Kg averaged over 1 gram of tissue.Excessive use of smartphone may cause health problems but if you are even using less a smartphone with bad SAR, that is most dangerous for you.So must check you SAR value of Your phone just by dialing head *#07#.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted limits for safe exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy which is 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg).Any smartphone at or below this SAR levels is “safe” to use. Otherwise, You might get some serious health issue due to radiation.

You can check Radiation level in terms of SAR of your Android or other smartphones by dialing a USSD code *#07#, if results show SAR below 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg) then it is OK otherwise you are advised to change your smartphone immediately.So, that no any serious health issue occurs.

Here is SAR level of some popular smartphones

iPhone 6:> 1.59 W/kg

Lenovo K3-K8 :> Head 1.590 W/Kg ,Body 0.688 W/kg

Lenovo K8 Plus :> Head 0.543 W/Kg, body 1.000 W/kg

LG G3:> 0.99 W/kg
LG G2:> 1.44 W/kg
Samsung Galaxy Note 2:> 0.42 W/kg

Samsung Galaxy Note 3:> 1.07 W/kg

MOTO G4 Plus- Head 1.086 W/Kg Body 1.48 W/kg
Samsung Galaxy Note 4:> 1.20 W/kg

Samsung Galaxy S5:> 1.28 W/kg

HTC One (M8):> 1.29 W/kg

You can comment your phone name and SAR value So that we can Update the information here.Have any query just leave a comment below.


Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ, Screen Flicker, Yellow Picture, Enhanced Volte & Bugs & Fixes

Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ, Screen Flicker, Yellow Picture, Enhanced Volte & Bugs & Fixes. Here I will discuss all the things in detail.have a look On Lenovo K8 Plus queries and solutions.

Lenovo K8 Plus Bugs and Fixes

Hey, Friends, I have listed Top 15 problems related to Lenovo K8 Plus here, Which is based on the comments done by Lenovo K8 Users on below Video of Lenovo K8 Plus.Have look on the video.

Let us discuss all the problem one by one here-

1. Lenovo K8 Plus Screen Flickering issue in Low brightness.

Yes, a lot of guys have faced this issue about screen flickering In Lenovo K8 Plus.My suggestion is to wait for the first Software update with bug fixes and some security patches.that might remove Screen flickering problem.you can also consult to the respective Service care.

2. Lenovo K8 Plus Yellow Picture with the flashlight at night

yes, It is also a problem in Lenovo K8 Note, When somebody clicks a pic at night with the flashlight the yellowish picture destroys the mood.For this, I will suggest you change the camera setting like day mode or Night mode or you can also go for a replacement.

3. Enhanced LTE mode is not highlighted in Lenovo K8 Note

For this, you just need to put your JIO sim in slot 1, because the LTE mode only works with Sim slot 1 or SIm one and then restart your phone. This might fix your issue.Otherwise, you can follow the second step.you can watch the video also for getting it properly. Here it is-

  1. Open dialer and type  *#*#4636#*#*, It will open a new screen for you
  2. Turn off the radio
  3. Turn on the LTE provisional Flag option
  4. Again turn on the radio
  5. Restart your phone, it will work for you

If this method is also not working for you, go for a replacement.

4. Does Lenovo K8 have Multiuser or Multi-Window Support?

Yes, it has both Multiuser and Multi-Window support.

5. Why is the ‘Gallery’ not opening in Lenovo K8?

Dear friends, I just want to say you that there is no ‘gallery’ App in Lenovo K8 Plus due to Stock Android. Now the Google Photos App will work as a gallery For you.So enjoy.

6. Ringtone Not set in Lenovo K8 Plus

yes, this is a bug right now, I am a Software Engineer and I am assuring you that this is just a coding problem, not a serious issue.So wait for the Software update to arrive.It will be fixed.

7. Can we use the single flashlight at a time in Lenovo K8?

No, you can’t.Both will be used at a time.

8.Can I use the Rear  MP camera alone?

No, you can’t use the 5 Mp camera alone. This camera is just helping the main 13 Mp camera for taking pictures in Depth mode.

9. Does Lenovo K8 support Screencasting?

Yes, it supports Screencasting without and Device.

10. Why is Lenovo K8 Battery discharging very fast?

If this is happening with your phone then switch off your Phone and Charge it completely. then Use it. if the problem remains, go for a replacement.

11.Does Lenovo K8 plus support native language like Gujarati?

Yes, Lenovo K8 supports native Languages like Gujarati and Marathi along with Hindi and English.

12. Why am I getting an Emergency alert like this on Lenovo K8 Plus?

Emergency alert lenovo K8 Plus

As I know this is due to Installation of some Third Party applications.remove them to avoid it.You can also off Emergency alert on your phone.this might be due to ISP (Internet Service provider) or Sim.

13. How many Speakers does Lenovo K8 have, because only one is working other not?

In Lenovo K8 Plus there is only one Speaker, One is for Noise cancellation. Both look like a speaker, but they are not speakers.

Lenovo K8 Plus dual speaker

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How to Buy Lenovo K8 in Rs 8099 Only

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20 Simple Tech Hacks Everyone should Know

20 Simple tech hacks everyone should know.Today technology is growing in a rapid way, Everyday we see some new pieces of stuff coming out.Some of them are good and some are best which hits all the hearts.

So Today I am going to tell you some such hacks which everyone should know.These are very simple things.you might know some of them.But knowing it and Keeping in Mind and applying into your day to day life is a phenomenal thing which I recommend everybody to do.So here it is.

20 Simple tech hacks everyone should know

I have converted these hacks into 10 points so that it is easier to understand and read.Have a look at them.

  1. Use www.youtube.com/leanback to find youtube trends.
  2. When filming Video at a concert using your phone, puta finger over your phone’s microphone.It will sound clearer when you play it back.
  3.  On accountkiller.com you can instantly remove all your personal data from the website you don’t want to have it.
  4. If you have many different online accounts, then on namechk.com you can see every website where your username has been used.
  5. If your phone freezes, plug it into a charger.This might free it up again.
  6. To move frame by frame on youtube, pause the video and then use J or L to go backward and forward respectively.
  7. Using your phone while it;s charging can damage the battery.This is why the cords are so short.
  8. If you type “Google Gravity” and then hit “I’m Feeling Lucky” on google homepage the entire page will lose its gravity and you can play with it.google gravity
  9. Want to download a youtube video as a mp3? Just put “listento” after the “www” in the youtube video URL.
  10. Always use the custom installation option when installing software.this will show you exactly what you are downloading and prevent you from installing unwanted toolbars, software etc.

Here are the other 10 tech hacks

  1. If your smartphone or tablet ever gets slow, clean the touchscreen with an eyeglass wipe to get the dirt and oils off.
  2. Hit “alt” and click on any google image to have it automatically saved to your computer.
  3. On ‘window explorer ‘search “size: gigantic” and it will display all files on your computer >128 MB. Use this to clean up space on your hard drive. Here is some other shortcode.Size:gigantic
  4. If you type “do a barrel roll ” and click on google search the whole homepage will spin.Try it now.
  5. Save your powerpoint presentation as a “Powerpoint show” (.ppsx) and it will open directly to the slideshow
  6. you can search “[month][year]”in Wikipedia to give you all the major world news for that month.
  7. You can learn Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese for free on Duolingo.com.
  8. Walking in a scary area at night?Download a police scanner app for your phone and listen to it on full volume.
  9. To reopen an accidentally closed browser tab. use Ctrl/Cmd +Shift+T.
  10. Need to write a quick note while browsing the internet? open a temporary notepad in your browser by typing “data:txt/html, <html contenteditable>” into the search bar.

All the things written above are tested.But yet if you find any error in this Just comment below so that we can improve it.

Google Tez features, pros & cons ,Not fast as said

Internet giant Google has forayed into the Payment space of India with the Launch of Payment UPI called, Google “TEZ” [fast].Google calls it very fast but this time there is a lot of bugs in this App. Google Tez is launched today for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Google Tez, a new digital payments app based on NPCI’s UPI platform, was launched in India on Sept 18, 2017. Google’s vice-president for Next Billion Users, Caesar Sengupta, launched the app at an event in New Delhi in the presence of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Google’s Tez app will be made available for Android and iOS users. Unlike a Paytm or MobiKwik, Tez is neither a mobile wallet nor a modified version of Android Pay. It is built on UPI and allows for payments directly via bank accounts, thanks to the UPI platform.

Features of Google ‘Tez’

  1. The app allows users to do financial transactions like Sending Money, Receiving Payments directly into their bank account.
  2. You can Pay Bills like Electricity bills, In Future, it might support Other bills and recharges
  3. You can link your App with your bank accounts.
  4. The app is built on government’s Unified Payment.
  5. Using NPCI’s unified payment interface, money transfer is very simple and secure.
  6. ‘Tez’ will be available in 7 Indian languages including Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi and English.
  7. It doesn’t provide any wallet service like Airtel Money, Mobikwik and Paytm or PayPal.

Google has partnered with four banks which are Axis Bank, HDFC, ICICI and State Bank of India.Over 650million are expected to use the Internet by 2020 and Google is missioned to provide the internet to everyone.Already near to 400 railway stations in India have the access to high-speed free WIFI through Rail Wifi Service.

Google Tez

Via “Tez’ you can send money to your family, split a dinner bill with friends or pay the neighborhood Chaiwala.

Goole has confirmed that they are not collecting any payments from transactions.In future, you can pay through your card with google Tez and Card usage will come with a transaction fee.

Google also says that AQR – the sound based format for transferring money securely between devices -is its own proprietary technology.Google is using it for the first time.While we are seeing a greater proliferation of NFC and Bluetooth across consumer electronics, it’s still not completely ubiquitous and when considering low-cost smartphones in countries like India, may not always be present.

google tez

Cons of Google ‘Tez’ as of Now

There is a lot of  issues an user is facing, here is some of them

  1. The app takes a lot of time to connect to the bank to fetch the user Account details
  2. There is no NFC payment which we think is good because you know the range of NFC is very low.
  3. There is no option like pay through ADHAR, but it might be updated in near future.
  4. You can’t edit the UPI ID
  5. No option to save beneficiary
  6. SMS charged while adding account but unable to fetch Account details need improvement

Google said that users are getting little issue due to the higher traffic.These all bugs will be fixed in some days and they also said that they are working on App features enhancement.

We are also hoping that Google will fix up all the bugs soon and make this app more usable than Indian UPI BHIM.Which is at this time better than Google TEZ.

Have any query then just ping us below.we will answer you soon.

Lenovo K8 Plus 4GB RAM | Full Specifications

Lenovo K8 Plus 4GB RAM

Lenovo K8 Plus 4GB RAM will be available on Flipkart from 21st September via the Open sale. On Flipkart Lenovo, K8 Plus will be available in Festive Edition with special offers.The price of Lenovo K8 Plus 4GB RAM will be ₹11,999 Which is ₹1000 more than Lenovo K8 Plus.

Lenovo K8 Plus 4GB RAM | Now available on Flipkart
Lenovo K8 Plus 4GB RAM

Lenovo K8 PLUS 4 GB RAM Full Specifications & Features

Here are full details of Lenovo K8 Plus with 4Gb RAM.Have a look and decide It fits your need or not.If you ask for our review In 12k range Lenovo is giving you an awesome product.So have it.Rather than Buying Lenovo K8 Note or K8 Plus with 3Gb Ram, Lenovo K8 plus with 4Gb RAM is a good option.

Have a look

Processor Octa core
Display 5.2″ (13.21 cm)
Storage 32 GB
Camera 13 MP+ 5 MP Dual Rear,8 MP front
Battery 4000 mAh

Price                                         ₹11,999, [Get a discount of ₹100 on Lenovo K8 Plus (3 GB,4 GB)]                                                           contact us below for discount

Fingerprint sensor position Rear
Other sensors Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass
Fingerprint sensor Yes
Operating system Android v7.1.1 (Nougat)
Sim slots Dual SIM, GSM+GSM, Both LTE supportive
Model K8 Plus,4GB RAM
Launch date October 26, 2017 (Expected)
Brand Lenovo
Sim size SIM1: Nano SIM2: Nano
Network 4G: Available (supports Indian bands) 3G: Available, 2G: Available, Volte Support, Native Video and Audio call
Fingerprint sensor Yes
Audio features Dolby Atmos
Loudspeaker Yes
Fm Radio Yes, with earphone
Audio jack 3.5 mm
 Chipset MediaTek MT6757CD
Graphics Mali-T880 MP2
Processor Octa-core (2.6 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A53 + 1.6 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A53)
Architecture 64 bit
Ram 4 GB
Build Material Case: Metal Back: Metal
Thickness 8.9 mm
Width 73.9 mm
Weight 165 grams
Height 147.9 mm
Colours Venom Black, Fine Gold
Display type IPS LCD
Screen to body ratio 68.04 %
Pixel density 424 PPI
Screen protection Corning Gorilla Glass v3
Screen size 5.2 inches (13.21 cm)
Screen resolution Full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels)
Touchscreen Yes Capacitive Touchscreen, Multi-touch
Internal Memory 32 GB
Expandable upto Yes Up to 128 GB
Settings Exposure compensation, ISO control
Aperture F/2.0
Camera features Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus
Image resolution 4128 x 3096 Pixels
Autofocus Yes
Shooting modes Continuos Shooting, High Dynamic Range mode (HDR)
MP 12+5 Rear and,8 MP front
Flash Yes LED Flash
Video Recording 1920×1080 @ 30 fps ,FULL HD
Standby Up to 401 Hours(4G)
Talktime Up to 26 Hours(4G)
Type Lithium-ion
Capacity 4000 mAh
Wifi Yes Wi-Fi 802.11, b/g/n
Wifi features Mobile Hotspot
Bluetooth Yes v4.2
Volte Yes
Usb connectivity microUSB 2.0
Network support 4G (supports Indian bands), 3G, 2G
GPS Yes with A-GPS
SIM 1 4G Bands:TD-LTE 2300(band 40) FD-LTE 2100(band 1) / 1800(band 3) / 2600(band 7) / 900(band 8) / 850(band 5)3G Bands: UMTS 2100 / 850 / 900 MHz2G Bands: GSM 1800 / 1900 / 850 / 900 MHz 4G Speed: 50 Mbit/s ? 150 Mbit/s? (LTE category 4)GPRS: Available EDGE: Available
SIM Size SIM1: Nano, SIM2: Nano
SIM 2 4G Bands: TD-LTE 2300(band 40) FD-LTE 2100(band 1) / 1800(band 3) / 2600(band 7) / 900(band 8) / 850(band 5)3G Bands: UMTS 2100 / 850 / 900 MHz 2G Bands: GSM 1800 / 1900 / 850 / 900 MHz 4G Speed: 50 Mbit/s ? 150 Mbit/s? (LTE category 4) GPRS: Available EDGE: Available

If You have any query regarding Lenovo K8 Plus or Lenovo K8 Note just ping us below via contact form or simply leave a comment.We will answer you soon.

Have a look on Lenovo K8 Plus important FAQ – See Now

Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ | Based on user reviews and opinions | Bugs and Fixes

Lenovo K8 Plus frequently asked questions.Hey, friends, I am using Lenovo K8 Plus from last five days and after that, I am writing my opinions.So read it carefully before buying Lenovo K8 Plus. you can also watch this video base on Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ.So here we go.

Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ Watch on Youtube

Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ

1.Is it a VOLTE phone?

Ans- Yes K8 support Volte

2. Do we need to install JIO 4G Voice App for calling and Video calling?

Ans-No, You don’t need to install JIo 4G Voice.It supports native voice and video call.

3. Is there USB OTG or not?

Ans- Yes it has USB OTG

4.How is the Battery Backup?

Ans – The Battery backup is excellent,1 and half day is approx running time. The battery charging time is near to 2-2.5 hour.The Battery is Off 4000 mAh. It doesn’t have a turbocharging facility.

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5.What is the weight of the device?

Ans-165 g (little heavier due to fully metallic finish, Large battery, and pre-installed gorilla glass).

6. Can I use a Memory card and 2 sims at the same time?

Ans-yes Lenovo K8 has a dedicated slot for both memory card and 2 Nano Sims.

7.Which is better motto e4 plus or Lenovo k8 plus or Lenovo k6 plus

Ans -Lenovo K8 Plus, Price efficient and have lots of better feature than two others.

8. Is Lenovo k8 Plus contain selfie flash?

Ans -Yes, Flash for both rear and front camera.

9. Is both the SIM are 4G supported in Lenovo K8 plus?

Ans- Yes 4G+VOLTE support

10.Does it supports VoLTE or need any app like JIO 4G VOICE for the VOLTE calls? Also is there any notification LED if not then how the missed call or any other notification shows up.

Ans -No need to install Jo 4G Voice App, Normal calling is possible.It has no LED so You have to open Your phone to see notifications and battery Charging status.

11.Can I operate this mobile as a remote control?

Ans – no

12.Is there any heating problem?

Ans- I am using this phone from 5 days, There is no issue of heating. But when you play heavier games it might get little hot which every smartphone does.

13. Does it have a headphone in the box?

Ans- No the box contain only Charger, data cable, Phone, manual and sim slot opening Pin.Lenovo never gives headphone or earphone with the phone.

14. Is Screencasting possible without any device support?

Ans- yes

15. Multiple Window support or not?

Ans- Multiple Window support is there which is a feature of Android Nougat

16. Which Android version we will get in Lenovo K8 Plus?

Ans- Android N 7.1.1

17.Is it updatable to Android Oreo?

Ans – yes

18. Does it have a LED Notification?

Ans -No

Buy Lenovo K8 Plus here and to get a discount of Rs 2900 contact us below if you have any query related to Lenovo K8 Plus then leave a comment.We will reply soon.

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Q.How we are providing discounts to you?

Ans- Above given Shopping links are our Flipkart and Amazon affiliate link on which we will get some commissions on Your purchase. So, We are just sharing the half commissions with you. Nothing else.

Q How much discount you will get?

Ans- I already have posted an article on this about joining the Affiliation program and discount percentage. So go through it and remember.We are offering only half commissions to you.

Here it is- Advertising fee on Amazon | Okey Ravi

Q. In how much day, commissions will be sent?

Ans- your commissions will be sent to you after successful delivery of the product.