Fix yellow Dollar Sign, YouTube New Ad Algo leads to a revenue loss

Hello friends, how are you today? YouTube has changed it Ad policy for Youtube content now and that is only Advertiser friendly Video will get Ad on their video.That’s awesome, But still, a question exists –

“Is the Monetisation Algorithm of YouTube Working according to the new Guideline?”

Well, the answer is no.It is working but not up to the level.I can say It is in its young period and needs to be more adult and needs to gain more experience.But this is what this also is doing right now.Because What is happening right now will tell you clearly about this?

Let me clear it to you by a situation, let a YouTuber like me, uploads a video on Youtube and after some time gets a yellow dollar sign on that video as Youtube Algo thinks that video is not advertiser-friendly.So, I get a chance to “request a review on that video.So that my monetization is enabled again.

monetisation review okey ravi

But this a 24-hour process, because youtube process that video manually and till then My video will get no Ad.This is stupid really.A YouTuber gains most of its view in Starting 24 hours.So this will lead to a big revenue loss sometimes.

Note: The YouTube will only process request review If Your video has 1000 views in last 7 days.otherwise, your video is not suitable for Monetisation review.

Youtube Advertiser Friendly Content Guidelines – Read Now

Watch This video and Know all the things –

Content that is not suitable for most of the advertiser

YouTube uses technology and policy enforcement processes to determine if a video is suitable for advertising. They continually work hard to make their algorithms as accurate as possible and to understand nuances, including for categories like music, gaming, and news. As they said, “Our intention is to treat each video based on context, including content that is clearly comedic, educational, or satirical in nature”.

You can not use –

1. Controversial issues and sensitive events: Video content that features or focuses on sensitive topics or events including, but not limited to, war, political conflicts, terrorism or extremism, death and tragedies, sexual abuse, even if graphics imagery is not shown.

2. Drugs and dangerous products or substancesVideo content that promotes or features the sale, use, or abuse of illegal drugs, regulated drugs or substances, or other dangerous products is not suitable for advertising.

3. Harmful or dangerous acts: Video content that promotes harmful or dangerous acts that result in serious physical, emotional, or psychological injury is not suitable for advertising.

4. Hateful contentVideo content that promotes discrimination or disparages or humiliates an individual or group of people on the basis of the individual’s or group’s race, ethnicity or ethnic origin, nationality, religion, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization is not suitable for advertising.

4. Inappropriate language: Video content that contains frequent uses of strong profanity or vulgarity throughout the video may not be suitable for advertising.

5. Inappropriate use of family entertainment charactersVideos depicting family entertainment characters or content, whether animated or live action, engaged in the violent, sexual, vile, or otherwise inappropriate behavior, even if done for comedic or satirical purposes, are not suitable for advertising.

6. Incendiary and demeaning: Video content that is gratuitously incendiary, inflammatory, or demeaning may not be suitable for advertising. For example, video content that shames or insults an individual or group may not be suitable for advertising.

7. Sexually suggestive content: Video content that features highly sexualized content, such as video content where the focal point is nudity, body parts, or sexual simulations, is not suitable for advertising.

8. Violence: Video content where the focal point is on blood, violence, or injury when presented without additional context, is not suitable for advertising.

We hope You understand these all.If You have any quey then let us know with a comment below.


How to Complete Fix 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress?

Have you ever tried to visit your WordPress site only to be greeted by a message saying 500 – Internal Server Error or something similar? It might even be happening to you right now. It’s a scary error because like the error establishing a database connection message, your site completely disappears. It’s like everything is lost like a blank or unused mind.

But you don’t need to worry too much, though. The internal server error message is fixable and your WordPress site’s data should still be entirely intact.

So, In this article, you’ll learn:

1. What the 500 – internal server error is and why it causes?
2. How to fix the 500 – internal server error in WordPress?

What does the “500 Internal Server Error” message mean?

Internal server error (sometimes called a 500 internal server error of WordPress), is a generic error message that your server gives you when it runs into a problem. Basically, it’s telling you that “something” went wrong… but it’s not very specific about what that “something” is. Asking how to fix an internal server error is like asking your doctor how to fix the pain without telling them where the pain is. We have also heard internal server error only showing up when you are trying to access the administrator area while the rest of the site works fine.

I know that’s not a very satisfying explanation – but again, it’s not a very specific error.

What causes the “500 Internal Server Error” message?

Because this error message is so broad, there’s not a single problem that causes it. With WordPress, the most common causes are:

  1. A corrupt .htaccess file.
  2. PHP Memory limit.
  3. A plugin issue.
  4. Hitting your PHP memory limit.
  5. Corrupt WordPress core files.

We’ll show you solutions for how to fix all of those problems. But if you want to quickly narrow down exactly what’s going on, consulting your server’s error logs is a helpful way to diagnose exactly what’s causing the problem.

Checking for corrupt .htaccess file

The first thing you should do when troubleshooting the 500 – internal server error in WordPress is check for the corrupted .htaccess file. You can do so by renaming your main .htaccess file to something like .htaccess_old.

To rename the .htaccess file, you will need to login to your site using the FTP. Once you are in, the .htaccess file will be located in the same directory where you will see folders like wp-content, wp-admin, and wp-includes.

Once you have renamed the .htaccess file, try loading your site to see if this solved the problem. If it did, then give yourself a pat on the back because you fixed the 500 – internal server error. Before you move on with other things, make sure that you go to Settings » Permalinks and click the save button.

500- internal server error fixing

This will generate a new .htaccess file for you with proper rewrite rules to ensure that your post pages do not return a 404.

If checking for the corrupt .htaccess file solution did not work for you, then you need to work on other options. Keep reading this article.

Increasing the PHP Memory Limit

Sometimes this error can happen if you are exhausting your PHP memory limit. If you are seeing the internal server error only when you try to login to your WordPress admin or uploading an image in your wp-admin, then you should increase the memory limit by following these steps:

  1. Create a blank text file called php.ini
  2. Paste this code in there: memory=64MB
  3. Save the file
  4. Upload it into your /wp-admin/ folder using FTP

Several users have said that doing the above fixed the admin side problem for them.

If increasing the memory limit fix the problem for you, then you have fixed the problem temporarily. The reason why we say this is because there has to be something that is exhausting your memory limit. This could be a poorly coded plugin or even a theme function. We strongly recommend that you ask your WordPress web hosting company to look into the server logs to help you find the exact diagnostics.

If increasing the PHP memory limit did not fix the issue for you, then you are in for some hard-core troubleshooting.

Try deactivating all plugins

If none of the above solutions worked for you, then this error is most likely being caused by a specific plugin. It is also possible that it is a combination of plugins that are not playing nice with each other. You can deactivate all plugin at once now in WordPress by choosing to deactivate in bulk option. See the picture below –

Deactivate all plugins okey ravi

If disabling all plugins fixed the error, then you know it is one of the plugins that is causing the error. Simply go through and reactivate one plugin at a time until you find the one that caused the issue. Get rid of that plugin, and report the error to the plugin author.

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How to deactivate plugins if you can’t access your dashboard:

With the internal server error in WordPress, you are most likely not able to access the WordPress admin dashboard. In this case, you’ll need to take a slightly different approach and deactivate plugins using FTP.

  • Connect to your site via FTP or File Manager. You can use FileZilla.
  • Navigate to the /wp-content/ folder.
  • Rename the plugins folder to something like plugins_old.

once you rename the folder, all of your current plugins will be deactivated.

Now try opening your WordPress dashboard, and if you are able to access it, you should pat yourself on the back. The issue is one of the plugins.

If you go to the Plugins section of your WordPress, it will show the error “the plugin has been deactivated due to an error; plugin file does not exist.”

Don’t worry… we have figured out that the problem is one of the plugins.

To reactivate them one by one:

Rename the plugin folder from plugins_old to plugins.
Now from the WordPress dashboard, activate each plugin one by one.
After activating a plugin, browse 3-4 pages on your blog. Repeat this step until you find a plugin whose activation causes the internal server error.
In a majority of situations, this will fix the internal server error problem.

Re-uploading Core Files

If the plugin option didn’t fix the internal server error, then it is worth re-uploading the wp-admin and wp-includes folder from a fresh WordPress install. This will NOT remove any of your information, but it may solve the problem in case any file was corrupted.

Ask your hosting provider

If nothing works, then you need to get in touch with your hosting provider. By looking at the server logs, they should be able to get to the bottom of things.

These are all the possible solutions that may fix the 500 internal server error problem in WordPress. Did any of the above solutions fix the problem for you? If so, then please let us know in the comments.

Did you encounter the 500 internal server error issue in the past? How did you fix it? If you know of a fix that is not listed in the article above, then please contribute in the comments below. We will make sure to keep the article up to date with any new advice from the users.

We hope this will help you to get rid of this problem. If not let us know by commenting below.

Embedding a YouTube Video In WordPress Website | Autoplay

Hey guys whats up, You can add YouTube videos to your website by using either the iframe or object HTML tags.

Here are the steps to follow to Embed a video

#1. Play the Youtube video you want to embed on Your website

#2. Click the ‘Share’ button below the video

embedding a youtube video 1

#3. Click the ‘Embed’ button next to the link they show you

embedding a youtube video 1
#4. Copy the iframe code given and paste it into the HTML/text of your web page.

#2. Click the 'Share' button below the video

#5. Copy the code as highlighted above and paste it into text/HTML section of your post

#2. Click the 'Share' button below the video

Although YouTube gives you HTML code using the iframe tag, you can also include your video using the object tag, as seen in the example below.

Example- Desi KBC Video By Okey Ravi

  <iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/MIG8ICS_55Q"
   width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

or simply like this, 
<iframe type="text/html" width="560" height="315" 
src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/MIG8ICS_55Q" frameborder="0"></iframe>

1. Show suggested videos when the video finishes.
2. Show player controls.
3. Show video title and player actions.
4. Enable privacy-enhanced mode.

You can change above options according to your need.

Embedding The same Video using Object Tag instead of Iframe
  <object data="https://www.youtube.com/embed/MIG8ICS_55Q"
   width="560" height="315"></object>
How to make a YouTube Video Autoplay in WordPress Website?

Use the code like this, You just need to put thing as directed in the below code.

<iframe type="text/html" width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/MIG8ICS_55Q?autoplay=1" frameborder="0"></iframe>

You can also change the frame border by increasing the value to some number.

Thank you for reading this article.I hope it might help you.

If you have any query then just leave a comment below.

How to add keywords to your Youtube Channel

Your YouTube channel is one of the best ways to build an engaged, loyal audience on the internet. But getting a new channel off the ground can be difficult. You need to make sure your channel is optimized for your target audience in every possible way.

Yet many marketers neglect to simply add keywords to their channel, letting YouTube and Google know what industry it should be ranking your channel and all its videos for.So, it is necessary to add Keywords to your youtube channel.

Steps to taken when adding keywords to your channel

#1. To find your channel keywords, click on your profile picture, then Creator Studio.

creator studio okey ravi


#2. On the left, click on Channel, then click on Advanced.

advanced section youtube

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#3. Near the top of the page is a text box for Channel Keywords. Don’t go overboard, just write in one to three keywords, making sure you separate them with commas. Under no circumstances should you keyword-stuff. Just write what makes sense naturally.

Keyword change Youtube

#4. When you are done, scroll to the bottom of the page, and hit Save.

So this is avery simple process by which you can add Keywords for your youtube Channel.

How to find Youtube Channel on top in search – Read Now

If you have any query then just leave a comment below.We are ready to hear you from our heart and provide you the best solutions.

How to find my own Channel on Top in YouTube Search

Hey there how are you today?Finding Own youtube channel on the top What to do :).Here is the proper solution.This is based on My experience of youtube.I will also answer you how to find your channel name on the top after changing the channel name?

I know you have a youtube channel so you are reading this post, so take a cup of coffee with you and see all the steps carefully.

Channel name on Top after Creating a Channel

Note – Try to use a unique channel name, If you do this then appearing on Top will be increased by 200%.

#1. Upload some videos to your channel

#2. Share those videos with description on Google + and Social Platform like Facebook

#3. mention Your channel name in Video Description, Tag, and Title

#4. Don’t forget to add Channel Keywords

Read Now – How to add channel keywords on Youtube

#5. Share your video links on WhatsApp and tell your friend to search your channel name on Google and Youtube search.The more you do the more it is beneficial to rank you by Google and Youtube.

So, if you follow above five cool steps then in 1-2 days, I guarantee you that you will be able to find your channel name on Top.

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Channel name on the Top after Changing the channel name

Taking a channel name on the top after changing the channel name is more tricky than normal setup.For this, you have to follow all the steps with the new channel name and along with that one thing you have to do regularly and that is “Just keep uploading”.

Gaining some traffic on your channel and motivating friends and colleagues to search your new channel name on youtube and google will help you most to get your channel on the top.

Why choose a unique name?

Note – if you do not use a  unique channel name then rather than doing all the above kinds of stuff your channel will not be on the top due to Google ranking services.You have to work harder than your competition to get your channel on the right level.So, Choose a unique name for your channel.Like I did “Okey Ravi“.This is the name that will give you an identity.

If you need more help about Facebook, WordPress, youtube, Adsense or other just leave a comment below or contact us.I would like to hear more from you.

How to turn Systems Icons On or off in Windows 10

Hello guys are you aware of this awesome feature of Windows 10 where you can turn on or off System icons in taskbar according to your choice?This is just a simple 4 step process which will make your work easy on Windows 10.

Windows 10 has a lot of useful features which I will discuss in Windows tips on Tech Page.So have a look on them also.but before that see below.

Let me start with a list of System icons which can be configured, here it is-

Clock –  This Icon will show you the time, When you click on it, It will show the full Calendar and options to configure Calendar dates.

Volume – you can easily control your Volume from here.

Network – it will show you the Network connection i.e LAN, WLAN or Connected or disconnected

Power – Power remaining in the PC will be shown by this icon.

Windows 10 system icons

Input Indicator – This will show you the Language in which you are currently working

Action Center – This will show you some actions on your Pc which are required like Restart required, Antivirus not installed, maintenance mode is on ext.

Location – To share your location i.e Location sharing on or off.

TouchPad – To on or off your touchpad

Touch keyboard – this will show Touch keyboard is on or off.you can say it on screen keyboard is on or of right now.Sometimes On screen keyboard is very much required, then this feature will work.

Windows ink workspace – this will open a special feature of windows where you can work with windows Ink

Process to turn on or off Windows 10 System icons

Step 1 – Click on the Windows Icon in the Bottom right corner and then choose settings

settings in windows 10 okeyravi

Step 2 – Settings ->Personalisation – Open Personalistaion

Personalisation in Windows 10

Step 3 – Click on “Taskbar icon” option under Personalisation, then click on turn system icons on or off as directed in the picture below.

Step 4 – After clicking on “Turm System icon On or Off”, You will see the list of Icons like the picture below.Then According to your choice, you just need to turn it on Or off.

Windows 10 System Icons turn on or off okey ravi

If you have any query related to this topic or related to windows, Facebook, Youtube, blog, and Website the do let us know.I will answer you soon.



Top 10 Upcoming mobiles In India November-December 2017

Hey, Friends, Do you really want to take a smartphone and waiting for some awesome deals to come in.Then not to worry.I have created a list of Phones Which are coming in nearest future in India.

So are u really want to know which are those phones then have a look below one by one

There Might be some mistakes which will be corrected when The phone launches really in India.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Redmi Note 5 full specification okey ravi and launching date

Expected launch November 2017
Price in India – Rs 12,990

Performance – Octa-core (1.8 GHz, Quad Core + 1.4 GHz, Quad-core), Snapdragon 652, 4 GB RAM
Display – 5.5 inches (13.97 cm, Full HD, 401 PPI,  IPS LCD
Camera – 16 MP Primary Camera,  Dual-color  LED Flash, 8 MP Front Camera
Battery –  4000 mAh, USB type-C port, Quick charging 3.0

Xioami Redmi 5 

Expected launch Dec-2017
Price In India- Rs 9,990

Redmi 5 full specs okey ravi


Display – 5.0 inches (12.7 cm)Performance – Octa-core (1.8 GHz Quad Core + 1.4 GHz, Quad-core), Snapdragon 652, 4 GB RAM

Display – Full HD, 441 PPI, IPS LCD
Camera – 16 MP Primary Camera, Dual-color LED Flash, 8 MP Front Camera
Battery – 4100 mAh, fast Charging, Non-Removable

Xiaomi Mi 6

Expected Launch Dec 2017
Price In India- Rs 23,990

Xiaomi Mi 6

Performance – Octa-core (2.45 GHz, Quad Core + 1.9 GHz, Quad-core), Snapdragon 835
Display – 5.15 inches (13.08 cm), Full HD, 428 PPI, IPS LCD
Camera – 12 MP + 12 MP Dual Primary Cameras, Dual-color LED Flash, 8 MP Front Camera, 6 GB RAM
Battery – 3350 mAh, Quick Charging 3.0, USB Type-C port

Nokia 7

Nokia 7 full specs and launching

Expected Delivery January 2018
Price In India- Rs 18,99

Performance- Octa-core (1.8 GHz, Quad Core + 1.4 GHz, Quad-core), Snapdragon 652, 4 GB RAM
Display – 5.5 inches (13.97 cm), Full HD, 401 PPI, IPS LCD
Camera – 16 MP Primary Camera, Dual-color LED Flash, 8 MP Front Camera
Battery– 2800 mAh, USB Type-C port, Non-Removable

Nokia C9

Nokia C9 full specs okeyravi

Expected launch February 2018
Price In India- Rs 13,990

Performance – Octa Core, Snapdragon 820, 3 GB RAM 
Display – 5.0 inches (12.7 cm), Full HD, 441 PPI, IPS LCD 
Camera – 16 MP Primary Camera, Dual-color LED Flash, 5 MP Front Camera
Battery – 4000 mAh, Non-Removable

Xiaomi Mi 5X


Xiaomi Mi 5X

Expected Launch December 2017
Price In India- Rs 14,999

Performance– Octa-core 2 GHz, Snapdragon 625, 4 GB RAM
Display – 5.5 inches (13.97 cm), Full HD, 401 PPI,  16 M colors
Camera – 16 MP Primary Cameras, Dual-color LED Flash, 8 MP Front Camera
Battery – 4500mAh, Non- removable, Quick Charging 4.0

Xiaomi Mi 7

Xioami mi 7 full specs

Expected Launch Jan 2018
Price In India- Rs 26,999

Performance – Quad-core (2.4 GHz, Dual Core + 2 GHz, Dual-core), Snapdragon 830, 6 GB RAM
Display – 5.7 inches (14.48 cm, UHD (4k), 773 PPI, IPS LCD
Camera – 21 MP Primary Camera, Dual-color LED Flash, 13 MP Front Camera
strong>Battery – 3500 mAh, USB Type-C port, Non-Removable

Nokia 9

Price In India- Rs 35,000Nokia 9 full specs and launch

Performance – Octa-core (2.45 GHz, Quad Core + 1.9 GHz, Quad-core), Snapdragon 835, 6 GB RAM
Display – 5.5 inches (13.97 cm), QHD (2k), 534 PPI, AMOLED
Camera – 13 MP + 13 MP Dual Primary Cameras, Dual-color LED Flash, 13 MP Front Camera
Battery – 3800 mAh, USB Type-C port, Quick charging 4.0

Lenovo K7 Note

Expected Launch December 2017

Price In India- Rs 14,999

Lenovo K7 full specs

Expected Launch December 2017
Price In India- Rs 14,999

Performance– Octa-core 2 GHz, Snapdragon 625, 4 GB RAM
Display – 5.5 inches (13.97 cm), Full HD, 401 PPI,  16 M colors
Camera – 16 MP Primary Cameras, Dual-color LED Flash, 8 MP Front Camera
Battery – 4500mAh, Non- removable, Quick Charging 4.0

Google Pixel 2

Expected launch date – Nov 2017
Price In India- Rs 61,000

Google Pixel Okey Ravi full specs and launch

Performance – Octa-core (2.45 GHz, Quad Core + 1.9 GHz, Quad-core), Snapdragon 835, 4 GB RAM
Display – 5.0 inches (12.7 cm), Full HD, 401 PPI, Amoled
Camera – 12.2 MP Primary Camera, Dual LED Flash, 8 MP Front Camera
Battery – 2700 mAh, USB type-C port, Quick charging 4.0

If you have any query then Just Leave a comment below, We will answer you soon.