Business listing on Google Step By Step Process

Business Listing on Google Step By Step – Are you an entrepreneur and thinking to start your Business? Have you already a business which people don’t know? Do you want more visitor to your Busines? Then you are at the right place today I am going to tell you, How will you make your business online? This is the prime thing people do when they start his/her business.

Every business today wants to be online. We are living in the digital world. If you do not play with the technology you will leave behind.

So, Make your Business Online, promote your business, Do proper SEO and then see how the visitor will come to you.

If you don’t have a website, Make a website for your business. A website is very important to list your business and to serve your services.

I will help You to build a Website. Have a look – How To start a Website Step By Step procedure?

I am also providing the full course of Website, including Web Design, SEO, Affiliate Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing.

You can Buy it here – Buy On Instamozo Now

So, Lets Now Come on the topic and See how to list your Business to Google

Business Listing on Google Step By Step

Here is the step by step procedure to list your business on Google.

1.  Open Google My Business and click on Sign in

2. Click On Add Location Button

3.  Enter your Business name at the given placeBusiness listing on Google

4. Fill out your correct Address/Location Including Building name, Hous No, Street, District, Village, Town, City, State, Country, and Pin. You can also mention Contact Person nameBusiness listing on Google

5. Enter your delivery Area. There are three options you can go with. Choose options according to your business and delivery type.

How do you deliver goods and services to your customers?

a. Using mail or a courier.
b. Deliver in person within region, city or postcode.
c. Deliver in person within a distance from the business.

6. Choose a Business category from the given categories.

7. Fill out Phone number details and website information.

8. Verify your connection to this business and click on continue

9. Choose a way to verify your Business, generally, It is by postcard In India. you will get a courier In 12-15 days.

The courier consists of an envelope with Pin, which you have to enter to verify your Busines.

Once It is verified. Your business will start showing in Google Search.

Business listing on Google

What more you can do after Listing?

See, you have just made the first step to list your business online. There is a lot of things which you can do right now before the verification pin reach to you.

Here I have made a list of those important things. Have a look and implement them to list up in your circle.

1. You can manage photos of your business. Which picture you want to show to your visitors when they find you on Google. Try to add pictures which clearly define your services.

  1. Add Profile Pic
  2. Add a  Cover Pic
  3. You can also add interiors and exterior Pics for better impact.
  4. Add videos to tell the story of your business and what makes it unique.

2. You can Add a virtual tour.

3. You can edit your information which includes – Working hours, Store Code, Labels and more.

4. if you don’t have a website then you can create a website using “Create Website option” in left Panel.

5. You can add a new location for your Business. You can do it own. The full process is defined below in this article.

Adding new locations to your business list

I am very happy to see that you are expanding your business and adding new locations. It ‘s obvious and People always expand their Business. So Listing of new Business on Google is also an important task, which you need to perform always whenever you change your locations or add some new locations for your Business.

Here is the step by step procedure to add new business locations –

1. Login to Google My Business Account

2. Click On Add new location button in the Left Panel

3. Repeat the exact same process as I have discussed earlier in this article.

Report Wrong business info or a closed business

If you see something wrong with a business you don’t own or manage. If you found something Misleading or Wrong pieces of information given on google map which Includes –

  • Incorrect road names
  • Wrong info about one-way and two-way roads
  • Incorrectly drawn road
  • Road closures
  • A road on the map doesn’t exist
  • Missing roads
  • Wrong addresses or marker locations

then you can suggest an edit using Google Maps.

Remove Personal information from an unrelated business

If personal information appears on a business or place’s search result in Maps or Search, you can report it through Google Maps.

Here are the important steps you can follow to remove –

  1. Open Google Maps on your computer.
  2. Search for the business.
  3. Click Suggest an edit on the card below the search box.
  4. Follow the instructions to report your issue.
  5. Click Submit.

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105 Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2019

Here is the new topic –105 ways to get high quality Backlinks to your Website in 2019. When We talk about SEO, We generally discuss On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques and their implementation. Off-page SEO mainly contains backlinks and Social Signals. Especially to get high ranking in SERP’s you have to get high-quality backlinks from another authority Sites.

We are always striving to get Search Engine Traffic (called Organic traffic). So, to get organic traffic we need to get high quality backlinks.

Getting high-quality backlinks is the only method after On-Page SEO to boost your ranking in Search Engines. Once You come up in the search, you will automatically get huge traffic also.

Things to keep in mind while you are building backlinks

There are some specific things you can keep in mind when you are creating backlinks for your site/blog. Have a look at them –

1. Do not create backlinks for the homepage (Main website URL) only.

2. You also need to create backlinks For Internal pages. Try to maintain a gap.

3. You can start working on resource pages like “WordPress guide” and build links to them

Backlinks Building Methods You Shouldn’t Ignore now

See, we are innovative and we generally try to find out shortcuts for our doings. aah, No don’t do such rubbish things which might fall back on you in future. You will be punished hard.

I am just saying that you need to be a horse of long run. So, you have to avoid these backlinks building strategies. They are either wrong methods or their impact is none now.

1. Avoid website wide link from footer (WordPress themes or plugins)

2. Use Fiverr, But not to buy a high number of backlinks. You never know what methods they are using. verify them before buy.

3. Avoid buying exact anchor text link (Keep a proportion of 40%-20%–20%-10%-10% for anchor text variation)

Anchor Text – Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. SEO best practices dictate that anchor text should be relevant to the page you’re linking to, rather than generic text.

4. Don’t go to own link networks (You will definitely be penalized If you are building your own networks to create backlinks)

5. Avoid BlogRoll links

Don’t Know what is BigRoll. have a look – A blogroll is essentially just a list of links that appear in your sidebar. You can easily Manage it from WP-admin Section.

6. Article directory links are not that effective anymore

So, these are something which you have to avoid while you are creating backlinks. Overall the best way to create backlinks is Guest Posting. Which will also derive traffic to your site.

Let’s talk about the top 105 methods to create backlinks. you can’t follow all of them now. But still, they are important and will help you to get high quality backlinks over a time.

Top 105 Key methods to get high quality backlinks

105 way to get high quality backlinks for your website or blog

1. Broken Link Building (Highly recommended trick)

If you want to get high quality backlinks then broken link method is for you. It will not only give you high quality backlinks but will also boost your traffic along with DA and PA.

So, now the question is How to Implement Broken Link Building strategy?

For this, You have to find out broken links on a website related to your niche and then write an email to the content owner and notify them about the broken links. Along with that, give them a similar link from your website (If you don’t have similar content then create one), and ask them to update their post. Done!

If the response is Yes, then Amazing. Otherwise, try out this approach with another content owner. you know, sometimes things will not come in your favor.

2. Guest Posting (Submit Posts to the Other site and try to embed your links in between. Sometimes the Guest blogging Site will also give you Author Box)

3. Start using Comment method to gain backlinks. Always comment on do-follow website or blogs which must be relevant to your niche.

4. Start relevant threads in Forums and Link back to your Blog.

5. Do Social Bookmarking. Social Bookmarking is also a good way to Link Building strategy. Leave your links on – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, StumbleUpon and more.

6. Start Using discussion Board like Quora to use your links in between the answers. Don’t Spam otherwise you will be blocked or Penalised.

7. Link to Your Blog in Your Forum Signatures (Only high-quality forums)

8. Answer Question In  Yahoo answers and leave your relevant link there for Source.

9.  Make Use of Blogging Communities by Submitting Your Blog Posts to them, some great places to start are Blog EngageInbound

10. Ask Questions related to your blog in Answer Sites like Yahoo Answers and Link to your Blog in your questions

11. Step 10 can be followed in case of Quora

12. Start your own Blog on Quora and relate you web posts to them

13. You can exchange links with other bloggers in your niche. Make sure to form link pyramid and keep it natural to avoid suspension.

14. Submit Your Blog to top Directory Submission Sites. Always prefer Good DA, PA sites.

15. Start Guest blogging On top Guest Blogging Websites

16. Submit Your blog post to all Social Sites you know.

17. Try to Build out a Community on Social Sites like Facebook. This will increase your Social Views as well as backlinks also. People will follow You, they will copy you. they will refer to you with their blogs.

This will also Increase your Social Score.

18. Submit Your article to StumbleUpon

19. Always relate relevant internal posts to your Blog Whenever you write a new Blog. You can use Yoast SEO plugin For Internal Linking.

20.  Write a mail to influencers who write on the same topic and encourage them to share it on the social network. You never know what big difference a sweet small Email can generate.

21. Try to build a network with Other bloggers in your niche, If possible then Online and offline both networks. The links will automatically follow you.

22. Start your own Affiliate program

23.  Create a news Section on your blog with regularly updated news posts in your niche and you will begin to get links fast.

24. Try to blog about every important event like independence day.

25. Follow Google trends to find Hot topics in your niche and write blogs about them on your website.

26. If possible make a YouTube channel and start giving you relevant blog links to your website in the description.

27. Run Giveaway or contest and invite people to visit your website for the different purpose of contests.

28. Create web apps and submit them to app directories such as Producthunt.

29.  Create a very Useful WhitePaper and ask your friends to distribute it around the web. Don’t forget to include links to your blog.

30. List Your products on eBay and Amazon and Link back to your blog.

31. You must have a special writing style that attracts users.

32. Create Your own digital and Physical products and keep Selling it Online or Offline. Yet again always try to include links to your blog. Like As I have done, I have made a digital Ebook on Affiliate marketing.

33.  Create a podcast and submit it to iTunes, link back to your blog from it.

34. You need to Work On those things Which can make your site viral on Social media. this alone can make tons of backlinks.

35. Submit Your Website RSS Feed To most of the RSS directories.

36. Most forums have a website review forum, review your blog on this forums.

37. You can release a free WordPress plugin and include a link to your blog in it. But don’t keep it sitewide, as sitewide anchor text links are bad.

38. To get High Quality backlinks you can release a software or compile your ebooks to .exe, Once done then submit them to top software sites like brothersoft.

39. Review top companies and their products, they might Link back to you.

40.  Convert your blog posts to pdf and submit it to document sharing sites, here is a list of document sharing sites for you to get started.

41. You can write linkbait posts.

42. You can ask bloggers to interview you.

43. Try to write top list posts, they became viral generally very fast.

44. Do Web 2.0 Submission. This is still a good way to gain backlinks. Always do Web 2.0 Submission of high DA PA Sites.

45. Have you done directory Submission? Yah, But You need to Submit your site to DMOZ. DMOZ is A Web Directory. Many other Web directories use this directory and that alone is enough quality backlinks for you.

46. Start Using Google Groups and Yahoo Groups.

47. Offer to speak at events and seminars related to your niche, Always mention your Blog while introducing yourself, you can easily get some backlinks in this way.

48.  You need to Submit your Blog to .edu and .gov forums and blogs, Google Loves backlinks from these sites and regards them as A Good Authority.

49.  Try to write a list of the “top 10 myths” or “top 10 mistakes”  or “top 10 facts” about something.

50. Create a Wikipedia Page for yourself and include your links in the resource section. This might be Not possible for you as a beginner.

51. Run surveys on your blog and publish the results for everybody to see, if the survey is good and helpful you will definitely get a lot of backlinks to your blog.

52. Create a directory for your blog and make it important to reciprocate links with you by giving those who link to you higher placement and giving them free featuring on your homepage.

53. Get a collection of high quality paid things and make them available for free (make sure you are not violating the copyright of the owner in any way!)

54. Compare different top products and link to them, people will most likely link to it e.g. You can compare a Mac with a PC. Ensure you compare products which are related to your niche

55. Try To include infographics in your Post including web link on it.

56. Sponsor Blogging Content and by doing this you will get a lot of backlinks.

57. Donate to charity Sites, many of them will link back to you.

58. Build a great tool. If you do this then many people will link to your blog as well as the tool.

59. Do a big product launch. It is like being in trending.

60. Include your blog link in YouTube videos and try to trend your youtube videos. If you got a space in trending section then you will get a huge amount of backlinks.

The reason behind this is when you are in trending People will talk about your video and link back to you as well. This will also help you to boost your ranking and traffic.

61. Release your own Firefox/Chrome extension and have a page dedicated to it, many people will link to it!

62. Blog about celebrities. As I did in profiledealer.com

63. Contact your theme designer and tell them to use your website as an example in their portfolio, they will most likely include a link back to your blog.

64. Create a great ebook or membership site and make linking to your blog the requirement to get it.

65. Create manuals and long tutorial posts on your blog, this type of post do receive lots of backlinks.

66. Submit Your Resume to resume Directories. Don’t forget to include your Web Links on the resume.

67. Write How to Posts, Like I have done How to start a WordPress Blog Step By Step procedure? These types of Posts tend to get high quality backlinks.

68. Submit Your Image to Image directories and Include a link back to your blog.

69. Join blogging contest and you will most probably get backlinks if you win.

70. Submit your website to local business directories, backlinks from these sites are regarded by Google as authority.

71. Make effective use of April Fool.

72. Do very costly jokes on your blog but indicate it is a joke underneath the post (tricky? aha!), e.g., “Google Has Bought Apple in 1 rupee | Amazed”, something like this will get tons of links and retweets before people even know that it is a joke.

73. Create niche specific tutorials, which are not only unique but help the community. Such tutorial articles get lots of backlinks.

74. Offer free downloads on your Blog. It will also help you to get backlinks.

75. Update your blog regularly because this will make more people trust your website and it will also make you rank for more keywords which mean more traffic and eventually more backlinks.

76. Write on about.com and link to your blog in it, this will likely be crawled and used by a lot of websites thereby increasing backlinks to your blog.

77. Write High-quality contents and you will get more backlinks.

78. Write Controversial Posts, People tends to link and view them.

79. Create web apps and submit them to app directories such as Producthunt.

80. Start Your own Affiliate program

81. Start Selling items on Your Blog. Make sure you have a deal section on your Blog.

82. Take note of newspapers and magazines that are willing to feature experts in many fields and try to write about your niche while linking back to your blog

83. Write You Own Ebooks and always include links in between.

84. Never miss any chance of College Visit or College lecture call.

85. Try to grab people Attention Seasonally to offer a huge discount on Services and products.

86. Try To produce tutorials on your Blog according to your niche.

87. Release a free theme and include a link to your blog in its footer. (Not recommended)

88. Do a weekly link love post and link to many bloggers, they will most likely return the favor. Take advantage of outbound link SEO.

89. Write news posts and try to be one of the first people to write it.

90. Create an amazing and Unique Post better than a Blogger and ask them by Email to Either include the post link or give you a space on his/her blog.

91. Join the Forums of Big names and Answer the Queries. If possible give you link in between

92. Make Mobile Apps of trending things and relate the app to your Blog.

93. Be a brand of your own kind and ask for links in favor of a return to more bigger brands.

94. Run a contest giving people physical products for free, make linking to your blog a requirement to join.

96. If You have a good friend on Youtube then ask them to Link Your site either in the video or in the description.

97. Focus on long-term contents. Use Rich Snippets for your Blog.

98. Publish Your research paper on relevant sites and include your links between them as a source.

99. Try to write posts on the comparison. Compare two Big names at the right time. This way you can also get high quality backlinks.

100. When You write an awesome Post, While Posting anywhere, Start tagging the Big Names into it. You Never know which day will be yours.

101. Try to avoid negative and spam backlinks. This will also help you in backlink creation. A high-quality backlink is better than 15 low-quality backlinks.

102. Write posts that have “the ultimate” in the title. These types of posts are backlink generator.

103. Write post including Numbers Like top 5, top 7, 8 Ways, 9 Ways and So On.

104. Submit Your Blog to CSS directories. (Not recommended)

105.  Be an Innovator, If you invent you will be the trend for the day. Tons of links in a Single day.

Wrapping Up 

I know, now You have the key to Blogging “105 way to get high quality backlinks for your website or blog“. I hope this will help you to grow on the internet very easily.

if you have your own strategy to create high-quality backlinks then i would love to give your idea a place on my blog.

If you have any query then Comment below.

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Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2018 | Create High Quality Backlinks

Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2018 – Today I will talk about Web 2.0 Submission strategy for backlink creation. Web 2.0 is a very important aspect of link building. it will give you High-quality backlinks from those sites which have high DA and PA. Some Web 2.0 submission sites are – WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Weebly.com

Let’s talk about Web 2.0 in detail.

What is Web 2.0 Submission?

Web 2.0 is an Off-Page SEO technique widely used for link building perspective. Web 2.0 Submission sites or Blog Submission sites are Websites, which gives you the flexibility to create and post a unique blog post. If you want to go long always keep “unique” keyword in mind.

I just hate those bloggers who use scrapers and spinners to create unique content. They are just making the internet a dustbin. Contents which have no relevance.

Most of the Web 2.0 Submission site provides us a feature to create a microniche website on their platform for free. As you can see in the case of WordPress.com and blogger.com.

In WordPress.com you can start your own blog with a unique domain name let it be okeyravi.wordpress.com. Similarly, in Blogger, it is like okeyravi.blogspot.com.

Protip: Most of the Web 2.0 Submission Sites have High DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). So, Having a backlink on these sites will Increase you DA and PA also.

What Will Web 2.0 Sites provide you after Submission?

These are the awesome things a Web 2.0 Submission Sites can provide you –

1. DoFollow links – You can Easily get DoFollow Backlinks from these sites.

2. Authority Sites – All these websites have high domain authority that helps your domain and boost the rankings in search engines.

3. Traffic improvement – As we know web traffic is very important for us. So, these websites also help to generate traffic from the organic resource. because when Our backlinks will increase then it also lifts our Website and Web post ranking in Search Engines.

How to do Web 2.0 Submission?

This process is very easy to understand. So let’s learn it step by step –

1. Create a Blog/Micro niche Website on any of the Web 2.0 Submission sites given below in the list.

2. Write a proper post with diagrams and videos, As you generally do for your website posts. Keep the Blog post length to 400-500 word minimum.

3. Try to inculcate those keywords which you want to rank in the post.

4. Select those keywords and add your web post links to them. Keep those links DoFollow not NoFollow.

5. Once all set publishes the post. and Submit your link to google.

Note: You can add your two links in One Blog Post.

The same Strategy You have to follow for all Web 2.0 Sites.

Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2018

Here is the List of Top Web 2.0 Submission Sites

S.NWeb 2.0 SitesDomain AuthorityTrust Flow

Best Web 2.0 Sites for posting your Blog and Link Building


Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2018

WordPress is an authentic Web 2.0 Submission website with a high domain authority of 100 and page authority of 97. It is a top blogging website where you can submit your blogs in order to generate traffic to your website and increase domain authority.

WordPress is also a CMS (Content Management System). My Website is also made in WordPress.

2. Blogger.com

Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2018

Blogger is also a very popular and trusted Web 2.0 Submission Website with Domain Authority of 97 and Page Authority of 97.

3. Tumblr.com

Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2018

Likewise WordPress, Tumblr also has 100 domain authority and 97-page authority, again which is good for those who want to drive a good traffic to their website.

So, Post blogs on Tumblr and increase your Web traffic as well as Site DA and PA.

4. Weebly.com

Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2018

Weebly is getting famous day by day. You must have seen Weebly ads while watching YouTube Videos. Likewise WordPress, it is also a CMS.  You can also post your contents on Weebly to generate links. Weebly has a domain authority of 94 and page authority is 95.

5. Wikidot.com

Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2018

It is also a good Web 2.0 Site to generate backlinks. Publish your blog on Wikidot to build a backlink. With a domain authority of 84 and page authority 85, It is number five on the list of top web 2.0 sites list.

Wrapping Up – I hope topic Web 2.0 Submission is clear to you now. yet if you have any query then you can comment below.

Watch Our YouTube Video to Understand the Whole Process of Web 2.0 Submission.

NowWhat is directory Submission and Directory Submission Sites list

Google unveiled AdSense Auto Ads for Better Placement and Monetisation

Google has unveiled Adsense Auto Ads, a new type of ad unit that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to “read” a page to detect and place what kinds of ads might be appropriate to place there. It will also decide auto placement of ads with the number of ads to be shown.

It is very better because Adsense Auto ads will use vacant places on your Website and will Optimize them for better placement and Monetisation.

Now Adsense has these type of Ads in its bag.

Adsense Auto Ads

Adsense Auto Ads Benefits

These are top benefits of Adsense Auto Ads According to Google.

Optimization: Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Adsense Auto ads show ads only when they are likely to perform well and provide a good user experience. Isn’t it amazing?

Revenue opportunities: Auto ads will identify any available ad space and place new ads there, potentially increasing your revenue by 15% as Google said.

Easy to use: With Adsense Auto ads, you only need to place the ad code on your pages once. When you’re ready to use new features and ad formats, simply turn them on and off with the flick of a switch — there’s no need to change the code again. Place once and Enjoy.

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Adsense Auto Ads unveiling

The beta version of this new Adsense Ad Unit was rolled out in April 2017, Till now it was in testing phase and now it is live for everyone.

Google has told that “publishers participating in the beta saw an average revenue lift of 10 percent with revenue increases ranging from five to 15 percent.”

Ohh wow.

For those Who are an Adsense publisher, they Know exactly, for Adsense ad placements first you have to create an ad unit and you have to place the ad code on your website/blog.

But With Adsense Auto Ads things are a little bit easier, You just have to place a single line of code on you Pages and rest Adsense will take care with the help of Machine learning and AI.

Isn’t It Good?

of course, it is.

With Adsense Auto Ads is that Google is taking on the task of selecting the placement — doing all of the work for publishers in terms of figuring out how many ads to put on specific pages, where to put them, as well as what kind of ads will run.

Using machine learning is interesting here because it not only is being applied to figure out where an ad will go, but it is also being used to ingest analytics for how well that ad performs to “teach” the system how to place ads better in the future.

How may Ads You Need to Place On Your Website?

One black hole (and potential pitfall) is the fact that Google’s Auto Ads seems to decide just how many ads it will place on a page — something you would have had more control over without it.

This thread on Webmaster World details how some of the early beta testers were not pleased about how many ads ended up crowding their pages, and what that did to the user experience on the site.

We’re asking Google for a response to that point, and whether it will let users limit the number of units that Auto Ads can place on a page.

Adsense Auto Ads

For now, the aim seems to be to roll this out and see how many sign on for the convenience of the service, which you activate by signing into your AdSense account; checking global settings from “My ads”; copying the code that is there and pasting it between the header tags for every page where you want the ads to appear (they come on in 10-20 minutes, Google says).

Know more About Adsense Auto Ads

In a blog post from AdSense engineering manager Tom Long and product manager Violetta Kalathaki. The two note ad units included in the Auto Admix will include Anchor and Vignette ads, as well as Text and display, In-feed, and Matched content ads.

Read More: 15 things you need to know before applying Google Adsense?

(Not clear if newer formats like this larger banner will also be included.) They also write that publishers can specify which of these it wants to run.

For those who have been using Page-level ads (specifying different kinds of ads depending on the subject of a page, rather than a whole site). Their code will all automatically get migrated to run with Adsense Auto Ads. And for those who are using Google’s AMP service for mobile pages, you need to use the code for AMP Auto ads.

If You have any query then You can Comment below.

If You are facing any issue with the Ad Placement, Adsense Approval or any other Adsense Issues then You have to see this –

Adsense help and tips for Instant Approval By Okey Ravi

Some Queries related To Adsense Auto Ads

Should I use Adsense Auto Ads or Not?

Yes, Of course, you have to use this new Ad unit for better optimizations of website space and to increase the Adsense revenue.

How to configure Adsense Auto Ads Unit?

You just have to get a code and put in into your Website header <head>…Ad code…</head>. That’s all. Adsense will take care of other things.



Directory Submission Sites List 2019 | Create Backlinks Now

Directory Submission Sites– Howdy, you want to create backlinks for your site to rank it faster on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. So, directory submission is a good option for this. Directory Submission will provide you high-quality backlinks. So, Let’s have a look at top directories where you can submit your website and on other aspects.

What is a Directory Submission?

Directory submission is the process of submitting your websites to directory sites which classifies information and adds your link to the relevant category. It can be either Web directory, Link directory.

RSS Directories are also available but it is a collection of RSS feed of sites, instead of links to websites.

Directory submission is widely practiced in On-Page SEO techniques because it is very effective to get a good page rank and good position in the SERPs.

However, due to continuous spamming by webmasters, and selling of links by directories, this method is not as effective as it used to be.

Note: The only indication which tells you that your link is sold is – you will get a lot of spam comments on your site.

However, if you do it in the right way, it can still be a valuable source of good links to your websites.

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Directory Submission Terminologies

Directory Submission Sites have various features in their listings, often depending on payments inclusion cost.

Free Submission – There is no charge for the review and listing of the site. As a beginner, this listing is suitable for you. But you should also know it might take more than a month to appear your link in Semrush or Ahref tools as a backlink.

Paid Submission – A one-time or recurring fee is charged for reviewing/listing the submitted link. It is very effective now. If you can spend then you can go for paid submissions also.

Featured listing – The links are given a premium position in a category (or multiple categories) or other sections of the directory, such as the homepage. Sometimes called sponsored listing.

No follow – There is a rel=”nofollow” attribute associated with the link, meaning search engines will give no weight to the link. It is what we call no -follow links?

Read AlsoDifference between do-follow and no-follow links

Bid for the position – The more you pay the more upfront you will be. Websites are placed on the basis of position bids.

Affiliate links – Where the directory earns commission for referred customers from the listed websites

Reciprocal link – A link back to the directory must be added somewhere on the submitted site in order to get listed in the directory. The popularity of this listing is now becoming very less due to changes in SEO algorithms. Now link exchange are not a good idea to go with.

No Reciprocal link – A web directory where you will submit your links for free and no need to add a link back to your website. This is a better option you can go with. if you want backlinks from directories.

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How to submit Website or links to directories?

Directory Submission Process Graph
Directory Submission Process

Now, we know what blog directories are and how directory submission can help us in blogging? So, here are some simple steps to get your site submitted to various blog directories and make backlinks.

Before heading to submit your links to directories. Here is some pre-submission work which you can do. Actually, this process will you to submit your website links hassle-free to directories.

Create a text file in a text editor like notepad and save the following there.

  1. Blog URLs,
  2. Your blog’s RSS feed URL if needed (Mostly need for RSS feed Submission),
  3. Your social profile links.
  4. And a brief excerpt describing your site (some directories need this. like title, description)

1. Find some awesome and huge lists of blog directories. Lists are given Below in this article.

2. Choose the blog directories based on your choices, like a number of blogs associated, PR of the site (if you are solely considering backlinks), Alexa rank, domain authority, no. of indexed pages in Google etc.

3. Suppose you choose a directory named abc.com

4. Choose a relevant category and subcategories for your submission.

5. Fill out the details like – Name, Email, Website Title, Website/link description and more if available

6. Choose free Directory Submission without Reciprocal Links and Click on Submit.

Directory Submission Sites List 2019

Here is the list of Directories where you can easily submit your website and links.

S.No.Directory Submission Sites
1"Free Classified Site - Bedpage"
2"Free Classified Site - ebackpage"
3"Free Classified Site - ibackpage"

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So, I think the topic “Directory Submission” will be clear to you now. Yet, If you have any query then comment below.

Have a good day!

How to edit ads.txt without Cpanel in WordPress

Today, I will discuss “How to edit ads.txt without Cpanel in WordPress”. Sometimes If you logged into your Google Adsense account, then you might have seen this “Earnings at risk – One or more of your ads.txt files doesn’t contain your AdSense publisher ID. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue.” This is a blood red banner at the top that reminds about Adsense Earning at risk.

I also got an ads.txt fixing message and I was searching on Google for the right solution.

You know the proper solution for this. It is you have to upload ads.txt file on your File Server or in the root directory of your Website.

The main problem was that I was using WordPress hosting and I don’t have Cpanel access. With Cpanel adding/editing/deleting an ads.txt file is very easy.

Read Now –  Editing/Adding ads.txt using CPanel

You just need to find out ads.txt in public_html folder, which is very easy and then you have options to delete, upload, edit and view in the upper menu bar.

But with WordPress, It is more easier once you know the entire process.

You know I was looking for an ads.txt plugin and I found some also. But they didn’t fulfill my criteria.

All ads.txt plugins have some restrictions. Let me tell you which Plugins I have used.

Ads.txt Manager – This plugin is good when you don’t have ads.txt on your server. But If you already have an ads.txt on the server and you want to edit or change it, then this plugin is not for you. It is clearly mentioned –

Note: If you already have an existing ads.txt file in the web root, the plugin will not read in the contents of that file, and changes you make in WordPress admin will not overwrite contents of the physical file.

Ads.txt Admin – This plugin also has a restriction. It will work with WordPress Multisite.

oh, what to do now? I have to change publisher Id in my ads.txt file. But the plugins are not working properly and I also don’t have Cpanel access.

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Here comes the real Plugin or Solution.

How to edit ads.txt without Cpanel in WordPress?

Go to Apperance-> Plugin-> Add new and search and install WP File Manager.

Note: There is a several WordPress File Manager Plugin will be there But you need to download WP File manager created by mndpsingh287

How to edit ads.txt without Cpanel in WordPress

Once You have downloaded, Just make them active.

Once you’ve activated it, “WP File Manager” should have been added to your WordPress left-hand navigation. Click on “WP File Manager” and the main screen should show all the files in your root domain such as wp-admin, wp-includes, .htaccess file, favicon.ico, ads.txt and more

Once you see that, you’re in your site’s root domain. WP File Manager plugin allows you to just drag and drop or upload files into it. So, What are you waiting for? Drag your ads.txt file into the WordPress screen and you should see that it was successfully added. Here’s what it should look like:

How to edit ads.txt without Cpanel in WordPress

You also have options to Delete, View, Edit which you can use for different purpose.

Once you have either uploaded or edited ads.txt then you can easily verify them on https://yourdomain/ads.txt.

That’s it. Your ads.txt file is now in the root domain of your WordPress-powered website. Congrats. Now do this for any other sites you may have.

Now you have to wait at least 24 hours while Google Adsense process it and after then your red banner will automatically be removed from Adsense Account.

Sample of Ads.txt file

Here I am showing you a sample of an ads.txt file of one of my Website. You can check your on http://yourdomain.com

infolinks.com, 3062648, RESELLER     (*Enter your  Infolinks publisher ID number)
infolinks.com, 3062648, DIRECT           (*Enter your Infolinks publisher ID number)
appnexus.com, 3251, RESELLER
appnexus.com, 3251, DIRECT
openx.com, 118151, DIRECT, 6a698e2ec38604c6
openx.com, 118151, RESELLER, 6a698e2ec38604c6

google.com, pub-6373315980741255, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

lkqd.net, 295, RESELLER, 59c49fa9598a0117

lkqd.com, 295, RESELLER, 59c49fa9598a0117

aol.com, 6202, RESELLER

aol.com, 17744, RESELLER

Freewheel.tv, 480577, RESELLER

Freewheel.tv, 480593, RESELLER

vi.ai, 913453223927387, RESELLER, # 41b5eef6

spotxchange.com, 74964, RESELLER, 7842df1d2fe2db34

spotx.tv, 74964, RESELLER, 7842df1d2fe2db34

Freewheel.tv, 482337, RESELLER

Freewheel.tv, 480609, RESELLER



Hey, Are you leaving you must have to read this before – How to start a WordPress Blog Step By Step?

So I think the topic “How to edit ads.txt without Cpanel in WordPress” must be cleared to you. If You have any query then You can Comment below.



How to Write Meta Description for Website Manually

Today, I will discuss ” How to write Meta Description for Website manually”. Many of us who is in Blogging when they check their SEO score then you might get these type of errors. Like Meta description not found or the length of the meta description is not proper, Keyword not included in Meta Description tag and more.

The question is How to fix meta-issues like meta title, Meta Keywords and meta description?

So, It is important to discuss –

What is a meta description?

Why are meta descriptions important?

How do you write the meta description for your site? (Manually and By using Plugin both)

Do Meta Description actually help with search engine optimization?

How Can I write different Meta Description for Social Sharing?

So, let’s have a look at these topics one by one. if you found any issue then you can comment below.

What is a Meta Description?

The meta description also known as the snippet is a line of text of up to 320 characters, It is also a tag in HTML, that summarizes a page’s content. Search engines like Google show the meta description in search results mostly when the searched for phrase is contained in the description.

Meta description optimization is a good aspect of SEO, especially for On-Page SEO.

The meta description will also often appear when people share your articles on other websites and social channels like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. It will look like this.

So, I think you clearly understood now, What is a Meta description?

Now let’s move to the next topic.

Why are meta descriptions important?

A meta description is important or not, It can be seen in different ways –

1. It can influence the decision of the searcher

2. You can easily decide to click through on your content from search results or not.

3. The more descriptive, attractive and relevant the description, the more likely someone will click through.

So, Meta description is all about a summary of your entire content who attracts a searcher to go through your content.

How do you write the meta description for your website?

Writing a meta description manually is a very easy task if you know a little bit of programming. You can easily add a meta description in the <head> section of your site’s HTML. It should look something like this:

<meta name=”description” content=”Here is a precise description of my awesome webpage.”/>

In a similar way you can add keyword to your Website. have a look –

<meta name=”keyword” content=”keywords separated by Commas”/>

Now the question comes where you can find these files. For adding Meta description and meta keyword.  Follow the simple steps provided below.

1. Login to your Hosting Cpanel Account and Open File Manager

2. Find and open public_html Folder.

3. In Public_.html folder You have to find out either index.html (For a static HTML site) and index.php for a PHP website.

4. Select and Click on Edit option provided in the upper menu, You can also use right-click.

5. Now edit the file as directed above and click on save button. You are done.

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Do you know? You have complete control of your meta description in your CMS (Content Management System), particularly if you’re using WordPress.

If you are using an SEO plugin such as Yoast, then you will be provided a meta description section to write your meta description. For now, the meta description length is increased to 320 characters.

You can also see a preview example of how it will look in search engine results pages (SERPs).

I am using Yoast SEO Plugin you can use other Plugins for SEO like All In One SEO.

Using SEO Plugin writing meta description is a very easy task, it does not require any programming knowledge.

How to write meta Description for website manually

So, I hope You understood both the methods of writing a meta description.

Do Meta Description actually help with Search engine optimization?

Yes, It is you always have to include your keywords in Meta description. I am not talking about the Website Keywords. I am talking about the post keyword So, please keep these things in Mind.

When you go for SEO checkup of your Website, Web page or Web Post then there is a checksum called Meta Description test which you need to pass. It shows the relevance of meta description in SEO.

Are meta descriptions used as a ranking signal?

The answer is no. Google has stated that meta descriptions are NOT a part of ranking signal. But, yes, the quality of the description will influence click-through rate, so it is very important to use this element wisely.

Its main purpose is to get the visitor from Google to click your link.

Characteristics of a good Meta Description

Here I have made some checklist of a writing a good Meta Description which you need to keep in mind while you are writing a post or designing a Web page.

1. It can be up to 320 characters.

Recently, Google made changes to the length of search results snippets: 160 characters became up to 320 now. You also have to write up to 320 characters in Meta Description.

It might be truncated some because Google sometimes adds the date to the article.

2. It should include a call-to-action.

It’s your sales text, where your product is the page that is linked, not the product on that page. Invitations like Learn moreGet it nowTry for free, come to mind and more.

How to Write Meta Description for Website Manually

3. The meta description should be unique.

Always write a unique meta description for your post and website. But, If you intentionally want to create a duplicate meta description, It will be better for you leave the description empty and have Google pick a snippet from the page containing the keyword used in a search.

Mostly Google pics out the first Paragraph. So You have to write your First para wisely.

Visit Google Webmaster Tools > HTML Improvements or use Screaming Frog SEO Spider to check for duplicate meta descriptions.

4. It should contain the focus keyword.

I already have mentioned always include your keyword in the meta description. it helps Google to understand the topic completely and will also influence visitor or searcher interest.

How to write meta Description for website manually

Google also highlights the meta keywords used in the description you can clearly see this while you are searching something on the Internet.

5. It should match the content.

If you are trying to fool Google by mismatching your meta description. Google will find you and penalize you. It will also increase your bounce rate and will also reduce your session duration. So, don’t make it a habit.

6. It could contain structured content.

By using schema markup you can add elements to the rich snippets to increase their appeal. For instance: star ratings, customer ratings, product information, calorie counts etc.

How to Write different meta Description for Social Sharing?

If you are using Yoast SEO Plugin then It will be very easy for you write two different meta descriptions. One for Search Engines and One for Social Sharing.

You already know how to write meta descriptions for Search Engines.

To write a unique and different meta description for Social Sharing follow the steps provided below. I am here doing it on facebook.

Step 1: Click on the social Icon provided in Yoast SEO

Step 2: Write unique title and description. You can also use a different image for social sites.

How to write meta Description for website manually

I hope the topic “How to Write Meta Description for Website Manually” will be clear to you now. if You have any query you can ask below.

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Infosys Employee Referral Drive 2019-20 Batch for System Engineer

Infosys Employee Referral Drive 2019-20 Batch for System Engineer – Infosys Employee Referral Drive 2020 For Freshers Across India. Infosys referral drive for 2018-19 pass out freshers (BE / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech/ MCA/ M.Sc).

About Infosys:

Infosys is a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions. As a proven partner focused on building tomorrow’s enterprise, Infosys enables clients in more than 30 countries to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve. Infosys provides enterprises with strategic insights on what lies ahead.

We help enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through strategic consulting and the co-creation of breakthrough solutions, including those in mobility, sustainability, big data and cloud computing.

Download Infosys previous Year Placement papers

Infosys Employee Referral Drive 2019-20 Batch for System Engineer

Company Name: Infosys

Company Website: http://www.infosys.com

Position: System Engineer

Salary: 3.60 LPA (Might change)

Location: Across India

Test Location: Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune

Batch: 2018-19-batches Only

Eligibility Criteria:

  • BE/B.TECH/ME/M.TECH/MCA/M.Sc in any discipline (CSE/IT/Electronics/ECE/EEE branches will be preferred)
  • MCA/MSC (Computer Science/Electronics/Mathematics/Physics/Statistics/IT/Information Science)
  • Consistently excellent Academic academic record.
  • Graduates from the year 2014 only are eligible to apply.
  • Candidate should not have participated in any selection process of Infosys in the last 9 months.

How To Apply for Infosys Employee referral drive 2018 –

Send the below-mentioned details to Any Infosys Employee For Referral.

Infosys Employee Referral Drive 2016-17 Batch for System Engineer
  1. Full name:
  2. Mobile No.:
  3. Mail Id:
  4. DOB:
  5. X std %:
  6. XII std%:
  7. Graduation:
  8. CGPA:
  9. state of pass:
  10. Year of Pass:
  11. Branch:
  12. Preferred test location (Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune):

You can ask Any Infosys Employee For this referral drive 2018. If you don’t find any referral then please make use of Facebook and Linkedin to find Infosys employees details.

Selection Process for Infosys Referral drive 2018

There will be a written test (apti and General reasoning test), Post clearance there would be an hr round And training in mys will be followed

This might be a great chance for you to get into Infosys. Good luck with us. If you have any query then ask below.Note: The last date for receiving referral details is  23 Feb 2018 till 5 pm

Note: If you do not know anyone then drop an e-mail to okeyravi@gmail.com

Please note that we can refer only 10 people on the basis of first come first served. Remaining people please ask any of the working employees.

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Download Infosys previous Year Placement papers

How to Create a WordPress Website Step by Step Guide

Do you want to know how to create a WordPress website step by step and don’t know How to Create a WordPress Website or blog? and how to code exactly?

Hey, Readers, Today I will tell you Step by Step Procedure to create a WordPress Website. You don’t have to be a good programmer to start a blog or to make a Website.

There are a lot of tools available on the Internet  Like WordPress and Weebly, where you can create an amazing Blog in minutes.

Are you thinking to be a blogger for the first time? Well, you don’t have to take more tension. I am here to help you always. you can contact me personally on my FB group, YouTube Channel or just by commenting on this Website.

Let’s see How to build a WordPress Website step by step. this process is same for all, a 15-year old guy to a 60-year young guy.

What do you need to Create a WordPress Website?

To create a WordPress website you just need these three things –

1. A domain name ( This will be the name of your brand/business/organisation/  like Okeyravi.com)

2. A Web hosting Account (This is important to be alive on the Internet, Web Hosting Providers will provide you space on the internet and will help you to make your blog/website live)

3. An undivided attention of 60 minutes

Yes heard it right, Along with Domain and Hosting you have to give your time to set up a blog for the first time. You might be thinking, How? So, let’s see the step by step procedure below to build a WordPress blog.

Don’t want to read more, well watch this youtube tutorial video, this will cover Most of the topics related to Start a Blog/create a WordPress website. This Video will depict clear [pcture about How to create a WordPress Website Step By Step?

Do the same as directed in this video

If any problem occurs contact me over WhatsApp no – +91 9576474619

In this article, We will cover these topics and we will also provide video tutorials on all topics to set up a WordPress Blog

1. How to register a domain for free?

2. How to choose the Best Web hosting provider?

3. How to Install SSL certificate?

4. How to install WordPress for the first time using Softculous App Installer?

5. How to change your WordPress theme?

6. How to write and Publish your first Blog Post?

7. How to customize your WordPress Website?

8. How to Install Plugins and Which Plugins you need to use as a beginner?

9. How to generate Money from Your Blog?

10. How to be a master of Blogging?

11. How to do On-page Seo? (On-page optimization techniques)

12. How to do Off-Page Seo? (Link Building Strategies)

  1. Web 2.0 Submission
  2. Guest posting
  3. Directory Submission
  4. PBN backlinks

Let’s see all the things One By One –

1. How to create a WordPress Website?

One important mistake people generally do when they create a Website/blog is choosing a right platform. Selecting a right platform to start a blog is very Important.

It’s like, selecting a  structure under which your website will be built. So, If you choose a wrong structure and layout your home will not like your dream home.

We always prefer our readers to choose WordPress. It’s easy to use, flexible, reliable and It will provide you with a lot of features which are completely free.

Here comes the question how to get WordPress on my website/blog? right.

The WordPress will be provided to you when you choose and purchase a hosting provider for your blog. Once you have a hosting account then you will be provided WordPress installation for your blog. We will talk later in this article how to install WordPress for the first time.

Let’s comes on the topic –

2. How to get a .com domain name for free?

Please keep in mind, I have talked about .com domain name. Because there is a lot of domain provider who will provide you with a free domain with their self-made extension like .tk, .website, .xyz and more. Which I never recommend.

Whatever business you are .com domain is suitable for all and it will help you to target worldwide. Well, you can also choose a domain according to your country and according to your locality and business.

In these types of the domain, city name might be used and country extension is valuable. for example – .in for India, .us for USA, .uk for United Kingdom and . ca for Canada.

So, we will suggest you to go with a .com domain. But there are certain things you need to keep in mind while selecting a perfect domain for yourself. We have made a separate article for that.

Have a lookBest tips to select a perfect domain name?

So, I hope you must have selected a perfect domain for yourself. But to get a free .com domain, You need to buy a hosting first. Most of the Hosting providers provide free .com domain when you purchase a Hosting Plan.

But, Specially I recommend GoDaddy.

Here comes another important question –

3. How to choose a Cheap and best hosting Plan?

See, Getting a best Hosting Plan depends on a lot of things including your requirements also, which is very very important. So you need to analyze your requirements first.

Don’t get more confused. I have also made a list of cheap hosting providers and have made a separate article for you to get out of hosting trouble.

Have a lookWhich hosting to choose? Cheap and Best hosting provider list 2018.

Our Recommendation For hosting

As a Blogger, I have tested approximately 5-6 hosting till now for a different purpose. So, If you ask for our recommendation then I will suggest you to choose a hosting plan from these four best hosting providers.

1. GoDaddy

I always prefer Godaddy at the first point. being a beginner when you choose a hosting plan from Godaddy. You can easily claim a free .com domain. You can choose Godaddy basic managed WordPress Hosting as a beginner. You don’t have to spend more.

Start a WordPress Blog

2. Bluehost 

Bluehost is also a preferable Host for it better service and uptime guarantee. Most of the Successful Bloggers are using BlueHost. So, You can choose Bluehost also, But it will cost little more than Godaddy which is worth because Bluehost will provide you 50 GB SSD storage.

How to create a WordPress website

When you start with a Bluehost Service then you can claim your free .com domain also

4. Installing WordPress for the First Time

I am currently working on to provide you with pieces of information with very ease. So, after purchasing a domain name and hosting plan next, a small thing you need to do it is – Installing and Setting Up WordPress on Your Blog/Website.

You will be provided with your Cpanel Access. Where you can manage all these things like – Adding an Addon domain, Installing SSL certificates, Updating and managing files on your web Server (File manager) and many more.

Installing WordPress on your Blog is just a very small and easy process and it will roughly take 1 minutes for you to set up WordPress for the first time.

You can do it with Softaculous App installer and you can also take help via chat to your domain provider if you face any difficulty. For your ease, I have made a separate article on this.

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Don’t want to read more, Watch our video about WordPress installation using Softaculous App Installer

So, I hope You must have taken a domain, a hosting plan and also have set up your WordPress Account. Now the things come in this process to change your WordPress theme.

5. Changing or Installing your WordPress Theme

You can find themes in Appearance ->Theme Section. Once you logged in to You WordPress Admin Account

Here, there are options to install a new theme by uploading it or by selecting a theme from WP store. I will not recommend you a premium theme as a beginner. But you can choose a premium theme if you can afford.

There is a lot of free themes available in the WordPress Store and you can choose any one of them. I will suggest you to try and see the live preview of different themes.

If You find any theme beautiful, you can choose that.

How to Create a WordPress Website

Criteria for a theme Selection

You have to always take care of your visitor’s interest. You can look for these features in Your WordPress Theme –

  1. Always strive for simplicity
  2. Your theme should e mobile responsive
  3. Your theme must provide easier navigation for users.
  4. Theme Should be SEO friendly
  5. Your theme must provide easier customization options.

Along with these all things, I have also prepared a separate article for selecting a proper theme to start your WordPress blog. Read this article It will be very helpful in theme selection.

Related ReadHow to choose the best theme for your WordPress site?

6. How to install SSL (https) for your site?

When you are a newbie, I will suggest you to install an SSL certificate with the help of your hosting provider Support. It will be very easy If you choose Domain+Hosting+SSL of the same company.

If you want an SSL certificate in low cost then you can choose a positive SSL Certificate provided by Namecheap. It will be available fro in Less than 5$ for the first year.

Grab SSL Now 49% of On Essential SSL by Namecheap

Once You have purchased a Namecheap SSL, Follow the process specified below to Install a certificate.

  1. Login to your Cpanel Account.
  2. Go to Namecheap SSL Tab, You will find all purchased SSL for your site here.
  3. Click on Installed via plugin and set the status to active
How to Create a WordPress Website

7. How to Write and Publish Your first blog Post?

Writing and Publishing a Blog Post is the prime task once your WordPress is set up and live. There are content writers who can write content for yourself. for that, You have to pay them a good money. If you can write by own, I think this is a very good step.

To write your first Post follow the Steps below –

1. Login to your WordPress Account

2. Select Posts -> Add New

3.. Write title, content and customize your contents properly like Text formatting, Heading and Image/ Media Adding and alignments.

How to Create a WordPress Website

All the things are clearly mentioned in the Image. you can follow this image to Know the details.

Now, Once you have done with the writing part, You need to set up a featured image. To add a feature image just click on Add feature image and then either upload an Image or add an image from the pre-uploaded images.

You can also append forms and you need to specify some relevant tags according to the keywords specified.

start a wordPress Blog

Once you have done above all part you need to publish your post to get your contents online. Just click on Publish Button available in the left pane.

How to Create a WordPress Website

Hurray, Now your contents can be seen to the whole world.

There is a lot of things you need to do to rank your post on top in Search Engines. One of them is On Page SEO. You are highly recommended to read or articles about on Page SEO techniques. You just need to install a plugin to do On Page SEO.

Read Also: How to do SEO of a post with high ranking tips?

The plugin name is Yoast SEO, As a beginner, you can start with the free version of Yoast. If you want to set up Yoast. You can read the below article.

RecommendedSetting Up Yoast for the First Time

8. Plugins and Customisation

Once you have published your first blog post. Now it’s time to add some important pages to your blog like About Us, Contact Us, Terms and Condition, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and If your Website is related to E-commerce then Refund Policy also.

ProTip – Without the above-mentioned pages on your Website, you can’t get Adsense Approval. if you apply for Adsense without these pages then you will get disapproval reasoned insufficient content.

To further customize WordPress you need to add features like contact forms, galleries, sliders, etc, you need to use WordPress plugins.

WordPress plugins are apps that allow you to add new features to your website. There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins available.

I have made a list of 30 Plugins Which Everybody Blogger needs to use. Have a look at those. Top 30 WordPress Plugin You need to use on Your WordPress blog.

We will also recommend you to see, How to set up widgets in WordPress? Widgets will provide you more flexibility and design to your Blog.

Note: Widgets are limited to the selection of a theme. Every WordPress theme has their own set of Widgets.

9. Making Money On Your WordPress Website

There are several ways to make money from a blog. As a beginner, the recommended is Applying Google Adsense and Other Ad networks Like MediNet and Infolinks.

You can use any one of them Ad networks. to use these Ad networks on Your Blog. Before applying for these Ad Networks You need to follow some criteria, Some of them are listed below.

1. You must have at least 10 good quality content on your Blog.

2. You must have SSL installed.

3. Your Website must have proper navigation.

4. There should not be any category or Menu item in which there is no content.

5. You must have Properly made About US, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, and terms and condition page.

If you have done all the things specified then you can apply for Adsense, MediNet or Infolinks. We will recommend you to go through 15 things you need to consider before applying for Google Adsense program.

How to Create a WordPress Website

you can also do affiliate Marketing and can provide Sponsorships on Your Blog If you have a good audience. to do affiliate marketing you can add Deals page on your blog.

You can also use two ad Networks together like Infolinks+Adsense to increase your income.

11. On-Page and Off-Page Optimization to Rank High

Do you know there is a term called SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? These are of two types. Have a look –

1. On-page SEO – On-page Seo is done on the posts. There are certain things which you need to follow to optimize your content in a better way. Follow this guide to Do proper On Page SEO.

Watch This video and Understand Full On-Page Seo techniques

2. OFF-Page SEO – Off-Page Seo mainly includes Link Building techniques. it is done after On-page Optimization. there is a lot of ways to gain a backlink. I have made a list of 105 best way to generate and get backlinks for free.

For backlinks Follow this guide 105 ways to create high-quality backlinks

Author’s View

I think You might have understood all the process of How to Create a WordPress Blog? Yet you feel that you are not able to understand anything then I will recommend you to Watch Our Youtube Video About Starting and setting up a WordPress Blog?

If you have any query then You can comment below.

How to Create a WordPress Website

Frequently Asked Questions

I am trying to help thousands of people who want to know How to create a WordPress website and they are feeling some issues in this. Well, this is not a tough Process but still If you have any query you can comment below. Here are the top queries asked by a Newbie when he/she wants to create a Website for the first time.

1. Can I create a website without WordPress?

Yes, there are several other blogging platforms available. But, WordPress is by far the best solution on the market.

2. Can I create a blog without hosting?

No, that’s not possible. Web hosting is where your website files are stored. All websites need web hosting. If still, you want to start a Blog without hosting then you need to start with Blogspot. It’s free. We only recommend Blogspot for learning Process.

3. How much does it cost to create a WordPress Website?

To start a Blog you don’t have to spend more. You just need to buy domain+ Hosting+SSL. I already have recommended Godaddy, BlueHost, and Namecheap or this above in this article.

4. Can I start a blog without my parents knowing about it?

Yes. You can make your WordPress blog private and hide it from the internet. Here is a step by step guide on how to make your WordPress blog completely private.

5. How to Create a WordPress Website and remain anonymous?

If you want to have a public-facing blog but want to remain anonymous, then you need to make sure that your domain has WHOIS privacy turned on. Often people use a pseudonym/nickname to write under. You should also create a unique email just for your blog. It goes without saying, don’t post your pictures or anything on the blog.

6. How do I add a podcast to my WordPress blog?

WordPress makes it super easy to start a blog and add a podcast to it. We have a step by step guide on how to start a podcast with WordPress.

7. How do I come up with blogging ideas to write about?

Here’s an excellent guide that has 103 blog post ideas that you can write about today.

8. Can I use multiple languages on my Website?

Yes, of course, you can write blogs in multiple languages. But always keep in mind your reader’s attention.

9. Can I create a multi-author Website in WordPress?

Yes, Of course. WordPress provides you facility and flexibility to add multiple Author to Your Blog. You just need to Add the person to Author Section.

10. How Much Can I make of Creating a WordPress Website?

Well, there is no end, it all depends on Your labor. your choice of interest. Your area of contents. the ad networks you have chosen, your Blog Strategies, Affiliate marketing embedding and on many more kinds of stuff.

You always focus on to make yourself a Brand. this way you can recommend and also can provide services.

What to do Next, Well I have created a bunch of blogs and tutorials for you about creating a Website and Blog step By Step. So, read them on the “Ultimate Blogging Course Online Page“.

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