7 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

Search Engine Optimization either it is On-page or Off-page. It is very necessary to follow all the rules and guidelines of it. To keep this in mind, Today, I am going to share Common SEO mistakes you should avoid.

Let’ see you are doing these mistakes or not.

7 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid – A Better Approach in Blogging

A better SEO will take your blog to the next level. In the similar fashion if you are misusing the SEO, You know I am talking about Black hat SEO. Your website might be blocked permanently from Search. So, It’s better to go with the recommended choice.

Don’t Hide your Cornerstone Articles

Cornerstone Articles are articles which you can proud of. These are the articles which shows your website motive and your aspiration toward your website.

An article with a less internal link is less important in Google’s eye. Please take care of internal links properly. To keep Cornerstone articles alive you should give direct links or you can use it as an internal link into another post.

You can use these articles as a Call to Action. It is preferably a better Choice.

7 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid
It’s better to on Cornerstone for your beautiful and amazing articles

Don’t use keywords which are too generic

Use the right keywords always. Like if you use a generic keyword like “rental car” It simply means you are dealing with all the car rental services.

You have to choose a very specific keyword which should be specific to your own business. Like focusing on long tail keywords. I have seen so many websites and web pages who try to rank with a very generic or common keyword and they fail every time. 

The bigger reason is your big competitors. If you follow the long tail keyword then it might decrease your search volume. But you can compensate on the thing by adding some more post or pages on the same topic with different keywords.

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Unoptimized Images- Images should be Smushed before upload

Large Images will increase your page load time. It will lose your customer or viewer interest and Google also doesn’t take these websites seriously, which have a high load time.

If you are using WordPress you can use plugins like WP Smush to optimize your image which will increase your site speed up to 40-50 per cent.

Pro tipAlways try to use Images created by yourself on your blog. Don’t copy or paste things. It is not good for a long run

Website Loading Speed -The Faster the much better

Faster the site speed more the google will favor it. Google itself has a tool for it for the accurate measurements of all these aspects called Google PageSpeed Insights.

7 common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid
You can see the Page Speed is not good. You have to make it better.

You should use this tool to know what is right for your blog? In simple words reduce your webpage loading time. For this, you can also enable browser caching or Gzip compression which will lead to enhancing the full website load time. For this Wp Super Cache is a better option for your site.

One more thing you can do is, you can reduce your plugins number. You can check there might be some plugins and their functionality wich can be done by a single plugin. So you can replace that. It will also reduce your website load time.

Isn’t it great!!! So you must have to avoid this common SEO mistake.

Fail to generate CTR (Click Through Rate)

To enhance it you can focus on Meta Description and Meta title. The meta description should be a summary of all your web post content and it should also contain keyword and keyword related term

Always write your meta description in 200-240 characters. it is the best length. You can increase a little but don’t decrease it. 

Your meta title should be 50-55 characters long.

Failed to Give a Call to Action 

This is also in common SEO mistakes which liberally people does. call to action can be either a “Read also” or “Read Next” keyword or any video watching appeal. It can be “call back” to you for help. The main motive of this to generate more page views and increase engagements. Which ultimately lead to enhance your viewer interest and ranking in SERP’s.

So, what are you waiting for? Make these things a habit now while you are writing a Blog post. Here is a call to action sample.

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Mobile friendliness, Setting up a biggest benchmarks for tomorrow

You all know 60 per cent of your traffic is from mobile. It can be even more in your case as well. But, most of the bloggers are busy in making their desktop website version looks cool and amazing.

I can guarantee you. This is not going to work well. Trust me, You should focus on Mobile Indexing first. Now the thing comes How to do it. Let’s have a look at Mobile Friendliness test by Google to achieve this SEO goal practically.

7 common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid
Do your Mobile Friendliness test Now!!

You failed to produce Quality of Content

This is the most important aspect. You know if you have capability to produce quality content then you can build your brand image and reputation even more frequent.

Yes, I am not joking. It is your content which takes your users interest as their top priority. Writing quality content on your blog leads to sale generation without promotion.

A good content will decrease your bounce rate. It will help you to increase your serviceable area.

So, my advise to you is – Write your own content. try to make it usable for readers. then see the magic of it.

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Wrapping It Up -Okey Ravi’s view

I hope you understood now which common SEO mistakes you should avoid. There is a lot to say. But I will cover those in different topics with different scenarios.

Like, what common SEO mistakes you should avoid while you are creating a website?

As SEO consultant I’ve seen and created many sites making the same mistakes. It’s my learning which says focus on site speed, write great content and optimize for the right keywords.

If you make sure people want to visit your site, have great calls-to-action and prepare for mobile, Hey, Now you are already on a way to get things on the top level. Good Luck!!!

For now see you. If you any query or suggestion then Contact us or comment below.

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Creating an Effective Brand For Online Business?

Creating Effective Brand for Online Business  – It can get exhausting to run, grow, and sustain an online business, especially in the competitive digital marketplace. The key to a successful online business is the right branding.

Branding your business correctly gives you that competitive edge and separates you from other brands in your industry. Many marketers construe branding as creating merchandise with your company logo.

However, it is a lot beyond that. It is about building your brand as a whole and implementing strategies that help you with managing a favorable brand reputation.

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How to Create effective Branding For Online Business?

1. Dive into Social Activities

Majority of your prospective customers are on social media. Leverage this trend to promote your business across all the channels of the Internet. Plan the same campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Reddit as well as email. This will help you enhance your brand visibility, thereby driving more conversions.

2. Customer Centric Events – Will not let you Down!

How to Create effective Branding For Online Business?

Events that are in the interest of your target audience will help you garner more attention from their end and create word-of-mouth publicity. This will help you in generating referral sales. Moreover, you can create a sense of unity regarding your products and services among your prospective customers.

3. Build Long-Lasting Relationship with the Customer

Once you acquire a customer, it is important that you retain them. Customer retention is possible by building a long-lasting relationship and connecting with the customers on an emotional level. Create a brand reputation that focuses on your customers rather than you.

Talk about how your product or service can help them troubleshoot their problems rather than the features. Avoid technical jargon and talk in the language that is easily comprehensible by the customer.

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4. Promote Your Business Through Media Coverage

Press releases help to increase the brand awareness. You can even ask for media coverage through media pitching. Many brands work in partnerships and collaborate for content to cross-promote it across the newer audience.

You can run contests along with sponsors and then exchange the leads at the end of the contest. Offer free giveaways to the participants to enhance your brand visibility and garner more sales.

Pro Tip: Promote the contest in the right way so that you get ROI as expected.

5. Create Valuable Content

Relevant content that taps the right pulse of your website visitor is the key to getting new customers. Update your blog regularly and promote it on your social media platforms as well. How-to blogs can work wonders to enhance your brand reputation if done right.

Creating well-researched infographics and downloadable resources like whitepapers or ebooks can help you effectively brand your online business. You should then nurture the leads acquired through the gated content by sending the right emails that fit in their buyer’s journey.

6. Authorize Your Brand Through Thought Leadership

Write on topics that reflect your authority and help you to emerge out as a thought leader. You can even organize educational and networking events or webinars so that your prospects see you as a credible brand in the digital marketplace. Include customer testimonials and case studies as an evidence of your reliable services. You can share your brand story

7. Improve conversion through trust

Your online business should rely on an HTTPS website equipped with an SSL Certificate. Security certificates help in creating a sense of trust with your website visitors. You can buy an Extended Validation Certificate through which you can display your company name in the browser address bar along with the green padlock icon to improve trust among your visitors.

Have a look at the screenshot below to understand how exactly will EV SSL help you out.

8. Follow Brand Guidelines

Consistency in your branding efforts is the most important quality of any reputed brand. No matter which communication channel you use to increase your sales, make sure you strictly abide by the brand guidelines.

Be it the brand logo, font color, font type or any other design elements, they should all be in sync with the branding guidelines. Even your email signatures and business cards should reflect your brand personality. Your branding should ooze out professionalism on every platform.

One glance of your email or social media post should make your reader think of your brand – that’s the magic of right branding.

Pro Tip: Don’t let your business get influenced by the branding done by your competitors. Strive for originality.

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9. Leverage on Referral Marketing

Word-of-mouth is the best tool to brand your online business and increase sales. Every business in today’s world is taking help of referral marketing to enhance their conversion rate. Even recruiters nowadays offer a referral bonus to the employees who refer a candidate for the open positions.

Incentivize the existing customers who help you acquire new ones. This is a fail-safe strategy to brand your online business and increase sales.

10. Do not forget your employees

The best branding asset for any company is their employee base. While planning to build your brand, ask for feedback from your employees and let them have their say.

You can send out an internal survey asking for company description or let them cast their vote on the logo designs that you have shortlisted. Who knows you might stumble upon an awesome idea to brand your online business from your employees!

Wrapping Up

Recognize your target audience and create a distinct branded look to create a business of top notch. Work on your business vision and mission statement and design every creative keeping that motto in mind.

The bottom line is you should put yourself in the shoes of your prospective customer and see what would appeal to them the most. Let your branding efforts answer the question – Why you and not your competitor whenever a visitor comes across your online business.

If you follow these tips, you are sure to see your business soar. Happy Branding!

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6 Ways to Make Seminars More Productive

Most people complain about feeling bored during seminars as staying active and enjoying every bit of an office event is truly not possible if the organiser does not put required efforts to keep it enjoyable.

Indeed, without much efforts to organise an enjoyable seminar, you cannot expect productivity from it. Here are top 6 ways to help you make your seminars more productive and keep participants active, engaged and happy.

Improving Seminar Experiences with Seminar Room Rental Singapore 

There are several businesses in Singapore which keep organizing various seminars time to time to stay proactive and grow their businesses. Though very few of them manage it to deliver a good experience during their seminars.

There are ways that can improve these experiences positively; however, by adopting seminar room rental Singapore, you can definitely find many advantages of a great seminar.

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Every month, businesses spend approximately 31 hours in various seminars and meetings that give no productivity.

If you too feel the same and feeling unsatisfied with the outcomes of your seminars, then read on this information on various ways to make business seminars more productive and grow your business.

Narrate The Key Objectives Of Seminar To Audience –

There are many instances when people attend a meeting without even knowing the agenda of it and just sit down throughout the session with no certain conclusion.

This is an instance of poor seminar experience; whereas in effective meetings, the attendees are given the clear objective of the seminar right in the beginning.

A small statement of meeting objective can put a great impact on your overall engagement and experience to a seminar. So, implementing this tip in your next seminar planning will definitely prove a great move to improve productivity from it.

No More Dependency On PowerPoint Presentation –

Generally, most of the presentations in seminars or meetings are based on PowerPoint slides which a presenter narrates to all audience.

No doubt, visual effects are good at some extent, but too much dependency on PowerPoint presentation can make your meeting look as if it is entirely based on visuals and have no effective feel. Rather, think of ways to give engaging presentations where you can include others and grow their interest to the subject.

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Add Some Entertainment –

Entertainment is always good during a seminar as it does not let participants or other audience feel bored throughout.

In entertainment, you can include some small games or simple engaging team-building programs that will do a great job in making event enjoyable and grow productivity from it.

Just remember that in seminars, the questioning and conversation should be going on. So, think of something which allows everyone to give input and talk.

By initiating a team building activity in the seminar, you can convert a dull subject into an entertaining topic.

Improve The Scenery –

Another great way to grow productivity of your seminars is to use a captivating venue. Here, you can take services of seminar room rental Singapore in which you get variety of features and a great seminar venue to execute the whole meeting.

Free Up Your Laptop & Mobile Devices –

As per various studies, it is discovered that people who extensively use laptops often face difficulty in remembering things that they read and find it difficult to learn complex ideas.

Same thing applies to seminars or office events. So, we advise our readers to always free your laptop when attending the seminars. Along with laptops, also try to stay away from your mobile devices.

Otherwise, you would find it difficult to concentrate on the inputs discussed during the event due to your habit of checking through your emails, calls, messages etc.

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Follow Your Purpose –

A good seminar needs a good leader. Though it is not that simple to act as a leader to ensure everything is moving fine; however, there should be someone who is accountable for a seminar to be a good event. Once the standards are set up, the whole team should follow the given purpose and then, you can expect your meetings to be perfect and productive.

Meet Personally –

A face to face meeting and a meeting over conference calls or Skype make a huge difference. The impact you can put on someone by meeting personally can just not possible with conference call.

So, to make an event or seminar productive, make sure to encourage face-to-face or physical presence of the speakers at the event. It will definitely boost up the productivity of the audience.

Guest Post Author Bio:

James Burton is a professional trader and a part-time blogger. He is working for Savvy Training Room for last 7 years. He provides Meeting Rooms, Classrooms and Seminar Room in Singapore. He also loves to write blogs about real estate.

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