System Engineer Training at Infosys Finally Over

System Engineer Training at Infosys Mysore – Finally, I have left the Infosys Mysore World class Campus after leaving here for 6 months and getting world-class training. Now, I am an Automation Tester. Isn’t it great? Of course, it is!

I am sharing my System Engineer Training whole experience till now which I have gone through before moving to Infosys Bhubaneswar DC.

It will be helpful for you, if you go through these amazing post before proceeding ahead.

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  2. Infosys Mysore DC System Engineer training Joining FAQ’s
  3. Life at Infosys Mysore DC with some FAQ’s
  4. Infosys Mysore DC hostel room (ECC’s) facilities, Top class
  5. Infosys Mysore campus 2019 joining top FAQ’s
  6. How I became an Infoscion? My System Engineer Journey before completion.
  7. Infosys System Engineer Interview Experience and test analysis.

When I failed in the FA1!

See, this is common. 30-40% from your batch will not be able to clear either FA1 or FA2 in the first attempt. But, you don’t need to worry about anything. 

You will get sufficient time to overcome it and reappear for the exam.

If you talk about my batch then I have joined on 7th May 2018 with my 597 other colleagues from the whole of India.

But the time is going to be little tough for you. You will see your friends going ahead. They will get their stream, If this happens in generic.

They will be release to any other DC, if this happens in Stream part.

But, I will suggest you to be a little tough, Enjoy those periods to explore the campus. Utilize the world-class library. Go and chill around the places of Mysore.

And beside all this study hard to pass in retest.

Nobody has expected that I will go for a retest. There were many reasons for them to believe this. Neither I have thought that this is going to happen.

Sometimes you do mistakes. I also did. but, best part is that I come again strongly. This is what you also have to do.

But, at last, I am at Bhubaneswar DC and I am enjoying my job with my YouTube, Blogging and SEO business.

When it hurts a little!

Going for a retest will not hurt more. But there an awful and worse condition which will hurt you a little.

I already have said that you will make a lot of friends there. There will be a situation after 2nd retest in Generic and Stream both. When some of your friends will have to leave the company.

I was little lucky in this. Only two friend of mine have left. I am happy as well, because they are doing good in different fields.

Especially, I want to mention one of my good friend from Andhra Pradesh “Sriniwas Karthik”, who have taught me – How to say I love you in Telugu? Hahaha.

And you know, I always have applied that lesson on “Likita” from Andhra as well, who sat beside Sriniwas in generic. Lol!!!

Take it as a – Platform to see the culture of whole India

This was the first time when I heard people of India taking in different languages on the same platform.

I have seen and admired the cultures of South India, which was also a great feel. I made friends who speak Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Gadhwali (A local language spoken by people who live in Mountains, Especially in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Some other North-East parts of India) and lot others.

It will be a great experience for you when you interact with different cultured and different language speaker in a full day schedule.

You don’t even know that when you join, who will the people in your neighborhood. This is something that will make you crazy over time.

Facilities that I enjoyed at Infosys Mysore Campus

This is a very interesting part, Facilities at Infosys Mysore is awesome.

You will enjoy a lot of facilities there which includes Gyming, Swimming, Bowling, Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis, Football, Cricket, Aerobatics, Movies at Multiplex, Cycling, different types of events and many more.

If you don’t know how to cycle then this will going to be little tough for you. You have to walk approx 2 Km per day to reach ECC to GEC.

Very supportive educators

In your entire training, you will meet up to 20-25 educators (including co-educators also). Isn’t it great? obviously it is!

Especially, I would like to mention three Educator’s name –
Pratikkumar Sureshkumar Bulani, Pramod Edathil Vattekkat, and Ravi sir. These guys are awesome. You will enjoy your sessions with them if you got IVS as your stream.

How Streams are allotted in Mysore training?

This is always a concern for every people. They always think, which Steam they will get?

The Stream they will get will of their choice or not?

Let me tell you one thing very clearly, Infosys training stream allotment is purely dependent on the requirements available on that particular time.

Requirements are sent by the Central bench of Infosys. It is not something which is finalized in the Infosys Mysore campus.

When I failed for the first time, my friends who passed got JEE (Developer) and IVS-Java (Tester).

When I failed for the second time, again my lucky friend who passed got OSS, JEE, IMS (Maintenance).

And, when I finally tasted the generic pass. I got IVS using C# and .Net.

IVS– It is termed as Infosys Validation Services in simple terms testing. it has also a lot of branches. Different languages are used.

You might get Manual testing, Automation testing using tools like Selenium and UFT or a combination of both like manual and Automation which I got.

So, Just focus on your training. It is on your luck that you will get your interested field or not.

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I never missed Movies at Infosys Multiplex

You know, I am a article writer. I have also written some stories and poems.

So, basically, I am trying to say that there is a different side inside me. Which forces me to watch any kind of movies.

My friends who woke up generally at 10 or 11 in the morning always have a concern with me. 

They are concerned with my habits during weekends. As I usually woken up around 7 or 7:30 which is not normal for them.

But I have did this because I love to watch movies! Really, movies of any kind I love to watch once.

I watch the movies with the writers perspective. So, the cast doesn’t matter for me, neither the story also.

They usually make a mockery of me saying “Ravi, when you are going for the movie?” 

Because most of them only watch big movies which have good ratings. Most of the time I have watched the movie alone. And when I came back after movies then they asked gnerallyHow was the movie?

If I say yes, It was good. they they decide to watch otherwise not.

I would love to tell you that I am doing a lot of other good stuff also besides my job. So, weekends are like a bonus for me to work and complete the client’s task and to regularize my own online work. So, weekends are generally a good working day for me which I have utilized for own work.

See, Everybody have their own concerns and perspective. but setting up your priorities and perspective towards your future is very important.

I hope this article has given you a rough idea of how System Engineer training goes at Mysore and how typical your life will be there?

Watch System Engineer Training Infosys Mysore Videos on YouTube

Gutenberg WordPress Editor – Say Hello to New Features

Gutenberg Editor is now the default WordPress Editor. Classic WordPress Editor is now replaced by new Gutenberg WordPress Editor with new advanced features. Now writing a post with the help of Gutenberg editor is like building a pile of different blocks.

In this article I will talk about what changes have been given in Gutenberg. We will also see how we can implement those additional features while editing.

We will also talk about the future of WordPress editing and how we can make a good use of Gutenberg.

So, if you have not installed WordPress Gutenberg Editor. you have to install it Now. Follow the steps to install it.

How to install Gutenberg WordPress Editor?

Please keep in mind, You can install this editor only when you are a WordPress user. If you are BlogSpot or Tumbler Blogger for example, It simply means you are out of this new editing world.

I will suggest you to migrate your blog to WordPress. Migration of blog is so easy now and you will not lose any traffic also.

If you need any help in migration you can contact us. We will help you for free.

Now, let’s see the steps to install Gutenberg plugin in WordPress –

  1. Open Your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New
  3. Search For Gutenberg 
  4. Install and Activate it
Gutenberg WordPress Editor installation By Okey Ravi Seo Expert

You are done. You don’t need to do anything now. Gutenberg will work as a standard editor for your blog.

I hope you already installed. let’s see the additional features of Gutenberg Editor.

What is a block in Gutenberg Editor?

In Gutenberg every individual things like – headings, paragraph, Quote, Video, Audio and any more is considered as a section. That section is termed as block.

In Gutenberg Editor, blocks are the fundamental element.

They are the primary way in which plugins and themes can register their own functionality and extend the capabilities of the editor.

How to add a block in Gutenberg WordPress Editor?

I will describe three common ways to add a block in Gutenberg editor.

These are very easy to understand. You can practice it, when you write a post or create a web page

To add a block you can use the plus button. You can find plus button in the top toolbar, In the top middle of every block and in the left pane when you reach the last paragraph.

Adding a block in WordPress Gutenberg Editor Okey ravi

Now, you will see a list of blocks which you can enter according to your requirements.

By default while writing a post when you click enter it will take that block as a paragraph. Later you can change it according to your need.

You just need to click on any block, you will see the block settings will pop up and you can find more settings related to that block in the right pane of WordPress.

How to delete a block in Gutenberg Editor?

Deleting a block in WordPress Gutenberg Editor is very easy. just Click anywhere on the block you want to delete.

Block settings will pop up. you have click on “More Options” icon, which is represented by three vertical dots.

deleting a block from Gutenberg Editor by okey ravi

Now just click on “remove block” button. That’s it. you are done

How to set a background and font color in Gutenberg?

Sometimes, it is very important to change the background and text color of a block. A blog writer can change the background color due to many reasons. 

It includes “highlighting an important information”, “to gain visitor attention on some point” or “when you want to show your creativity”.

Same is for text color to give your blog a better look and feel. So, you can say it’s a individual choice.

Changing background and text color of a block in Gutenberg Editor is very easy. 

Follow to steps provided below to do the same –

  1. Click on the paragraph block you want to change the color
  2. In the Right pane you can find Color Settings
  3. You can change the background color and text color from there
Changing background and text color of blocks in WordPress Gutenberg Editor okey ravi

Changing color is limited to paragraph block now. I hope in future it will be easily available for other relevant blocks also.

But for now, if you want to change color of a heading block or list block you can use the Advanced button which is below the “Color Settings” button.

Say Hello to Drop Cap feature of Gutenberg?

Drop Cap -A large initial letter that drops below the first line of a paragraph, usually used at the beginning of a section or chapter of a book.

For reference you can see the first paragraph of this post. A drop cap feature can be used when you toggle to show a larger initial letter.

Drop Cap is also limited to paragraph block now, which is the only requirement, I think so.

To add a Drop Cap follow the mentioned steps-

  1. Click on the paragraph for which you want drop cap
  2. Navigate to the Right Pane of WordPress Editor
  3. Switch on the drop cap button
Adding a drop cap in WordPress Gutenberg Editor okey ravi

Permalink editing is made easier now

Now, you don’t need to navigate to Yoast SEO settings to edit permalink of a post. you can do this just with the help of  “Permalinks” section of Right Pane in WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Editing Permalink using Gutenberg Editor okey ravi

This is totally an advance feature which will help you to optimize your permalink structure. Please make sure your permalink contain your main Keyword.

This is very important for a good On-Page SEO.

How to set font size of a text in Gutenberg?

Setting font Size, font color and background color only works on the paragraph block.

I already have discussed how you can change background and text color earlier in this article above.

In the similar fashion changing font size is available in Text Setting section.

You are allowed to choose small, normal, medium, large and huge font sizes. 

Adding additional Excerpt

The WordPress Excerpt is an optional summary or description of a post; in short, a post summary.

The Excerpt has two main uses:

  1. It replaces the full content in RSS feeds when the option to display summaries is selected in Dashboard › Settings › Reading.
  2. Depending on the WordPress theme, it can be displayed in places where quick summaries are preferable to full content:
    • Search results
    • Category Archives
    • Author archives
    • Tag archives
    • Monthly archives

To add an excerpt to a post, simply write one in the Excerpt field under the post edit box.

Excerpts in Gutenberg Editor okey ravi

The length of excerpt is dependent on you. But it should not be very long. It is just a zeist of your post.

Usually, given its purpose, a couple of sentences is fine. If adding the excerpt manually, you may use (some) HTML formatting and the tags will not be stripped.

Video URL related to the post is awesome – Thanks Gutenberg

If you are a YouTube Creator like me then you will have this feature. It is not always about a YouTube Creator. It’s about creators who create videos for their viewers.

Video URL can directly be given in the post edit meta-box. You can find it in Document meta box easily.

I generally use this to give the links of my YouTube Videos related to that post.

Block Navigation for you easiness

In Gutenberg WordPress Editor you have a block navigation. You can find in the top left corner. It is symbolized with three horizontal lines.

This can be used to see the flow of blocks in that particular post or web page. It will show block by block navigation of your written content.

Here you can see the preview of block navigation.

Content Structure and Document Outline in Gutenberg

This is also a very important feature of Gutenberg Editor. By using this button you can see the content structure which includes –

  1. Words Count
  2. No of Headings
  3. Paragraph count
  4. Block Counts

It will also show you a document outline which includes all the heading,s sub-headings and their titles. From here you can analyze how may H1 and H2 tags you have used in your post to optimize your on-page SEO.

content structure and document outline in Gutenberg Editor by okay ravi

How to Add Widgets in your post and web pages using Gutenberg?

This is something which makes me crazy. Previously I was using some page builders to perform this action.

But, Now you can simply add any WordPress widgets in your blog post and web pages.

To add a widget follow the below mentioned steps –

  1. Click on add block button
  2. Navigate to the widget section
  3. Choose and click a widget to add
adding a widget using wordPress Gutenberg editor by Okey ravi

You can add short code, latest posts, archives, comments and categories easily. For example – I am adding the latest posts widget below.

Isn’t it an amazing feature? yes, ofcourse it is!

You know this list of latest posts will be automatically updated when you will add new posts.

How to add a table using Gutenberg Editor?

Adding a table inside your web page or blog post is made easy now.

You don’t have to use extra plugins for that.

It means Plugin reduction, which leads to improve website SEO by reducing the page load time and page length.

Adding a table is also very easy. You have to navigate to Formatting Blocks menu to get table block.

 I am adding a table for your easiness. You will be asked for no. of rows and no. of columns. I have given 2 in each. 

1How to set up widgets in WordPress Blog?
2Top 30 plugins every WordPress website should have.

Types of Blocks You Have In Gutenberg Editor

Now, let’s a have a look at type of block you have in Gutenberg Editor. I have alredy discussed earlier in this post about adding a block.

The block are categorized in some sections. let’s have a look at them in the below Image.

block in gutenberg editor okey ravi

Almost you can enter anything in your page and posts using blocks now.

The most use blocks are –

  • Image
  • paragraph
  • Heading
  • Video
  • List
  • Embed
  • Table
  • Latest posts
  • Shortcode
  • Gallery and Quote

You can easily find most used blocks for yourself in Most used Block Section. (refer the Image above)

Different type of view layout will stun you

Top toolbar – if you use this, the block settings will stick to the top of the Editor. This is very convenient for them who have just left the classic editor.

As in classic editor formatting tools were sticked to the top.

Spotlight Mode – This mode is also very innovative. You can use this if you want to focus only one block at a time.

Fullscreen Mode – It is a great feature. You just have to focus on your writing. The primary side panel will be hidden if you use this mode.

If you want to change your view, you can easily find them in the top right corner near the publish and preview button. 

view layouts in WordPress Gutenberg Editor by Okey ravi

Code Editing vs Visual Editing in Gutenberg

In Gutenberg Editor of WordPress also, You have Visual and Code Editing feature. 

Mainly people use the visual editor. But sometimes you need to use code editor in that case you can use this the feature.

For example- If you want to add a custom ad code or selfly created any text formats.

Just press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M to enable Code editor in Gutenberg.

How to Copy all contents in Gutenberg Editor?

Copying all post and page content is a needful feature. It is not used commonly. but sometimes, yes. 

So, if you want to copy all your web post or page content you can do it just by clicking on “Copy All Content” button.

To find this button – Navigate and click on the “Show more tools and options” button which is available in the top right corner. Then navigate to the bottom to find “Copy all content” button

The preview mode has a new look and feel

When you click on the preview button now, to see the preview of your posts and pages while creating.

You can see the WordPress Animation.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor Ppost preview okey ravi

This looks cool. I know it is not an important feature. but, yet I have mentioned this here

Yoast Access and control is far easier Now

SEO is something that every blogger and website designer is crazy about these days. I personally also train people to help them learn SEO.

So, Your command and control over SEO is very important. If you are using Yoast or All in one SEO , SEO Plugins, then you can find the SEO settings at the end of the page.

But, now you can use the WordPress right pane to do the same. 

All the features of SEO Plugin will be visible there. Refer the image to see it clearly.

You don’t need to navigate to the bottom of page every time.

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7 Web Design Trends 2019 for websites & UX Categorization

Web Design trends – A well-designed website is like a piece of art. It is the ultimate culmination of great visuals, CSS and the UX as a whole. Since websites are created for a diverse set of users, there is no single design rule that can make any website look great.

Depending on what it is meant and who it is meant for, the website design will be entirely different.

Also, like the physical world that we live in, the web world also undergoes a kind of metamorphosis every year.

So, the trends that set the direction for website development in the previous year may be obsolete this year.

But, the goal of raking in traffic and improving the conversion rates remains a priority. Following the latest web design trendshelp in knowing how the industry is shaping up to keep tandem with userexpectations.

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How to Create a WordPress Website Step By Step?

Why follow Web design trends?

Anything trending or in vogue indicates that it is accepted by the larger public. Being a viral social media post or a kickass website design, the latest design trend means something which is successful.

So it is obvious for any brand keen to attract visitors to follow the latest web design trends.

Here are some web design trends that one cannot afford to miss in the days to come:

Stories in motion

Simon Sinek, the American author, organizational consultant and motivational speaker opines that companies with a strong ‘Why’ are able to inspire more action and engagement than the rest.

If a website can communicate WHY it does something more than WHAT it has in offer, the message gets across to the user in a better way.

Stories help deliver that message across the table easily. Since websites usually come in a single page form with few-fold scrolls, it is always easy to showcase your brand store in motion.

Websites like startupsthisishowdesignworks and Bagigia are two classic examples, you can look up to for inspiration.

Lavish use of geometric shapes

Geometric shapes were initially used by web designers to fill in glaring void space. Now they have become a web design trend that is inspiring creative use in white space and even on banners.

The good thing about geometric shapes is that they can be used a middle ground between flat designs and grids. You can use them to showcase grids differently unlike the usual square boxes, which brings us to the next trend in web designing for 2019 –  Asymetrical layouts.

7 Web Design trends 2019 by Okey ravi

Check out this compilation of award-nominated websites that use geometry shapes in a lavish manner.

Minimalist Checkout page

It is no surprise that eCommerce websites have increased in number in recent years. However, when it comes to design, eCommerce websites have stark differences.

Especially in the checkout pages -the prime location where customers pay for the products that they have added totheir carts. The checkout pages are important from several angles.

First, they should be simple to use and should also make the customers feel safe and secure.

Secondly, displaying trust seal (which usually comes by installing an SSL certificate) should be shown at the checkout page to help in hitting the customers that the page is secure and free of any cyber attack possibilities.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Every visual designer and web designer swear by the need to have balance and scale in any website. Symetrica land asymmetrical grid layouts help in bringing around that balance to a website.

Symmetrical layouts predominantly used equally proportioned website sections that were pleasant to look at and also made it easier for responsive designing.

Asymmetrical layouts go a bit away from the order and uniformity of symmetrical layouts. They have an edge to them which makes content and the section pop out from the rest of the website.

Web design trends 2019 by Okey Ravi (the SEO and WordPress Expert)

Handwritten fonts

There is a fresh and intimate feeling that handwritten notes or fonts can bring to any space. In the digital medium, handwritten fonts have started making a splash that is hard to ignore.

Handwritten fonts are extremely customizable giving websites the ability to retain their own brand presets of fonts that can easily be scaled across all digital mediums where they are present.

For instance, the font used can also double up as the logo of the brand. Sweet Magnolia Gelato is a classic example of how handwritten fonts can be used to make the website look truly unique from a brand perspective

Handwritten Images - Web design trends 2019 by Okey Ravi (the SEO and WordPress Expert)

Cinema-graphs or videos

Don’t confuse cinemagraphs and videos. Both are two different things. Cinemagraphs are images that are animated subtly to create a dramatic effect. Videos, on the other hand, are feature films where subjects and characters are real people, things, animals and so on.

Both cinema-graphs and videos can help capture the user’s attention spontaneously as soon as they land on a website.

The cinemagraph that Budweiser uses in its websiteis so tempting that one might really feel the want to grab a beer right away!

Web design trends 2019 by Okey Ravi (the SEO and WordPress Expert)

Scroll-triggered animations

Scrolling. One activity that every user wholands on your website must invariabley do to explore more information.

Parallax animations have remained the forte for a web designer for the past few years. With time, and for the need for a change has led to recent trends like scroll-triggered animations.

Scroll-triggered animations are not only engaging but can grab eyeballs quickly.

They can help increase the time spent on the website substantially.

Adidas nailed this web design trend with a stylish urban touch to it.

Web design trends 2019 by Okey Ravi (the SEO and WordPress Expert)

Bringing it all together – Okey Ravi’s View

Web design is a hard thing to crack. You cannot overdo the visual imagery nor underplay the web interface elements.

A perfect balance between both is necessary to deliver a holistic user experience. The latest trends in web designing helps in identifying what really works on the Internet.

Following the trends, drawing inspiration from them and making something unique out of it for yourself can deliver something beautiful for your own website. These trends can be a perfect starting point for your website.

A great WordPress theme can help you to bring this in a good manner.

Thanks for reading. I hope you like this. Please respond with a valuable comment.

Have a good day!

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Infosys Mysore Campus Hostel Facility Complete Guide

Infosys Mysore Campus Hostel Facility, Life at Infosys Mysore Campus, System Engineer Training at Infosys Mysore. These are the topics which I am covering in this article and upcoming videos.

I have spent 6 months at Infosys Mysore for my System Engineer Training and I can say undoubtedly that life there is amazing and you will always miss those training days.

If you have any query or concern about Infosys Mysore then you can comment below.

Read my interview and Test Experience along with life at infosys here – https://okeyravi.com/category/infosys-mysore-training/

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Infosys Mysore DC System Engineer training Joining FAQ’s

Life at Infosys Mysore DC with some FAQ’s

Infosys Mysore DC hostel room (ECC’s) facilities, Top class

Infosys Mysore campus 2019 joining top FAQ’s

How I became an Infoscion? My System Engineer Journey before completion.

Infosys System Engineer Interview Experience and test analysis.

If you have any query or concerns about Infosys Mysore Campus Hostel facility or other things then feel free to comment below.

Fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Completely

Valuable Inventory Scraped Content complete fix. It is a new AdSense policy violation which people are getting when they are applying for Google AdSense. We already have discussed  Valuable Inventory Under Construction and Valuable Inventory No Content in our recent article.

In this article, We will talk about  “How to fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Adsense policy violation error? “

These days people are in a hurry, specially new bloggers. They want to earn very fast but they don’t want to work smarter.

fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Error Okey Ravi. Google Adsense Valuable Inventory Scraped Error Fixing
Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Violation

Readers, please keep these things in mind Blogging is a business which requires smart work, discipline and strategy to get it on the floor”.

Okey Ravi’s View

It also requires patience. It is not something which will start generating money for you from it’s initial days.

You will not get tons of money on a table turn

So, before going for AdSense approval. Make sure your website is completely developed. Your website should have unique contents. I said unique it simply means written by itself, not copied, spinned or scraped from other articles.

Contents should be advertiser friendly and also keep your readers interest on top of your blog priority.

This will help you create a brand image.

Now let’s see the Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Adsense Violation in detail.

What is scraping in blogging?

Some of the webmasters from us, use content, taken (scraped) from other sites. They just modify it slightly, use some synonyms and republish it. This is not tolerable by Google. They want authentic content from you.

Sites from which contents taken are reputable sites in most cases.

Here, they fail to produce unique contents.

I have also seen some people who do auto blogging and who use scrappers to perform scrapping or in other words content misplacing.

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Examples of scraped content includes:

1. Without adding any original content or value, sites that copy and republish content from other sites. This is really not acceptable if you want to go along with your blogging career.

2. Sites that copy content from other websites, modify it slightly, and republish it.

3. Without providing some type of unique organization or benefit to the user, Sites that reproduce content feeds from other sites. 

4. Sites which are dedicated to embedding content such as video, images, or other media from different sites without adding substantial value to the visitor. you might have seen awebsite where they only embed youtube popular videos.

See, What Google says about scraping?

Why webmasters perform scraping on their blogs?

Uniqueness matters for Google and for every reader out there on the internet. So, producing unique, authentic, correct and valuable information for readers will always be fruitful for you and your blog both in long-term blogging.

Here is the screenshot of Valuable Inventory Scraped Content violation –

If you copy from some big website just to produce good articles on your site So that, your AdSense is approved or you can accumulate some traffic is not a good idea.

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Being a Blogger you have to focus on the interest of your visitors, their demands. Do some proper research and then write unique and relevant content for your blog readers. Not just scrap contents!

How to fix valuable inventory scraped content AdSense violation?

After all, this is a very easy task if you have understood what is scraping in the above paragraph.

Now, you just have to remove all those scraped contents from your website or blog,  if you really wanna resolve this Adsense violation.

To fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content violation just follow all the guidelines provided below –

1. Make sure your blog has unique contents i.e avoid content scraping. All the articles should be written by itself. If you are getting help from a writer then make sure to check your content for plagiarism.

2. Do not embed or attach unnecessary files to your blog content. Especially I will suggest you not to use any copyrighted images, videos or other data. Always try to add images and files created by you only.

You should also avoid using stock images taken from Pixabay, canva or any other websites.

3. Focus on the originality of the content – It is worthwhile to give some time in writing your content. Write long article if possible, because if you write short article you will get valuable Inventory no content violation.

4. Remove the excessive advertisements from your posts and pages. I will suggest you not to use any type of ads before going for adsense approval

5. Maintain a gap between ads and the content. Otherwise, it will look like you want the user to click on the ads. In other words, you are increasing the chances of accidental clicks. So, avoid that.

6. Do not add ads on those pages which have less content or no content. Like Login, registration or search pages.

Beside this, there might be some other issues. This article is very helpful for AdSense approval. Have a look – Top 15 things you need to do perform for instant AdSense Approval.

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Conclusion – Fix valuable inventory scraped content

Being in Blogging from the last one and a half year, I have seen a lot of changes in Google AdSense policies. If you read them then you can understand easily that they always focus on the reader’s aspect and advertiser behaviour.

You also need to understand this.

I know sometimes it’s possible to make money with shortcuts also. But it will not last for a long period. People are doing C4C (click for click), this attitude is not likeable by any advertiser.  Google is also making some strong decision in favour of their advertisers.

A new policy or algorithm change can make the worst situation anytime. You already know that Google Adsense is very strict now. For every website, you have to take a separate approval from Adsense now.

So, far better from this is you should also realize the importance of contents and give your reader’s a different eye to read your blog.

People are facing Google indexing issues and ranking issues due to scraped content as well. It is also not good for website SEO.

Take a oath with me that “You will stop content scraping from now.”

If you do so, then there will never be any chances of “Valuable Inventory Scraped Content” situation.

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Good luck!

Happy Blogging!!!

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