CJ Affiliate Beginner Guide 2019 | Full Review | Payment Proof

CJ Affiliate by Conversant, formally known as Commission Junction affiliate program is the best affiliate marketplace which I have used till now. I am using Cj affiliate since last one year. Now I am writing my CJ experience. Have a look and also share your reviews in the comment.

How CJ Affiliate Works?

Commission Junction is an online advertising company. They provide affiliate programs for different companies of the world in different trade. You can join Cj affiliate as a publisher and as a advertiser both.

Once your affiliate program for any publisher is approved, then you can generate your affiliate link and promote them to generate affiliate commissions.

As you know affiliate marketing is a very good source of income these days. A lot of bloggers are making thousands of dollars using this. If you start making money with affiliate you will forget AdSense and other AdSense alternative networks.

How to Join Cj Affiliate Program?

Joining Cj Affiliate is very easy. It doesn’t require more effort. After joining Cj Affiliate you can earn commissions by partnering with the world’s most widely recognized brands and successfully promoting their products/services. So, If you want to join Cj Affiliate by Conversant then follow these simple steps.

1.Open CJ Affiliate Signup Link
2. Fill the details
3. Verify your email
4. Again fill out all the basic information about yourself and also the information about your website correctly.
5. Accept the terms and policies
6. Click on the Accept Terms Button to get it done
7. You will be on your dashboard now
8. Fill the tax form
9. Enter your payment details – There are two payment options available Check and Wire Transfer. Wire transfer is easy and convenient. You can use your bank account there.

Note – In Wire transfer, they ask for BIC Code /Routing Code, You just need to enter there IFSC Code in there.

You are ready to go now. Welcome to Cj Affiliate World.

Joining an affiliate partner through CJ Affiliate?

As I said earlier you have to partner with the brand which you want to promote for generating commissions. For partnering with any global brand search the brand name in advertiser section and then join the affiliate program by accepting their terms and conditions.

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Follow these steps to join an affiliate partner in CJ –

1. Open Cj Dashboard
2. Click on the Advertiser tab
3. Search for any advertiser using the advertiser name, keywords, serviceable area, language, currency, Geographic source and category

As I have searched ‘domain’ and I got this result. In the same way you can find advertisers for your nioche and service type.

Cj Affiliate review, finding an advertiser in Cj Affiliate by Okey Ravi Seo Expert
Finding an advertiser in Cj Affiliate

4. Once you found a suitable advertiser for your business, then you can click on the “Join Program” button. Some advertisers don’t consider anything and they will give you approval in minutes. But sometimes you have to accept the terms and conditions of your partner advertiser.

As you can see I have already joined the ‘Interserver affiliate’ program and so, ‘join program’ button is not available.

Cj Affiliate review and Joining an Offer in Cj Affiliate (Okey Ravi SEO)
Joining Affiliate Partner in CJ Affiliate

After that, they will look into your application. If they found it satisfactory. Your request to join their affiliate will be approved.

Note: In some cases, it might take longer than usual. So, make sure to apply for the relevant affiliate partner according to your business. develop your website completely. Don’t apply with an under construction website.

How to make money through Cj Affiliate?

Once you affiliate request is approved. You can now get links for different product and items provided by that advertiser. Mostly they provide link ads and banner ads. All sized ads will be available in most of the cases. You can choose which you want to promote?

Once you have decided the affiliate product then generate a link for that product and promote them via prescribed medium and try to get some sales. on every successful sale, you will get the decided commissions.

You can track your affiliate sales under Reports->Transactions.

promoting a Cj Affiliate offer and getting a product link
Generating a link fro promotion

Note: I have said the prescribed medium for promotion. You can’t promote anything by any means just to boost up your sale. Go through the privacy and terms once before promoting. In most cases, Email, Ads, Search and Social Traffics are allowed.

The commissions generated will be reflected in your account. Once you reach a threshold of 50$ which is minimum. You can get that payment in your submitted payment medium. Cj Affiliate generally transfers commission on 20th of each month.

My Cj Affiliate Journey

I have started using CJ Affiliate in the month of Feb 2018. The first affiliate which I have joined was NameCheap. Later I joined GoDaddy, Interserver, Ipage and many more.

The first payment of 675$ which I got, was a mixture of payment from Godaddy and Namecheap. I have earned more than 1000$ but some of the sales was corrected and finally the payment approved for payment was 675$.

It was in the month of June. So, you can assume that as payment of 5 months. Due to wrong payment information the money was rescheduled for repayment three times

godaddy affiliate earning from Cj Affiliate network
CJ payment proof

After that I am earning 250$ per month from CJ Affiliate on an average. I have not joined most of the affiliate partners and still, my main source of affiliate income is GoDaddy and NameCheap.

Okey Ravi’s view on Cj Affiliate

If you are a affiliate marketer then Cj Affiliate is very good affiliate network for you. They have partnered with a lot of good affiliate publishers which is commendable. Beside this they are improving their service day by day which i also appreciate.

So, you must join CJ affiliate by conversant, if you really want to reach with most of the good advertisers of your niche. The only thing you need to follow is Cj affiliate privacy and terms and your advertiser privacy and terms.

If you do this. You will go very long.

CJ Affiliate program most asked faqs

1. When my Payment will be released by CJ?

CJ affiliate release their payment for their publishers on 18th of every month and It will be reflected into your account from 20th.

2. How much time it will take to get my commissions earned through CJ?

Once the payment is released. It will not take more than 7 days if you have chosen wire transfer. but in case of a check, it might take more than a month depending on your location and distance from the USA. I am an India based blogger and for me, it takes a week to get that earned commissions in my bank account.

3. Is there any chance that Cj will disapprove my application?

No, joining CJ is free. But, yes, an advertiser can decline your application based on your website niche and other criteria. it includes traffic, website niche, type of audience, type of service you want to promote, country you based in and many more.

4. My bank Information is incorrect on Cj Affiliate portal and payment is released, what will happen next?

In this scenario, you don’t have to worry about anything. Your payment will be reversed to CJ and it will be released again on next pay cycle. You can check that in your balance detail section. it will show with a term ‘commissions forwarded from next month’

CJ Balance Detail Section

5. How much is the locking period in CJ?

Locking period of a commission is not decided by CJ Affiliate. It is decided by the affiliate partner you have chosen. But, in general it is 30 days and max 90 days.

6. Cj Account deactivated! What to do next?

I assume it as a lacking feature in Cj Affiliate till now. I know a lot of my Blogger friend whose CJ account has been deactivated on professional background and privacy violation. They don’t give any warning. they just deactivate in most of the cases. I also have suffered this once. but that was not a blunder mistake. So, they reinstated my account after asking politely through CJ Support Center.

7. I have more queries and concern about CJ where can I find that?

You can find that on CJ Support Center.

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How to fix ‘this page is not mobile friendly’ Google Search Error?

“This page is not Mobile friendly” and “This site is not mobile friendly.” These are common labels which are used by Google these days in the search result. Every site should pass Google Mobile Friendliness Test. Let’s have a detailed discussion on this topic in this article.

Do you know Mobile Indexing First? This came earlier this year as Google says they will index the website for mobile first. So, to index very fast on Google your website, page, images and other content should be mobile friendly.

A website which is optimized for mobiles ranks very fast also. Getting rank in SERP’s means increasing the sales, leads, traffic and reach to people. You can’t deny this.

Why “this page is not mobile friendly” error occurs?

Sometimes you might see ‘this site is not mobile friendly” error in Google search result if you are the search owner. This happens due to web page of your website have some mobile usability issues. You can find it in Google search Console.

Google has started issuing a new type of warning to site owners if their site is not mobile-friendly. The new warnings show directly in the mobile search results, but only to the site owner, when Google knows that the searcher is the owner of the site.

This page is not mobile friendly-min

Here are some specific reasons for this –

  1. Clickable elements too close together
  2. Content wider than the screen
  3. Unscaled images or video frames
  4. Ads on the mobile having improper pixels
  5. Contradiction in multiple plugins you use
  6. Text on the screen requires zoom to read on your site
  7. The theme is not mobile responsive

Whenever you perform mobile friendliness test of a webpage on Google. You will get a list of actions, list of blocked resources as a test report. Google will also show your page is mobile friendly or not?

One day I was checking the SEO of one of my client’s website from Hyderabad, India. I found this on his site. The main reason for that was content wider than the screen. We will discuss how to fix this later in this article?

He was complaining that his site is not ranking and not indexing properly. this was one of the main reason for that.

This page is not mobile friendly test result by Okey Ravi
Page is not Mobile friendly Snapshot

Let’s discuss the possible cause of “this page is not mobile friendly”

Clickable elements are very close

Sometimes it happens that you place two ads together or nearby. Nearby images are also a possible cause for this. Due to this, the page lost its responsiveness.

You have to place your ads properly on your website. And make sure you have used scaled images. Scaled images are also a prime requirement for image SEO.

Try to use Google Adsense auto ads or responsive ads on Mobile version of your website.

Content is wider than Screen

As the name suggests “content is wider than screen”, happens mostly in the case of mobile. You can easily find this error by the mobile-friendly test. We often add Adsense ads and other images on our website.

Content Wider than Screen Mobile friendliness test error fix by Okey ravi
Content wider than Screen Snapshot

In some cases, the ad you added will go out of the screen. Mostly it happens with fixed sized ads. Like a 720 x 90 px ads or 980 x 90 px ads. Adding a large image will look good on the desktop version but it may create the content wider issue with mobiles if your theme is not mobile friendly.

For mobile use responsive ads or auto ads of Adsense.

Unknowingly your theme is not mobile responsive

This is the most reason for “mobile-friendly” error. I have seen a lot of guys trying different themes on their blog when they start blogging. They don’t have a good amount to get a premium plugin. So, in a hurry, they choose some themes whose mobile responsiveness feature is not better.

They need to figure out this. 

Visit “Envato market” the WordPress theme store to get some premium theme for yourself. You can find a lot of themes accordingly your requirement there.

How to fix this page is not mobile-friendly error?

To resolve “this page is not mobile friendly” Search console issue. You have figure out and fix all the issues given in your search console. They can be any of the discussed reasons.

Let’s see the fixation of error causing issues one by one –

How to fix clickable elements too close together?

First off all you need to figure out those clickable elements which are causing this issue.  The best part is you don’t have to do anything by your own. Google Mobile-friendly test will perform this action.

Follow these steps to resolve this –

Method 1 – Directly Checking the Known links

  1. Open this link –Google Mobile-friendly Test
  2. Enter your URL and click ‘Run Test’ button
  3. Analyze your errors and click on them to get the elements which are causing clickable elements issue
  4. Remove those elements on your website to resolve this

Method 2 – Validate the links through Search Console

Mobile usability Clickable elements too close together - fixed by Okey ravi
Finding clickable elements too close through Search console 
  1. Open Google Search Console
  2. Navigate to Enhancements tab
  3. Click on Mobile Usability
  4. You can see the mobile usability errors there (Refer the above image)
  5. Find clickable elements error and click on that to get all those URLs which have the issue
  6. Use the URL in Method 1 -> Step 2 to get the exact elements
  7. Once found remove that manually
  8. After removal click on validate fix and leave the rest on Google
clickable elements too close together validate fixing
clickable elements too close together validate fixing

How to fix Content wider than Screen?

Fixation of ‘content wider than screen’ is somehow the same as ‘clickable elements too close together’ discussed above.

Here you need to choose the “content wider than screen” error in “Mobile usability”. Now click on that to get the list of all those pages creating the issue. Again perform the mobile-friendly test on those URLs to get the exact elements causing the issue.

Content Wider than screen mobile usability error fix by okey ravi
Content Wider than screen snapshot

Once found remove that from your content and click on validate fix button. Enjoy! you are done. Again check after some day to verify the error have been fixed or not?

Content Wider than screen mobile usability error fix by okey ravi

Okey Ravi’s view on fixing your page is not mobile friendly search issue?

To fix this you have to optimize each and every web page of your website. Try to figure out those elements which are creating issues and remove them. You know in WordPress 5.0 we have Gutenberg editor which helps you to reduce your plugin no by providing additional features.

Choose a best theme for your website. Always optimize your images properly. If you are using frames for videos embedding then use the right frame.

Take a look at your mobile usability data in Google Webmaster and fix all the issues listed there. if you follow these all “this page is not mobile friendly ” error will be vanished from Google Search. isn’t it great? 🙂

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Create & Submit Sitemap for a WordPress Website with pictures

Sitemap creation and submission are very important if you really want your content to be index faster on Google and other search engines. A sitemap is something which tells webmasters about the links added, updated or deleted on your website.

Every time when you add a post or page, delete some content on your website or update the content, sitemap gets updated itself and search engines like Google follows sitemap timestamp to evaluate and rank your content accordingly.

We have always said that websites which are updated regularly have high chances of ranking than a non-updated site. Google also wants frequent and fruitful updation.

So, how to create a sitemap and how to submit a sitemap to Google and other search engines? is the main concern now.

Creating and submitting a sitemap

If you do not create or submit your sitemap, chances are very hard that your site will rank. If you don’t do it it will come under a big SEO mistake.

For a non-WordPress Website

When we call a non-Wordpress website. it simply means any website which are not using WordPress.com Services. It can be any html, php or other CMS like Drupal or Joomla sites. It can be a Blogger or weebly website.

So, If you want to create a sitemap for non-WordPress website then I already have published a separate article on this. Refer the article here- Read Now

By the way, this article can be used for creating a sitemap for a WordPress website as well. But I don’t recommend this way of sitemap creation and submission for WordPress.

If you want to migrate form blogger to WordPress this post will be useful for you.

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For a WordPress Website

In case of a WordPress blog or website sitemap creation is very easy. You can do it by installing Yoast SEO or All In One SEO. Both the plugins are suitable for SEO management in WordPress.

Enable Sitemap Creation Using Yoast Plugin

For SEO purpose if you have installed Yoast SEO plugin then follow the steps provided below to enable the sitemap creation.

Once sitemap creation is enabled then you can find it at https://domain-name.com/sitemap.xml

In case of Yoast, this address might be changed a little. For a reference, you can see our sitemap address which is “https://okeyravi.com/sitemap_index.xml”

If you have not installed Yoast yet then download here and install to your WordPress.

Once installed follow these steps to enable sitemap –

  1. Navigate to Yoast->General
  2. Open Features tab
  3. Find XML Sitemaps settings
  4. Click on “on” button to enable it
XML sitemap enabling in Yoast by Okey Ravi

Enable Sitemap Creation Using All In One SEO Plugin

Please keep in mind that you only have to use either All in One SEO or Yoast. Don’t install both the plugins together. Otherwise it will create an issue for your website SEO.

If you want to install All In One SEO. Download All In One SEO now.

Now follow these simple step to enable your sitemap creation –

  1. Install and Activate All In One SEO Plugin
  2. Go to Feature Manager
  3. Activate the features you want to use like XML Sitemap, Video SEO, Social and More
  4. Once enabled you can see the XML Sitemap in the menu options of All In One SEO
XmL Sitemap generation using All in One SEO plugin Okey Ravi
Activating XML Sitemap in All in One SEO

In All In One SEO, you also have an option to for “Video SEO” But to get this you have to buy the pro version.

So, you might be happy. You have performed an important task of blogging which is sitemap creation.

Now we will see, How we can submit this sitemap to Google, Bing and Yandex Webmaster tools?

Sitemap Submission to Webmasters

Generally sitemap submission is done for Google, Bing and Yandex Webmasters. We will see them one by one here. We have focused more on Google Sitemap Submission, you can follow up same for Bing and Yandex.

Sitemap Submission in Google Search Console

Follow the steps to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console –

1  Open Google Search Console
2. Click Start Now to create an account
3. Sign in using your Gmail
4. Enter your domain name and click on Add property

Adding a property in Google Search Console

5. Verify your domain Ownership using any method. The available methods are Html file upload, Html tag, Google Analytics, Google tag manager and Domain name provider.

Html File Upload – Download and upload the given html file to the root directory i.e inside public.html folder.

HTML Tag – This method is very easy. an HTML tag will be provided to you. Simply install and activate the  Insert headers and footers plugin. Once installed put the HTML tag inside the header section and click on the save button.

Google Analytics – You can do it in either way. But first, you need to add your website to Google analytics. A tracking code called gtag.js tracking code will be provided to you. Just add that code before </head> tag.

For this, you can use the Google Analytics Plugin or Insert headers and footers plugin.

These three methods are sufficient enough. Don’t go for Google tag manager or Domain name provider methods. It is a bit complicated than these.

Verifying Domain ownership in Google Search Console
Domain Ownership verification in Search Console

6. Once your domain ownership is verified. Now you are ready to submit your sitemap.

7. Go to stemap section and add your sitemap link.

adding a sitemap in Google Search Console
Adding Sitemap in Search Console

8. You are done with the process. Wait for Google to discover, evaluate and index your links.

Note: The process goes same for Bing and Yandex Webmaster. You can submit your sitemap there as well. If you do so, these search engines will index your site.

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Google Indexing Issue – What to do for Fast Google Indexing?

These days bloggers always have a concern about “why their post and pages are not indexed properly on Google?” You write a post, create a webpage and then you expect that it will index and rank fastly in Google. But this is not the only thing that is required for fast Google indexing.

In today’s article, I will discuss all those aspects which help in fast indexing of your blog post.

If you have created a WordPress website and you are looking for indexing issue. Then make sure that before proceeding ahead in this article. You must have done sitemap submission in Search Console.

You might know how to create a sitemap? If you don’t, read the below given recommended post. This article is helpful for creating a sitemap for any type of website.

Read RecommendedCreating and hosting a sitemap for a non-WordPress website.

Especially, If you are a WordPress user then sitemap creation and submission to any webmaster (Google, Bing, Yandex) is very easy. We have separately written a post on that. You can follow the article here- Sitemap creation and submission for a WordPress Website

How the indexing is performed by Google?

Before Google can rank your content and give it’s a relevant place in the search result. It needs to discover it. For this, we do sitemap submission. Then Google will evaluate your content. Now if you follow all the criteria then Google will index your content.

If any of the processes go wrong, it will cause a delay in your indexing. And you will find that your post is not in search result which is obvious.

So, now let’s focus on each process one by one. This will help you to find where you go wrong?

Your Content Discovery

In Order to index your link Google must be able to discover your link. There should be a way which tells Google that something new has updated or added. Because once Google discover your content links then it makes a schedule to evaluate those new links.

You need to add your website sitemap to Google Webmaster for this. In WordPress. sitemaps are auto-created by Yoast SEO Plugin. You can also use All in One SEO for the same purpose.

You have to make sure that your content is not hidden i.e not blocked by robots.txt or any other sources. It is also not password protected or not available for a few countries only.

This is not happens in most of the cases but still it’s a precaution.

Content Evaluation

After discovering your content, Google will digest the content (including the HTML code and related assets) to assess the quality and relevance.

During this process, there is a number of aspects which might force Google not to index your link. They include:

1.When the quality of content is poor– Poor content in the sense spammy articles, duplicate contents, scraped contents, Over-optimized contents, copyrighted contents and contents which have a low word count.

This type of contents can create a problem in indexing. Most of the bloggers also don’t get AdSense Approval due to this.

2. When it can’t access the content – Sometimes it happens that the javascript codes and other codes on the page is more than the actual content. In another way, Google getting issues in accessing your content due to the poor content structure. In this case, there are chances that your content will not be indexed.

Make sure that sitemap is submitted properly. If you find any coverage error there fix that and send for evaluation.

3. When it discovers a specific indexing structure – This is also a possible case of not indexing your link. You should always check what is there in your robots.txt file? Which bots you have allowed? Which specific directory and type of links you allowed?

You can find your robots.txt file at https://domain-name.com/robots.txt. See our robots.txt just to analyze what is blocked for which bots?

Finally Article/link Indexing

If you have not mistaken and followed all the criteria then follow this hint to check whether your content is indexed or not.

Use site:full URL in Google Search bar and hit enter. See what is coming? For example, we have checked our Image SEO article for a reference. Here is the screenshot of that.

Checking Index status in Google Search by okey ravi
Google Index Status

Bear in mind that, once a page is in the index, that doesn’t mean it’ll stay there forever! Google repeatedly crawls and re-evaluates content – So, if your content quality drops, or if you accidentally prevent Google from evaluating the content, then your content or link might get dropped from search results.

You might have suffered copyright notices sometimes. In that case, Google removes the link from the search results. It also stops ad serving on those web pages.

Note: Update your content regularly to rank it faster but not too fast.

What else can you do for fast Google indexing?

We have mentioned a lot of good information above to index fastly. Yet, it happens that your content will not index or it will take some time. In these cases, you need to follow an approach. Try to take Google crawlers and bots to your content by any means. 

I prefer two ways. One is Google PageSpeed insights and other is Google Mobile-Friendly test to analyze my content. By doing this Google bots become active and they will come to your link to analyze your content. 

Then there is a chance that your link will index fast on Google. But, it is not a guarantee.

Try to get some page views via social sharing. It is also beneficial for fast Google indexing.

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WWW vs non-WWW which is beneficial for SEO? Redirection

WWW vs non-WWW which is beneficial for SEO? Which have a higher impact on the website SEO? These are the primary questions which come into the mind of a blogger when they decide to choose a domain version.

You know there are four protocol of a domain which you can use:

  1. https://okeyravi.com
  2. https://www.okeyravi.com
  3. https://okeyravi.com
  4. https://www.okeyravi.com

If you look at our domain, we are using the protocol -3. I already have discussed in the last post about the benefits of using https. Read the recommended post to know more about it.

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So, https is mandatory with respect to website SEO. Now the question arises “Should we use www or non-www version of website domain?”

I have seen most of the good bloggers website and found that some of them are using www and some of them are using non-www.

WWW vs non-WWW – SEO benefits

If I talk with respect to SEO of a website then there is no any benefits of using the www. It is totally an individual choice.

You can choose either www or non-www according to your benefits and interest. I personally don’t use www because I want a shorter length domain.

What’s important is that you stay consistent with the one that you chose at the time of starting your website.

In other words, Don’t change your site URL to add or remove WWW from it..

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WWW to non-WWW redirection using .htaccess

You can easily redirect your whole website to non-WWW just by editing your .htaccess file. Insert the below codes in your .htaccess file in between the # BEGIN WordPress and # END WordPress. See the sample below.

# BEGIN WordPress
#Force non-www:
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.example\.com [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://example.com/$1 [L,R=301]

# END WordPress

non-WWW to WWW redirection using .htaccess

# BEGIN WordPress
#Force www:
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example.com [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.example.com/$1 [L,R=301,NC]

# END WordPress

Note: Be sure to replace example.com with your actual domain name. 

If you want step by step version of this redirection follow the InMotion post.

Choose the right domain version while you install WordPress for the first time

When you install WordPress for the first time using softaculous app installer then you might have seen an option to choose the domain version.

This is the first option. Refer the image given below.

Selecting a domian version in WordPress okey Ravi SEO
Domain protocol selection in cPanel

Here, you can decide your domain protocol,  if you don’t want to do it with the help of .htaccess file.

Technical difference between WWW and non-WWW

When you use a domain with WWW, it acts as a hostname which can help with flexibility with DNS, ability to restrict cookies when using multiple subdomains, and more.

Whereas non-WWW domains referred as naked domains and it doesn’t have any technical advantage.

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Wrapping it up- Okey Ravi’s View

I already have discussed that there is no any SEO benefits of using either www or non-www. It is completely an individual choice. So, you decide which protocol of a domain will you use?

You should always use https this will be my recommendation to you. If you don’t have at concern with SEO then you are free to use any version.

Not a big deal.

One thing that is recommend to do is setting up your preferred domain in Google Webmasters tool. You should always do it. For doing this click on Setting Icon then navigate to Site Setting in Search Console.

preferred domain settings in Google Search Console Oeky Ravi

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EPC in Affiliate Marketing | How to choose best Affiliate Offer?

Are you an Affiliate Marketer? Do you use your website for generating sales from Affiliate Networks? if yes, you might be aware of EPC (Earnings per click) terminology of Affiliate Marketing. If not, Here I am going to discuss EPC in detail.

The reason behind writing this post is very simple. I am a affiliate marketer since last 1.5 years. But I was unaware of this term completely.

I have seen EPC most of the time on my Affiliate Dashboard like Commission junction. Although I don’t know how it works to choose the best campaign for promotion.

This is not the case now. I am completely aware of the EPC terminology now.

My own EBook on Affiliate marketing which will be released soon. to guide you properly through Affiliate marketing terms, terminologies and income generation process.

Let’s focus on EPC now.

What is EPC in Affiliate Marketing?

EPC stands for Earnings Per Click. But it’s not true completely. It should be Earnings Per Hundred Click. I will tell you why? later in this article.

DefinitionEPC (Earnings per Click) is an important performance metrics used by affiliate networks for reporting merchant and affiliate marketers about the performance of any particular affiliate campaign.

EPC gives you an accurate idea of how much money are you generating from each click of an affiliate link?

In other way, just by looking at the EPC of an affiliate publisher. You can estimate easily the commissions you are going to generate.

EPC calculation

There is a formula to calculate EPC. It is EPC=Total commission generated on 100 Clicks/100

So, in another way, you can say EPC= Total commission generated/Total no of clicks

For example, if you received a commission of $500 by sending 100 clicks to an offer, then EPC would be $5.

How EPC helps to decide good Affiliate Offer?

EPC is a better way to decide which offer perform better with different payouts. So, it’s a win-win situation for you. You can easily decide which offer should you promote?

Case Study of two affiliate offers from GoDaddy

Suppose GoDaddy is providing two affiliate offers, A and B. One with a payout of $40 and another with a payout of $50. So, obviously, you would think offer with payout $50 is better.

But just by looking at the payout you can’t decide that which offer is best in them? Here EPC is a big factor.

The offer A with $40 payout received 100 leads with a total of 800 clicks. Then the affiliate earns $4000, and the EPC comes out to be ($4000/$800) $5.00.

The offer B with $50 payout received 80 leads with a total of 1000 clicks. So, the affiliate earns $4000 and the EPC for this offer comes out to be $4.00.

So, in the above example, offer A has an EPC of $5.00 whereas offer B has an EPC of $4.00. It shows that an offer with a higher payout is not always a better option.

It is just an example. it doesn’t happen always. But yes, if you are getting higher payouts, then the sale amount might be higher, which ultimately leads to comparatively low sell generation.

In the above example, the affiliate earns $1.00 per click more in offer A  compared to offer B. Although the revenue generated was the same but the click taken in offer B was a bit high.

You can now say that “EPC is a deciding factor for choosing the best affiliate offer.”

With the help of EPC you can easily find those offers which are converting better. But Only EPC is not only the key factor in deciding any affiliate campaign.

It also depends of your website niche type, target country, web traffic location, content and audience type, the promotional ways you opted and many more.

If you want to more about it you can buy our affiliate marketing EBook.

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Earnings Per click Examples (Higher=Better)

Suppose you are a blogger and you are running a website like okeyravi.com. Now let’s suppose you want to promote a hosting offer. There are two affiliate network options you have.

Number one is GoDaddy

Godaddy EPC Report by Commission Junction (Okey ravi SEO)
GoDaddy EPC from Commission Junction

Number two is Namecheap

Namecheap EPC Report by Commission Junction (Okey ravi SEO)
Namecheap EPC Report by Commission Junction

Now if you compare the 3 month EPC of Namecheap and GoDaddy then you can see, GoDaddy EPC is almost triple. The report is triple for 7 days EPC also.

So, you can say GoDaddy has a very impressive EPC. For every 100 click affiliates earns $38.43 which is good. So, GoDaddy is a better option for you to promote

I hope now you understood the concept of EPC (Earnings per click) completely.

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Enable/Disable Pingback | SEO Benefits of Pingback in WordPress

Comment is a very common term which everybody knows. But when I say “Pingback” and “Trackback” most of us don’t have a certain answer for this. What is a Pingback in WordPress? How pingbacks are beneficial for SEO? We will talk about pingbacks in this article. We will also see the differences between pingbacks and trackbacks.

What is a Pingback in WordPress Blogging?

I have used “Pingback in WordPress Blogging” in the title. The main reason is pingbacks and trackbacks are related to WordPress community. If you don’t use WordPress. Then this post is not for you.

Better you move to WordPress. It’s high time. Because WordPress is the upcoming future in Blogging. Refer the article below to start with WordPress.

Read RecommendedHow to Start a WordPress Website/blog step by step?

If you are using BlogSpot and wants to migrate on WordPress. Then refer to this article. It will help you step by step in the migration process.

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Now see, what a pingback is?

Likewise comments, pingbacks are a way in which one blogger can link his or her blog to another blog. This is not something which you need to do purposely.

This example will help you to understand it completely. Have a look-

For example, suppose me as a Person P and you as a Person Q, right? Now see the example.

  • Person P published a blog post on his blog
  • Person Q published a blog post on his blog, linking to Person P’s post. This automatically sends a pingback to Person P when both have pingback enabled blogs.
  • Person P’s blog receives the pingback, then automatically goes to Person Q’s post to confirm that the pingback did, in fact, it originated from there.

To create a pingback, just link to another blog post. If that post has pingbacks enabled, the blog owner will see a pingback appear in their comments section that they can approve personally.

Here is an example of how a pingback appears:

self pingback example okey ravi SEO

Whenever you interlink your articles for better SEO. You are connecting your blog together. In this case, if pingback is enabled in your WordPress settings then you will get a pingback in the comment section.

So, you can say pingbacks are created automatically whenever you interlink your WordPress blogs.

ow the question is, do I really need to enable pingbacks? If yes, then how can we enable pingback in WordPress?

SEO benefits of Pingbacks

As you know, how much important internal linking is in WordPress? For better SEO we always have to interlink our articles. Not inbound only, outbound also.

When we call outbound that simply means we are mentioning and using other blogs links to our article.

So, when we get pingbacks then we are increasing the no of links on that particular post and page, which anyhow beneficial for SEO.

WordPress pingback is a good way to get more links to your blog. If you link to another WordPress website, you automatically get a reciprocal link back from them, usually on the sidebar or bottom of their page.

But, you should keep in mind “two way links are not beneficial always.”

Theoretically, Pingback sounds good,But spammers have found a way to abuse the pingback, like so many things in SEO. If you have automatic pingbacks set up on your blog, any site that links to you will get a link back to their site right on your blog post, no matter how spammy that site is?

These low-quality pingbacks will ruin your trust and integrity in Google’s eye. So, it could have the opposite effect that you want them to have, so proceed ping-backing with caution! You can approve them manually if you have enabled the pingback.

See, how I have got 650K+ backlinks in just two days. All spammy, just from two Indonesian sites. Have a look at the case.

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How to enable/disable pingback in WordPress?

Now you might have got an idea that, enabling or disabling pingback is totally an individual choice. If it is good for you, continue it. If not, you can disable it. So, simple it is.

Like in my case pingbacks are enabled but I keep a close eye on it. Like from where I am getting those links. If I found that useful and authentic I approve them personally.

You can do the same if you want. Now see the steps to enable or disable pingbacks in WordPress.

Enabling pingback

  1. Open WordPress Dashboard usually at https:yourdmain.com/wp-admin
  2. Navigate to Settings->Discussion
  3. Check the pingbacks and trackbacks checkbox
  4. Click Save Changes to save the settings
Pingback enabling in WordPress okey ravi SEO tips
Enabling Pingback in WordPress

Disabling pingbacks

  1. Open WordPress dashboard usually at https:yourdmain.com/wp-admin
  2. Navigate to Settings->Discussion
  3. Uncheck the pingbacks and trackbacks checkbox
  4. Click Save Changes to save the settings
disabling pingback in WordPress okey ravi SEO tips
Disabling Pingback in WordPress

How trackback is different from pingback? i.e pingback vs trackback

Trackbacks are a way to notify legacy blog systems that you’ve linked to them. If you link to a WordPress blog then they will be notified automatically using pingback. No further action is required.

So, you can think trackbacks as equivalent to acknowledgements and results at the end of a semester exam in a graduation college.

Your exam copy will tell the educator how any pingbacks and trackbacks you have from your friend’s examination copies. Hahaha 🙂

I hope you get it now.

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HTTP to HTTPS redirection using .htaccess file | SEO Booster

SSL check is always mandatory for website SEO and to get good remarks from Google. Without an SSL you can’t perform HTTP to HTTPS redirection. I have always suggested people to use SSL. Now the question is why HTTPS redirection is so important?

Does HTTPS redirection help in website SEO? What will be the effect on my website if I don’t use HTTPS? So, let’s see the importance of HTTP to HTTPS redirection.

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Why HTTPS to HTTPS redirection is important today?

You know it happens with everybody when you visit a website, It says “This site doesn’t have a secure connection.” And it sucks. They have put a lot of efforts to write and deliver a good content. But their site is not secure due to invalid SSL.

Browsers like Chrome and Mozilla will show and recommend not to visit that site. Giving some security reasons.

Example Case Study while doing SEO

A travel business came to me for SEO on his website. They started complaining that we are not getting any leads from our ads campaign. They were actually running a Google AdWords campaign for getting some calls and signups. But they don’t have HTTPS on their website.

This is what we call foolishness. His half of AdWords campaign money will be lost due to the browser not to visit recommendation. So, generating sales and leads by that campaign is far away.

You know in this particular case HTTP to HTTPS redirection is not only the factor that affected the lead. There were a lot of other factors as well. Which I will discuss some other time.

So, the first thing I recommended them to install an SSL certificate. Namecheap is providing very cheap and good SSL Certificates. You can take from there.

Things to do before doing HTTP to HTTPS redirection

You know, you can’t perform a HTTPS redirection without having a valid SSL. So, you have to install SSL first if you want to do HTTPS redirection.

If you don’t know how to install an SSL certificate. You can refer the below article. It will provide a good knowledge base for every server. You can choose accordingly like in my case it is cPanel.

Recommended ReadHow to install SSL certificate?

HTTP to HTTPS redirection using .htaccess file

In most of the cases, when you have domain, hosting and SSL from the same provider. You need need to perform HTTPS redirection. But, in cases it is required to do it manually.

So, this can be done easily by the .htaccess file. You can find this file in your root directory.

Ways to edit an .htaccess file:

  1. Use a text editor and SSH to edit the file.
  2. Use the File Manager in cPanel to edit the file.
  3. Edit the file on your computer using notepad or notepad++ and upload it to the server using FTP.
  4. Use the “Edit” mode in the FTP program that allows you to edit a file remotely.

In my recommendation, the better way to do it is to “use the file manager in cPanel.”

Filem Manager in Cpanel Okey ravi SEO
File Manager In cPanel

Pro Tip: Always take a backup of your whole site, before editing .htaccess file. A single mistake will destroy your site sometimes.

Editing .htaccess in cPanel File Manager

  1. Login to cPanel, use domainname.com/cpanel
  2. Open File Manager
  3. Check “Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)” in case if you don’t find the .htaccess file. In the case of multi-hosting, you have to go to the relevant website folder
  4. Click “Go”
  5. After a new tab or window opens, look for the .htaccess file
  6. Right click on the .htaccess file and click on “Edit” on the menu (refer the below image)
  7. A dialogue box may pop up asking about encoding. Click “Edit” button to continue
  8. Edit the file accordingly the codes suggested below
  9. Click on “Save Changes” when done
  10. Test your website to make sure it is done correctly. In case, there is an error, restore to the previous version and try again
  11. You can now close or logout if you don’t need
Editing the .htaccess file

Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS using .htaccess

1. Redirecting All Web Traffic

If you want to redirect all your website traffic to HTTPS then add the following code into your .htaccess file. You can enter these codes between  # BEGIN WordPress and # END WordPress. Like this –

Redirection for HTTPS and WWW both

# BEGIN WordPress
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https:
//www.yourdomain.com/$1 [R,L]
# END WordPress

Redirection for only HTTPS

# BEGIN WordPress
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https:
//yourdomain.com/$1 [R,L]
# END WordPress

editing .htaccess file in Cpanel http to https redirection okey ravi SEO
.htaccess code sample

Note: Replace “yourdomain.com” with your original domain name. 

2. Redirecting a specific domain only

For redirecting a specific domain to use HTTPS, add the following code.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yourdomain\.com [NC]
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://www.yourdomain.com/$1 [R,L]

Note: Here also you need to replace “yourdomian.com” with your original domain name.

3. Redirecting a specific folder only

For redirecting to HTTPS on a specific folder, add the following code. By the way this is not required most of the time.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} folder
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://www.yourdomain.com/folder/$1 [R,L]

Note: Replace “yourdomain” with your original domain name wherever required. Also, in case of the folder, replace /folder with the actual folder name.

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How to perform image SEO? 15 Rank booster image SEO tips

When we talk about SEO, mostly we think about on-page SEO and off-page SEO techniques. But you can’t overlook image SEO best practices if you really wanna compete with your competitors

Image SEO is an important tool in this visual-centric internet world. Whenever you write content for your website. You have to follow all the best practices of image SEO which I have described below.

Let’s see, why image SEO is so much important? We will also discuss how image SEO will boost your SERP’s ranking?

Top 13 image SEO best practices you should follow

1. Always use at least one image in your posts and pages

Adding an image to your web-page or blog post adds an additional value to your on-page SEO. Obviously, you don’t want a low SEO score. Who wants?

But to boost it up you have to strive for a good quality image. Add an image that’s add value to your content.

People use infographics to give their content a visual form which is better for both on-page and off-page SEO. An info-graph helps in getting some good backlinks as well.

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Even Google also acknowledge the significance of image SEO and have always published image optimization techniques on their guidelines for image publishing.

So, now the question is- Is it only required to add an image?

That’s it!

Of course no. Then what? You should look yourself.

2. Strive for Unique Images

On okeyravi.com every images is created by us only. You can’t find any copyrighted image.

So, you should take your time to supply out images that illustrate the topic with minute detail, humor and even romance sometimes. It should be so unique and enrich with information that people love to share.

You know it will also help you to get traffic from Pinterest, if you pin images properly.

It will definitely depart an impression if you share information with images also on you blog posts. You know sometimes people even looking at the image only imagines the content.

3. Use high quality images in your content

Search engines like Google and Bing always desire high-resolution images and quality content.

You can use .png, .jpeg and .gif images which are low in size and high in quality. Websites  like canva.com will help you to create unique images for your almost every need

You can create blog banners, blog header, FB cover, FB post, Twitter post, infographics, Youtube Channel art, Logo and more. Even you can edit a snapped image.

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Personally, If you ask my recommendation then I use
Lightshot (screenshot tool) chrome extension to snap and edit any image in minutes while creating a content.

4. Find the right image

Along with the unique and high-quality images you should also strive for right image for your content. Images clicked by yourself is the better option to get it.

I will never suggest you to go with the stock images. You know, everybody is using that. So, what’s different in your image from them other than some text and graphics. If you are able to answer this. Mind it, I guarantee your image choice is right.

Add images which are relevant to the subject not just for getting a green signal in Yoast SEO plugin content analysis.

Note: Try to place the image near to the relevant text. If you have an image which you want to rank then keep that in the top of the content part. I will focus on what you can do more later in this article.

5. Image file name can’t be ignored

Have you searched an image on Google? This is really a stupid question and I know your answer will be who don’t?

Of course, everybody on the web has searched for some images while they surf the internet. It could be a Christmas wish image or a happy new year image with some quotes on it.

If you want google should recognize your image properly then it starts from image name. Everybody knows you by your name, not by your doggy name. right?

So, Image SEO begins with giving an accurate name to your image. Best practice of giving an image name is “use key phrase in it”.

For example, a sunrise image of Japan should be named “Sunrise in Japan” not like japansun.jpeg or DSCMp01.jpeg. Sunrise in Japan is also a good key phrase for the searches like sunrise pictures or sunrise scenes of Japan.

6. Image Scaling also matters

Loading time of website is always a concern for most of the bloggers. It is something which have very high impact on visitor interest, website SEO and even on SERP’s ranking.

This is something which can’t be ignored. I have created and done SEO on many websites and what I found is also amazing. In most of the cases, the loading speed was high due to un-scaled and high-resolution images

So, when you have to show a 300*250 size of a 2040*1950 sized images. Better, you should upload a scaled version of that image in the required scale. It will reduce your page size which ultimately results in high page speed and good SEO.

To scale an image for better image SEO you don’t even need any other tool. WordPress itself provides good options for image scaling. 

If you are using Gutenberg WordPress Editor then scaling is now more easier than ever.

Image scaling in wordpress for Image SEO by Okey ravi
Image Scaling in WordPress

But unfortunately it will not reduce the file size. Oh hell, It should.

7. Reducing image size will skyrocket your On-Page SEO

The next step in image SEO should be to make sure that scaled image is compressed so it can be served in the smallest file size possible.

Of course, you can experiment with the image to get the best-reduced size. But the quality of the image also matters. Don’t go for high compression. which destroy the picture details.

I will suggest tools like  ImageOptim or websites like compressjpeg.com and compresspng.com for the proper optimization of image size.

Pro Tip -When you’ve optimized your images, test your site with tools like Google PageSpeed InsightsWebPageTest.org or Pingdom. See and analyse the results after that. Result will be amazing. I bet.

8. Image caption can’t be ignored

Image captioning is an integral part of Image SEO best practices. You have to give proper image caption when ever required.

For them who don’t know what an image caption is ‘It is the text which is visible below the image.’

If you look at the images in this article, it’s the text in the gray box below each one. Which are captions important for image SEO?

WordPress provides options for image filename, image caption, image description and image alt text. You don’t have to miss any of the field provided. 

People love to see the image captions. it gives them a real idea of the image and article both. So, if you are not using a caption the start using it. It will increase your audience engagement time.

9. Image Alternate text -Higher Impact on Image SEO

You can avoid giving an image caption, even image description also sometimes. But Image alt text can’t be avoided. It is something which you have to give all the time.

If you check your SEO score you can find one thing very easily and that is “some of the images on this page missing alt text.”

Here is an example image of missing alt text from Okey Ravi Ahref report.

Image alt text missing ahref screenshot okey ravi
Alt-text missing in Ahref report

So, Be sure to add alt text to every image you use, and make sure the alt text includes the SEO keyword for that page (if appropriate).

Most importantly, describe what’s in the image so both search engines and people can make sense of it. Adding relevant information around an image will help you to get traffic, backlinks and leads from image search as well.

10. Don’t forget the image description

Image description, image title and image alt text plays an important role in image search. So, adding a description to the image adds an additional value in the image SEO.

You should always try to give an image description also. It is not mandatory to use the main key phrase in the image description. But if it’s relevant and fits the need then you can use them.

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10. Image Alignment

Image alignment is not so much important from Image SEO perspective. But, yes, when you talk about the overall look and feel of your web pages and article then it is mandatory to align your images properly.

11. Image Sitemap Submission in Search Console

Like the way, you submit sitemaps for posts, category and pages. It is also mandatory to submit your images to search engine webmasters if you want to rank and index them.

Mostly in the case of image website like photography, icons, status and quotes this step is fairly important.

If you are a WordPress user then Yoast Seo plugin will automatically create sitemaps for posts, pages, categories, images and even for author and templates also. So, you don’t need to worry about anything just submit your image sitemap to Search console. 

Rest Google will look upon. You can find your website sitemap at domainname.com/sitemap.xml like https://okeyravi.com/sitemap.xml

If you are not a WordPress user and then you can create your sitemap easily via Pro-Sitemap.

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12. OpenGraph and twitter cards

You have options to use customized and different images for sharing on Facebook and twitter. Yoast SEO provides these options.

When you write good articles then people love to share those articles on social media. You can ensure that the images you have provided in the featured image or in the facebook and twitter section (refer the below image) in Yoast should appear always when people share your content.

This can be done by HTML code set up for OpenGraph (OG) and Twitter Cards (found in the Yoast plugin in WordPress).

Facebook image upload using Yoast by okey ravi
Facebook Image Setup using Yoast

For OG tags, you can set the image you want within WordPress, but also create your own meta property in HTML. Just add the tag provided below in your <head> section.

<meta property=”og:image”content=”https://example.com/image-seo.jpg”/>

Twitter cards play the same role when the URL is shared on Twitter, generating clicks and driving leads and sales. The markup for Twitter cards works similarly to Open Graph.

I know, setting this aspect it little cozy but it is for your blog betterment and social boosting.

13. Adding the main keyword on the featured image

This is also a best practice for Image SEO and On-page SEO. If you are creating your post or page featured image then you can use the main keyword on that.

Like if you see the featured images of our articles then you can easily see that we have tried adding either main keyword or keyword related words on that.

Image SEO Summary – Okey Ravi’s View

Image SEO is a collection of some predefined steps. You only have to implement those steps when you write a blog post or create a web page.

The primary motive should always be “Every image on a website will be optimized properly.’ It always makes sense to ensure that image should provide a good user experience and add proper value to the content.

Follow these best practices for better Image Optimization and Image SEO –

  • Use the right image that matches the content context
  • Ensure the right image file name. Add the main keyphrase if required
  • Make sure image dimensions match the image size as displayed
  • Use responsive images. (Auto done by wordpress, but your theme should also be responsive)
  • Always use an optimal file size without losing quality
  • Add a caption, if appropriate, for easier scanning of the page
  • Try to add image description if possible
  • Use image alt text. Add the main keyphrase in the image alt text if required
  • Add OpenGraph and Twitter Card tags for the image
  • Align your images properly. Don’t break the left reading line with an image
  • Create and submit image sitemap to search engine webmasters
  • Try to add main keyword on the featured image
  • Provide all the context you can!

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650K Backlinks In Just 2 days! Disavow Negative Backlinks Succeed?

Do you know? People always go for getting high-quality backlinks when they do Off-page SEO for their website and blogs. I am not habitual to do off-page. For me, gradual backlinks increase is something which is done by my lovers and by them who like and share my content.

But, In the last 5-7 days. I have got tons of backlinks. You don’t believe how much? Just in two days, I have got more than 650K+ backlinks. Such a sudden increase in no of backlinks for okeyravi.com

 okey ravi backlinks Increased gradually to 664K
Gradual Increase in Backlinks

How is it possible? Are they real backlinks? Who is creating this and for what purpose? Do anyone doing negative backlinking on my website? How this gradual increase in the backlinks number will affect my blog.

Like tons of backlinks, I have also a lot of questions diving in to my mind. So, let’s take it seriously and see how much it can affect?

How I got 650K backlinks in just two days?

To verify it I have gone to Ahref overview and then the things I found there was really bullshit.

All those backlinks was created from just two Indonesian sites. Those two sites are really worse. They don’t have any foundation. 

gradual increase in backlinks from Indonesian website
Backlinks from Indonesian Website

They are null in DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) and UR (URL rating). 

It simply means these backlinks are of no use. Getting tons of backlinks is not a case which happens daily. For bigger sites like MI.com, Micrososft.com, Apple.com it could be possible when they launch a new product. this is just a general example.

But, for a normal site. It will be beneficial only in the case, it came from unique sites having high DA, PA and other high quality backlink stuffs.

Now I understood that this is something which is not created by a human. These backlinks are created by some bots.

These are not the backlinks you look for. Always strive for the natural backlinks from authority sites.

What really matters is quality not quantity of backlinks? But In my case it is the quantity there is no quality.

Have a look at the backlinks bar. It is like touching the sky from the historical data.

Gradual do follow backlinks increase on okey ravi website
More than 99 percent new backlinks are Do-Follow

How this gradual backlinks increase will affect okeyravi.com?

I already have discussed earlier, if you get backlinks from unique and high authority sites. it will always boost your site SEO and Search engine rankings.

It doesn’t have negative impact if done in a proper way. Not like tons in a day and hundreds in others. I hope you get it. right?

This time this is not the case, the site from which I have got backlinks is not an authority site. They are also not a high-quality domain.

This will ruin my site SEO. It will have an adverse effect on my website. You know Google penguin update. If it finds such gradual backlinks increase in a website. It will flag that site.

And, if it happens. It will be a bad news for my blogging history.

You know “no one enjoys being penalized in any way”.

So, you always have to ensure your website stay on Google’s good side. read more about Google Penguin update here.

In my case, my main task should be disaow these link. Otherwise it will create a lot of trouble for me.

How to disavow negative backlinks?

If you want to disavow those negative links. it can be done in following ways. I am doing it with the help of Ahref. You can do it with the help of other online tools also like Semrush or Google disavow tool.

You can find disavow link just below the backlinks in Ahref. Refer the image below

Backlinks disavow and referring domain disavow
Disavow in Ahref

Now you have to submit the link either manually or you can submit the list as well. Here list in the sense .txt file.

Adding disavow links in Ahref Okey Ravi
Disavow in Ahref

Here, I am going to do manual addition of links. You have have the links to add it manually. You can get those links from your backlinks list of Ahref. Just export backlinks fro those websites only which you want to disavow.

If you have tons of backlinks from a single site then you can simply disavow the domain.

Manual disavow in Ahref Okey Ravi
Manual disavow in Ahref

Here is a snapshot of the website which is responsible for gradual backlinks increase.

Getting disavow links from Ahref Tool okey ravi
URL’s creating problem

Adding Disavow Links to Google

This is a very important step if you don’t want google to penalize your site. You have to add those all links to Google Disavow tool. 

I have mentioned it step by step below. Have a look and do the same if you get in to situations like this.

  1. Open Google Disavow Link
  2. Choose the domain for which you want to add disavow links
  3. Now you have to submit a .txt with all the links which you want to disavow.
  4. Once you uploaded the .txt file then click on submit.
  5. You are done with the process. Google will take care of rest

Now the question is How will you create such a text file?

This is very simple. This can be done in two ways. If you have Ahref then you can export your disavow links to submit that to Google disavow.

getting disavow links from Ahref for Google disavow submission

Creating disavow text file using Notepad

If you don’t have Ahref access, then you can create disavow links text file using notepad.

What you need to do is just add all you links line by line in notepad file without any space or comma.

Save the notepad file as disavow_links.txt

One you created such a file you already know how to submit? I have discussed the submission process in earlier in this article. After submission, you will get the successful submission message.

Wrapping It up – Okey Ravi’s View

You know, we all need backlinks if we have to compete with our competitors after a certain level. Please mind it I said “After a certain level”

Not in all the case backlinks creation is required. Just update your website regularly, produce good and unique content. Try to build your own audience and brand image. 

Be socially active and do on-page SEO properly. You will see the results very soon.

About gradual increase in negative backlinks or spammy backlinks you have to be aware.

Please use Ahref and monitor your referring domain and backlinks count on a regular basis. If you find something wrong use google disavow tool to be safe from flagging and penalization.

Always look for the natural backlinks.

My spammy links have been disavowed

As you have seen that I have disavowed both the domain which have created spammy backlinks for my site. It has taken up to two weeks to disavow all the negative backlinks. You can see the staus of disavowed links by SemRush tool

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