How to install a large theme on WordPress using cPanel?

Do you have any idea about how can you install a large theme on WordPress? When you install a big size theme on WordPress, you might face errors like “inactivity timeout”, “not able to upload theme file” or might be some PHP initialization error.

So, the question comes now. If the normal way of uploading and activating themes and plugins are not working then what are the other ways? The easiest and fastest way to install a large theme and plugin in WordPress is uploading that file in the file manager. You can take help from the cPanel file manager to upload those files in relevant directories.

The other solution is the FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You can use Filezilla for this. I will describe it later in another article.

Let’s see this step by step.

Installing a large theme in WordPress using cPanel File Manager

Many of the hosting providers made a limitations on how bigger theme and plugins can be uploaded. They generally reduce the php memory limit. If you want to install a large theme then you need to talk them for increasing the php memory limit.

The fastest way to install and activate large plugins and themes is to use cPanel and let the server unzip the theme and plugins locally in their respective directories. Some themes and plugins can have several numbers of files to upload and using FTP is deadly slow in this case. Like I have seen in the case of Porto Woocommerce Theme.

Follow these steps to complete the upload and activation –

1.Log-in to your cPanel account ( Generally it is domain name followed by cPanel like Just replace my domain name with your domain name. It is not applicable in case of WordPress Hosting.

2. Navigate to File Manager -> Public.html

3. Open Public.html folder. In the case of multi-website hosting, you can find your website root access by searching for the domain name.

4. Browse to your WordPress theme folder /wp-content/themes/

theme folder in cPanel
Upload and extract them in themes folder

5. Upload your theme zip file. This usually has a much larger file size limit.

6. Once the zip file is uploaded in the file manager. Select and right click on the file to extract it.

7. Once extracted, delete the zip file you uploaded.

8. Now open your WordPress dashboard (Generally domain name followed by wp-admin or login. like this – or

9. Navigate to Appearance ->Themes

Theme section in WordPress

10. Your uploaded theme will be there and it is ready for activation. So, what are you waiting for? just activate it, LOL.

Adjust php.ini limits to overcome this error

If you are not able to upload and install large theme files in your WordPress then this is not a big error. You can either use the above method or just adjust Php.ini limits (Also called Php memory limits or execution limits). .

You can ask your hosting provider to fix this for you. They will adjust your php.ini limits. In my case, it is GoDaddy and InterServer.

If you decide to adjust the php.ini file do not forget to reset Apache after making the change.

Some possible php.ini settings

  • max_execution_time 600
  • memory_limit 20M
  • post_max_size 20M
  • upload_max_filesize 20M

I hope now you have understood how a large theme file can be easily be installed on WordPress. If you have any query or concern then you can comment below.

Have a good day!

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How many backlinks per day are safe to create? Google ban protection

People always ask me “How many backlinks per day are safe to create?”,” How many backlinks they should create on daily basis?” To ensure your website stays on Google good side, you have to take a look at how many backlinks are created for your website per day. I will try to cover all the important aspects which are required to explain this.

Being a blogger you should know quality backlinks will help you to rise your Website SEO whereas negative or bad backlinks will lead to a Google penalty. No one enjoys being penalized in any circumstances.

So, today we will see how many backlinks per day is safe to create without being penalized by Google. This is a common sparking questions asked by most of the novice bloggers who have just started their WordPress website or migrated from blogger to WordPress. The scenario of a novice blogger can be different.

How many backlinks per day are safe to create?

If you go to find the answer to this question “How many backlinks per day is safe?” on Google. You will not find a lot of information about this. The reason is obvious. There is a lot of factors which decides the safe number to create backlinks per day?

There are some forums where people have given the answer with exact number. I will suggest you not to go with those data. Those will creates more confusion for you.

Nobody knows the exact answer for this. But yes, what are the major factors that can be taken care of while you create backlinks for your website? This can be a topic of debate for most of the SEO experts. This will also help you to understand “how many backlinks per day is safe?”

So, the question come now “What can be the possible outcome of creating a high number of backlinks?”Let’s see it.

What will be the effect of speedy backlinks creation?

As you know if you really want to rank on Google with On-page SEO, off-page is also important. After doing proper On-Page SEO, people choose to go for speedy backlinks creation, thinking that they will rank fast on Google. this is somehow correct also. But not in all the conditions.

For an event blogging website I recommend this. But for a long term blogging website or a business website, I will never recommend speedy backlinks shortcut for ranking.

If you create thousands of backlinks per day for a new website then your website might be flagged by Google. Google loves natural backlinks. It can be either dofollow or nofollow. Google penguin update is made for checking the backlinks status.

You might have seen buy backlinks ads on Fiverr. Most of the backlinks sellers there use shady techniques (Like PBN – Private Blog Networks) to speed up the backlinks creation process. This may lead to penalties also if not handled correctly.

Natural backlinks is the key to success

Getting natural backlinks loved by Google is a time taking the process for new bloggers. For an old and famous website like, the scenario will be different. I will describe it later in this article.

There is a lot of good techniques to create natural backlinks.

  1. Web 2.0 Submission
  2. Social Bookmarking
  3. Self Interlinking of articles
  4. Guest Blogs
  5. Directory Submission
  6. Blog commenting
  7. Broken link method
  8. Creating a different type of content like Podcasts, Videos, and infographics

You need to understand it how a content can bring you natural backlinks? There is a lot of ways to get good quality backlinks. I have tried to describe it here.

105 ways to get high quality backlinks in 2019.

So, now the question comes is quantity or the quality what matters a lot?

Quality vs Quantity what really matters for backlinks?

You know a website with less no of backlinks can go for higher ranking in SERPs due to its quality where as a website with tons of backlinks will not rank due to low quality backlinks.

So, the quality of backlinks matters a lot, not quality. make sure to go with apace when you are doing full-time long term blogging. Now the question comes “how to get quality backlinks?”

Google main goal is to provide searchers with a good search experience. They want that the searcher should get the right information according to their search. So, with the valuable and fresh content you have to focus on high quality backlinks.

Quality backlinks – how to get it fastly?

1 From High-Authority Sites

You should try to get backlinks from high authority sites. High authority sites are those sites which have high DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). It can also be defined as the trust of Google on a website.

For example, Google considers .gov and .edu domain are high authoritative in nature. Getting just one or two backlinks from these domains can boost your ranking better than 100 backlinks from low-authority websites.

But don’t try to find a loophole in it. a .edu and a .gov website are authoritative in nature only it has no spam score, high DA, high, PA and good trust and citation flow. A newly bought .edu or .gov domain will not help you to boost your ranking.

You can use tools like Ahref and SEMrush to get specific information and website authority.

2. Backlinks from similar sites/ same niche

If you are running a website about “Computer repair” and making backlinks on a “dog care” website then this will not going you to help you. It can be harmful, in fact.

As I said, Google looks for naturally created backlinks. So, backlinks from another niche and topic will lead to suspicious activity. That’s why make sure to get backlinks from same niche and domain.

Now the question comes, how can you find similar sites?

You can take help from Alexa, it will help you get the backlinks information of other sites and will also tell you similar sites like you based on your content, domina and niche.

Find Similar sites on Alexa - tips by Okey ravi

3. Go for the diversity

You should never stick to a bunch of site to create backlinks. You can reach up to as many as possible blog owners to get a dofollow backlinks. It can be done by any of the methods described above like broken link, Guest posting or comment.

If you use PBN (Private Network Blogs) to create backlinks for your site then the chances of penalization will be stronger. it all depends on how the PBN maker is managing his network. For a short term blogging or event blogging, it is totally acceptable.

4. Monitor your backlinks

Website optimization for SEO is important. So, you have to spend some time on backlinks monitoring and optimization. I am using Semrush for this. you can use Alexa or Ahref also.

Spam backlinks are something which is not created by you. It is intentionally created by your competitors to slow you down or with other purposes. So, monitor your backlinks graph on weekly basis and if you found any negative data then disavow it using Google disavow tool.

I am sharing you a graph of gradual backlinks rise for this website. Two Indonesian sites have created these backlinks just in some days.

Read more about this story here – 650K backlinks in just some days

Spam backlinks on okey ravi website
Spam backlinks

Conclusion – How many backlinks per day is safe to create?

As I said the quality of backlinks matters not the quantity. So, try to achieve natural backlinks. If you are buying backlinks or if involved in backlinks exchange process then you are giving a chance to Google to penalize you.

Only buy backlinks from trust seller and also look for the niche and domain they are offering for backlinks. Try to get backlinks from your niche and look of high authority sites. .gov and, edu backlinks are important to rank high in short time.

So, you can say confidently now that there is no limit on how many backlinks you should create per day? Only the things matter is naturality of backlinks.

Thanks for reading.

If you have any query or suggestions feel free to comment below.

Have a good day!

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Grammarly Affiliate Program Review 2019 After One Year of Use

Grammarly Affiliate Program Review after using Grammarly Affiliate Program for almost 1 year. Grammarly is a very good choice for all the blogger who wants to earn some good amount of affiliate commission. This is the best CPA based affiliate programme. That pays you for both free and paid signup. For free sign up you will get 0.20$ and for paid signup, you will get 20$. You must try this out now.

Their minimum payout is also not high, once your commission reaches 50$  threshol you can withdraw the amount via PayPal, Check or Wire Transfer. Their payment process is also very smooth and fast.

How much commission can you make through Grammarly Affiliate program?

Through Grammarly affiliate, you get paid for both free and paid signup. The commission rate is also high as compared to other affiliate programmes. There is no cap on how much can an affiliate earn.

Whenever anyone creates a free Grammarly account via your affiliate link you get a 0.20$ commission which I like most about Grammarly. And once the user upgrades to the premium account. you will get a flat 20$ commission. Isn’t it good? Yes, it is.

If you are a blogger then you must try Grammarly Affiliate. Definitely, this will help you to increase your blog income.

Grammarly also provides an added bonus to all the top performing affiliates. If you become a top grosser just by reaching their referring level then you will get an amazing commission.

Their added commission ranges like this :

  1. If you are making 2000$ commission with Grammarly affiliate program then you will get 200$ additional commission without doing anything.
  2. If you are making 4000$ a month then you will get 400$ extra commission for free.
  3. And, if you can make 8000$ a month then you will get 800$ additional commission.

25$ instant bonus just after account activation

In Grammarly once your affiliate account is activated for the first time then you will get 25$ instant bonus. You can avail this offer by pacing their ad banner in your blog. This is the best thing that I like most about Grammarly.

You need to know that having a website is quite important for getting Grammarly Affiliate approval. Each an every application is manually reviewed by the Grammarly Affiliate Manager. So, if you have a website then chances of getting approval will be granted almost.

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After your affiliate account is successfully activated you will get Grammarly ad banner of different sizes. Choose one of your choices and place it on your blog, Grammarly will pay you an additional 25$ for free.

Give a try to Grammarly

My main focus or writing this Grammarly Affiliate program review is to convince you to use Grammarly. So, if you are a blogger and haven’t tried either Grammarly or the affiliate program yet. Then do check this out, it really an amazing opportunity for all the blogger to earn big money just by promoting Grammarly. Try to work with full dedication. If you do, I believe the income graph goes on increasing then you will get out-of-the world extra bonus without doing anything.

If you don’t have any blog still you can join this programme. You can promote it via your Youtube channel. As we all know that we don’t need any investment to start a youtube channel. It free and everyone can do it.

You can recommend to those friends who are very poor in English grammar. This Grammarly is not made only for the blogger. You can recommend to any student or any other employees who face trouble in English grammar and spelling.

As we all know that in India Hindi is widely used language. So, Grammarly tool will be very useful to those who want to read and write English properly. It a very good opportunity for you to make a huge profit in a country like India and other Asian countries.

How can you use Grammarly?

Using Grammarly is very easy. You just need to download the browser extension of it. Once done create an account or log in through Facebook or Google to start it working. Once the setup is done.

Whenever you write anything like a post on your browser, it will show you the mistakes. It can be grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes. It will also suggest the right word to use.

How can you join the Grammarly Affiliate program?

Grammarly Affiliate program can be joined through these three methods. By the way, I have written a separate article on joining the process of Grammarly Affiliate.

Or just follow these links below to join Grammarly Affiliate

  1. through the direct link
  2. via
  3. through ShareASale

How much have I made through Grammarly?

As I said this is the first time I am writing the Grammarly affiliate review. Before this, I haven’t promoted Grammarly to much. So, till now I have made approx 700$ through Grammarly. I have joined it through in April 2018.

I don’t this as a bad revenue. It is marvelous for a blogger like me. What do you think about this? Comment below.

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Conclusion –
Grammarly Affiliate Program Review

I wrote the Grammarly Affiliate program review because I want you to use and promote it. You will promote it or not it’s your individual choice but you have to use it. It is best for proofreading, to remove grammatical and spelling mistakes and to avoid Plagiarism.

Every student, teacher and blog writer should use it.

Thanks for reading.

if you have any query or suggestion, feel free to comment below.

Have a good day!

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How to join Grammarly Affiliate program? Complete Guide

Hello readers, Today I will discuss all the methods to join the Grammarly Affiliate program. Content writing is very popular nowadays. Writing articles and blog posts are a way to utilize your spare time. And a continuous approach of writing will give you decent money also in long term.

Grammatical and spelling mistakes are the most annoying factor when you write something. Being a human we do these mistakes very often.

But thankfully we have a solution to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes and to get rid of plagiarism. That also for free. All the credit goes to advancement in technology. So guys, let’s talk about that amazing extension that comes for the major web browser. Guys I am talking about Grammarly extension. You can add this to you chrome browsers and it will automatically detect all the grammatical mistake for you. If you have money then you can go for Grammarly premium also.

Now for all the blogger its a very good news that you can join the Grammarly affiliate program. They are providing very good affiliate commission. Here comes the real question of how to join the Grammarly affiliate program? I have brought the solution for you guys. I have created an in-depth article about how to join the Grammarly affiliate programme?

If you are also interested to join Grammarly affiliate programme then stay tuned: 🙂

How to Join the Grammarly Affiliate Program?

There are three ways of joining the Grammarly affiliate programme. I am going to discuss all in detail here one by one. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Joining Grammarly Affiliate via direct link

You can join the Grammarly affiliate program directly via the official link. Their official affiliate link is given below.

Follow these simple steps to join –

Grammarly Affiliate program signup via official link

Provide all the valid information and complete the sign-up process. Please keep in mind to join the Grammarly Affiliate program ‘having a website is necessary”. if you don’t have a website. Follow the button below to create an amazing website in steps.

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Once the signup process completed. After that, you will get a Grammarly affiliate link. Which you can promote via your blog and other recommended medium like Social media, WhatsApp, Email and Search. If you are a YouTuber like me then you can recommend it to your followers and friends.

So, whenever someone makes any purchase via your affiliate link you will get a commission from them, The commission range from 0.20$ to 20$ for free sign up and paid signup respectively.

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2. Join the Grammarly Affiliate Program via (Commission Junction).

There is a third party website also which manage the affiliate programme for Grammarly. You can join via junction). Visit this commission junction link here.

If you already have a commission junction account then to join the Grammarly Affiliate Program, sign in and visit the advertiser section to search Grammarly there. Once found click on join program to join it.

Grammarly Affiliate program joining via commission junction
Joining Grammarly Affiliate via

If you don’t have a CJ account then you have to signed up for Cj first to join the Grammarly Affiliate. this article will help you to start with Commission Junction.

Read NowCJ Affiliate Beginner guide 2019 | Joining to payment complete steps.

For promotion, you will also get attractive banners which you can place it to your blog or website. So, when anyone makes any signup process or purchase then you will get a handsome commission.

3. Join the Grammarly Affiliate program via ShareASale

Now the next and last way of joining Grammarly affiliate is through the website ShareASale. This website also manages an affiliate programme for Grammarly like

For joining Grammarly affiliate through ShareASale, visit this link

If you don’t have an account then create one. Follow all the steps to complete the sign-up process. Your affiliate application will go to the Grammarly Affiliate Manager. Once approved, you can get your affiliate links to promote. You can promote those links to your blog and by other medium to earn a commission whenever a purchase or signup take place.

If you are looking or a passive income then Grammarly can be your best choice. It provides a nice commission. You get commission around 20$ and more. Now the commission depends on your customer’s engagement. The more you can bring the customer the more will be your commission.

Highlights of Joining Grammarly Affiliate Program

  1. You can earn up to $0.20 per FREE registration (no credit card or other payment information needed!)
  2. Receive up to $20 per premium account upgrade
  3. Increased payout tiers for top-performing content site affiliates 
  4. 90-day cookie window to increase income
  5. High conversion rates up to 20-30 percent
  6. Performance incentives and cash bonuses for content site affiliates regularly
  7. Custom links, creatives, program terms, and co-branded landing pages available 
  8. 25$ activation bonus available for new content site affiliates 
  9. Free one-month upgrade to a premium subscription for all new affiliates (test drive before purchase)
  10. Highly versatile educational product for all audiences (i.e. educators, students, professionals, bloggers, and others) 
  11. Leading universities are using Grammarly

FAQs related to Grammarly Affiliate Joining

1.I don’t have a website. can I still Join Grammarly Affiliate program?

Chances of getting approval will be high if you have a website. If you don’t then they will ask you some questions about how are you going to promote Grammarly? If you answer them properly with some useful data. they will take you into their account.

2. What are the payment options available?

Once you reach the minimum threshold the commission will be withdrawn using Check, Wire Transfer or Paypal.

If you have more queries about Grammarly Affiliate program. you can find it on Grammarly Affiliate FAQ Page.


For every blogging guy, who loves to write and create content Grammarly is the best option they have. It will help you to get rid of Grammatical mistakes, Spelling Mistakes and Plagiarism also. You have to use it without any delay.

Why should you use only? You can join the Grammarly Affiliate program to make a handsome income with it by sharing your affiliate links to your friends, followers, colleagues, and subscribers. I have descibed each and every method of joining grammary affiliate. Please go through it and have fun.

Thanks for reading.

If you have any query or suggestion. Comment below.

Have a good day!

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Top 19 Best Plagiarism Checkers 2019 for Bloggers | Updated List

Are you looking for the best plagiarism checkers? I have shared a list of top 19 best plagiarism checker tools and websites in this article. People do always ask me about how can they check the copyright material on their website? As it is the biggest intervention in Adsense approval now for bloggers.

“Valuable Inventory: Under Construction”, Valuable Inventory: No Content” and the most important “Valuable inventory: Scraped Content” are the primary AdSense policy violation which new bloggers suffer.

Plagiarism checking is the way to get rid of copyright

While writing a post or while creating a page, grammatical and spelling mistakes can easily be resolved by Grammarly. But plagiarism is a bit tricky to tackle.

I am not going to discuss where have you copied and pasted things in your life. I will talk in the context of blogging here. While you were in school, you might have copied assignments and notes. Notes copy is okay but assignments copy is not okay for your teacher. As you know, assignments are for evaluation.

Being a blogger we also face a lot of copyright issues in the entire blogging period. Some false and some right claims. So, to be aware of those copyrighted claims and materials, you need to take help from best plagiarism checker tools.

Before going for the top 19 best plagiarism checkers list, let’s have a look at what is plagiarism and its types. I have also added some FAQs on Plagiarism at the end of the article.

What is Plagiarism?

In general, Plagiarism is “stealing someone’s work and ideas by any means and trying to act as one’s own”. It can also be termed as infringement of copyright, cribbing, copying or poaching.

According to Wikipedia, Plagiarism is the “wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions” and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

According to them “Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics”.

These days Plagiarism is a headache for the academics. Students are loosing their marks, they are rusticated from the college and universities, they are loosing their project and even we have seen some punishment cases also.

I am giving you some good examples of Plagiarism which will help you to understand it appropriately.

Some Common Examples of Plagiarism

There is a dozen of examples which will illustrate the plagiarism. I am discussing some common of them here.

  1. Using other’s images, videos, contents without taking explicit permission of the owner. It is a punishable example of plagiarism.
  2. Without giving credit to the actual owner copying and publishing someone else data.
  3. Data copied from websites, books, and other sources.
  4. Even if you steal someone else idea and verbal conversations and if you present them as your own it will be counted under plagiarism.

In blogging, novice bloggers to get AdSense in fast and for some other reasons copy contents from good websites. I am not liking it. Google is also not giving AdSense approval on those websites having the copied contents.

You have to produce your original content if you really want to rank on top and to increase organic traffic. You should know content is the king.

Types of Plagiarism

Commonly, plagiarism are divided into 4 types. Here is the details.

  1. Direct Plagiarism – Copying word by word without giving credit to the actual owners.
  2. Mosaic Plagiarism – If you quote someone else’s work without quotation mark or changing the language (like English to Hindi using google translator) while keeping the structure same then this will come under Mosaic Plagiarism.
  3. Unintentional or Self Plagiarism – It is very common. It says if you copy your own content for own use. I have seen people writing the same article again and again for same keyword synonyms. This is absolutely rubbish.
  4. Accidental Plagiarism – If citing of originality is not done unintentionally or forgotten.

There are some other types of plagiarism alos. You can read more about type of plagiarism here.

Top 19 best plagiarism checkers list

Here I have included the list of top 19 best plagiarism checker tools. Have a look and comment about those tools which you are using. If you found any important plagiarism checker tool missing. Also, comment that to be included in this list.

  1. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker
  2. WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker
  3. ProWritingAid
  4. Duplichecker
  5. Plagiarism Checker
  7. Quetext
  8. Copyleaks
  9. Viper Plagiarism Checker
  10. Plagium
  12. Copyscape
  13. Scribber
  15. Plagtracker
  16. Unicheck
  17. Dustball
  18. Plagscan
  19. PaperRater

Plagiarism Management FAQ’s

1. How to write Plagiarism free content?

The best way to avoid plagiarism is to write self content. Before writing do a proper keyword research. Once a keyword is decided then look for good resources. it can be a website book or words by mouth. Get idea from all around and then write that in your own words.

If you are using someone else’s ideas or content cite them properly to prevent plagiarism.

2. Do the contents copied from Wikipedia counted under Plagiarism?

No, you can copy content from Wikipedia to use it in your blog.
Wikipedia contents are licensed under Copyleft ( CC-BY-SA & GNU Free Documentation License or GFDL) it indicates that you can reuse, modify as long as you attribute the source.

But don’t forget to give credit to Wikipedia.

Note: If you copy contents from Wikipedia to fill your blog posts. It will look good but It will not rank on Google and on other search engines. Google doesn’t prefer ranking copied contents. Google always strives for originality, freshness, and uniqueness.

It is also not good for your website SEO. For good SEO you should focus on originality of contents.

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3. How do I know if I plagiarised or not?

If you want to check the status of your website, document or anything for plagiarism then you can use any of the 19 plagiarism checker tools given above to scan your documents. 10% of plagiarism is allowed in academics.

If you are blogger then you should go for plagiarism free content. if not try to reduce plagiarism percent as much as possible. By the way 30 percent of plagiarism is allowed on blogs. But if you really wanna rank. Leave the habit of copying or stealing other’s work.

4. Is plagiarism same as Copyright Infringement?

Yes, to an extent plagiarism leads to copyright infringement later. But in general, Copyright infringement leads to more legal procedures and taken as a criminal offense.

If you get a copyright claim on your website or blog post then Google will remove your contents from the search result. They will also restrict the Adsense ad serving on those posts, pages, and website. in some cases, I have also seen the Adsense disablement.

If you are a Youtuber then three copyright strike will lead to termination of your channel. So, be aware of the consequences.

Copying anything like videos, text, images, logo, trademark, name may lead to copyright and it’s legal procedures.

5. I have found some plagiarised content on my website. What should I do now?

Just chill! It is not something for which you have to start running. Spend some time with your content and rewrite them in your own words. Once done then verify the plagiarimity from the any tools mentioned above.

6. Free plagiarism checker vs Paid Plagiarism Check which one is good to go?

I will say free is free and it will work like free. paid i spaid and it will work like paid. Nonsense talk. But it’s right. Same provider is providing free Plagiarism checker and paid plagiarism checker. Do you know why? because they want to make money of their services and tools and the most important thing is the limitation of features in free version.

Free plagiarism checker don’t have extraordinary features like the paid one’s. So paid one is always good. They might not worth their given price. but that is a totally a different aspect.

7. Do I file a DMCA takedown notice? If I found my content on other’s blog.

Here I can’t say anything. The content is yours. So, better you should decide what to do with them? before deciding anything you should keep the content severity and other important aspects into your mind.

You can use Google Copyright removal which is free and hassle free service.
It also gives you the liberty to file a lawsuit against copyright infringement.

Google Copyright removal tool


Being a Blogger you have to focus on creating fresh content for your audience. So, always strive for uniqueness. Try not to copy any type of content from other websites or any other offline sources. This will help your website in long term.

Thanks for reading.

If you have any query or suggestions, feel free to comment below. i would love to know the list of tools which are you using. Comment their name.

Have a good day!

WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting | Top key differences

Today, I am going to discuss WordPress hosting vs web hosting. It can also be termed as WordPress hosting vs shared hosting. When we create a WordPress website, the important thing that strikes into our mind is which hosting plan you should take? WordPress managed hosting, web hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting or business hosting. We will see all the key differences between them. It will help you to decide which is better.

This post is basically for beginner bloggers who are not looking into the cloud or dedicated servers. The main reason is obviously the amount of money you need to spend on those hosting. A beginner blogger doesn’t have that much amount of money as I think. What do you think about this? Comment below.

So, basically the topic will revolve around WordPress managed hosting and web hosting. Web hosting is also called as shared hosting. Let’s have a look at the key differences between them.

WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting – Key Differences

Hosting is a critical aspect of any online business. Without a proper hosting plan, things will not in favor of you. I have written a separate post on what are the things which you need to keep in mind while choosing a hosting plan.

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Key features of managed WordPress hosting

To especially cater the WordPress website “Managed WordPress Hosting” is designed. So, you can say it is tailored for WordPress websites. This hosting has a lot of good features to look into. Have a look at it’s features.

Top 10 features of managed WordPress hosting

1.Incredibly fast – WordPress hosting is offering a very good optimized speed. The loading time of your website will be incredibly fast. This type of hosting will drop your page load time and average response time of your website in seconds. This matters a lot for Google and in terms of website SEO.

2. Much more secure – Increased website protocols and more individualized attention is provided to the users by most of the WordPress hosting providers. Regular security checks are performed.

Security Check on WordPress managed Hosting Security Check Status
Serial NoHosting ProviderCoupon-ed Offers
1GoDaddy (Basic Managed Wordpress Hosting)Check Now
2BlueHostCheck the Plans
3HostwindsBest Offers
4NameCheap (Shared Hosting)Check the offers
5InterServerView the best offers
6HostgatorCheck the offers
7JustHostSee the Plans
8HostripplesCheck the Plans
9CrucialHostHave a look
10HostMonsterSee the Plans
11000WebHost.comFree Hosting Available
12DreamHostVisit Now
13HostchillySee the offers

3. 99.99 percent uptime – The uptime of a managed WordPress hosting is very high. On an average, the uptime is 99.5% which is good.

4. Up to date servers – They always ensure to run the server on the latest software. The main goal is to keep your website up to date as well.

5. More Customized – In a WordPress hosting most of the customization are already done. That’s why you don’t have cPanel access there. But, if you want to access cPanel in a managed WordPress hosting then you can use the WP File Manager Plugin.

Cpanel Access in managed wordpress hosting
Accessing cPanel in managed WordPress Hosting

6. Automatic Backup – Most of the Web Hosting providers provide automatic and scheduled backup for the website hosted on this hosting. GoDaddy provides through GoDaddy Dashboard. You can also do the same with ManageWP which is an alternative of Godaddy pro dashboard.

7. SEO monitor – I have seen this feature on GoDaddy, where you can manage your website SEO also. You can check with your hosting provider if you don’t have this feature. It might be paid or needs some additional charges with hosting.

SEO monitor in Godaddy pro dashboard

8. One Click WordPress Install – WordPress installation is very easy in Managed WordPress. You can also “reset” your WordPress anytime by using the reset button. The reset button is available at hosting dashboard. It may be termed as ‘remove’.

9. One Click Restore – Like taking a backup, restoration of files are also quite easy. Some of the hosting providers provides option to keep 1 month backup. At Godaddy I have access to my last three months backup.

10. Dedicated Customer support – This is also a prime advantage of managed WordPress hosting. Dedicate support is there to help you 24×7.

Key Features of Web/Shared Hosting

There is a great advantage of web hosting if you are just started building your website and you are unsure about the success of it. Web hosting is a great option for you in this case. But if you are sure that you are going to get lakhs of traffic then you need to take dedicated servers, cloud/VPS hosting or business hosting, web hosting is not suitable for that.

As you might know in a web hosting a system is shared between different hundreds of allocated users. You are just a slice of it. It might be in thousands and you are totally unaware of the security measures of those websites.

In a web hosting, the resources on the server is divided between every website using the server. It means if a website on that server is experiencing a large amount of traffic then your website may slow down for that time due to lack of proper resource.

It is not tailored like managed WordPress hosting but It has a feature which a managed WordPress hosting doesn’t have. “The cPanel access”, yes, WordPress hosting doesn’t has CPanel.

This is a prime reason to use web hosting. It is not CMS dependent. You can run any type of website on a Shared or Web hosting. It can be a WordPress, PHP, html, Drupa, Joomla or any other CMS website.

Conclusion – Managed WordPress vs Web Hosting

If you ask my suggestions on which hosting should you use? Then I will suggest you to go with WordPress managed hosting if you are building a WordPress website.

If you are not sure about what type of website will you build then go for Shared Hosting. It is good for a starter and later if you see a hike in your website traffic then upgrade the plan or shift to dedicated or cloud servers.

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Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2019 | Download Anything

Do you know which are the top 10 most popular torrent sites of 2019? Torrent is something which people love to use. If you love to watch and download movies, TV shows, Applications, and Software just after the release in free of cost then torrent sites are the best for you.

First of all, let us know what is a torrent site? The torrent sites are a peer to peer data sharing site. Those sites are created for some special purpose. But nowadays this all going opposite. Instead of fulfilling the special purpose people are utilizing it in the wrong way. People are using the torrent site for pirated movie downloading, unauthorized sharing of paid software and many other stuff including adult content sharing. Torrent sites are not following the rules and regulation?

But nobody likes to lose their pocket for. This is the main reason why nowadays torrent sites are becoming popular day by day.

The same happens with a WordPress website creation process when a beginner blogger who don’t have more money to spend strives for nulled or cracked plugins and premium WordPress themes.

While using a torrent site you must be careful. Because those torrent sites also contain malware which can harm your system and may also lead to the linkage of your personal data. So, you must be serious about that.

Always have an active antivirus while browsing those torrent site. It is very much important for better protection of your system.

In most of the countries, those torrent sites are banned totally like India.

In India using the torrent site is not legal. The torrent site leads to much economic loss and also a big threat to cybersecurity. So the government of India has banned major torrent site in India. People are still using torrent using a different method. The government of India is unable to stop that.

But in the era of digitalization, all the movie lovers, games lovers, and for all the free stuff lovers a torrent is something they can’t live without. So here I have listed the top 10 most popular torrent sites for all of you guys.

So, before I should start you should know one thing.

How to open a torrent site which is blocked in your country?

See, many of the countries have blocked different torrent sites based on security and copyright infringement issues. They may be blocked for some other reasons. but the main question is “how to open that blocked torrent sites?” For this you have take help from VPN (Virtual Private Networks).

The requested url has been blocked by government of India

Although most of the VPN’s provide access to some countries for free. If they not then you have to buy a premium plan to access any website in any country, To get a best VPN, follow the artocle link given below.

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Top 10 most popular torrent sites of 2019


This is a very popular torrent site you can use this. Here you can easily download various Hollywood movies for free. This site is also banned by a lot of countries. But don’t worry this website is very much useful for downloading all the pirated movies in best quality. But be sure that you have an active internet connection with VPN.

The Alexa ranking of this website is 184 worldwide which is marvelous.

Yts torrent site for movies

This is the second most popular torrent site in the world. Its Alexa ranking is 245. Here you can download the latest movies and other pieces of stuff. This is blocked in various countries but still, it doesn’t stop growing.

1337X torrent site for downloading movies, adult contents, games and softwares

The pirate bay is also a very popular torrent website in the world. Its Alexa ranking is 280 which the third in the list. This is a very old torrent site. Here you can find a lot of things for free. Here you can find adult video, games, movie and many other kinds of stuff. Its user interfaces quite similar to google search engine. Here you can search for any kind of stuff for free.

The Pirate bay torrent site for downloading movies

This website is founded in 2008. Here you can download fresh movies for free. This website is very fast in uploading data, you will get the latest movies very quickly without any hassle. Its Alexa ranking is 326 which is not a bad ranking. A lot of people uses this website for downloading purpose. is also a good torrent website. Its Alexa ranking is 498 which defines its presence. You can download free stuffs and paid pieces of stuff from this torrent site. But be careful about the cyber attack. Just install a good anti-virus and you are all set to go.

torrentz torrent site for downloading moves, software and adult content

This is also a very good torrent site for you to download stuff for free. This website was banned by Cloudflare but soon it got an alternative. So this site is also open for you. Its Alexa ranking is 549 worldwide which a quite good ranking is another good torrent site with an Alexa ranking of 962 which is a very good ranking for a site. This site was blocked in so many countries in response to those it has changed its domain and home page also. So this is also a very option for downloading so many free stuff. torrent for downloading Games, Movies, apps and adult contents

From here also you can download a lot of free stuff. Its Alexa ranking is 3247 which is a quite good ranking and secures its position in top ten torrent site list. This site boats nearly 3 million torrent. And it is also the fastest growing torrent site in the world. In the coming future, it may secure a better position. Let’s see what happen?


This torrent is very popular among all the torrent user worldwide. This is mainly a TV-distribution group. It provides lots of online content and many other web series like stuff. A few years ago it was shut down due to some controversy. But soon it got an alternative along with its new owner.

Its Alexa ranking is 1950 which is a quite good ranking.

This is also a  very popular torrent site. Its Alexa ranking is 2,018. This torrent is very dedicated to its user. It provides millions of torrent to its user. So you must try out this also. You will get a lot of interesting stuff for downloading.


The information (Top 10 Most popular torrent sites of 2019) is just for educational purpose. We do not encourage anyone to use these sites. But the torrent sites provide the downloading of new and old movies, songs, TV Shows, Documentaries, Games, Applications, adult contents, Wallpapers and a lot of things for free, so, avoiding it is little difficult. You should use it at your own risk.

The analysis is based on Alexa ranking. As I have acknowledged Alexa ranking is not always correct. But yet this is a popular source for ranking analysis.

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