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"Okey Ravi" is a Latest Online Tech Blogging Website for anyone who is very passionate about learning new things and discovering themselves through article writing and also for those people who wants to learn something new, who wants to entertain others & for them also who can show their Creativity on the internet.

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You can see what is going in technology right now? Trending News & Updates, tech-related problems, and solutions, Mobile related issues, Windows-related issues, Android Help all helps will be provided to you.

You can know about Android, Windows, YouTube, WordPress and Tips and Tricks of these as well.

Okey Ravi provides you the Information related to new technologies and you can easily get updates from here with latest technology trends.

Okey Ravi will also provide you Current Job Opportunities along with the Top category of different fields.

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"Okey Ravi" An Overview | The man behind "Tech at fingertip-Daily Tech News"

Er. Ravi Rajput (Okey Ravi Youtuber)

Okey ravi

What I have observed with my experience "Blogging" is only a great medium for sharing my favorite things with the people.This is your content which helps you to grow and make you reach a better audience.I Completed my Engineering in Computer Science from Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun.

I’m very eager to learn more about new technologies and a self-motivated problem solver. My Primary motive is to always inspire people from various domains and helping them to learn something different from others.I want to make people's creativity on the floor

I have Good knowledge of YouTube, WordPress, Networks, Operating Systems, Website Designing, Adsense, Admob, and Algorithms.

“I wish people should realize his internal power and show their Creativity to make world a better place to live on"

Email-ID:- ravishankarsce1@gmail.com/okeyravi@gmail.com