Chrome Best Browser Ever – Browsing Tips You Should Know

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Chrome Best Browser Ever – Browsing Tips You Should Know

The popularity of Google Chrome as a web browser is not behind the scenes. It is the most widely used web browser across the world that does not just allow browsing pages but comes loaded with innumerable hacks to simplify internet browsing experience.

Chrome Best Browser Ever – The Web Browsing Tips for Google Chrome

From simple tricks permitting the users to send emails via address bar to extensions that let you save images to Pinterest without going to the social networking site. There are many surprising things Chrome can do for you.

Here are a few tips and tricks of Google Chrome:

Open Multiple Pages on Startup

You can choose what things you want Chrome to show you as it starts up. The web browser gives you an option to choose several pages to open as the Chrome starts. Rather than the default homepage, you can set the pages and services of your own choice to start your browser with.

Open Chrome Settings and set pages of your own choice checking the ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’ on start-up.

Pinning a Tab

Chrome gives you an option to pin a tab that minimizes that tab and only shows the icon of that page. When you have several tabs open, the pin tab option lets you create more space minimizing the least required tabs. Simply right click on the tab and choose ‘pin tab’.

Home Button

If you want to have a home button in your browser, click on Wrench Icon at the top right corner, choose Preferences and click show Home Button in the toolbar.

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Create desktop shortcuts for your favorite web pages

The web browser lets you convert your favorite website into a desktop app. It allows you to quickly access your desired web page. To make a shortcut of your favorite page, go to your desired website, tap Wrench icon, select Tools and click on ‘Create application shortcuts’.

Uncommon Use of Address Bar

Do you know the URL address bar which is also called Omnibox can be used for simple mathematical questions? Just type the conversions or calculations in the address bar and press ‘Enter’ to get your answers.

Secret Incognito Mode

The Google Chrome lets you browse privately with its secret incognito mode. The Chrome does not record the browsing and download history in the incognito mode. If you share your device with someone, you can use Chrome’s incognito mode to restrict the other users from accessing your browsing details.

To enable secret incognito mode, press Ctrl+Shift+N or go to Chrome Settings and click ‘New Incognito Window’.

Task Manager

The task manager gives the detail of memory used by tabs opened in the Google Chrome. If there are multiple tabs opened and you find speed issues, the task manager can help you locate the problematic web-page consuming more memory or influencing the performance of other programs.

To go to Task Manager, right click in the title bar or press Shift+Esc.

Change Search Engine in Address Bar

You can ask Chrome to search your results in search engines other than Google. Simply put the name of your required search engine in the address bar and then enter your keyword. For instance, if you want to know the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus through Yahoo, write ‘Yahoo Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus specifications’.

Swipe Tabs

You can switch the place of tabs opened in the Chrome. If you have multiple tabs opened, you can choose which tab you want to place at a specific place. Just hold the tab or link and drag it to the desired place.

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Drag and drop downloaded files

You can transfer your downloaded files direct from the Chrome download window to any other file browser. Just hold the desired file, drag it and then drop it to your required file browser.

Resize Text

The web browser lets you customize the text area on any web page. Go to the bottom right corner of the webpage to find two slanted lines. Drag it to resize the text area of that website.

Switch between opened Tabs

There are shortcut keys to switch you from one opened tab to another. Use Ctrl+Tab to switch from one tab to the next. Press Ctrl+1 to go to the first tab. Press Ctrl+2 to go to the second tab and so on.

Quick Access to the Address bar

The Google Chrome has made it more convenient for users to access address bar. You can now navigate to the omnibox without using your mouse cursor. Simply press Ctrl+L and you will get back to the search bar.

Reopen Closed Tabs

It happens several times when you accidentally close a tab. You can get back your closed tabs without following a lengthy procedure. Simply press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen the recently closed tab.

Go to Browsing History

The Chrome lets you see your browsing history logs without going to Settings and then finding out the History. By using your keyboard and pressing Ctrl+H, you can get your browsing history opened in a new tab instantly.

Check your computer for Spyware

The Google Chrome users can make use of Google’s Software Removal Tool to remove needless software, pop-ups, ads and malware.

Hope you would find these tips and tricks helpful in mastering the Google Chrome browser. Try all these to streamline your browsing experience and digital life.

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