How to Download Deleted Chat on Facebook?

How to Download Deleted Chat on Facebook?

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How to Download Deleted Chat on Facebook?

If you want to download Facebook chat history occurred between you and your friend. My question is that – Is there any simple and possible way to download Facebook chat history? You need this information within a short period, how are you going to carry out your wish? Verily, you should look all over to check your back discussions.

Lol! thus we have discovered the best approach to fulfill this element on Facebook. The technique is available and depicted by in this article. You can also download all your Facebook info and deleted chat history.

Steps to download Facebook chat history

1. As a matter of first importance, you have to sign in to your Facebook account using any available browser, but make sure you use the best one. I use Maxthon Browser (PC) as a case study. If you try it on your phone and it does not work, you can use PC to log on to your Facebook account. You can sign in or up here.

2. Once you are effectively signed in to your Facebook account, navigate to settings, then search for General Settings option. Just click on it
fb setting

3. On the point of General settings arrival that shows up, you will see a link to download a copy of your Facebook data at the bottom of the pop-up options. This link is mainly used to download all your Facebook days activities or data which include discussions, files, media, photos etc.

Now, click on the link with the goal that you may continue to download all your Facebook data.

REMAINING STEPS to download Facebook chat history

4. Now, click on “Start My Archive”

5. Enter the correct password that you use to login to your account. The only reason behind this is to let Facebook knows that you are the one that wants to download this, not an intruder. You might have used a friend device to log in before, but unfortunately, forget to sign out.

Now click “Submit”.

6. After fruition of the above steps, another page will open up in your program where you will see “Start My Archive” button. Again you need to tap on this button. Use this picture as a reference

7. You will receive a message from Facebook that the entire of your information is sent to the Email. If there is no email provided by you then you will get a download link of your data to download files with the help of the browser.

8. Through the inbox, open up the file link. Click on the “Start My Archive” as usual. Now, you will be made a request to fill your Facebook secret key once more. Now, you will be able to download Facebook chat history and all your information at large. The file link of a zip file will be provided to you in your after some time.

9. Now, you will need to extract the file because it won’t open. Why? Because of the zip extension. LOL! You can get to or when and from now on surf through all your Facebook discussions!

The above article is all about how to download Facebook deleted chat history. If you have any query then just leave a comment below.

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