How to Install 3 Whatsapp on a phone No Root required

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How to Install 3 Whatsapp on a phone No Root required

Installing three WhatsApp in one Mobile – Howdy, do you want to know some stupid things like installing up to 6 Whatsapp on a single phone? It’s a genuine trick. But I can say there is nothing in it. It’s a very simple trick. Sometimes you need to install 2 or 3 WhatsApp accounts on your phone. I can understand your cozy relations or business needs. So I am going to tell you how will you do this.

Note– No root is required, Just simply download and install and work is done. Isn’t it sound awesome? Yes, it is.

Installing two WhatsApp on a Mobile

These days people prefers to use two WhatsApp accounts on their phone. I am also doing this. One is my business account and the other one is a normal WhatsApp account.

If you also need only two accounts then you can use the normal WhatsApp application and the WhatsApp Business Application from playstore.

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Installing three WhatsApp on a Single Android Device

First of all, you have to download three different WhatsApp application apk files which are best and updated. You don’t need to worry about security. They are very secure.

They are just third party software and will contain some ads but they are very easy to use and contains a lot of good features than the normal WhatsApp. Like theme change and to see who is online like you have seen on facebook messenger on the main page.

So, Let me explain this 100% working trick for multiple Whatsapp. Nowadays this social application is the most popular on the Android, iOS and Windows app market. This is the free messaging application for smartphones. There are many social networking applications available like Hike, Facebook, WeChat, Viber, LINE etc

So, download the below mentioned Whatsapp apk files and Instal it manually as you generally do. After that just open those WhatsApp Android Applications one by one and verify your Phone number. Once done, you are all set to use. Now enjoy Messaging, File sharing, calling and Video calling features

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Downloading WhatsApp files

MRWhatsAPPDownload Now

GBWhatsAPPDownload Now

Official WhatsApp PlusDownload Now

Installing 6 Whatsapp on a phone

If your phone supports dual space feature then you can create a dual space and by applying the same procedure you can install 6 WhatsApp on a single device. But, I know this is not required. Most of the phones now offer dual space. So, you can use that feature to install the same applications two times with different credentials

I hope now you can easily install three WhatsApp in one phone. Yet, If you have any query then do comment us below.

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