Hello guys are you aware of this awesome feature of Windows 10 where you can turn on or off System icons in taskbar according to your choice?This is just a simple 4 step process which will make your work easy on Windows 10.

Windows 10 has a lot of useful features which I will discuss in Windows tips on Tech Page.So have a look on them also.but before that see below.

Let me start with a list of System icons which can be configured, here it is-

Clock –  This Icon will show you the time, When you click on it, It will show the full Calendar and options to configure Calendar dates.

Volume – you can easily control your Volume from here.

Network – it will show you the Network connection i.e LAN, WLAN or Connected or disconnected

Power – Power remaining in the PC will be shown by this icon.

Windows 10 system icons

Input Indicator – This will show you the Language in which you are currently working

Action Center – This will show you some actions on your Pc which are required like Restart required, Antivirus not installed, maintenance mode is on ext.

Location – To share your location i.e Location sharing on or off.

TouchPad – To on or off your touchpad

Touch keyboard – this will show Touch keyboard is on or off.you can say it on screen keyboard is on or of right now.Sometimes On screen keyboard is very much required, then this feature will work.

Windows ink workspace – this will open a special feature of windows where you can work with windows Ink

Process to turn on or off Windows 10 System icons

Step 1 – Click on the Windows Icon in the Bottom right corner and then choose settings

settings in windows 10 okeyravi

Step 2 – Settings ->Personalisation – Open Personalistaion

Personalisation in Windows 10

Step 3 – Click on “Taskbar icon” option under Personalisation, then click on turn system icons on or off as directed in the picture below.

Step 4 – After clicking on “Turm System icon On or Off”, You will see the list of Icons like the picture below.Then According to your choice, you just need to turn it on Or off.

Windows 10 System Icons turn on or off okey ravi

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How to turn Systems Icons On or off in Windows 10
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