Infosys Mysore Campus Joining 2018 – Freshers Top Queries

Hey Readers, You know I have joined Infosys on 6th May 2018 as a System Engineer Trainee. My training location is Mysore. So, I have made a list of freshers queries which will help you in Infosys Mysore Campus Joining procedure and in Induction Procedure. I have also shared my Infosys System Engineer Interview Experience.

Infosys Mysore Campus Joining 2018 – Freshers Top Queries

The first basic query is about what to take & what not? Freshers who join Infosys always get confused about this. So, I made a list of things to be carried to Infosys Mysore Campus along with you on joining day.

1. Infosys Offer Letter and the letter of Intent to Hire. Only the First one is really needed. But you need to take two complete set of offer letter along with Annexure 1, 2, and 3. Don’t forget to sign on the required place.

2. All results. This includes 10th, 12th and all semesters’ original mark-sheets and 2 or 3 photocopies of all the originals.

3. Passport  – If you don’t have a passport then you need to go through some background check and the details will be given to you once you join Infosys Mysore and fail to produce your passport. The cost for the background check will be around Rs. 750.

You don’t need to worry more about this. As I was also not having the passport when I have joined Infosys Mysore Campus. But, I have applied for the passport before joining and I have shown them the proof of this.

But you need to worry more if you don’t have passport.  Because passport is not mandatory for joining in Infosys. It will be required when will be supposed to move to production.

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4. Print-out of Joining Details Letter (Read as an E-Joining form) and Accommodation Letter. There 2 items are to be brought. You also need to know your registration number mentioned in the Accommodation Letter. But do take one print-out of both the emails.

You will get this in the mail after getting an offer letter like this.

Infosys Mysore campus accommodation registration number

5. NSR card or the IT-PIN number. You can get this before joining otherwise you have to do get this inside the campus.

6. Degree Certificate. Most of you might have received at least the provisional degree certificate from your university. That will do if you don’t have the original degree certificate.

7. PAN card. A must. Else you won’t get your salary afterward.

8. Notary Service Agreement. You will mostly get this after you leave for Infy. Not to worry. They will explain all about this in the Induction Program and tell you how to go about that. You have to make your parents sign it as they say in the induction program and get it notarized from some Notary.

You can also have it only signed by your parents and then get it notarized here. A Notary visits the Infy campus every week and also you can do it outside the campus. You have 1 months time to submit this.

10. Medical test details. Mandatory. You have to go through these medical checkups before joining. HBsAg (Spot/ Elisa, Chest X-Ray, Typhoid (Widal), Stool Check, Urine routine and Bile Pigments, Blood grouping and Rh Typing).

You don’t need to take X-Ray report and medical test reports

It is not mandatory to have medical certificate on letterhead. But make sure that the sign and seal should be proper.

As I have also produced medical certificate on a normal A4 sheet.

11. 3 to 4 sets of formal dresses. Ties for men (not mandatory). 2 pairs of black or brown formal shoes. 1 pair of casual shoes for Fridays. Please note, for guys, wearing chappal is not allowed inside the GEC on Friday or Saturday during working hours.

Girls can wear chappals but that should not be showy or glittery. Salwar Kameez, sarees, shirts and trousers or even long formal skirt are perfectly fine for ladies. But please don’t embarrass your self-wearing mini skirts during office hours.

But you people can wear anything during off hours.

No restrictions then.

12. I will advise you to take some medicines of a cough and cold, headache, pain, gastric problem for precautions. But be assured, if you fall ill, you will get the best medical treatment in the Employee Care Center Specialized hospital.

13. Shaving kit for guys.

14. 3 to 4 sets of casual dresses for off times. Don’t bring towels, pillows or any bedding items as you will get everything there.

15. No gadgets like laptop, PSP, pen drives or portable data carrier. But camera (DSLR even), MP3 player, I-pad of any dimensions are allowed.

16. 20 to 30 passport size and 10 stamp sizes color self-photos.

17. Carry Your Adhar Card

That’s all.

I hope this will help you to get your confusion out about Infosys Mysore Campus Joining formalities.

Thanks for Reading.

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27 thoughts on “Infosys Mysore Campus Joining 2018 – Freshers Top Queries

  • Do I have to bring my medical test reports there with me when coming for first time, or they will do check-ups there? Plus, do we have to pay for food in those 8 food courts or is it also included in facilities like many others?

    • No, you don’t have to bring your medical test reports. You just have to submit medical certificates.

      No, for every facilities you have to pay. Like fooding, lodging and others

  • Sir,
    I was asked to submit scanned documents like Provisional Degree Certificate and attested graduation marksheets. I sent all those on the very next day. It’s been 4 days since I submitted documents. Does that mean I will definitely get Call Letter, or how much chance is there that I will receive Call Letter & DoJ or not?

    • Yes you will definitely get your offer letter. Same thing had happened with me and my friend. You can expect your offer letter in upcoming 10 days.if not you can send them a reminder

  • Sir I had got my DOJ. But due to some unavoidable reasons I can’t join on the given date. I tried contacting them on email given in the offer letter but haven’t received any reply and it has already been 10 days. What should I do?

    • Try to call the HR. The no will be mentioned in the offer letter. Please check.

  • I have appeared Infosys Off campus drive at Bhubaneswar on 2nd July. After some days I got the user ID and password to login to the Infosys site, there I filled up some educational details. After that what might I expect?

  • I was asked to submit the scanned copy of my documents through mail, and I had submitted it last week.Some of my batch mates who were not asked to submit the documents already got the offer letter and doj.When can I expect mine? Can it be by this month?

    • Yes it might be. You can also ask gently about this on the same mail through which you was asked to submit scanned documents. They will revert back to you for sure.

  • I got a mail regarding submission of scanned copy of my documents, I had done that 1 week before.When Can I expect the offer letter? Some of my batch mates who had not got the mail regarding submission have got the offer letter already.

    • Yes surely, you can expect the offer letter within 15 days of submission. Sometimes it might take long time.

  • They have not asked for medical certificate. Do we need to produce it anyhow?

    • If they have not asked, then no need to provide. Good luck

  • I have got the offer letter and it has the date of joining on 30th july. So when can i expect the accommodation letter?

    • You can expect your accomodation letter 1 week prior of joining date.

  • My sister was asked to bit voter I’d two weeks ago and she submitted it also. So can she expect call letter this month?

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