Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ | Based on user reviews and opinions | Bugs and Fixes

Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ | Based on user reviews and opinions | Bugs and Fixes

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Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ | Based on user reviews and opinions | Bugs and Fixes

Lenovo K8 Plus frequently asked questions.Hey, friends, I am using Lenovo K8 Plus from last five days and after that, I am writing my opinions.So read it carefully before buying Lenovo K8 Plus. you can also watch this video base on Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ.So here we go.

Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ Watch on Youtube

Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ

1.Is it a VOLTE phone?

Ans- Yes K8 support Volte

2. Do we need to install JIO 4G Voice App for calling and Video calling?

Ans-No, You don’t need to install JIo 4G Voice.It supports native voice and video call.

3. Is there USB OTG or not?

Ans- Yes it has USB OTG

4.How is the Battery Backup?

Ans – The Battery backup is excellent,1 and half day is approx running time. The battery charging time is near to 2-2.5 hour.The Battery is Off 4000 mAh. It doesn’t have a turbocharging facility.

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5.What is the weight of the device?

Ans-165 g (little heavier due to fully metallic finish, Large battery, and pre-installed gorilla glass).

6. Can I use a Memory card and 2 sims at the same time?

Ans-yes Lenovo K8 has a dedicated slot for both memory card and 2 Nano Sims.

7.Which is better motto e4 plus or Lenovo k8 plus or Lenovo k6 plus

Ans -Lenovo K8 Plus, Price efficient and have lots of better feature than two others.

8. Is Lenovo k8 Plus contain selfie flash?

Ans -Yes, Flash for both rear and front camera.

9. Is both the SIM are 4G supported in Lenovo K8 plus?

Ans- Yes 4G+VOLTE support

10.Does it supports VoLTE or need any app like JIO 4G VOICE for the VOLTE calls? Also is there any notification LED if not then how the missed call or any other notification shows up.

Ans -No need to install Jo 4G Voice App, Normal calling is possible.It has no LED so You have to open Your phone to see notifications and battery Charging status.

11.Can I operate this mobile as a remote control?

Ans – no

12.Is there any heating problem?

Ans- I am using this phone from 5 days, There is no issue of heating. But when you play heavier games it might get little hot which every smartphone does.

13. Does it have a headphone in the box?

Ans- No the box contain only Charger, data cable, Phone, manual and sim slot opening Pin.Lenovo never gives headphone or earphone with the phone.

14. Is Screencasting possible without any device support?

Ans- yes

15. Multiple Window support or not?

Ans- Multiple Window support is there which is a feature of Android Nougat

16. Which Android version we will get in Lenovo K8 Plus?

Ans- Android N 7.1.1

17.Is it updatable to Android Oreo?

Ans – yes

18. Does it have a LED Notification?

Ans -No

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