Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ, Screen Flicker, Yellow Picture, Enhanced Volte & Bugs & Fixes

Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ, Screen Flicker, Yellow Picture, Enhanced Volte & Bugs & Fixes

Lenovo K8 plus problem and fixes
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Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ, Screen Flicker, Yellow Picture, Enhanced Volte & Bugs & Fixes

Lenovo K8 Plus FAQ, Screen Flicker, Yellow Picture, Enhanced Volte & Bugs & Fixes. Here I will discuss all the things in detail.have a look On Lenovo K8 Plus queries and solutions.

Lenovo K8 Plus Bugs and Fixes

Hey, Friends, I have listed Top 15 problems related to Lenovo K8 Plus here, Which is based on the comments done by Lenovo K8 Users on below Video of Lenovo K8 Plus.Have look on the video.

Let us discuss all the problem one by one here-

1. Lenovo K8 Plus Screen Flickering issue in Low brightness.

Yes, a lot of guys have faced this issue about screen flickering In Lenovo K8 Plus.My suggestion is to wait for the first Software update with bug fixes and some security patches.that might remove Screen flickering problem.you can also consult to the respective Service care.

2. Lenovo K8 Plus Yellow Picture with the flashlight at night

yes, It is also a problem in Lenovo K8 Note, When somebody clicks a pic at night with the flashlight the yellowish picture destroys the mood.For this, I will suggest you change the camera setting like day mode or Night mode or you can also go for a replacement.

3. Enhanced LTE mode is not highlighted in Lenovo K8 Note

For this, you just need to put your JIO sim in slot 1, because the LTE mode only works with Sim slot 1 or SIm one and then restart your phone. This might fix your issue.Otherwise, you can follow the second step.you can watch the video also for getting it properly. Here it is-

  1. Open dialer and type  *#*#4636#*#*, It will open a new screen for you
  2. Turn off the radio
  3. Turn on the LTE provisional Flag option
  4. Again turn on the radio
  5. Restart your phone, it will work for you

If this method is also not working for you, go for a replacement.

4. Does Lenovo K8 have Multiuser or Multi-Window Support?

Yes, it has both Multiuser and Multi-Window support.

5. Why is the ‘Gallery’ not opening in Lenovo K8?

Dear friends, I just want to say you that there is no ‘gallery’ App in Lenovo K8 Plus due to Stock Android. Now the Google Photos App will work as a gallery For you.So enjoy.

6. Ringtone Not set in Lenovo K8 Plus

yes, this is a bug right now, I am a Software Engineer and I am assuring you that this is just a coding problem, not a serious issue.So wait for the Software update to arrive.It will be fixed.

7. Can we use the single flashlight at a time in Lenovo K8?

No, you can’t.Both will be used at a time.

8.Can I use the Rear  MP camera alone?

No, you can’t use the 5 Mp camera alone. This camera is just helping the main 13 Mp camera for taking pictures in Depth mode.

9. Does Lenovo K8 support Screencasting?

Yes, it supports Screencasting without and Device.

10. Why is Lenovo K8 Battery discharging very fast?

If this is happening with your phone then switch off your Phone and Charge it completely. then Use it. if the problem remains, go for a replacement.

11.Does Lenovo K8 plus support native language like Gujarati?

Yes, Lenovo K8 supports native Languages like Gujarati and Marathi along with Hindi and English.

12. Why am I getting an Emergency alert like this on Lenovo K8 Plus?

Emergency alert lenovo K8 Plus

As I know this is due to Installation of some Third Party applications.remove them to avoid it.You can also off Emergency alert on your phone.this might be due to ISP (Internet Service provider) or Sim.

13. How many Speakers does Lenovo K8 have, because only one is working other not?

In Lenovo K8 Plus there is only one Speaker, One is for Noise cancellation. Both look like a speaker, but they are not speakers.

Lenovo K8 Plus dual speaker

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