Lenovo K8 Plus 2nd Software Update, LED Fixed, Slow Motion enabled

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Lenovo K8 Plus 2nd Software Update, LED Fixed, Slow Motion enabled

Hello, Lenovo Users, There is an update for you that September update of Lenovo K8 Plus has arrived after that Some of these problems are fixed now.Let me tell you one by one.

LED Notification Fixed – Now LED notification is enabled for all types of Notification.Previously, It was not working well.But now it is fixed.

Slow Motion Enabled for Camera – Slow motion option is also provided in the camera now.So, Enjoy Capturing perfectly.

Security Path Updated to September 5, 2017 – The First Security path was June 5, Second was  August 5 and now it is updated to September 5.

Note: September update is only available in service centers but also not on all service centers.So, wait until this software update coming.I hope you Understand.Chances of getting this update are starting to December.

Some other issues which are fixed are-

Jio VOLTE issue fixed.
Jio network goes down while switching to other is fixed now.
Screen flickering has already resolved.

Problems that are not fixed

In this category, the one problem that is on top is “Yellow Picture at night“.When you take a pic at night with flash then the yellowish picture has seen all the times.This issue is yet not fixed.I hope this will also be fixed soon.Because Lenovo is trying hard to win hearts of its customers.If they don’t do this Redmi will be on top then.

Want to Know more about Lenovo K8 Plus then watch these videos on K8 plus by Okey Ravi

If you have any query regarding above then do comment below.

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    1. Kumar

      Hello i need help. I have lenovo k8 plus xt-1902-2 – 4gb varient.

      Type M2CB1. I recently flashed NMC 26.64-64 to go back to Nougat 7.1.1.

      Please help to update my software as I am not able to flash any rom now or receive any update.


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