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WordPress Master Class By Okey Ravi – Full Website Designing Tutorial


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Howdy, do you want to learn WordPress website designing from me?  Well, on people demand I have started this service where I will be teaching you all the topic mentioned below. I will share you my 2 years blogging journey. We will talk about how much I have earned.

Along with this, we will talk about how you can skyrocket your ranking on Google. Isn’t it good? Yes, It is!

So, let’s have a look at WordPress Master Class Contents. This is just a reference content we will have discussions on other topics of your choice.

WordPress Master Class/Tutorial Contents

  1. Introduction to Blogging
  2. Introduction to Domain and Servers
  3. Domain Name Selection Funda
  4. Tips to choose the best webserver/Hosting
  5. cPanel Overview
  6. WordPress Installation
  7. WordPress Dashboard Overview
  8. Initial SEO Practices
  9. Introduction to Themes and Plugin
  10. Complete WordPress Website Customization (See contents below)
  11. Writing A Perfect Blog Post (See Content below)
  12. Home Page Customization and Design (Check Content Below)
  13. Creating Services and other Custom pages using Page Builders Like Elementor, Beaver Builder and WP Bakery
  14. Creation A shop Page and Adding products into that
  15. Products and Orders Management
  16. Email Signups Management

What we will cover in WordPress Website Customization? 

We will take examples of Premium and free themes to create a complete WordPress Website. You can also tell me your requirements If you want to take this training in your way.

  1. Adding Site identity (Logo, Tagline, Favicon)
  2. Header, Footer, Social Menu Arrangements and Creation
  3. Adding A page to Primary Menu Bar
  4. Category Creation
  5. Adding Categories to Menu Bar
  6. Adding Links to the Menu bar
  7. Submenu Creation
  8. Page Arrangements (With Sidebar, Full Width, Content Centered and other)
  9. Sidebar Customization (Right, Left and Header sidebar)
  10. Footer Customization (Upper and Lower footer)
  11. How To Add Random button and Search Button in the Menu Bar?
  12. AdSense Ads Placement
  13. Adding Contact Forms
  14. Jobs Forms, Application Form and other types of required forms creation

How to write a perfect blog post?

In this section, we will cover all the important and necessary aspects of writing a blog post keeping the rules of SEO in mind. This includes On-page SEO (Bonus Tips :)) as well.

  1. How to select the right keywords?
  2. Adding Headings and Subheadings
  3. Adding paragraph w.r.to SEO
  4. Adding tables, Buttons, Images, Cover, List, and more such things
  5. Embedding Videos from different platform like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and all
  6. Adding Tags and Categories
  7. Permalink Setup
  8. Meta Description and Main keyword Insertion
  9. Blog Post Schema Setup
  10. Custom Ads Placement in a Blog Post

What we will see in Home Page Customization and Design?

This area mostly includes how to design a better homepage based on customers demand. We will use some sample sites. You can choose any sample site and we will have a discussion on how can we meet the criteria. In general, we will cover such things here –

  1. Designing and Adding Custom Sliders
  2. Adding testimonial
  3. Adding Services
  4. Signup Forms
  5. Products placements
  6. Creating a Custom Homepage Structure and more such cool things.

As I said earlier “This is just a reference content we will have discussions on other topics of your choice”. 

So, make a purchase and get in touch with me directly.

Hope you liked it. Have a great day!

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