How to Resolve Valuable Inventory Not Enough Content AdSense Violation

Valuable inventory not enough content, valuable inventory: no content, valuable inventory: scraped content and valuable inventory: under construction are some popular Adsense privacy violation which people are getting these days. in this article, we will see how can we fix the valuable inventory: not enough content error.

A day back, I have applied for Adsense on one of my client website. After this Google has sent this message to me.

What does Google say about Valuable Inventory not enough content?

Google says we’ve found policy violations on https://www.legalhelpclub.com that are preventing your site from being approved:

Valuable Inventory: Not enough content – It’s important for a site displaying AdSense to offer significant value to the user by providing unique and relevant content, and not to place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content. This may include, but is not limited to:

  1. Paragraph copied from other sources
  2. websites dedicated to embedded videos from other hosts like Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion.
  3. Websites with gibberish content that makes no sense or seems auto-generated

templated or pre-generated websites that provide duplicate content to users. For more information, please review the AdSense programme policies, this help article about scraped content and Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

Valuable Inventory not enough content adsense policy violation

Now let’s see the current scenario of the website

I have talked a lot about Adsense before which you can find below –

So, after getting Valuable Inventory not enough content violation, I was thinking about what I have missed this time. before mentioning what have I missed. I would like to tell you what is required to get fast Adsense Approval.

Things to follow for fast AdSense Approval

1.You should have at least 20 posts on your blog. Make sure your blogs have more than 500 words. Self created featured image and the html structure should be maintained.

2. All the post should be written by yourself or by a content writer. Originality and uniqueness of a blog post matters for Adsense Approval.

3. There should not be any copyrighted material on your website

4. Avoid using the stock images before getting Adsense. Once you get the approval then you can use stock or free images. You might contradict with me here. Many of you have told me that you have properly given the Image credit and the image you have used is free to use. They are not copyrighted. You are right.

But, I would like to tell you when your application reaches to Google Adsense checkers then they will have enough information about your content. They will analyze everything including images, embedded videos, text, your website navigation, pre-used ads, and much more stuff.

In this process, they will find that the images used are duplicate images. You know it’s free, I know it’s free but who will tell the AdSense analyzers.

I hope you might got the point.

5. Make sure you have proper navigation on your site. Navigation means enabling breadcrumbs and maintaining a good menu structure.

6. Make sure you have Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us, Terms and Condition and Disclaimer pages properly designed with enough content. For example, your contact us page must contain the email, phone, address, contact form and if possible then map also.

7. If possible use a good theme or premium WordPress theme.

8. Make sure to contain at least 3-4 posts in each category

Now let’s see the present scenario of my client site –

After analyzing I have found that there are few things which were missing on my client site. Although they have 18 posts, proper site navigation, original images created by Canva and all required pages.

What my client has missed?

The one thing that they have missed is originality of the content. Mostly the content published on their blog was legal and law forms and you know forms are reusable. So, basically, I have to remove them and have to focus on the uniqueness of the content.

Once the Adsense is approved then they can continue with their own content. One more thing I found missing was the content in the about us page. They have written a very short paragraph in there about us page, which also needs to be fixed.

So, now the question comes what you need to do if you get the Valuable Inventory: Not enough content Adsense violation.

How to fix Valuable Valuable not enough content violation?

There is a slight difference between Valuable Inventory: No content and Valuable Inventory: Not enough content. I think the word is enough to describe. No content means there is a lot of things missing which I have described above .

Not enough content means things are in your control but needs a polish. So, i am describing here what you need to polish?

If you have got the valuable inventory not enough content violation then make sure to go through this checklist. Once all marked fixed then apply again for Adsense. You will get approval in on go.

  1. Add some more fresh articles on your site. Try to write long and detailed articles.
  2. Check your navigation and verify the content structure and length of older posts.
  3. Keep your sidebar and footer engaged with good things like recent posts, subscription form, recent comments or some other valuable information.
  4. Try to use at least one relevant images in your post.
  5. There should not be any category in which there is no post.

If you follow all the above-said strategies then you will be able to resolve valuable Inventory: Not enough content error.


Adsense policies are getting tighter day by day. If you want to generate good income through Adsense then you should focus on creating good content. As content is the king and it will be forever. Only the way of the presentation will change in the future.

Try to build your social image and solve people problems through your blog. rest things will come all together.

I hope this post has helped you to know the fixation of valuable Inventory not enough content properly.

If you found it helpful, feel free to share. If you still have questions in your mind leave them below. I would love to answer.

Thanks for reading.

Have a good day!

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Adsense Application Rejected | What to do next?

Adsense Application Rejected | What to do next?

Okey oh, so you had done trying everything you could to get approved by AdSense.But, Yet AdSense is still not getting approved.
Well, It’s not the end of the world! 😉
Now, what to do next?
There are the top two things you can do:

No 1: Don’t lose your hope. Take your time to fix the issues on your blog that is mentioned by AdSense in rejection email and apply again. Remember, if you are disapproved, you can apply again and again until you finally get approved by Google AdSense. There’s no issue with that. Just use the same email account that you used for the first time.You can see this email about Rejected Adsense Approval below.

Google Adsense Rejection Screenshot

So Just find out your application is rejected and try to fix that and Apply For Adsense Again.G

Good Luck 🙂

No 2: There are many other trusted and high paying ads network you can use and trust me they are not hard as Google AdSense is in terms of getting approval. One door of opportunity is closed so the other one will open.

You can use these ad networks to earn money without AdSense. They are easy to get approved.

1. Infolinks

Infolinks is the leader in in-text advertising which offers 70% revenue share even if you’re a newbie blogger. It is different from other advertising networks. It takes less space because it shows in text ads or pops up ads. You can use it with Adsense safely.

It is a pay per click. They offer advertising options like insearch ads, intext ads, inframe ads, in-tag ads.

Alexa Rank: 19495 (It may Vary)
Min payout: $50
Payment method: PayPal, Wire Transfer, eCheck, Western Union, Payoneer


2. BidVertiser

BidVertiser is another top alternative to Google AdSense which pays you for valid clicks on ads placed on your website. It is great Adsense alternative if you didn’t get Adsense approval or got banned. Bidvertiser offers Banner ads, Text ads, Mobile Ads, Slider ads etc. You can also make money by promoting your customized toolbar.

Alexa Rank: 9324 (India), It may vary
Min payout: $10 only
Payment Method: PayPal, Checks


3. Media.net

Media.net is probably the best alternative to AdSense as it’s powered by Yahoo Bing Network. I’ve tried Media.net a few years ago and the average CPM was much better than any other AdSense alternatives. Media.net ads are quite similar to Google AdSense and it’s very easy to get approved if you have a quality blog.

Alexa Rank: 1850 (India), It may vary
Min payout: $100
Payment Method: PayPal, Bank wire


Watch this video and Know more about Adsense:

If you are facing any issue then let us know, We will try to answer you on our best.

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