Fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Completely

Valuable Inventory Scraped Content complete fix. It is a new AdSense policy violation which people are getting when they are applying for Google AdSense. We already have discussed  Valuable Inventory Under Construction and Valuable Inventory No Content in our recent article.

In this article, We will talk about  “How to fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Adsense policy violation error? “

These days people are in a hurry, specially new bloggers. They want to earn very fast but they don’t want to work smarter.

fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Error Okey Ravi. Google Adsense Valuable Inventory Scraped Error Fixing
Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Violation

Readers, please keep these things in mind Blogging is a business which requires smart work, discipline and strategy to get it on the floor”.

Okey Ravi’s View

It also requires patience. It is not something which will start generating money for you from it’s initial days.

You will not get tons of money on a table turn

So, before going for AdSense approval. Make sure your website is completely developed. Your website should have unique contents. I said unique it simply means written by itself, not copied, spinned or scraped from other articles.

Contents should be advertiser friendly and also keep your readers interest on top of your blog priority.

This will help you create a brand image.

Now let’s see the Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Adsense Violation in detail.

What is scraping in blogging?

Some of the webmasters from us, use content, taken (scraped) from other sites. They just modify it slightly, use some synonyms and republish it. This is not tolerable by Google. They want authentic content from you.

Sites from which contents taken are reputable sites in most cases.

Here, they fail to produce unique contents.

I have also seen some people who do auto blogging and who use scrappers to perform scrapping or in other words content misplacing.

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Examples of scraped content includes:

1. Without adding any original content or value, sites that copy and republish content from other sites. This is really not acceptable if you want to go along with your blogging career.

2. Sites that copy content from other websites, modify it slightly, and republish it.

3. Without providing some type of unique organization or benefit to the user, Sites that reproduce content feeds from other sites. 

4. Sites which are dedicated to embedding content such as video, images, or other media from different sites without adding substantial value to the visitor. you might have seen awebsite where they only embed youtube popular videos.

See, What Google says about scraping?

Why webmasters perform scraping on their blogs?

Uniqueness matters for Google and for every reader out there on the internet. So, producing unique, authentic, correct and valuable information for readers will always be fruitful for you and your blog both in long-term blogging.

Here is the screenshot of Valuable Inventory Scraped Content violation –

If you copy from some big website just to produce good articles on your site So that, your AdSense is approved or you can accumulate some traffic is not a good idea.

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Being a Blogger you have to focus on the interest of your visitors, their demands. Do some proper research and then write unique and relevant content for your blog readers. Not just scrap contents!

How to fix valuable inventory scraped content AdSense violation?

After all, this is a very easy task if you have understood what is scraping in the above paragraph.

Now, you just have to remove all those scraped contents from your website or blog,  if you really wanna resolve this Adsense violation.

To fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content violation just follow all the guidelines provided below –

1. Make sure your blog has unique contents i.e avoid content scraping. All the articles should be written by itself. If you are getting help from a writer then make sure to check your content for plagiarism.

2. Do not embed or attach unnecessary files to your blog content. Especially I will suggest you not to use any copyrighted images, videos or other data. Always try to add images and files created by you only.

You should also avoid using stock images taken from Pixabay, canva or any other websites.

3. Focus on the originality of the content – It is worthwhile to give some time in writing your content. Write long article if possible, because if you write short article you will get valuable Inventory no content violation.

4. Remove the excessive advertisements from your posts and pages. I will suggest you not to use any type of ads before going for adsense approval

5. Maintain a gap between ads and the content. Otherwise, it will look like you want the user to click on the ads. In other words, you are increasing the chances of accidental clicks. So, avoid that.

6. Do not add ads on those pages which have less content or no content. Like Login, registration or search pages.

Beside this, there might be some other issues. This article is very helpful for AdSense approval. Have a look – Top 15 things you need to do perform for instant AdSense Approval.

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Conclusion – Fix valuable inventory scraped content

Being in Blogging from the last one and a half year, I have seen a lot of changes in Google AdSense policies. If you read them then you can understand easily that they always focus on the reader’s aspect and advertiser behaviour.

You also need to understand this.

I know sometimes it’s possible to make money with shortcuts also. But it will not last for a long period. People are doing C4C (click for click), this attitude is not likeable by any advertiser.  Google is also making some strong decision in favour of their advertisers.

A new policy or algorithm change can make the worst situation anytime. You already know that Google Adsense is very strict now. For every website, you have to take a separate approval from Adsense now.

So, far better from this is you should also realize the importance of contents and give your reader’s a different eye to read your blog.

People are facing Google indexing issues and ranking issues due to scraped content as well. It is also not good for website SEO.

Take a oath with me that “You will stop content scraping from now.”

If you do so, then there will never be any chances of “Valuable Inventory Scraped Content” situation.

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Good luck!

Happy Blogging!!!

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