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Life at Infosys Mysore DC – Hey Readers, Today I have answered top queries asked by fresher’s related to joining Infosys as a System Engineer Trainee at Mysore Campus. I am covering top 20 top queries here. Mostly facilities, Salary provide to System Engineer trainee and nore.

So, let’s have a look on those.

What are the documents required at the time of joining?

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I have made a separate post on it. You have to see this. It will answer all your queries related to documents required.

Have a look – Infosys joining procedure

What will happen when I reach at Mysore DC i.e. after reporting?

You will go through security check. Please don’t carry Pen drives, Laptops or HDD (Hard Disk Drives), Irons. You can carry mobile, tablet and I-pads of any size.

After security you will be taken to Induction hall in GEC2 for a little briefing. There you will get your temporary ID Card, Proxy Card and ECC room key. After then you will be taken to your allotted ECC. You are done for the day.

What will be the first week schedule of system engineer trainers at Mysore DC?

For the first three days, you will go through induction. In which you will be knowing more about life at Infosys. Schedules of training.

The HR will brief you about all the aspects. You will also be having some quizzes and drama there.

The HR’s of different department will address you like Food, Security, Course and more.

You have to submit all your documents like medical certificate, Educational certificates, Marks Sheet, Passport, Aadhar, PAN, NSR, Service Agreement and more.

This will happen on different days. So, keep your document ready before coming here. Specially, Service Agreement with proper sign of surety, witness 2 and witness 3.

You will get your System No, Building No, Class No, Infosys Email and Password and You will be taken to your classes for system checkup on third day.

CCD. Will be introduced to you, who will solve all your system issues. You will know more about it at Infosys.

For the next three days, you will go through the classes of Grammar, Email writing and speaking Skills.

Mostly the focus is “Speak up”. You have to be open minded and you need to speak up when required.

How many exams will be there to complete the training?

To complete the training, you have to through 6 Focus Areas. So, there will be 6 exams (Mock and Hands-On both). Like FA1, FA2…. FA6

In FA1 you will be having Programming Fundamentals, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming all using programming language python. So, if you know python then it will be easy for you to crack the FA1.

In FA2 you have DBMS (Database Management System). You will know more about other FA’s at Mysore DC.

Note: FA3 is removed from the course module now since June 2018 onward and you will have software engineering along with DBMS.

When can I expect the FA1 after joining?

You can expect FA1 after 40 days of your joining. The full FA1 consist of 22 working days.

How is job growth rate at Infosys?

Job growth at Infosys is little slower. Like if you join as a System Engineer Trainee then You will be promoted as Senior System Engineer after 2-3 year.

Why laptops are not allowed at Infosys Campus?

The biggest concern is security. Security of data, security of servers and more. Trainee should focus on study more rather than entertainment is also a reason.

Not everyone uses a laptop for work purpose as I do this is also a reason.

As you know all the sports facilities and Multiplex facilities are provided here.

Recent NewsNow laptops at Infosys Mysore campus is allowed. You can carry your laptop along with you.

Download Infosys previous Year Placement papers

How to pass in FA1 exam of System Engineers Trainee at Infosys?

Hey, this is a bigger concern here. For CSE guys this exam is not so tough. But for other streams like ME, Civil, EEE, ECE, Biomedical or more this a valuable concern. The reason is obvious.

For them Python is a new thing. They have to learn it from basic. But I can assure you. Python is not so tough. You can learn easily.

You will have proper time while your training. So, do your assignments properly.

The educator will tell you which topic will come in exam or not. For example –

In Programming Fundamentals – List, Dictionary, Strings

In OOPs – Inheritance, Aggregation, Class Diagram, Variables (Global, local, instance), Abstract and Static methods, Variable Scope these all are important.

Data Structures – Stack, Queue and Linked List are important.

The Hands-on will not be so tough. But the Objective will be trick one. Focus on Concepts properly and make a note of that from the start of your training.

It will be very helpful. Keep practicing those concepts when you have time and do the mandatory assignments questions specially.

You can also take the assessments provide on LEX for the preparation.

How the life at Infosys Mysore DC?

The life will be little hectic. But you don’t need to worry more. You will have a combination. Enjoys the facilities at Mysore Dc and Do study hard as well.

Saturdays and Sundays are weekdays. So, Plan these days properly. Go to Ooty, Chamundi Hills and explore the campus as well.

Do we have transportation Facilities at Mysore DC?

Yes, Transportation facilities are provided here. Buses to nearest cities and town you can get either from Outside or inside also.

You can also Book a Traveler (12 Seater) or a Four-wheeler for a tour from inside the campus.

The transportation facilities are provided near the FOOD Court 1 (ARENA)

Do we have courier facilities inside the Mysore DC Campus?

Yes, Courier facilities are provided within the campus. Here you have Ekart and Bluedart at Gate No 2.

What other facilities I can get at Infosys Mysore?

You have Loyal World for your daily, you have a Convenio store at Oasis Food Court. Here You can also find Infosys and Indigo Nation Cloth Store. Vodafone prepaid and postpaid Shop is also there.

You can take membership of Swimming Pool and Gym for Workout and to release your training stress.

Cycles will be provided to you for in-Campus Movement.

Which Sports One Can Play at Infosys Mysore?

You can Play almost all sports here like Table Tennis, Lawn tennis, Basketball, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Carom Board, Chess, Bowling and more.

All these sports have their own separate courts and fields.

What is the Salary Structure at Infosys Mysore for System Engineer Trainee?

Life at Infosys Mysore DC salary structure at Infosys mysore

Here, I have shared a snapshot. Have a look at that.

Recent News – Infosys salary structure for freshers and for whom who have joined in 2019 is revised. Event the salary structure is now revised for all people till JL4

So, I joined as 3.25L per annum now its 3.6L per annum. Cool!

As  you have to pay ECC rent which is Rs. 3500 and some membership fee as well. It is about 17000/m.

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What Next – If you have any other query you can comment below. I will try to add those in this article as well.

So, I can say Life at Infosys Mysore DC is going to be awesome for you. You don’t need to worry about anything. Just enjoy and study hard.

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If you have any query or suggestions about Life at Infosys Mysore campus, feel free to comment below.