Redmi Y1 vs Redmi Note 4

1. Redmi Y1 has a 16 Mp front camera but Redmi Note 4 has 5 MP

2. Redmi Y1 has a screen size of 5.5 Mp but Redmi Note 4 has 5.2 inches only

3. Redmi Y1 has front flash while Redmi Note 4 has not

4.  Redmi Note 4 has dual rear flash but Redmi y1 has single flash

5. Redmi Note 4 has 4100 mAh Battery while Redmi Y1 has 3080 mAh battery.A big gap

If you talk about price then Redmi Y1 costs Rs 11000 while in Rs11000 You can Redmi Y1 with 4Gb and 64 Gb of Internal Space.


See The Above Video For Full Comparison Between Redmi Y1 and Redmi Note 4.


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Top 5 difference Between Xiaomi Redmi Y1 and Redmi Note 4
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