Flikover Review 2020 – Cheap Premium Blogging Tools Provider

Flikover Review 2020 – Cheap Premium Blogging Tools Provider

Flikover review -All Premium Seo tools in Less than 10$-flikover
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Flikover Review 2020 – Cheap Premium Blogging Tools Provider

Flikover Review 2020 – Ahref, Semrush, Alexa, Moz, Grammarly, Canva, Keyword tool and more in less than 10$ a month. Are you a Blogger and you are not using any Premium SEO Tools to analyze your competitors? Well, It’s time, Flikover is providing advanced blogging tools at a very cheap cost. So, get one and enjoy it.

Premium tools will help you to rank faster on Google Search. With the help of premium SEO tools keyword ranking becomes little easier.

Flikover Review 2020 – Premium SEO Tools

Do you want to drive an SEO campaign for your blog or client’s blog? then you are at right place. Here, I am sharing you a review of a website which provides premium SEO tools at very legit cost.

Getting Ahref, Semrush, Alexa premium service is always a dream for new Bloggers. The main reason is the cost of these premium tools. For new bloggers, it’s like “Earning 1$ and Spending 10$”.

But Flikover and FrozenFry have made this thing very simple now. They are providing these services at a reasonable cost on monthly basis.

Before I start, I want you to tell SEO is an important part of the success of any blog or websites. Without SEO your blog will be dead you won’t be getting visitors to your blog and eventually you will lose your time and money.

If you are a complete beginner then go through these article –

  1. Top 35 SEO checklist you need to follow before publishing an article.
  2. 105 ways to get high-quality backlinks in 2018.
  3. 7 Common SEO mistakes you should avoid

Video tutorial on Flikover Review

Why are SEO Tools required?

Do you know, In a blogger’s everyday life there is a lot of competition through which they have to pass? These all due to not having proper access to premium blogging tools. A SEO tools will help you to –

  1. Get the right keywords for your article.
  2. Analyze Keyword cost and volume of searches
  3. Analyze your competitors
  4. To get the list of competitor’s backlinks
  5. Analyze backlinks list including lost-gained backlinks, How many backlinks you have from which sites like .gov.edu,.com and more?
  6. Create self-made pictures and infographics for blog posts? (Canva)
  7. Resolve blog error automatically? (Grammarly)

There is a lot you can not do with the premium tools. Premium SEO and Blogging tools will provide you very Important data about your competitors and your website which can change your blogging life.

Let’s see Flikover review which will help you to understand it better. You can see the price list of diffrenet seo tools provided by Flikover below.

Premium SEO Tools Price/Month
Ahref 600 (10$)
Semrush 500 (8$)
WordAi 400 (6$)
KeywordRevealer 400 (6$)
Majestic 300 (4.5$)
Keyword tool 300 (4.5$)
Buzzsumo 300 (4.5$)
MOZ 250 (4$)
Spyfu 200 (3$)
Alexa 200 (3$)
Animoto 200 (3$)
Lynda.com 200 (3$)
Woorank 200 (3$)
Grammarly 200 (3$)
Canva 150 (2.5$)
Netflix 100 (1.5$)
Flikover Review -price list of SEO tools provided by Flikover
Price of tools on Flikover

Features Of Flikover – Advantages

Instant Tool Access

Once you bought a premium service then you need to install two extensions In your chrome browser to work. Once the chrome extensions are installed, you can access premium tools using their service in no time.

I personally haven’t faced any issue using Flikover. I must say they are good service to use and completely legit.

24/7 Customer support

They are always available to help you in case you meet with an issue.

95% Access Guarantee

Their systems are reliable enough to provide uptime guarantee and provide you access to premium SEO tools.

Access to all premium SEO tools

You will get access to all premium SEO tools at a cheaper cost which will help you save money for your blogging journey. It will also help you to grow faster than your competitors.

Only works with Chrome browser

Flikover premium SEO tools only work on chrome browser, which I think is the biggest disadvantage. But in the meantime, it is also necessary to maintain and avoid spamming activities.

Some important FAQ’s about Flikover

Q. Did Flikover provide accounts passwords?


They do not provide account usernames and passwords, they provide two verified chrome plugins that contains all the accounts details, you can access accounts by using their plugin only.

Q. Can I use Flikover tool accounts for Office & Home?


You can use accounts anywhere you want, but do not share accounts with anyone, they have automated reporting system if we detect sharing violation we might ban your account.

You can chat with them on their FB page and can ask access to two accounts if you have two different PC to use.

Q. Does Flikover offer Refund?


they have a refund policy, You can request a refund if their services are not working properly.

Q. Can I share Flikover accounts?


They don’t allow sharing of accounts, If their systems find you are sharing account then they will immediately ban your account without any notice.

Okey Ravi’s view on Flikover

So, guys now you have known all the things about Flikover, You can take an overlook on all its service on their official site and can advantage of then.

I am using Flikover and seriously, the service is really amazing. So, I have written this Blog on Flikover Review. I hope you like it.

If you have any query you can comment below.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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