20 Killer BlogSpot Blogs SEO Tips For Beginners

20 Killer BlogSpot Blogs SEO Tips for Beginners. These Blogspot Blogs SEO Tips will help you do Proper On-Page SEO in a Blogspot blog/Blogger and will also help You to rank high in Google. Technically Speaking I don’t like BlogSpot for a long-term Blogging. If you are a newbie and wants to learn basics of blogging then BlogSpot and WordPress.com are good options for you.

Anyhow, I am not here to demotivate my BlogSpot friends. So I will tell you all the basics of SEO which you can implement on a BlogSpot blog. As you Know, Being a free Blogging platform, it’s always a preferred platform to start Blogging and learn the basics.

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Google Blogger is free and easy to use web publishing tools like wordpress.com or Tumblr.com. Many bloggers initially use Blogger and then Migrate to WordPress complaining about the lack of official templates ( Called themes in WordPress), SEO friendliness or On-Page optimization in Posts, plugins, Widgets etc.

Here In this article, I will tell you 10 killer Blogspot techniques to Rank your Google Blog. So let’s have a look –

BlogSpot Blogs SEO Tips

Let me start with what you have to Keep In mind while you are performing On page SEO optimization in WordPress/BlogSpot Blog or any other blog.

BlogSpot Blogs Seo Tips

1. Keep Yout SEO title length to 50 Characters. Keep your title short and attractive.

BlogSpot Blogs Seo Tips

2. Always include your main keyword in the title of your BlogSpot Blog or any other Blog.

->When we talk about BlogSpot SEO, post title plays a major role. Blogger post title is usually followed by homepage title. Keep your title little stylish and easy to understand and related to content.

3. Write a proper description and Include your keywords and related keywords in Description.Google will use your Description to analyze your content. you can see generally When you search Something on Google. You can see your search terms in the description.

4. The meta description length Should be 250-320 characters.

BlogSpot Blogs Seo Tips

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5.  Always write your first paragraph in a decent way. It should contain your main keyword also.

6. Try to enter your main keyword in any One or two of your headings.

7. Always use One H1 and One H2 heading In You Post.

8. Use at least One image. if possible mention your site link and keywords on the image. it will increase your backlinks and site visit also. Image search is also an important way to generate traffic.

9. Use the keyword in Your image ALT text.

10. Feature Image is Important So, Use feature Image and try to add keywords to your featured image and In alt text of Featured Image.

11. When You are writing a post keep your Previous Posts in mind and try to relate them to the new post. So Do Internal post linking. If not possible then you can give this as Read Only, Read More, Read Also, Read Next, Related Read and more.

In BlogSpot blog SEO, this is very necessary to remember the previous posts because in Blogspot blogs you don’t have plugins like Yoast SEO or All in one SEO Who can analyze your content and suggest you related posts, you can interlink.

12. Improve the keyword Density of your BlogSpot Blog. this will lead to help you get proper prominent keywords. try to use your keyword in Post up to 5-10 times depending on post length.

13. Try to embed video in Between the Paragraphs.

14. Try to Embed Infographics if possible.

Note: Always try to add pictures, Video, and Infographics which you have created or designed Itself. This will make your website look better and mostly this will add value to your content.

15. Keep your Content-length to 1500-3000 words. Cover all thing in One. The more it will be better

16. Try to add some Outbound Links in Your Post. Outbound links are those links which relate to your post.

17. Do not use Stop Words in your Permalink or Slug or URL. Like a, an, the. to, in..avoid these words

18. Write Some proper tags (called labels in Blogspot) which are related to your post content.

19. If Possible try to add some resources. this will help Google to understand your content properly.

20. Optimize Your Permalink Structure. Use Custom permalink for your Blogspot Blog.

Bonus 21. Always use words which you have used as a keyword in response to your reader comments. this will increase your density Keywords.

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Author’s View

I hope you will implement all the Seo tips for a BlogSpot blog. If you follow all the steps, It will help you to grow your Blog faster. But this way you have covered only on-page Seo part.

For Off-page SEO, You also have to build backlinks to grow faster and to get high rank in SERP’s.

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I will suggest you to migrate to WordPress If you are in beginning Phase on a BlogSpot Blog. Then you have to follow this article.

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