15 Quick Ways to Optimize and Clean-up a WordPress Website

Howdy readers, “How to optimize and clean-up a WordPress website this is the today’s topic. Cleaning up unwanted things and optimizing a blog is very important for the smooth functioning of your blog. So, you might be thinking that what are necessary steps you can take to clean and optimize your WordPress website?

One more thing for all the WordPress blogger is that if you want to rank high in google search then your blog should be best in every prospective form your competitor’s. Website clean-up and website optimization are also important from SEO point of view.

So, this article will teach you all about how can you optimize and clean-up your WordPress website?Let’s see this.

15 Quick Ways to Optimize and Clean-up a WordPress Website

1. Remove all the unused theme from your database:

Why you have kept the unused theme in your WP database? That’s doesn’t make any sense. Keeping those unused themes which occupy your storage is not a good idea unless you have infinite space. So, better you delete them and free up space for useful content.

This is the problem that most newbie bloggers face. In search of a best WordPress theme they just continue to install the different themes and at the end, they left it as it is. This is not good, once you have found your choice then you must remove all those unused themes from your database.

Filling up your database with all the garbage is not good. It may lower your website speed. And these days, the importance of loading speed can’t be ignored. It is one of the ranking factors for your website.

So you should not ignore this one. To delete a unused theme, navigate to Appearance -> Themes in your WP dashboard and delete them one by one.

ProTip – You can keep the default theme.

deleting an unused WordPress theme for website cleanup
Clean-up unused themes

2. Either remove all the broken links or fix it

Broken link are the URLs that work no more, or can be referred to as a dead link. A website with lots of broken link is not good for website health. So, it’s necessary to check for all the broken link in your website.

Now the question comes how will you check a broken link. If your website contains lots of broken links then to check manually it will consume a lot of time. So what’s the shortcut in that case? For that, I will suggest you go with some broken link checker websites like SmallSEOTools, Ahref, Semrush,

broken links cleanup and optimization

It is one of the major factors that affect your user experience. So be serious about that and review your all the broken links.

3. Review and update the outdated posts

An outdated post is a post that is no more beneficial for the user or the information contains in that post is no more valid. So, you must check those post for necessary changes. You can either update or delete that. As you might know contents updation is a major metric in Google ranking.

Having an outdated post on our blog is not good for website SEO.

Most of the time what happen when any user clicks on your link if he does not find it useful then he will be bounced back immediately. So, it increases your bounce rate. It will also reduce the session duration.

So, you should know either increment in bounce rate or deduction in session duration both are not beneficial for website SEO.

4. Keep only the legitimate comments

Comment spamming is one of the major issues nowadays. This is not a thing which is done by people. It is also done by bots now. So, preventing your website from spam comments is necessary now. You should keep only the legitimate and valuable comments on your website.

Spam Comment Prevention YouTube Video

To get backlinks people just keep commenting without going through your contents. You have to be aware of such comments. Like –

Hey Ravi, nice post
I was waiting fro this article, thank
I was wondering how one can write such an amazing post?

Always approve those comments which are detailed and either the commenter has asked some queries or appreciated your article properly.

Pro Tip – Try to add main keyword in the comment section.

5. Get rid of unnecessary plugins

Never add unnecessary plugins to your WordPress website. This will really slow down your website speed.

Bloggers use to fill up their website with lots of plugins. The more number of plugins you use the more slower your website speed will be. So, get rid of those plugins which don’t have any advantage or which are of no use.

6. Check for unused media files

You must clean up all the unnecessary media file from your database including images, videos, zip, pdf and other formats.

If you don’t delete them it will consume a lot of space. You know I already have told you to delete those themes which are not in use. As you might know whenever you install a theme and import the theme data, this will create a lot of files which you have to delete also after removal of that theme.

Now you would understood why clean-up and optimization a website is important.

7. Unused Image clean-up by plugins

You can go with lots of plugins that are available to do this task for you. So, that you can save your valuable time.

I have listed up few tools. You can choose which one suits you. All of them are good.

Images occupy a lot of space in your website database. So, you must remove all the unwanted and unused images.

Note: Make sure to take a complete backup of your website before cleaning your database.

8. Clean the unused tags

Remove those tags which are of no use. You can also perform mass deletion of those tags to optimize and clean-up your WordPress website.

While Googlebot crawls your website those unwanted tags also get indexed on google. So, it is always better to remove all those unused tags. This will help you to save some database size and indexing of original links.

You can also use the robots.txt file to block them.

9. Check your WP database for leftover files

Check your database for leftover files. Often we ignore the leftover filers which affect your website SEO. So, do check for leftover files.

Those people who like to experiment with a lot of new plugins then must be serious about this. Installing a lot of plugins may accumulate a lot of leftover files in your database system. Which occupies lots of your database storage. And this may also lead to low google search ranking.

10. Take help of different cleanup tools:

There are a lot of clean up tools available online. You can take their help to properly optimize and cleanup your website.

I have also listed a few tools here, which you may like. Check them out –

11. Review your user information.

Review all your user information. Check for the old user who is no more active, you should remove those users.

Check all your existing user is their user data is updated or not. When you are dealing with cleaning then you should not ignore this.

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12. Optimize your media (Image compression)

Do optimize of your media files. Compress the images of your blog. It will decrease the website loading speed which is more beneficial for SEO.

Most of the time we upload images of large size and it takes time to load. So for this, you can compress your image using an image compressor. Or rescale them to make it smaller using Photoshop.

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13. Compress and Optimize CSS

If your website contains a lot of CSS files I will recommend you to compress all those CSS files. It will help your website to load faster. You can use WP Rocket plugin for this purpose. The next way to get rid of heavy CSS files are “the use of non-heavy WordPress premium themes”.

14. Compress and optimize your JavaScript files

If your website has a lot of JavaScript files then do compress it also. It will help your site to load faster and you know loading time matters a lot for any website. You can use WP Rocket plugin to optimize and minify Javascript, CSS and html files.

As I have seen in most of the cases, the website loading time is increased due to heavy CSS files, JavaScript files and non-optimized images.

Loading speed is an SEO factor as we all know. So, you should not ignore these things.

Minify css, javascript and image optimization

15. Take weekly backup at least

Taking schedule backup of a website is very important. This will help you to recover your website at any point of time. At “okeyravi.com” we take daily backup using GoDaddy Pro dashboard. If you are not a customer of GoDaddy then you can use ManageWP to take daily, weekly, monthly or any time on demand backup.

ManageWP and GoDaddy Pro dashboard also helps in optimizing database and post revisions. It also helps in updating themes and plugins. You can also monitor your SEO and website uptime using this.

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10 advanced ways to optimize a WordPress website for SEO

In this era of competition. If you want to start a blog. Then you must know how to optimize a WordPress website for SEO (Search engine optimization)? Without good SEO your blog can’t compete with others. So guys here I’m going to share the best SEO practices for WordPress. which will take your website to the next level.

How to optimize a WordPress website for SEO?

There are some basic thing in WordPress you must check first on your website. Those are the basic steps for a starter. Here we go –

I have mentioned all here – Top 30 on-page SEO Checklist

So, guys, Above points are for a beginner blogger. If you are just starting your blogging journey then for the SEO purpose you check those points first.

Now, let’s move to the advanced SEO practice for your WordPress website. In 2019 there is a lot of competition. So, to stand out from others you should have a good SEO optimized website. Without a good SEO optimization, you can’t reach your targeted audience. So, indirectly it will decrease your sale.

Yu know everybody wants good sale & a good profit. If you are interested too, then you are at right place. Here I’m gonna tell you the best WordPress practices that really worked for me. And you can also follow these steps to optimize your website.

So, let’s get started:

Do proper keyword research for your topic

First of all, let’s know what is a keyword? A keyword is the search terms that people type on google search bar for their query. Like valuable inventory scraped content fix”

Keyword searching, permalink and rich snippets in google

You need to know the keyword for which you will compete with others. Accordingly, do the further optimization of your articles based on that keyword keeping all the best SEO practice in mind.

There is so many keyword research tool available for you to do this. You will get both paid and free. First, let’s talk about paid tools available on the market. Tools like Semrush, Aherfs, Moz etc are the paid tool you can choose. Among those Ahrefs is the most popular one among the bloggers.

You can also use free tools like Google AdWords, Keyword Shitter, and many more. If you are interested then you can google them to know more about free tools. And among the free tools, the Google Adwords (keyword planner) is most popular. You must try this out it is very useful and provide a lot of data for free. Actually, this keyword planner is not created for the content writing. It is for the advertiser that publish ads on google.

But no doubt it is useful for bloggers too. So, now you get to know that proper keyword research is important to optimize a WordPress website for SEO.

Write detailed articles

Every time you search something on Google you want the best results and Google also wants to provide the best result to its user. So, you have to understand that to work accordingly. Google always ranked that article which has maximum word count which has useful information in their article.

So, if you are also interested to get ranked in the google search then write long article include useful facts. highlight the facts by bold letter. Do not bold those unnecessary things in your article, only for the sake of SEO that’s not gonna work for long. Do the genuine work, Put your best effort and that’s enough. You will break the SEO rock.

So, now you might be thinking what is the limit of word count? You can make it around one thousand words. You just focus on giving the full detailed information on the particular topic. It will automatically cross 1000 words. But yet, sometimes it is not possible to write long articles, reasons can be different with each individual. In that case, go with the content you have written. You don’t need to make that long.

Don’t make your article long by putting useless shits. It’s not going to work. One the user will enter your website and if they do not find the right information then get ready to increase your bounce rate, which is not good for SEO and search rank will also decrease.

So, always strive for detailed and unique articles which will help you to optimize your WordPress website for SEO

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Use mobile responsive and SEO optimized theme

The theme is that part of the website that controls the whole user interface of the website. And you definitely know the value of having good user interface. A good user interface can impress the customer more and this is obvious. And everybody wants clean presentation nobody wants messy thing.

So, if possible try to go with the premium theme. Those premium them are lightweight, fast, mobile responsive, easy to customize and you also get support at time you need.

If you do not want to invest then do not worry there are lot of free option available. Just visit www.wordpress.org and choose from thousands of free themes.

Use a related image with image optimization

The image is the most interesting part of an article. Everybody loves good images while they are reading something. Image increase your interest in the topic when you are reading. And we all know that an image is enough to describe a thousand words so it worths including an image in your post.

Googlebot also love images that’s why it also give more preference to those articles which have sufficient amount of images along with the text.

Do not just add images for the sake of SEO. Always insert those images which relate to your topic that you’re talking about. It will make reader more interesting and they will spend more time in your blog. Which will increase your session duration and decrease website bounce rate.

Also, don’t forget to optimize your images by adding title, caption, description etc. It helps the images to ranked on google for the particular keyword. Which will definitely drive more traffic to your blog via your optimized image.

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Avoid grammatical mistake

In optimizing a WordPress website for SEO good sentences always play a pivotal role. A grammatical mistake is the most annoying thing for your blog post. It really decreases your reputation among your audience.

Google also does not like a grammatical mistake. Google decreases the ranking of those post that has lots of grammertical mistakes. So, don’t make grammatical mistakes in your content.

There are so many free tools available on the internet. You can choose one that suits your need.

Talking about myself I always go with Grammarly. It is an amazing plugin available for all major web browser. Grammarly has both free and paid version. If you have money then I will recommend you to go with paid version. And free version is not bad you can use the free version without any hesitation. As said it’s better to have something than nothing.

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Use SEO plugin like Yoast & All in One SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is the most useful plugin for every WordPress blogger. No doubt, Yoast all have some good and stiff competition One of them is All in One SEO, this you can also use for SEO purpose.

But I will recommend you to go with the Yoast. Yoast SEO is simple and has so many functions like you can customize your meta description, meta tags, URL slug and many other things.

One thing I like most about Yoast is that it does that analyzation for readability. This readability analysation is very useful here you can easily know the things that have gone wrong in your post. It also provides the tip to correct them.

In Yoast, you can also see the snippet preview of the appearance that going to appear in the Google search. You can easily modify meta description, URL and title of an article. Along this, you also have options to add Meta keyword and Related keyword with the synonyms.

Yoast SEO Snippet preview at okeyravi website - optimizing Website fro SEO

Always go with https:// (SSL certificate)

Get an SSL certificate for your website. Https is very much important. Google give more preferences to those URL which has Https:// over Http:// here ‘s’ stand for security.

Having https:// make a good impression to your user it feels more secure to your user.

If you on not have SSL certificate then you can contact your hosting provider to get on for you. You can also get this SSL certificate for free. But I never recommend you to go with FREE SSL Certificates. Most of the hosting providers like BlueHost, Interserver, Namecheap they provide SSL with Hosting. There are so many methods available by which you can get a free SSL certificate for your website without paying a buck.

Here is the list of website that provides free SSL certificate:

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Optimize your comment section

Google will know your user engagement via your comment section. More comment in comment section means more user in your website. And more user means your content is more useful.

So, always reply to query of your user. Try to solve their issues. By doing this you will get more comment in future.

And while replying to query try to include the keyword. That will be more useful for your SEO point of view. It will increase the keyword density which is beneficial for SEO.

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Link Building is not so important

What I would like to say that in today’s date link building is not so useful? The main thing is your content. Content is the king for good SEO. Try to have useful and detailed content in your blog that automatically gonna give backlinks. The reason is very obvious. People love to share good contents on Social Media or on different blogs.

So. do not waste your time making backlink instead make good content that will persist forever.

You know if you ask me personally “How I have created my backlinks?” or “Which backlink strategy I follow?” then you will be amazed to see that in last 2 years I might have created near to 100 backlinks. Otherwise, all backlinks are created by people like you

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I hope now you understood how to optimize a WordPress website or blog for a good SEO. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. You can also find us on Twitter and join our Digital marketing hacks Facebook group.

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