How to Book a confirm Tatkal Ticket In 30 sec on IRCTC | Best way

In India, Tatkal Ticket booking is not an easy task in India.While Tatkal Hours there a heavy rush on IRCTC site.So Today I am going to tell you some awesome trick to book a tatkal ticket.By this method, You can book a ticket in less than a minute.Keep in mind, You have to log in before 1 minute from the tatkal hours.

First You need to download a Chrome Plugin “Book Tatkal – IRCTC Tickets“.

Benefits of Plugin “Book Tatkal – IRCTC Tickets”

1: Clock synced with IRCTC time.
2: Auto-reload at 10 and 11 AM to show the availability.
3: Payments filling.
4: CAPTCHA filling.
5: Siron sound to notify you at 10 and 11 AM.
6: Displays time you need to wait before submitting to avoid session expiry.
7.The plugin will hide ads to faster reload of the page and hassle-free redirect.

Here are the steps to Book a Tatkal Ticket

#1. Open the downloaded Plugin, Here you have to enter the data before the plugin.Click on “Create new form-data”.

#2. Now you have entered your IRCTC Login Details.IRCTC  Username and Password and click on next.

#3. Now you have to enter Train Details which include Train No, Boarding Station, Date of Journey and Class of Ticket (Sleeper, Tatkal, AC) and Click on next.

#4. In the next step, You have to enter the passenger details.It includes Name, Age, Meal type, Berth, Gender and Mobile Number also.

#5. At the last, You have to enter the payment details.Please choose it carefully keeping in mind, By which method you have to make payment.As Youcan See, I am making a payment using Airtel Money Wallet.After choosing the Payment way, now fill the payment details.Don’t hesitate it’s very safe to use.

#6. I hope you have done with the steps, click on save details.Now the time to book a Tatkal ticket.All the details are pre-filled.We just have to enter the Captcha & need some clicks, At payment time You have to enter OTP only.

 #7. Click on the Book now at 10:59 am if You want to book AC tickets, and on 11:59 if you want to book Non-Ac tickets.

If you have any query then comment below. Thank you for reading this article.