Hello friends, Today I am going to tell you what are top 10 things which every Smartphone buyer should consider. So, have a look at these points.

Top 10 things to consider before buying a Smartphone

  • Your Pocket Size/Price Range

    The very first thing you have to consider is “How much money you can spend to buy a smartphone?”. This is the most considerable thing so keep calm and think before buying that what is your pocket size? You can spend a little more to get a good smartphone but not more than the pocket limit.

  • Battery  Life

    The battery is a very considerable thing because Today battery should be near to 4000-5000 MHz. So that your Smartphone lasts up to full day.Choose the right processor which optimise your battery Life.

  • Screen Size

    Today People are looking for HDR display which is good.Also, .people want big screen size so they are looking for 5.5 inches to 6 inches smartphone.5.5 inches smartphones are very popular these days.5 Inch screen is also good.Go for the high pixel smartphones i.e Full Hd display.

  • Ram and Internal Memory

    Ram is very necessary to optime your smartphone.Ram management is also important.So Your smartphone must have good RAM management scheme and RAM size should be 3-4 GB or high.When you play games on your Mobile RAM consumption is more.Today people use a lot of Android applications and they keep it for a long time. Most of the Apps always open in memory.So, To keep a lot of apps you require a lot of space so internal space will be high otherwise you will be run out for space and You always need to free up some spaces.Internal memory should be 32-to 64 Gb at-least so keep the both things in mind.

  • Camera

    Rear or front camera both is an important aspect.It’s the era of the selfie.So, the front camera must be up to 13 MP or high. Autofocus, front flash, camera Aperture .rar camera needs to be more focused.rear camera should also be, more than 13 Mp or high.If your smartphone has a dual rear camera for a better picture like Lenovo K8 or MOto G5S plus. Click here to buy Lenovo K8 Note or K* Note Plus –

    Buy Lenovo K8 or K8 Note Plus

  • Processor

    The processor is the hub of a device on which depends the overall performance. Sometimes, processor capability is what limits software updates. Qualcomm and MediaTek are a safe bet.

    Meanwhile, Huawei with its Kirin processor is proving itself able to offer good performance to users. It should also be noted that for any processor to be its best, the amount of available RAM is crucial. Yes, the processor is important, but we need to look to the smartphone and its technical specifications as a whole.

  • Software and Operating System

    Do you need a phone that can do absolutely everything? Are you one of those people who needs a built-in fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor, UV sensor, Swiss Army knife and a Batmobile? You have a wide range of choices here, from the latest top of the line to the mid-range smartphone you will find all the latest hardware innovations.Go for the latest Android and also, till which new version your smartphone will be updated.

    But don’t limit yourself to choose a smartphone based on the hardware features. Activate the display and explore the software in-depth to find out what hidden features are there and if it provides options that work for you. Often share the device with your children? Ensure you have a guest mode or parental control. Do you like reading e-books directly on Android? Select an interface that allows you to adjust the hue of the display and that implements some anti-strain eye protection. In short, do not stop at appearances and thoroughly investigate the system.

  • Design and Functionality

    In selecting a new smartphone, personal taste is a major decision point, both in terms of software and outward appearance. Some people may prefer more rounded lines and a sinuous design, whereas others like a sturdier look, characterized by straight lines and sharp metal edges. We must admit that with each passing month and the succession of launch events we see within the industry, smartphones are increasingly starting to resemble one another and the choice available is strongly influenced by marketing campaigns and trends.

    But, the design is based on functionality. A metal unibody is stylish and trendy, but in some cases prevents you from using some features such as a microSD card or a removable battery. Before buying, check the quality of the device to ensure you’ll be able to use it in the way which is most comfortable and convenient for you.

  • Sensors Availability

    These are the list of sensors which must be every Smartphone have -Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Digital Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerometer.

  • Rating and Review

    Seeing the rating and review is most important work you have to do before buying your smartphone.Watch the review and rating of verified Viewer. Thank You.

If You have any Query then contact us below.Have a Nice day.



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Top 10 things to conside before Buying a smartphone | Okey Ravi
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