Ultimate Blogging Course Online

Hey, You might be want to start your Blogging Carrier or you must want to take a jump at it. Keeping all these things and your queries in mind, I have started – Ultimate Blogging Course online.

See, Blogging is not a One Day or One Week Game. So, If you want to join this for earning then, I will suggest you to keep your eye out of it and find some stable earning sources for yourself.

Blogging Requires Passion towards Writing, Thinking, Utilising, Learning and more of your skills. It will consume your hours in just writing and making good stuff for your website/Blog.

What is required to be a Blogger?

  1. You must have a little knowledge of WordPress
  2. A Good English or Hindi Is also required
  3. You must have a website or Blog

So, Let’s start this Ultimate Blogging Course with the contents which I am going to provide you. Please keep in mind I am walking through this course with WordPress.

Ultimate Blogging Course Online

Ultimate Blogging Course Online Table of Contents:

How to start a Blog?

  1. Domain name selection
  2. Best and Cheap Hosting
  3. Security Socket Layer (SSL)
  4. Word Press Installation

Website Customization

  1. How to choose a Best WordPress Theme for your Blog?
  2. Which WordPress Plugins You have to use on your Blog?
  3. How to set up Widgets in WordPress?
  4. Best tools to use Free/Paid ( Website Responsive Test, SEO tools, Keyword Planners)

Search Engine Optimization

  1. How to do SEO of a Post?
  2. How to do SEO of a Website?
  3. What things do you need to avoid during SEO?

AdSense Tips and Tricks

  1. How to apply for AdSense Account?
  2. AdSense Rejection reasons (Insufficient Content, Program Policies and more)
  3. AdSense QNA (Reapply, canceling an Adsense, Two Adsense, Bank details and other)
  4. Top 15 Thing you need to consider before applying for AdSense
  5. Best Alternative to AdSense (Infolinks, Chitika, MediaNet)
  6. Can we Use two Ad Networks (like AdSense + Infolinks)?

Affiliate Marketing

  1. E-Commerce Affiliate Marketing (Joining and Payment Procedure)
  2. Web Hosting Services Affiliate Marketing (GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost)
  3. VPN Affiliate Marketing
  4. Other Affiliate Networks (Tube Buddy, Cu Links)

Backlinks Generation

  1. What are Backlinks?
  2. Types of Backlinks (Do follow, No Follow, Direct)
  3. Backlinks generation techniques
  4. Free Directory Lists
  5. Write for Us (Guest Posting)

 How to Generate Website Traffic

  1. Source of Traffic (Search Engines, Social Media, Host Websites, Backlinks)
  2. Types of Traffic (Organic, Referral, Social, Other)
  3. How to gain Referral Traffics (Duck Duck Go)
  4. Search Engine Submission (Up to 500 Search Engines)
  5. Social Bookmarking (StumbleUpon, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and More)
  6. Guest Posting (ShoutMeLoud)
  7. Proper SEO of a Post
  8. Promotion (Facebook Ads, Google AdWords Ads)

What will you get for Free?

  1. Yoast SEO Premium Plugin with 1 restriction
  2. Other Plugins
  3. WhatsApp Personal chat Support for 1 months