Advanced SEO Mastery Course – Hindi | Lifetime Access

Advanced SEO Mastery Course – Hindi | Lifetime Access

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  1. Mohd Ziauddin

    I have a question. Suppose I have to do SEO for my site and wants to do all over the world. So, in that case, we need different domains for each country or single domain will work all over the world?

    1. Admin bar avatar

      Single Domain Will work for all countries. But for better ranking in a country where the language is different than yours you can plan for launching a subdomain or directory website.

      1. Mohd Ziauddin

        Subdomains like I have a domain so we can make Will it work better.

        1. Admin bar avatar

          Yes, you can do this. Another best option is to use a country extension like for Germany like we have in India


    Ahref tools is not free. Any alternative?

    1. Admin bar avatar

      Every Tools is Paid. If you are looking for free toll then use Keyword planner or take Ahref and other tools in Less cost from this link –

      1. Priyanshu

        this link is just great sir

  3. Debasree Das

    Helpful video. I have some questions on that DA PA chapter.

    1. Sirf Backlink se DA PA badhti hai? ya dusra bhi koi Factor hai?
    2. Agar Mera Post sabse accha, best hai. tab agar mera Website new hai and DA PA low hai, iske vajah se Mera Post Rank nhi Karega. Am I right?
    3. Ek post ka DA PA and Website ka DA PA alag hai ya same hai?
    4. DA PA increse karne k liye, ek din me ak post ka, maximum kitna backlink bana sakte hai taake usko spam nahi mana jaiyega?
    5. Maan lijiye main 1 din me 1 post ka 3 backlink banati hu. Kya main ak hi din me alag alag 10 post ka backlink bana sakti hu? Tab to wo 3*10=30 backlink hoga par alag alag post ka. Is it right?

    1. Admin bar avatar

      Hi Debashree,

      1. Internal and External links are the main factor to increase DA and PA. Other than that overall website ranking also impacts this. Keep your website engaging and maintain some daily activity. DA and PA will improve automatically.

      2. Yes, you are right. It will be tough. That’s why you have to go fro less or medium competitive keywords in the starting period of your blogging.

      3. DA is for the main domain and PA is for individual pages

      4. Until and unless you are doing it in a proper way. It will not be spam. Just maintain the balance between no-follow, do-follow and site activities.

      5. No, it is wrong. Don’t do it on a daily basis. Sometimes it is okay.


      OK Ravi

  4. vicky sheoran

    Nicely explained sir. I got it totally.

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