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We are providing Free Hosting and Servers to every new blogger who wants to start theor blogging journey.

We hope you will like our initiative.

If you need free hosting then register below. We will get in touch with you soon on your WhatsApp, Email or Calling number provided.

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The registration is closed. I don’t know when it will open as our affilliate partners have cheated 7000$+.  We are planning something else for you. Wait for the update.

Hoep you will understand this

Thanks for your patience!

One Request – If you have taken free hosting from me in the last one month then cancel it. We will give you our VPS hosting with 3 website access. We will also migrate your website to our VPS. Message on WhatsApp +91 6201083671 if you are doing this.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row gap=”2″ equal_height=”yes”][vc_column width=”1/2″][wgl_double_headings align=”center” title_color=”#252525″ subtitle_color=”#ff7d00″ title=”Why we have started this Free Hosting Initiatives?”][wgl_custom_text font_size=”16″]

Being a blogger and youtube creator, I get in touch with many people throughout my day schedule

One challenge that many newbie bloggers are facing that they start their blogging on Blogger. Well, you know they are wasting their time. There is nothing on blogger if you are confident enough to put your step forward in the blogging field.

Most of them are students who are in college or school. They don’t have much money to invest on getting a good server to start with.

Somehow this has motivated me to get them an initial boost to set them up properly for their venture.

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For every purchase we have done for a new blogger under “OK Ravi Free Hosting Initiative”. It costs us somewhere between INR 3000 to INR 5500.

We will love if you share our initiative to every new blogger or people who want to do blooging with their job or study.

Make sure you are not taking our initivate as a benefit to get free hosting for yourself. Your details will be verified first then only we will provide you the free hosting for 1 year.

If you are planning to make this a spam or source to get some income. Don’t do it. Better you put your step forward in some good things.[/wgl_custom_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Comments (107)

  1. User Avatar
    Omkar Salvi

    It’s been my first time while being socially connected to someone. I really appreciate your efforts towards helping the young generation of Bloggers by providing free hosting to them. A warm Thank You, sir, for providing free hosting for 1 year. Your support system is so good sir. I mean that I can contact you any time with my queries and you are always ready to solve it. Once again Thanks a lot Sir

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Omkar, thanks for your kind words. Good luck!

    2. Need

  2. Rintu Mridha

    I need hosting. Is it available?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Rintu, yes, the registration will again open on 5th April.

  3. Nice hosting bro thank you so much for free hosting

  4. Ramotar saini

    Hello friends, my name is Ramotar Saini and I have been given free hosting by OK Ravi sir for 1 year. I welcome OK Ravi sir with heart.
    Great initivaites sir

    1. User Avatar

      Thanks Ramotar for your kind words.

  5. Thank you Ravi Bhai. It was nice talking to you guys. I got paid Hosting server free of cost, Ravi Bhai I like your service thank you so much for your help you are a God of beginners who are learning Digital Marketing.

    You guys can call me to verify the same.

    Shahim Shaikh

    1. User Avatar

      Thanks, Sahim. I appreciate your efforts

  6. Dips

    You are awesome Ravi Bhai, today he gives me top-quality hosting. I am very happy, God bless you, bro.

  7. Imran Patel

    Ravi sir thank you for 1-year Free Hosting. You help me a lot with this. Lots of love.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Imran,

      You deserve it. Good luck with your blogging career.

  8. Dibakar bayan

    Sir, 1st of all you are the best in the field of the website. We all know you have shared all the knowledge to us using youtube..and we can apply this knowledge by making a website and we face a financial problem..thinking this you have given us free hosting..sir thank you very very much. if you come to Assam, sir plz call me..lots of love from assam.thank you

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Dibakar,

      Thanks for being so generous. I loved your response.

      1. Brijesh

        You are great bro thanks for helping me

  9. Pankaj kumar

    Thank you so much, sir, for free hosting. I wish I could join your networking program possible as soon.

    1. User Avatar

      You must. Soon We are going to launch India’s biggest Digital Marketing training program for absolutely Free.

      1. Hello sir,I want to free hosting for my new blog

  10. Vicky

    Thank you so much Ravi Sir for giving me free Hosting for One Year.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Vicky,

      You are most welcome.

  11. Pradyut Pal

    Thank you so much Ravi sir, Thanks for providing me free hosting costing Rs 3700, It’s a great initiative Ravi sir. Thanks for the Free Hosting help. You are great sir i love you sir ❤??????

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Pradyut,

      You are most welcome. Good luck with your venture.

  12. Ankit

    Hello, Ravi Sir Thank you For Gifting Me Free Hosting. I thought you will give me the normal hosting. When you opened the top hosting site I shocked you are giving me the Worlds Best Best Web hosting Thank you Ravi Sir (Bhai) for The Hosting❤?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Ankit,

      You are always welcome.


    Thanks a lot to OkeyRavi.
    A very genuine guy. Does what he said. I got hosting free of cost and all credit to OkeyRavi.

    Thanks, bro for Providing me 1 Year Free Hosting.
    Also, you always help me when I need.

    1. User Avatar

      Thanks Prakash. Enjoy Free Hosting for 1 Year.

  14. Amit

    Thank You So Much, Ravi For Giving Me Free Webhosting. Thanks You Very Very Much 🙂

    1. User Avatar

      Thanks Anil. Good luck with your venture.

  15. GOPAL


  16. Ankit Phogat


    1. User Avatar

      Hey Ankit, You are welcome.

  17. Rizwan

    Thanks for helping and supporting me sir, I think very few YouTubers and bloggers are there in India to help a new blogger along with encouraging without any profit. You are in those men…. salute n bless to Allah for ur such great deeds…
    Love uh from my heart…

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Rizwan, thanks for your kind words. God bless you too.

  18. Very Good hosting brother. I love it. Thanks, for providing free.

    1. Avijeet Jaiswal

      Thank you soo much Ravi bhaiya for providing us a great opportunity, you are taking a great step for the beginners, who don’t have to spend on hosting, thank you soo much.

  19. Amit Rana

    Thank You Very Very Much, Ravi For Providing Us Free Hosting & I Hope I Get one Too 🙂

  20. Sompal singh

    You are really an amazing person.I like you very much sir.

    1. User Avatar

      Thanks for your love Sompal.

  21. Thanks for free web hosting sir

  22. Thank you soo much sir for giving the hosting for free. Help me soo much with this. You’re a great person. You’ll help me a lot with this. I was trying trying to buy hosting from many months due to a shortage of money it’s not possible to buy. But u make my dream true. Keep it up thanks again for this.

    1. Pappu Kumar

      Good ravi bhai
      Ayse hi help kro
      Tarrki jarur milegi
      नाम एक दिन मे नहीं बनता
      लेकिन एक दिन जरूर बनता है

      1. User Avatar

        wow, amazing. Thanks, Pappu

  23. Satya Prakash Pandey

    1 year hosting free from “OK Ravi”. Thank you so much … Sir Ji.

    1. User Avatar

      You are most welcome.

    2. Thank you, sir, for giving me a Premium hosting with a 1-year plan for free, which cost almost Rs.4500. Also, Your website is really helpful for me to get great content and support.

      1. User Avatar

        You Welcome Ripon

    3. Faizan

      Thank u sir

  24. Pankaj kumar

    Nice sir. Thanks for providing me free hosting costing INR 4346. Lots of love

    1. User Avatar

      Hey Pankaj, you deserve a good start. Good luck.

  25. Keshav Patidar

    Thank you, sir, Due to you, I bought free hosting and now earning from my website as well. Your website is really useful for bloggers.

    1. User Avatar

      Thanks, Keshav,

      Keep growing. I am very happy with my decision.

  26. Himanshu

    Thank you Ravi sir for free hosting. As I always said that he is the only one YouTuber who helps this much to new bloggers who can’t afford such good hosting. Thank you ?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Himanshu,

      Thanks for your kind words. Let us know if your friends also need free hosting to start their first website.

    2. Very Good hosting brother. I love it. Thanks, for providing free.

      1. User Avatar

        Hi Vivek,

        You are most welcome.

    3. Thank you so much i got free hosting. U are such a nice human being. I need always valuable suggestion.

  27. I am very glad about posting this comment. I am using this hosting from the last 25-30 days and Really, this is 200% much Better than the Godaddy Starting Plan (Hosting) and Blogger Hosting. So, I will Highly Recommend you all guys to try this Hosting. Sir is doing a Very Great work for all of the new Bloggers. Once again Thanku sir, For such Great work.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Shyamjee,

      It’s not about fooling people giving such offers. If I am investing in it then it is for a good cause not to make money only. Thanks for the appreciation.

  28. Abhiroop Pandey

    Thank you!
    Ravi bade bhaiya.
    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are such an amazing gift giver.
    Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face through gifting HOSTING.
    I am truly blessed to have someone like you in my life.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Abhiroop,

      Thanks for your lovely words. Good luck with your future projects.

    2. Ashfaq

      Thank you so much ❤️ Ravi Bhai for giving me the best web hosting. I don’t have words to say thanks. Thanks for making my dream true. You’re having a good kind of heart.

    3. anil abhang

      Thank you Sir. giving me the 1 year free hosting.
      Thank you so much

      1. User Avatar

        Hey Anil. Thank you. Good luck with your blogging career.

  29. I was having no money for my hosting. It’s a great action taken by Ravi sir. Thanks for the Free Hosting help. You are great sir

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Rajan,

      You are most welcome. Good luck with your blogging journey.

  30. Abhijit Das

    Thank You So Much Ravi Sir. AAP Bahut Achhe Insan Ho. Logon Ko Free Main Paid Wale Hosting Provide Karke Bahut Badi Help Karte Ho……I am your Big Big Big Fan Sir.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Abhijit,

      You are most welcome. Good luck.

  31. User Avatar

    Thank you Sir. For guiding me and providing me free hosting for 1 year. I have shared your initiatives with my friends. Good luck sir.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Maruthi,

      You are welcome. Thanks for the appreciation.

      1. Thank you so much sir for proividing me 1 year free hosting and frnds this is real and I got it thanks you Ravi sir.

        1. User Avatar

          You Welcome Jay

  32. Arjun kendre

    Thank you so much ravi sir. I got my hosting. I am very glad. You are doing fabulous job. Keep it up. Once again thank you so much.

    1. User Avatar

      You welcome Arjun. Don’t forget to share this with everyone.

  33. First of all, thank you for giving me an amazing free hosting for 1 year. What you did is really great and it is going to help me a lot. You are a very nice and helpful person and I wish you have great success in your life. Thanks again

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Joydeep,

      Thank you for your kind words.You deserve a good start.

    2. thank you ravi sir providing free hosting

  34. Well! I literally wanted to have someone like him. You can ask even a silly question he won’t mind. Being a novice it was really hard to get into the track but with the help of him and his free hosting trick or can say a service, now having a website that is doing quite well, thanks! And looking forward to more free hosting services in the future.

    1. User Avatar

      Thank you, Azharuddin.

      I wiss you all luck with your digital marketing career.

      1. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Ravi Sir for his great initiative.

  35. If anybody thinks that it’s a fake promise like many others. You are absolutely wrong. I know ravi sir from the last few months and his behavior is just lovable. Few days back, he has given me a free theme and now free hosting. Ravi is only one YouTuber who supports newbie like this. Thank you sir.

    1. User Avatar

      🙂 🙂 Thanks Himanshu, Now you can give your thoughts a web-space. Good luck.

  36. User Avatar

    Hello friends 100% real he Mujhe Bhi mile he free hosting

    Thank you soo much Ravi si. You are a very helpful person.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Yogyata,

      I am glad you liked my behavior. Wish you very good luck with your future projects and with blogging.

  37. Naresh Dabhi

    Very very thanks Ravi Sir

    Muje jo aapne free hosting diya he 1 saal ke liye, us ke liye bohat sara dhanyvad.

    Aise hi motivate karte raho sir.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Naresh,

      You are most welcome buddy.

  38. Thanks, bro for providing free hosting from a reliable company. I totally appreciate your work. Free hosting helped me a lot. Thanks again soo much for the hosting. I know many people think u don’t give free hosting. But you do And you gave me. Keep doing this great work. Have a great Journey

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Akashdeep,

      Thank you very much for your positive response. Good luck! Enjoy!

  39. One word is enough for Ravi sir

    “Unforgettable Helping Handa” Whether it is Free hosting, website designing or anything. Love You Sir :).

    1. User Avatar

      Hey Shruti,

      Thank you very much. Keep doing awesome things. Good luck!

  40. Imtiaz Ahmed

    The initiative taken by OK Ravi is really praiseworthy and valuable. I am also a beneficiary of this initiative. The hosting provided is one of the best hostings. The hosting is really fast, their support is awesome and with many more features. I would like to thank and appreciate OK Ravi’s kind gesture. This initiative is best and helpful for new bloggers who want to come to the field of blogging.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Imtiaz,

      Thanks for your kind gesture and valuable comment. It will help others in making a decision. Good luck with your blogging journey.


        Thankx for help in creating a job website
        You are a big one

    2. Kalmi ROHITKUMAR

      I also got 1 year hosting free from “OK Ravi”. Thank you so much for taking this initiative for people like me.

      1. User Avatar

        Hi Rohit,

        Mention not. I will be taking more such programs in the upcoming days.

  41. I ordered free hosting multiple times and I got hosting from Okey Ravi. Hosting is best in speed and also WordPress optimized.

    Thanks, a lot sir for giving me free hosting multiple times.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Ramjee,

      I know you have requested multiple times. The only reason to provide you that is all were requested form new bloggers who was in need.

      Thanks for recommending them. We wish you good luck with your future endeavors.

    2. Jitendra kumar

      I filled up the form. waited for confirmation and I got free hosting. No one gives anything free but you did. It was very surprising to me.

  42. Sanjeev Baria

    I got 1 year hosting for free from “OK Ravi” and free SSL and email account also and he is a nice guy. He guided me through TeamViewer and very nice behavior. Thank you so much for this.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Sanjeev,

      I am glad that you liked my behavior. We wish you good luck with your future projects.

  43. Vishnu kumar Saini

    Hello, my name is Vishnu Kumar Saini. Our Sir Ravi Ji took out a free hosting offer! In which I applied, Sir made me provide free hosting. I would like to thank Ravi sir very much who made my dream come true. I will be very grateful to Ravi sir.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Vishal,

      You are most welcome. Good luck with your future projects. Don’t forget to share this page with new bloggers.

      1. Ishwar Anand

        Wow, it’s really helpful for me.
        And who have received this free of cost hosting by ( respected – Ravi sir ) also helpful for those people.

        I have successfully received the 1-year Siteground plan. And Ravi sir also helped me during the purchasing time.
        Ravi sir is really responsive and good nature person. If I explain more comment box will be shot for me.

        So far finally thank you soo much Ravi Sir/brother.
        I appreciate you
        Keep doing this great job.

        Have a nice glorious journey

        1. User Avatar

          Hi Ishwar,

          Such a lovely feedback. Loved your response. Enjoy blogging ahead.

      2. Mohammad Arvaz

        Thanks, Ravi Brother for giving me free Hosting for One Year.
        I will be trying Hosting the first time, It’s possible due to you only.

        Thank You Very Much, Brother??
        I will that you get all the success in your life.
        Thanks one more time??

        1. User Avatar

          You are most welcome Arvaz. The motto for my hosting initiative is the same. We are trying to help people with our mutual obligations.

    2. Supriyo Khan

      Hi sir, My Self Supriyo Khan the Admin Of Thank You For Provide Me 1 year Free Hosting. You Are Just Awesome. Thank You So Much, Sir.

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