Infosys Mysore DC Joining FAQ Explained

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Infosys Mysore DC Joining FAQ Explained

Infosys Mysore DC Joining FAQ – Hey there, I am getting a lot of queries about Infosys and it’s joining procedure. I have selected some important queries here. I hope this will help you to understand the process easily. So, here we go with the Infosys Mysore DC Joining FAQs.

Infosys Mysore DC Joining FAQ

1. PAN Card is necessary or not?

Yes, PAN Card is mandatory to have. If you don’t have a PAN card or if you lost. You can apply for reissue or a fresh PAN on its Official Site.

If you don’t have PAN at the joining time, then you will get some time to get it. But, I will suggest you to be proactive in these cases.

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2. Is Aadhar Card mandatory at Infosys?

Yes, it is. These days Aadhar and PAN card are important documents. You should Carry these along with you.

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3. How many sets of formals do we need to take?

Let me remind you of one thing, formals are not mandatory to wear at Infosys Mysore Campus for trainees. But, above rule apply from the 4th day of joining.

So the conclusion is You have to strictly wear formals for the first three Induction days. From 4th day and onwards you can wear Jeans, T-shirts, (Round Neck, while you are in office) Sweatshirt, Hoodies, sports shoes, sneakers and all.

So, two sets of formals are enough.

Sandals are not allowed in office hour. You can use sandals on weekdays.

Infosys Mysore DC Joining FAQ GEC Building Night View

4. Can we go home on weekdays?

Yes, You can. If your home is near to Mysore. You can Leave Mysore Campus on Friday Evening and You can come back by Sunday Evening.

You can also come on Monday morning. But You will be allowed to enter into the Campus after 8 O’clock. It simply means You might miss your morning training session.

5. Can we shop on Online E-Commerce Website? Will it be delivered to Campus?

Yes, you can enjoy online shopping. Blue-dart and E-Kart office is at Gate No 2.  For taking your delivery you need to go at Gate No 2 if the courier is Blue-dart or E-kart. For others, you have to go outside of Gate 2 in the lunch period.

Don’t worry. It’s not far. It just outside the Campus.

6. How much we have to pay for watching movies at Infosys Multiplex?

It’s an interesting question. You can watch all movies at Multiplex just in Rs. 150. Yes, you heard right. You will be provided with a membership card which costs only 150 per month. You can avail a lot of facilities by using that membership card.

Note: Gyming and Swimming are not included in these membership cards

Every Saturdays and Sundays, 2 Movies (1 Hollywood, 1 Bollywood) is broadcasted on different timings. You can avail these enjoyments.

Movie details and timings will be sent to you on Infosys mail each Friday.

Download Infosys previous Year Placement papers

7. Can we play games while we are in training Session on Infy desktops?

No, you don’t. Please don’t try this. By the way, you can’t install any software by itself. All things are controlled by CCD’s members.

If you want any important software to be installed on your pc. You can raise a CCD request.

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8. Do we have a Wi-Fi facility inside the campus?

No, you don’t have a Wi-Fi facility inside the campus. You can use your mobile data. But you can use internet facility after 5 O’clock on the desktops provided.

Please be careful about this. You search activities can be monitored. Strong Firewall is there for limited access. You can’t open all thing. Like Entertainment sites are blocked. Similarly, on YouTube Entertainment, Comedy these categories are blocked.

You can use Facebook after 5 but you can be avail to send messages. You can use Gmail, but Google Drive, One Drive and all types of these cloud services are blocked.

9. Which Food Court serves the best North Indian Food and which serves the best South?

This is my personal option which includes my friend’s opinion also. Fiesta food Court (Near Gate No 2) have the best North Indian Food in terms of quality and taste. Secondly, we have the Magna Food Court (GEC 2).

Especially I don’t like Oasis Food court. The taste of food here is sometimes hell.

If you like South Indian Food like the different type of Idlis’s and Dosa’s, then the Gazebo is the right place for you. I have gone several times there to eat different Dosa’s.

I like Dosa!!! Wow

10. Where can we find Cigerate Shop?

I don’t like cigarettes. But, you might be. So, I have to take this query. There are two 3-4 shops near Gate 2 outside the campus for this purpose. You can purchase and take cigarettes inside the campus. But to use them you need to go to smoking zones. Smoking zones are available nearby each building.

11. I don’t have my Passport? Is it mandatory to have while Joining Procedure?

No, passports are not mandatory. If you have it’s well and good. If you don’t have then it also well and good. You can apply for passports later when you will have time.

12. Laptops are allowed or not at Infosys

When have I joined Infosys Mysore for my System Engineer training then laptop facilities were not there. But as per the latest update from Infosys campus, laptops are now allowed there. So, carry your laptop there if you want.

Wrapping UP – Infosys Mysore DC Joining FAQ

Hope You have understood all the points about Infosys Mysore DC Joining FAQ. If you have another query you can comment below. I will answer those there. Thanks for reading this article. Have a good day!

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If you have more queries, please comment about that below. We will include them here.

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  1. It’s nice that they agreed on laptop brining. Although I found some additional info as well. You can share this as well with your readers.

  2. Saloni

    I am selected by Infosys in the campus interview held on 4 Jan 2019 in Mumbai. But I haven’t received any mail or offer letter from the company. Can u tell me about how much more time can it take? Do they form batches according to the cities? Please reply. Thank you!

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Saloni,

      People who have given their interviews in Nove-Dec are getting their offer letter these days. So, I am hoping that you will also get your joining letter very soon.

      Good luck

  3. RVN

    No I didn’t get the joining date. Only mail I got from them was the “Welcome to Infosys” mail along with LeX login credentials.

    1. User Avatar

      So, you have not got an offer letter. You will get very soon. You can ask about it replying that mail.

      1. Swetha

        Hi! May I know how many days gap will be there to the joining date since we get joining mail??

        1. User Avatar

          Hi Swetha, It depends. But generally, it will be around 1 to 1.5 months.

  4. RVN

    Hey bro, Great work on this blog! I have a question though.

    So I got placed in Infosys via campus placement in October. But unfortunately I got 2 arrears in 7th SEM 🙁 recently. Does that mean I’m no longer allowed to join the training or am I allowed to clear the arrears before joining??

    1. User Avatar

      Have you got your joining date? You just have to clear the arrears. They will delay in your joining.


    I had mentioned in interview that i have some work experience. So , Is it necessary to take relieving letter before joining Infosys?

    1. User Avatar

      If you have you then can give your relieving letter. if don’t leave that


    Sir , can you post about fastrack exam , like what is it about , its benefits , loss if any, syllabus pattern ….?

    1. User Avatar

      Okay yes ,I will try to write a post about it.

  7. Jayant Patel

    Hi Ravi,
    It has been one month now since I got my offer letter but I haven’t received any further emails, what should I do??

    1. User Avatar

      You will get other mails soon. They usually start sending other mails after one week of offer letter. You will get a series of mails Don’t worry.

  8. very nice article thanks for share

  9. Jayant Patel

    Hello Ravi,
    Today I got offer letter from Infosys on my mail id and my DOJ is 26 Nov. So, I want to know do I have to upload any documents on website? I visited my applications section on this site but it’s showing “In Process”. What should I do? What are the next steps I will have to take?

    1. User Avatar

      No you do not have to do anything on Infosys site now. Within a week you will get a series of mails regarding the upcoming procedures. So wait an watch. Thanks.

  10. Swayam joining date is on October Mysore. Bt I am very much confused about nsr registration . Can I do the nsr registration in campus ?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes, you can do it in Campus as well. But you have a lot of time. Do these things before coming at Infosys. It will be time saving for you. By the way what is the confusion?

  11. User Avatar

    hey, Thanks

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    Nice post-Ravi.

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      Thank you. If you have any questions about Infosys Mysore then you can ask.

  15. Good post sir

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      Thank you.

  16. Usually, I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man. Best article I have ever read

    Keep it up!

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      Hey Jagbir, Thanks, Man. You made my day. If you have any other queries about Infosys Mysore. You can ask.

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