CJ Affiliate Beginner Guide 2019 | Full Review | Payment Proof

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CJ Affiliate Beginner Guide 2019 | Full Review | Payment Proof

CJ Affiliate by Conversant, formally known as Commission Junction affiliate program is the best affiliate marketplace which I have used till now. I am using Cj affiliate since last one year. Now I am writing my CJ experience. Have a look and also share your reviews in the comment.

How CJ Affiliate Works?

Commission Junction is an online advertising company. They provide affiliate programs for different companies of the world in different trade. You can join Cj affiliate as a publisher and as a advertiser both.

Once your affiliate program for any publisher is approved, then you can generate your affiliate link and promote them to generate affiliate commissions.

As you know affiliate marketing is a very good source of income these days. A lot of bloggers are making thousands of dollars using this. If you start making money with affiliate you will forget AdSense and other AdSense alternative networks.

How to Join Cj Affiliate Program?

Joining Cj Affiliate is very easy. It doesn’t require more effort. After joining Cj Affiliate you can earn commissions by partnering with the world’s most widely recognized brands and successfully promoting their products/services. So, If you want to join Cj Affiliate by Conversant then follow these simple steps.

1.Open CJ Affiliate Signup Link
2. Fill the details
3. Verify your email
4. Again fill out all the basic information about yourself and also the information about your website correctly.
5. Accept the terms and policies
6. Click on the Accept Terms Button to get it done
7. You will be on your dashboard now
8. Fill the tax form
9. Enter your payment details – There are two payment options available Check and Wire Transfer. Wire transfer is easy and convenient. You can use your bank account there.

Note – In Wire transfer, they ask for BIC Code /Routing Code, You just need to enter there IFSC Code in there.

You are ready to go now. Welcome to Cj Affiliate World.

Joining an affiliate partner through CJ Affiliate?

As I said earlier you have to partner with the brand which you want to promote for generating commissions. For partnering with any global brand search the brand name in advertiser section and then join the affiliate program by accepting their terms and conditions.

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Follow these steps to join an affiliate partner in CJ –

1. Open Cj Dashboard
2. Click on the Advertiser tab
3. Search for any advertiser using the advertiser name, keywords, serviceable area, language, currency, Geographic source and category

As I have searched ‘domain’ and I got this result. In the same way you can find advertisers for your nioche and service type.

Cj Affiliate review, finding an advertiser in Cj Affiliate by Okey Ravi Seo Expert
Finding an advertiser in Cj Affiliate

4. Once you found a suitable advertiser for your business, then you can click on the “Join Program” button. Some advertisers don’t consider anything and they will give you approval in minutes. But sometimes you have to accept the terms and conditions of your partner advertiser.

As you can see I have already joined the ‘Interserver affiliate’ program and so, ‘join program’ button is not available.

Cj Affiliate review and Joining an Offer in Cj Affiliate (Okey Ravi SEO)
Joining Affiliate Partner in CJ Affiliate

After that, they will look into your application. If they found it satisfactory. Your request to join their affiliate will be approved.

Note: In some cases, it might take longer than usual. So, make sure to apply for the relevant affiliate partner according to your business. develop your website completely. Don’t apply with an under construction website.

How to make money through Cj Affiliate?

Once you affiliate request is approved. You can now get links for different product and items provided by that advertiser. Mostly they provide link ads and banner ads. All sized ads will be available in most of the cases. You can choose which you want to promote?

Once you have decided the affiliate product then generate a link for that product and promote them via prescribed medium and try to get some sales. on every successful sale, you will get the decided commissions.

You can track your affiliate sales under Reports->Transactions.

promoting a Cj Affiliate offer and getting a product link
Generating a link fro promotion

Note: I have said the prescribed medium for promotion. You can’t promote anything by any means just to boost up your sale. Go through the privacy and terms once before promoting. In most cases, Email, Ads, Search and Social Traffics are allowed.

The commissions generated will be reflected in your account. Once you reach a threshold of 50$ which is minimum. You can get that payment in your submitted payment medium. Cj Affiliate generally transfers commission on 20th of each month.

My Cj Affiliate Journey

I have started using CJ Affiliate in the month of Feb 2018. The first affiliate which I have joined was NameCheap. Later I joined GoDaddy, Interserver, Ipage and many more.

The first payment of 675$ which I got, was a mixture of payment from Godaddy and Namecheap. I have earned more than 1000$ but some of the sales was corrected and finally the payment approved for payment was 675$.

It was in the month of June. So, you can assume that as payment of 5 months. Due to wrong payment information the money was rescheduled for repayment three times

godaddy affiliate earning from Cj Affiliate network
CJ payment proof

After that I am earning 250$ per month from CJ Affiliate on an average. I have not joined most of the affiliate partners and still, my main source of affiliate income is GoDaddy and NameCheap.

Okey Ravi’s view on Cj Affiliate

If you are a affiliate marketer then Cj Affiliate is very good affiliate network for you. They have partnered with a lot of good affiliate publishers which is commendable. Beside this they are improving their service day by day which i also appreciate.

So, you must join CJ affiliate by conversant, if you really want to reach with most of the good advertisers of your niche. The only thing you need to follow is Cj affiliate privacy and terms and your advertiser privacy and terms.

If you do this. You will go very long.

CJ Affiliate program most asked faqs

1. When my Payment will be released by CJ?

CJ affiliate release their payment for their publishers on 18th of every month and It will be reflected into your account from 20th.

2. How much time it will take to get my commissions earned through CJ?

Once the payment is released. It will not take more than 7 days if you have chosen wire transfer. but in case of a check, it might take more than a month depending on your location and distance from the USA. I am an India based blogger and for me, it takes a week to get that earned commissions in my bank account.

3. Is there any chance that Cj will disapprove my application?

No, joining CJ is free. But, yes, an advertiser can decline your application based on your website niche and other criteria. it includes traffic, website niche, type of audience, type of service you want to promote, country you based in and many more.

4. My bank Information is incorrect on Cj Affiliate portal and payment is released, what will happen next?

In this scenario, you don’t have to worry about anything. Your payment will be reversed to CJ and it will be released again on next pay cycle. You can check that in your balance detail section. it will show with a term ‘commissions forwarded from next month’

CJ Balance Detail Section

5. How much is the locking period in CJ?

Locking period of a commission is not decided by CJ Affiliate. It is decided by the affiliate partner you have chosen. But, in general it is 30 days and max 90 days.

6. Cj Account deactivated! What to do next?

I assume it as a lacking feature in Cj Affiliate till now. I know a lot of my Blogger friend whose CJ account has been deactivated on professional background and privacy violation. They don’t give any warning. they just deactivate in most of the cases. I also have suffered this once. but that was not a blunder mistake. So, they reinstated my account after asking politely through CJ Support Center.

7. I have more queries and concern about CJ where can I find that?

You can find that on CJ Support Center.

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Thanks for reading. if you have any query or concern feel free to comment down.

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