Document Checklist for Infosys Mysore Campus Joining 2020

Infosys Mysore Training

Document Checklist for Infosys Mysore Campus Joining 2020

Documents required at Infosys for Joining – Howdy readers, You know I had joined Infosys on 6th May 2018 as a System Engineer Trainee. My training location was Mysore. Now, I am a Test Engineer at Infosys and posted to Infosys Bhubaneswar DC. My training ended on 12th October 2018.

So, I have made a list of freshers queries which will help you in Infosys Mysore Campus Joining procedure and in Induction Procedure.

I have also shared my Infosys System Engineer Interview Experience.

Infosys Mysore Campus Joining 2019 – Fresher’s Top Queries

The first basic query is about what to take & whatnot when you go Mysore for your System Engineer training? Freshers who join Infosys always get confused about this. So, I made a list of things to be carried to Infosys Mysore Campus along with you on the joining day.

You can also download the Welcome Kit for Infosys to know about all the things which you need to carry before joining.

List of documents which needs to be carried –

1. Infosys Offer Letter and the Letter of Intent to Hire. Only the first one is really needed. But you need to take two complete sets of offer letter along with Annexure 1, 2, and 3. Don’t forget to sign on the required place.

Download Infosys previous Year Placement papers

2. All results and marks sheet. this includes 10th, 12th and all semester’s original mark-sheets and 2/3 photocopies of all the originals. If you have done Diploma or Post Graduation then carry all the marks sheet and degree of that also.

3. Passport  – If you don’t have a passport then you need to go through some background check and the details will be given to you once you join Infosys Mysore and fail to produce your passport. The cost for the background check will be around Rs. 750.

You don’t need to worry more about this. I was also not having a passport when I have joined the Infosys Mysore Campus. But, I have applied for the passport before joining.

But you need to worry more if you don’t have a passport.  Because the passport is not mandatory for joining in Infosys. It will be required when you will be supposed to move to production.

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4. Print-out of Joining Details Letter (Read as an E-Joining form) and the Accommodation Letter. These 2 items are to be brought. You also need to know your registration number mentioned in the Accommodation Letter. But do take one print-out of both the emails.

You will get this in the mail after getting an offer letter like this.

Infosys Mysore campus accommodation registration number

5. NSR card or the IT-PIN number –You can get this before joining otherwise you have to do get this inside the campus. To register for National Skill register follow this link.

Once your registration is complete then you have to visit any nearest NSR center to complete this process. They will take your biometric and approx Rs. 450 to finalize the process. Once this process is done, the NSR card will be sent to your registered mail. You can also download it from the NSR website.

6. Degree Certificate – Most of you might have received at least the provisional degree certificate from your university. That will be enough if you don’t have the original degree certificate.

7. PAN card – You must take your PAN card, Else you won’t get your salary afterward. Hahaha, Joking. Apply for a Pan Card now. if you don’t have.

8. Notary Service Agreement – You will mostly get this after you leave for Infy. Not to worry. They will explain all about this in the Induction Program and tell you how to go about that? You need to bother about the company signature. Just do the engineer signature by yourself and then surety signature by your parents.

Notarization is done inside the Infosys campus also. A notary visits the Infosys Mysore campus every week and also you can do it outside the campus. You will have one months time to submit this.

10. Medical test details – Mandatory, You have to go through these medical checkups before joining. HBsAg (Spot/ Elisa, Chest X-Ray, Typhoid (Widal), Stool Check, Urine routine and Bile Pigments, Blood grouping and Rh Typing).

You don’t need to take X-Ray report and medical test reports, as Only medical certificate is required

It is not mandatory to have a medical certificate on letterhead. But make sure that the signature and seal should be proper.

As I have also produced a medical certificate on a normal A4 sheet.

11. 3 to 4 sets of formal dresses – Ties for men (not mandatory). Single pair of black or brown formal shoes. Formals are mandatory to wear for the first three days of induction only. So, @ pair of formal will be enough for you. Rest you can take sports shoes, Jeans, Kurta Pajamas or in simple words any Indian or western dresses are allowed.

Please note, for guys, wearing chappal is not allowed inside the GEC on Friday or Saturday during working hours.

Girls can wear chappals but that should not be showy or glittery. Salwar Kameez, sarees, shirts and trousers or even a long formal skirt are perfectly fine for ladies. But please don’t embarrass your self-wearing mini skirts during office hours. Otherwise, you can go with fashionable dresses.

For girls, better you should buy fashionable clothes later after leaving there for 5-7 days. You will have enough idea then.

But you people can wear anything during off-hours. No restrictions.

12. I will advise you to take some medicines of a cough and cold, headache, pain, gastric problem for precautions. But be assured, if you fall ill, you will get the best medical treatment in the Employee Care Center Specialized hospital which is inside the campus at the recreation center.

13. Shaving kit for guys. You can buy it from Loyal world also. The loyal world is a shop like a general store at the recreation center.

14. 3 to 4 sets of casual dresses for off times. Don’t bring towels, pillows or any bedding items as you will get everything there.

15. No gadgets like PSP, pen drives or portable data carrier. But the camera (DSLR even), MP3 player, I-pad of any dimensions are allowed.

Laptops are now allowed at Infosys

Download Infosys previous Year Placement papers

16. 20 to 30 passport size and 10 stamp sizes color self-photos.

17. Carry your Aadhar Card

That’s all.

I hope this will help you to get your confusion out about Infosys Mysore Campus Joining formalities.

Thanks for Reading.

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If you have any query about Infosys Mysore campus Lifestyle, Training or anything else. then feel free to comment below. I will get in touch with you soon.

Thanks for reading this post about Documents needed for Infosys joining.

If you have any query or concerns, do comment below.

Have a good day!

Comments (210)

  1. sandhya

    Good morning sir, I have got selected for Infosys on Sep 2019 when will be my joining date.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Sandhya, I can’t predict anything about this.

  2. Teja

    Actually in my documents my name is surname first name but in my offer letter my name is first name surname and I already prepared my service agreement withthe same name which is in offer letter is there any problem with that.

  3. Nikita

    My joining date is 9 March and I have to reach on 8 March ?

  4. Nancy

    My Supplementary Result is not yet published and i have doj on Feb 10th 2020. So i requested for an extension. I just told this itself as the reason and not any medical reasons. Is there any problem? Will they extend my joining date? I have heard that they will only accept medical reasons for extension, is this true?

  5. Vinuthna

    I had selected as a system engineer from infosys Infytq exam on june 7th 2019 when could i expect the offer letter ?.Till now there is no response from them ,should i keep hopes on this offer or else look in to the other one?

  6. Ajay kumar

    Hello sir,
    I have placed in campus on September 16.when the training process will start. Can I know which month training process will start

  7. Ravish77

    Sir, I am selected by Infy at my last semester from my college (dec2018) I’m 2019 pass-out, I got an offer letter from Infy with(Feb10) like the date of joining. It is a long time in between so I worked with another mnc bpo company. I couldn’t get a relieving letter from that company as I could not serve for 6 months. Is it mandatory to furnish the details of my previous employment and relieving letter at the date of joining with Infy?

  8. Kavya

    I already notarized my service agreement without leaving space in place of date of signing. I mean in my service agreement “[date of signing] ” as it is. I haven’t left the place blank. The date on which agreement is notarized is written by notary on stamp. I am asking will they reject my agreement because i didn’t write any date or left it blank to fill it later but printed [date of signing] as it is.

    1. User Avatar

      No Kavya, you did right. No need to place a date now. you can put date after joining only if they ask to do so.

  9. Lavanya

    I have my DOJ on december 30,2019. How can i know if someone has same or near DOJ as mine? what things should I know before my training?

    1. I had the same before , now it has revised to November 11

      1. Pradeep

        Bro Same here Mera bhi revise ho Gaya hai toh tujhe kuch aur mail aaya like medical certificates ya aur Kuch details lane ka.

    2. Lalitha

      I too have my doj on Dec 30 2019

    3. sunil

      i have join december 30,2019

    4. Shreya

      Hey my joining date is same as of yours!!!

  10. Kavya

    In the first line of service agreement, there is a date of signing as they haven’t mentioned anything about it. I left it as it is in the pdf without entering any date or leaving it blank. Will it be a problem?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Kavya,

      You can put a date when you submit the Service Agreement after joining Infosys. Leave it blank as of now. Good Job. Congratulations!!!

  11. Lovepreet kaur

    Hii sir my joining date is 21st October can I reach there on 19th October?? Nd how can we link oursAadhar with UNA?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Lovepreet,

      You can go on any day. You will be allowed to enter into the campus only on reporting day which is basically 1 day prior to joining. I didn’t get your second question.

  12. Vikash Tiwari

    Hii Sir, is passport mandatory at the time of joining? If i am not having this, then what will Infosys do?

    1. User Avatar

      No, It is not mandatory to at joining time.

  13. Vikash Tiwari

    Hii Sir, what will happen if medical test before joining is not okay (means there is any health issue) ? Will Infosys allow me to join?

    1. User Avatar

      Thay will give you some time to recover

  14. Vishal

    Is it necessary to have a printed medical certificate or the handwritten certificate having signature and seal of doctor is also accepted ??

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Vishal,

      May I know the doctor name who is writing medical certificates? 🙂 🙂 Please take a printout of the medical certificate provided in the mail, either on letterhead or A4 sheet and then take doctor signature and seal from the hospital.

  15. Atchaya V

    Sir., I’m receiving only” know ur infy” mail…. And not yet received any mail about documents verification or anything regarding joining date….

    1. User Avatar


      Have you got your offer letter?

  16. Rishav

    Sir i got offer of employment last month and I didn’t get any other mail regarding medical certificate. When will i get mail regarding list of medical hospitals?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Rashav,

      You will get that almost 1 month prior to your joining date.

  17. Raghu

    Sir,can u please tell me how much they charge for notary signature at Infosys mysore campus?
    wheather we can get notary sign in our home town or we can get at the campus,which will be better one?
    kindly give some suggestions to prepare the service agreement.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi, You can do it for your home. Max, they will charge you 500.

  18. Suryanshu

    Do the passport size photos and stamp size photos need to be carried with a white background or any colored background will do?

    1. User Avatar

      A white background is necessary.

  19. Karthikn07

    Hello sir,
    I was selected in Infosys on December 2018 in off campus drive. I got a certificate verification on FEB2019 and received a acknowledgement also…, . When can I expect date of joining.

    1. User Avatar

      I don’t know Karthik, You have to wait for any further communications.

  20. Srivathsan

    How about laundry? In Infosys Mysore whether laundry service is free or we have to pay for it. If so then what is the cost for laundry?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi, You have to pay 50 rupees per machine at the laundromat. You can wash up to 6-7 Kg of clothes at a time and the most important thing “detergent will be yours” 🙂

  21. Ammu

    Hii sir.. I am selected for infosys will u plz tell me the exam pattern which is going to held within in a week after joining.

    1. User Avatar

      Please read my other posts about Infosys. I have mentioned everything there

  22. Subhani

    Hi sir, all my clg mates got doj(Dec, jan, feb) expect 3 members. I am one of them. I didnt get ol. When will i expect my ol. Plz respond
    Is infosys send ol to us Or not?

    1. User Avatar

      HI Subhani, Son’t worry. You will also get soon.

  23. Siri chandana

    I was selected in Infosys on December 2018 in off campus drive. I did not get any offer letter of information regarding certificate verification. When can I expect date of joining.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Chandana, People are already getting the offer letter. SO, you should wait for some time.

  24. komal takalkar

    Hello sir,
    I got places at Infosys in Dec 2018 through off campus placements still i haven’t received my offer letter. When will i get it?

    1. Yuvasri

      I got placed in Sept 2018 only today I got my offer letter. so, please wait

  25. Somya Rajput

    is Ipad allowed in infosys?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes Somya, Ipads of any size are allowed. You can also take laptops from this year.

      1. Somya Rajput

        I got my offer letter and the date of joining mentioned is 19th aug 2019 (monday), did they provide with accommodation one day before joining i.e 18th aug

        1. Mousumi saha

          Hi, I got my offer letter in the month of may 2019 when can I expect my date of joining?

  26. Is it true “Laptops are now allowed at Infosys”?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Hitesh,

      Now it’s not true. I got some news this year that they have allowed laptops inside the Mysore campus. So, You will be lucky enough to have it.

    2. Yash Agarwal

      I got selected in infosys in september end . I belong to Jaypee institute of information technology ,noida.
      Some of my friends got doj on 19-aug-2019. When will i get my doj ?

  27. Sam

    Placed in on campus in Oct from Nit rkl …till now no offer letter.When I may expect it?

  28. Gowtham

    Hello sir
    I got selected no dec and done my document verification on feb but still no reply or offer related mail but i received mails like know your infy when would i expect my offer sir please help me sir thanks…..

  29. chandni

    i got selected in infosys through campus placement in feb,2019.when i suppose to get offer
    letter.though i did not receive any document submission mail from there.i mailed to offer
    update so that they replied your application is under process you will get update on this
    shortly what it means they r not teling any tentitive date or month for joining .can you tell me
    when i suppose to receive any mail regarding joining from infosys.

  30. Suddheer

    What is the worst case situation of getting the offer letter or call letter?

  31. Aswathy

    Hello Ravi,
    On Sep 2018, a campus pool was conducted in Mangalore and got selected. Received a mail regarding Acknowledgment from Infosys for getting selected. But till now not received any offer letter mail and my Engineering exams are done by this month.
    Can u please help, to let me know when I will receive my offer letter or any idea that why getting delayed..
    Please help me out !!

    1. User Avatar

      Hi, I am not aware of this info. But yes, you will get Offer Letter by End of August.

      1. karuna

        Hai sir I was selected by Infosys 0n 19-12-19.I got know your infy mail on may 7 and june 3.when will i except my date of joining

  32. Anusha

    I have selected for Infosys on December 2018.I just received mail regarding to lex platform but I didn’t received the offer letter. When can I expect offer letter?

  33. Priyanka

    I received the joining letter from Infosys recently and the DOJ is on 24th June at Mysore.
    I didn’t receive any information regarding reporting time nor accommodation details.
    Will they mail me regarding this? Or should I reach on the specified date?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Priyanka, Accommodation details will be sent to you 20 days prior to joining date.

    2. ayush meher

      Are u from Pune University? I didn’t receive the joining letter yet.

      1. Priyanka

        I’m from Mumbai University

    3. Manish Golanakonda

      Hello Priyanka, When was your interview and which place?

      1. Priyanka

        Interview was on 5th Jan, Place: Virar

  34. Somya

    I got placed in september,2018 through an on campus drive after one month I only received the login details of lex platform…its june now and i haven’t received my offer letter 🙁 ….. What are the chances of receiving it soon ?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Soumya, You will get it by August End.

  35. Okey Ravi

    I have created a telegram group for the communication between the people who are waiting for the call letters. share your information there……….Join this telegram group
    If any information came to you please kindly share there. The group may be non-responsive in the first. but slowly it will get active.

  36. Ritika

    HI, I got selected on 25th Nov 2018. When can I expect my joining? Can I expect it almost in July or can be delayed to Aug also??

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Ritika, Yes, you can expect it in July. But there are chances that It will go to August as well depending on how many people are in the line.

  37. ARUN K


    1. User Avatar

      Hey Arun, recently you have completed the process of Infosys. So, you should wait for at least 1 more month. Infosys is giving joining letter to those candidates who have appeared in DEC-Jan now.

  38. Nancy

    Hi Sir,
    I have given my interview in September 2018 in my college ( On-Campus placement)and declared as selected. I haven’t received my offer letter yet. I am 2019 pass out and my final exams will end by June 2019.
    Only after I was selected, my 6th-semester result came and I had a supplementary. My supply exam is not yet started. Is it possible for me to extend the DOJ on this reason ( once I get the offer letter before my results are out)? Or will I be rejected from joining Infosys?
    Sir, can you please help me with this?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Nancy,

      If you receive your Offer Letter before your supplementary results, then they(Infosys) might consider your extension. They will not reject you for sure but you need to have a concrete reason for your extension if at all you are applying for an extension. May I know when will your supplementary exam be held?

      1. Nancy

        June 15 2019

        1. User Avatar

          No problem then, focus on your supplementary now. Leave other things. One thing you need to keep in mind that Infosys will not throw you out, only they will delay in your joining.

          1. Nancy

            Thank you so much Sir.

  39. Aish

    Hey. I was selected by Infosys on 14th of Dec 2018 and I came to know that I was selected through my college in that there were names of other colleges too. It was an off-campus drive and also I received a mail know your info on May 7th is that a sign that I got selected? My exams get covered by may. Can you give me a rough idea on when will I receive my offer letter?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Aish, Yes, roughly you will get your offer letter by the end of July at most.

  40. krishna sudheer

    Hello sir,
    I got places at Infosys back in Nov 2018 through campus placements still i haven’t received my offer letter. When will i get it?

    1. User Avatar

      Many people like you have contacted me who had given their examinations and interview in Nov- Dec. Some of them have got their joining date and offer letter from Infosys dated around May last to June July. So, I am hoping that you will also get your offer letter soon.

      good luck and congratulations!

  41. Disha

    when will the next training batch in Infosys be called?? And can we ask them to postpone the batch of training for which they have called me??

  42. nsd04

    I got placed in December,2018 through off campus in infosys. I only received the login details of lex platform. When will I receive my offer letter?

    1. User Avatar

      Hey NSD04, You will soon receive your offer letter. People have started getting their joining date. So, You alos will probably get your offer letter within a month. Congratulations

    2. Sid

      Do u receive any documents upload mail from their side?

      1. Karthikn

        I have got placed in December 2018, through off campus and I have passed through the document verification mail…but still I have not received any mail regarding joining letter.

  43. Satyam Agarwal

    My date of joining at Infosys is 20/05/2019 and I am reaching Mysore by 18/05/2019. So, can I go directly to the campus for accommodation or on 19/05/2019 they will provide me with accommodation and on 18th I have to stay outside? As I am told to join on 19th.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Satyam, You should go on joining day only. They will provide you accommodation form joining date only. Before that, you have to stay outside.

  44. Aishu

    Hi I have selected in Infosys at Feb 2019 off campus.still i didn’t get my offer letter.when I will get my offer letter?

  45. Prajakta

    hello sir, I was selected infosys at January 2019 through off campus but I didn’t get any conformation mail form infosys. Only they share result to training and placement office in my college. Can you please tell me When will be I get offer letter or joining letter??

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Prajakta,

      Infosys is taking some time these days. I don’t know why? But yes, be sure that you will get your joining letter soon.

  46. Venu.K

    Hi, I got selected for Infosys as a systems engineer in 2019 march through TASK when can expect offer letter for training and do you know the date for training start? Another question is that it is said that call for training will be in a phased manner (i.e, some people will be called immediately and for some ppl after sometime) how will they call for training in a phased manner, will it be based on marks obtained in our Btech?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Venu,

      No, this is not based on the marks you have obtained in your Btech. It is totally dependent on the requirement of Infosys.

  47. Chennakesavulu salla

    I got selected for infosys in the month of nov through campus recruitment , when can i expect the offer letter?

    1. User Avatar

      You should ask the college training and placement.

  48. Rwittick Sadhu

    I have given my interview this December in other college (pull campus) and declared as selected. Can you tell me when can I expect a Offer letter from Infosys? Now I am pursuing My course. My last semester will end at the month of May. And When the training will start (which month)??

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Rwittick, You might get your offer letter one month prior to your course completion. Probably the joining date will be one month after the date of the offer letter receiving.

  49. Satinder

    I cleared the Infosys Interview for the post of Operations Research which was held on 6 Feb 2019. But still i haven’t recieved Letter of Intent or any other information fron their part..Do u have any idea when will i be contacted or send any info?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Satinder, How you got selected? From your college or any off-campus placement drives.

      1. Satinder

        I got selected through campus placement…

        1. User Avatar

          Then the best answer for your Offer letter release can be given by your College Training and Placement department. If you are in college now then I think they will send you offer letter after your degree completion.


    How much time freshers get after completion of training at Mysore and then joining as an employee at DC?

    1. User Avatar

      The company will not give you any time. They are paying you. But you can take holidays on your own.

  51. Ankush

    Plz share me on my email id the medical certificate documents page in which we have to take a stamp and signature of head department.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Ankush, there is nothing like a medical certificate document. You can print the matter either on an A4 sheet or hospital letterhead. Once printed take a stamp and signature from the doctor or office officials.

  52. Soniya

    Sir, when you got your offer letter from Infosys after you get placed

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Soniya,
      I got my offer letter one month after the interview. I have given the interview on 12-Mar-2018 and got offer letter on 13-Apr-2018

  53. Raja singh

    Hello sir
    I got offer letter for joining on 11th march.
    But i’m having some problem
    My name in 10th class “raja kumar singh”
    But in all other marksheet, ID and certificate “raja singh”.
    What to do next sir
    Plz help me

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Raja,

      Either you can go for name correction in the class 10th certificate or leave it as it is. This will not create any issue. My name is also “Ravishankar” In Degree but “Ravi Shankar” in 10th and 12th. So it’s just a typing mistake. So, It’s up to you now. What do you want to do?

  54. Saurabh Sharma

    My original DOB is 8-July-1996 but in online form it is mistaken as 7-august-1996 coz of MM-DD-YY confusion. Is this a serious issue? How can this be resolved?

    1. User Avatar

      You will get another chance to correct it when you join Infosys. So, chill and enjoy. Congratulations ????

  55. Sathish

    What qualification required for this training,and how to get selected from them.

    1. User Avatar

      Hey, This post (Infosys Mysore joining process) will give the answer to your all queries

  56. Palanishiva

    Hello Sir,
    My DOJ is on 21st Jan,19. Till now, I didn’t receive accommodation mail from infosys. But, I’ve got all other information from them like launchpad details,etc,etc. What I can do for getting accomodation mail Sir?

    1. User Avatar

      You will get very soon. If don’t. No need to worry. just go there on your schedule.

  57. Reshma

    Do Infosys have carrer gap eligibility criteria for fresher’s????. I had an 1 year gap between my ug and pg. I completed my pg in 2017. I had applied for the coming of campus drive. If I got selected will this much gap with no job become a problem????????????

    1. User Avatar

      No it will not create any problem for you. If they ask what you were doing in that gap. Give them any accurate reason.

  58. Manoj

    Sir, I hv been selected for Infosys training and the date of joining is 17th December. I have been offered a stipend of Rs 10000/- pm during training. Is it excl hostel charges.
    Further on completion of training what will be expected salary. Can you please help

    1. User Avatar

      You might be going for an internship. right? Hostel charges are excluded. You don’t have to pay.

  59. Sam

    Hello, can you please tell me that if we choose the room sharing system then can we also choose our room partner.

    1. User Avatar

      Actually, there is not an option to choose your room partner. But, yes, If you are two in person then you can ask them for a common room. I hope they will not deny it if rooms available.

  60. Srimoyee Kundu

    I have given my interview this November in my college and declared as selected. Can you tell me when can I expect a Offer letter from Infosys?

    1. User Avatar

      You can expect your offer letter till the end of December. Congratulations. You can watch my Infosys Videos here Okey Ravi Mysore Campus Videos

  61. Akanksha Srivastava

    Hey, I gave my interview in October and got an offer letter from Infosys with joining in January.
    But I haven’t received any login credentials from talent acquisition and also no message regarding accommodation as you mentioned in you post.
    Should I message to them regarding this or is it ok without that.
    Thanks for the help in advance

    1. User Avatar

      You don’t have to worry about anything, you will start getting emails from Infosys prior to 1 month of your joining. Accommodation email will be sent 15 days earlier of DOJ. Congratulations 🙂

  62. S N

    I am currently working as software engineer and mentioned the same in interview process. They asked me sign agreement form that there will no ties with the previous company.
    Now for joining as systems engineer (fresher) they mentioned that relieving letter should submitted during joining.
    Is that mandatory?
    as I have bond in current company, I need to pay money if want relieving letter

    1. User Avatar

      It is not mandatory, but you have already mentioned then you have to submit. You have a bond in the previous company then how you have left the company?

  63. Rishabh Sharma

    i got my offer letter from infosys and during the application form i filled my graduate percentage 67% instead of 66%. will they check my percentage during joing at mysore campus?
    is this a serious concern?

    1. User Avatar

      No, this is not a serious concern. You will get a lot of chances to verify and edit this data.

  64. Lalitha

    Will they provide accomodation for parents at the time of joining?

    1. User Avatar

      No they will not provide, you have to arrange outside.

  65. Mohan

    I worked three months in a technical support and left that job..Now after 4 months i got selected in Infosys. Do i require relieving letter of that old company also while i am joining(date of joining) in infosys?

    1. User Avatar

      What is your profile at infosys? If it is system engineer then no reliving letter is required.

  66. Sameer

    Hi ravi , i have not received launchpad mail till now but my other friends have received 5 days ago and we all have same doj but i have not received launch pad mail , what should i do ?

    1. User Avatar

      You don’t need to do anything, Just chill. You will also get the launchpad details very soon. If not, then you can contact on the mail from which you have got the offer letter.

  67. Sameer

    Hello i have one more doubt, in training can we get a leave of 3 to 4 days for real brother marrige purpose ?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes , you can get. There is no issue in that. sometimes You have to change your batch due to delay.

  68. Sameer

    I want to know that what is the actual training duration i have heard that training duration is reduced by passing some exam is it true , if yes than all can give that exam or it has some eligible criteria and what is the course or syllabus for that exam to reduce training time.

    1. User Avatar

      Yes, If you crack the exam then your training will be only for 2.5 months. Otherwise it will be for 5 months minimum. Course details will be sent to you once you will get an offer letter. Mainly It consist of Python and RDBMS.

  69. Ajay patil

    Hello Ravi sir,

    Hope you are doing good, I hv one doubt…one of my frnd gol selected within 9 mnths using different email id..he got OL too…but nw he is worried whether he will allowed at mysore campus or not…could you plz help on this..hw can they catch this type of candidate(What process they follow)..plz help if u hv any idea…

    Thank you in advance.

    1. User Avatar

      Nothing is going to happen do chill and enjoy your training. Perform well in Infosys Mysore training

  70. Walde ajay

    Hello Priyanka,

    Hope you are doing good…I hv one doubt…one of my frnd gol selected within 9 mnths using different email id..he got OL too…but nw he is worried whether he will allowed at mysore campus or not…could you plz help on this..hw can they catch this type of candidate(What process they follow)..plz help if u hv any idea.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. User Avatar

      Please don’t do this things. If you caught you will be terminated. By the way if your friend had got a offer letter then there is no any further clarifications on that. Enjoy and perform well in training training.

  71. Dhruvin

    Sir I recieved offer letter from i fosys adn date of joining is 17th dec,do I have to proviDe any conformation frm my side abt joining,
    And wht will be the charges of rooms and food.thankyou

    1. User Avatar

      You will get a series of mails from Infosys within a week, so enjoy. They will tell you the further procedures. BY the way Infosys Mysore accommodation letter will be sent to you 15 days prior of joining date.

  72. Rohan Yadav

    Can we delay the date of joining? If yes then how and when we’ll get another joining date

    1. User Avatar

      Yes you can, For that you need to contact the given number in the offer letter documents. You have to give a strong reason as well.

  73. Manoj

    I don’t have 8th semester and consolidated marksheet, since my University didn’t delivered that to me till now. Can Infosys accept uploading internet copy of marksheet with college attestation? Suggestions highly appreciated.?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes they will accept. You don’t need to worry about this.

  74. Nanditha

    Thank you sir

  75. Nanditha

    Sir,is it necessary to attend the webinars before joining?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes, it will be good for you. If you attend. Infosys will take a test here. If you pass in that. You will directly go to the stream and your training will be over in 2 months and you will get 25k Bonus as well.
      If you fail to do so, you training will last up to 4-5 months.

  76. Nanditha

    Hello sir, what about the NSR that you have mentioned in the 5th query? where do we get it?

    1. User Avatar

      You can get it done at your city or in Mysore campus as well. Better you should do it at your home at nearest NSR center.

  77. Nani

    Please tell me your salary during training after all cuttings . Can we get single room for boys without any sharing

    1. User Avatar

      For now I am getting 16159 as a Salary after all expenses. Yes you can get single room. Then your salary will be somewhere 14k. Single room costs 5k at Infosys and shared 3.5k.

      Better you should live with a room partner. For single room you have to tell them that you want to live alone. It also depends on availability of the rooms in Mysore Infosys ECC’s

  78. Sam

    What about accommodation boys get single room or sharing

    1. User Avatar

      You will get shared accommodation now.

  79. Pavani

    I have attended Infosys interview on 30 July 2018.But I did not get any further communication after that.It has been more than 3 weeks.Should I take that i am not selected??

  80. Jaffar

    Respected sir
    I’m Jaffar Hasan from KLEs college Ranebinnur.
    I have send the documents but still did not get date of joining and offer letter I can know when it will joining date.

    1. User Avatar

      You can ask on the same mail ID. What happened to your documents? Or you can just ask about the offer letter.

  81. kamal

    Bro ,I have written aptitude exam yesterday &waiting for Interview email
    I have to got till now does that mean I am disqualified or sometimes it takes time to declare results?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes, you are right sometimes it takes time. But not more than three days You can ask your friends they have got or not.

  82. Revathi

    I attended offcampus interview on 2nd july 2018. After 1 month I got mail to sent my pg marksheets.Many of the students got offer letter from my interview batch.After sending my marksheets except final result which is not announced , again got the same mail to sent all marksheets. How to know whether I am selected or not?

    1. User Avatar

      You are selected. Send again and wait. If you don’t get offer letter in 1 week then reply on same mail mentioning that you have submitted your documents and waiting for the offer letter.

  83. Salil Kumar Gupta

    Sir, what is significance the registration number given in accommodation mail ?

    1. User Avatar

      That is of no use after the 2nd day of joining. But the thing is it is required to produce when you enter in the campus very first day. It will decide your room no and ECC no.

  84. Akash Panja

    hello Sir,
    I Live in Delhi, My DOJ is 10th Sept 2018 and i have to apply for passport but if i apply right now i will not able to attend the police verification at my home.

    What do you suggest what should i do.
    1. i can use infosys mysore as my present address but i don’t have any address proof of there.

    2. is there any gap(Leave) after the training end so i can apply for passport at that at time.

    or is any of your friend have gone through this situation and what he did.

    and than you for this great blogs it helped me a lot.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi, I was also in the same situation when I had joined. I got police verification call after my joining. So, I just rejected that.

      But the main thing is passport is not mandatory to produce at joining time. You can reapply for passport once you successfully placed to Production.

      So enjoy. And meet me when you come. I am here at Mysore till 10th October.

  85. I have failed in Infosys Offcampus Drive once, I applied to it using an Alternative email id.Is there any chance of me being caught as I applied to it before 9 months prohibition period with another mail Id,Please reply?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes there are chances but if you have given different email and phone then it will be okey I think. Don’t worry. Go ahead and give your test.

  86. Abinash Lenka

    hey Ravi… I gave infy interview on 2nd july,18. Got Offer Letter on 26th july and my date of joining is on 24th september. There were 5 pdfs and in one those I found it is written that I’ve to submit PAN card copy before 1 month of joining. So, I want to know that on which mail id I’ve to submit that??
    kindly reply

    1. User Avatar

      Hi, You don’t need to submit anything right now. Once You join then You can submit your important documents including PAN, Aadhar and all

  87. User Avatar

    It is just a your Web post link on others blog in simple terms

  88. avish

    i have applied for passport and it would be issued after my doj, is there any issues if i don’t produce passport to them on doj

    1. User Avatar

      No there is not any issue. You can submit passport details later.

  89. Krishna

    I printed the agreement on a4 sheet but they said a6 legal sheet.Do they consider an a4 sheet .Is this a problem?? Plz reply me..

    1. User Avatar

      They will consider it. It will not create any problem.But if you have enough time. You can take a reprint on legal sheet just to avoid any misconception. Make sure surity and witnesses signatures have done properly.

  90. Vasu

    Will they give accomodation letter to everyone ??? Or we have to apply for accomodation..?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes they will send you accommodation letter 1 week prior to joining date. Good luck.


    Is it compulsory to take accomodation given by infosys or can we live outside the campus with family or relatives?

    1. User Avatar

      No, it’s not compulsory. You can arrange your accommodation outside.

  92. Uddeshya Kumar

    Do I have to bring my medical test reports there with me when coming for first time, or they will do check-ups there? Plus, do we have to pay for food in those 8 food courts or is it also included in facilities like many others?

    1. User Avatar

      No, you don’t have to bring your medical test reports. You just have to submit medical certificates.

      No, for every facilities you have to pay. Like fooding, lodging and others

  93. Uddeshya Kumar

    I was asked to submit scanned documents like Provisional Degree Certificate and attested graduation marksheets. I sent all those on the very next day. It’s been 4 days since I submitted documents. Does that mean I will definitely get Call Letter, or how much chance is there that I will receive Call Letter & DoJ or not?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes you will definitely get your offer letter. Same thing had happened with me and my friend. You can expect your offer letter in upcoming 10 days.if not you can send them a reminder

  94. Divya

    Sir I had got my DOJ. But due to some unavoidable reasons I can’t join on the given date. I tried contacting them on email given in the offer letter but haven’t received any reply and it has already been 10 days. What should I do?

    1. User Avatar

      Try to call the HR. The no will be mentioned in the offer letter. Please check.

  95. Amarnath Sahoo

    I have appeared Infosys Off campus drive at Bhubaneswar on 2nd July. After some days I got the user ID and password to login to the Infosys site, there I filled up some educational details. After that what might I expect?

    1. User Avatar

      You just need to wait now for the next update.

      1. Vishal

        What will be the in hand salary after all deductions during Mysore training?

  96. Ankita

    I was asked to submit the scanned copy of my documents through mail, and I had submitted it last week.Some of my batch mates who were not asked to submit the documents already got the offer letter and doj.When can I expect mine? Can it be by this month?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes it might be. You can also ask gently about this on the same mail through which you was asked to submit scanned documents. They will revert back to you for sure.

  97. Ankita

    I got a mail regarding submission of scanned copy of my documents, I had done that 1 week before.When Can I expect the offer letter? Some of my batch mates who had not got the mail regarding submission have got the offer letter already.

    1. User Avatar

      Yes surely, you can expect the offer letter within 15 days of submission. Sometimes it might take long time.

  98. Xyz

    They have not asked for medical certificate. Do we need to produce it anyhow?

    1. User Avatar

      If they have not asked, then no need to provide. Good luck

    2. Radhika

      Hii..this Radhika…
      I got selected in Infosys for the post of operations executive during the month of December 2019 on-campus drive. I received only login credentials so when will I get my offer letter??

  99. Mayank

    I have got the offer letter and it has the date of joining on 30th july. So when can i expect the accommodation letter?

    1. User Avatar

      You can expect your accomodation letter 1 week prior of joining date.

  100. Harish

    My sister was asked to bit voter I’d two weeks ago and she submitted it also. So can she expect call letter this month?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes she can.. chances are higher

  101. User Avatar

    You welcome, Keep Loving

  102. lalitesh

    Bohot badhiya❤

  103. Techno Help

    Congrats sir ……….ND always love you ….

    1. Rohitsingh

      I am student ambedkar institute of Technology bevoke student and selected in infosys my queries is infosys only selected bca student Or bevoke this course is designed by delhi gov my rank is 52 but infosys call only bca student i m bvoke student

      1. User Avatar

        Hi Rohit, Man I am really sorry, I don’t have any pieces of information on this.

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