Reasons to Hire a Senior Living Marketing Company in Sacramento

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Reasons to Hire a Senior Living Marketing Company in Sacramento

Does your community provide exceptional care to senior residents? Does your marketing strategy reflect that? If not, you should consider investing in digital marketing, which is no longer an option in the senior living industry.

Prospective residents, along with their families, look for a virtual experience when researching communities to gain a better insight into the lifestyle they offer. Families need to make sure their loved ones are trusted in the best hands.

Senior living marketing agencies can assist you in improving your digital presence by offering virtual tours, downloadable brochures, appealing video content, safety updates, etc. This kind of support enables the staff to worry less about marketing and devote their time to providing remarkable service.

Here are the key reasons for receiving such assistance.

Updated website

An important reason for hiring a senior living marketing company is to have your website updated. When the elderly land on your site, they should be able to identify the most prominent information and learn how to contact your community. Marketing companies will introduce clear CTAs (calls to action), such as “start your journey now,” “send a message,” “ask a question,” etc. Read more about the meaning of calls to action.

If prospective senior residents cannot contact your community through your website, the chances of hearing from them are incredibly low. Professional marketers will make your site easy to navigate and improve its loading speed. They use high-quality images and videos of your available units, amenities, and landscaping. Virtual tours are also incredibly effective in creating a wonderful first impression and making your community inviting. 

Marketing initiatives

Another reason to hire such an agency in the capital of California is being provided with a marketing initiative. Communities are supposed to have a plan on selling assisted living to track their ROI. Such tracking helps communities check which of their efforts are working and which of the aspects of assisted living require improvement.

Senior Living Marketing Company in Sacramento
Senior Living Marketing Company in Sacramento

Some of the most effective marketing initiatives to try are using brand ambassadors, resident referral programs, and traditional marketing. Marketers get residents involved by selecting brand ambassadors to make testimonial videos in which they talk about their lives in your community. Such testimonial videos along with online reviews can be posted on your website for prospective residents to see. 

Moreover, professional marketers keep track of the opinion of people about your community, as negative reviews can damage your brand. There should be a person in charge of responding to online concerns, not just showing appreciation for positive reviews. Marketers make sure a member of their team is responsible for providing responses to both positive and negative reviews.

The most reliable source of referral for senior living facilities is the voice of residents. Word of mouth still remains an incredibly trusted form of promotion, which is why marketers encourage residents to speak of you and attract new prospects. Visit this webpage,, to learn about the history and concept of word-of-mouth marketing. 

Sacramento marketers are aware of the importance of traditional marketing in attracting the attention of baby boomers who are still fond of using traditional channels. For instance, advertisements, pamphlets, brochures, even the radio are effective methods of promoting assisted living.

Reputation management

Another advantage of collaborating with a senior living marketing agency in the city of Sacramento is the possibility of reputation management. Marketers understand the significance of managing the online reputation of assisted living communities, as individuals turn to extensive research when making lifelong investments, such as retirement living.

According to some studies, more than sixty percent of individuals start their research by relying on a search engine. Approximately ninety percent of them read reviews occasionally, which makes review responses vital. Star rating on Google is absolutely important as well, as ratings below three stars aren’t exactly trustworthy to potential residents. 

Make sure the staff participates in sales strategies

Sacramento senior living marketers understand that corporate success starts from within. Therefore, they encourage the staff to participate in sales strategies by hosting formal staff training, teaching them to identify the position of prospects in the sales funnel, listen to their needs, etc. Your staff has to be involved in the sales to increase the chances of success.

Formal training helps staff members build a culture of positivity and remarkable service, which is bound to make an impact not only on prospects but existing residents as well. Additionally, it’s crucial for prospects to be heard, particularly when working with the elderly. Marketers will teach your staff how to recognize if the prospect is in the stage of awareness, deliberation, or decision.

When seniors look for assisted living facilities, they’re in the first stage of the sales funnel, called awareness. During the deliberation stage, they tend to gather information. In the decision stage, they finally move towards making an informed decision.

Using CRM for lead tracking

Sacramento marketing agencies use CRM (customer relationship management) systems to track leads and keep up with prospects. Experienced marketing experts, such as Ellumifi Senior Living Marketing, help assisted living communities generate quality leads, reach sales goals, and provide even better care.

CRM combines various strategies, technologies, and practices for the purpose of managing and analyzing customer data and interactions. The ultimate objective is improving customer retention and driving sales growth.

Final word

Make sure your community finds the right marketer to support your goals!