Find the Best Search Engine Optimization Agency in Vancouver to Help You with SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Find the Best Search Engine Optimization Agency in Vancouver to Help You with SEO

In this day in age, tons of start-ups stay open for a few months and fail within the same year. One of the main reasons for this is not because they don’t know how to sell or market their products or services, but because they miss the mark with one central implication to their business.

The word SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, click here for a detailed definition, has been used and reused in the initial growth phases of any business at least once in the lifetime of any start-up owner. Besides it being a $65 billion-dollar industry, there are many other good reasons for this.

Without this one crucial thing, no one will look at your website for more than 2 seconds and you will not be able to get anyone’s attention towards your product or service either. So why is it so crucial and how can we get help with our SEO through hiring an agency? This is a very important question to ask oneself during the initial start-up phase of any company, and once a website has been built. Because without it, you may as well trash your website and close the doors.

Why Should You Use SEO?

Of course, not everyone will jump at the chance of paying an agency hundreds of dollars to run SEO for them without knowing the “why?”. To shine some light into this, let’s look at just a few of the numerous advantages of implementing it in your business website. So, here is why:

Potential Customers Are Looking For Your Product or Service Online Right Now

Did you know that there are about 2 billion people online every day throughout the world at the same time? Almost over 90% of these people are using a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Mozilla to look for something.

Here is another fact that will blow your mind – over 50,000 searches are being done every second which amounts to over 4 billion searches in one day over 5 different search engines that you can find here:

The reason we are mentioning these numbers is to make you aware that there are billions of opportunities for people to find your business online every day. So, when you use SEO, your website will be amongst those 4 billion searches.

It Will Attract Traffic to Your Site

Search Engine Optimisation’s reason for existing is to drive traffic to your website. The main reason for this is because are looking for a solution to their “problem”. With SEO you can easily “pull traffic” to your personal or business website using a few tactics. This means you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars pushing advertisements into people’s faces just so they know you exist. This is what’s referred to as “search traffic”.


It Can Help Turn That Traffic into Leads and Sales

What is the point of sending people to your website when you won’t offer them something? As mentioned above it will help increase traffic to the website, this traffic will in turn convert to leads, which will then lead to sales. It’s a simple process, yet a powerful one. This methodology enables you to position yourself in the best manner to win more clients and conversions.

The sales and leads will then come as a result of this if you provide what the consumer is looking for. The trick here is to invest in a good agency that will deliver you the best strategy including a winning SEO campaign for your business. Which leads us to our next point. What are the basic things that a search engine optimization Vancouver agency offer to its clients as part of their search engine optimization strategy?

Any good company that offers these services will have some of the basic, yet fundamental services to offer its clients, without which no conversion is possible.

These include the below list of actions:

  • They will communicate with you
  • Their initial step will be to do an audit of your existing site
  • Once this is done, they will resort to discussing and outlining their objectives
  • This will include carrying out extensive keyword research
  • The keyword research will then help to optimize the content of your website from page 1 till the last one.
  • Along with this, optimizing the structure of the site is also an essential component of a good SEO strategy, which will also include any technical changes and improvements.
  • They will build links, which includes finding and building quality links from pertinent sources
  • A good agency will do some outreach and what this means is, once the proper content has been created it will need to be “promoted”. This can be done via different ways such as hosting it to external websites, blog posts, guest posts, as well as on social media channels and platforms.
  • Lastly, and the most important final steps they will take is to monitor the site, and provide you with a detailed of the results of their hard work, after a few months of constant analysis.

Needless to say, any optimization strategy needs constant and vigilance to be effective. Because Google updates its algorithms so frequently, it is easy for a website to get kicked out of the race or for it to move down a few rankings and your competitors taking over, something we do not want.

Hiring a proper agency to do all of the above, and more, for you means that they have the right tools, techniques, and know-how to start you on your journey of conversions and sales, and it is never a case of once it’s done, it’s done. It is a constant effort for at least the first few months of any start-up. 

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