6 Ways to Make Seminars More Productive

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6 Ways to Make Seminars More Productive

Most people complain about feeling bored during seminars as staying active and enjoying every bit of an office event is truly not possible if the organiser does not put required efforts to keep it enjoyable.

Indeed, without much efforts to organise an enjoyable seminar, you cannot expect productivity from it. Here are top 6 ways to help you make your seminars more productive and keep participants active, engaged and happy.

Improving Seminar Experiences with Seminar Room Rental Singapore 

There are several businesses in Singapore which keep organizing various seminars time to time to stay proactive and grow their businesses. Though very few of them manage it to deliver a good experience during their seminars.

There are ways that can improve these experiences positively; however, by adopting seminar room rental Singapore, you can definitely find many advantages of a great seminar.

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Every month, businesses spend approximately 31 hours in various seminars and meetings that give no productivity.

If you too feel the same and feeling unsatisfied with the outcomes of your seminars, then read on this information on various ways to make business seminars more productive and grow your business.

Narrate The Key Objectives Of Seminar To Audience –

There are many instances when people attend a meeting without even knowing the agenda of it and just sit down throughout the session with no certain conclusion.

This is an instance of poor seminar experience; whereas in effective meetings, the attendees are given the clear objective of the seminar right in the beginning.

A small statement of meeting objective can put a great impact on your overall engagement and experience to a seminar. So, implementing this tip in your next seminar planning will definitely prove a great move to improve productivity from it.

No More Dependency On PowerPoint Presentation –

Generally, most of the presentations in seminars or meetings are based on PowerPoint slides which a presenter narrates to all audience.

No doubt, visual effects are good at some extent, but too much dependency on PowerPoint presentation can make your meeting look as if it is entirely based on visuals and have no effective feel. Rather, think of ways to give engaging presentations where you can include others and grow their interest to the subject.

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Add Some Entertainment –

Entertainment is always good during a seminar as it does not let participants or other audience feel bored throughout.

In entertainment, you can include some small games or simple engaging team-building programs that will do a great job in making event enjoyable and grow productivity from it.

Just remember that in seminars, the questioning and conversation should be going on. So, think of something which allows everyone to give input and talk.

By initiating a team building activity in the seminar, you can convert a dull subject into an entertaining topic.

Improve The Scenery –

Another great way to grow productivity of your seminars is to use a captivating venue. Here, you can take services of seminar room rental Singapore in which you get variety of features and a great seminar venue to execute the whole meeting.

Free Up Your Laptop & Mobile Devices –

As per various studies, it is discovered that people who extensively use laptops often face difficulty in remembering things that they read and find it difficult to learn complex ideas.

Same thing applies to seminars or office events. So, we advise our readers to always free your laptop when attending the seminars. Along with laptops, also try to stay away from your mobile devices.

Otherwise, you would find it difficult to concentrate on the inputs discussed during the event due to your habit of checking through your emails, calls, messages etc.

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Follow Your Purpose –

A good seminar needs a good leader. Though it is not that simple to act as a leader to ensure everything is moving fine; however, there should be someone who is accountable for a seminar to be a good event. Once the standards are set up, the whole team should follow the given purpose and then, you can expect your meetings to be perfect and productive.

Meet Personally –

A face to face meeting and a meeting over conference calls or Skype make a huge difference. The impact you can put on someone by meeting personally can just not possible with conference call.

So, to make an event or seminar productive, make sure to encourage face-to-face or physical presence of the speakers at the event. It will definitely boost up the productivity of the audience.

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James Burton is a professional trader and a part-time blogger. He is working for Savvy Training Room for last 7 years. He provides Meeting Rooms, Classrooms and Seminar Room in Singapore. He also loves to write blogs about real estate.

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