7 Web Design Trends 2019 for websites & UX Categorization

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7 Web Design Trends 2019 for websites & UX Categorization

Web Design trends – A well-designed website is like a piece of art. It is the ultimate culmination of great visuals, CSS and the UX as a whole. Since websites are created for a diverse set of users, there is no single design rule that can make any website look great.

Depending on what it is meant and who it is meant for, the website design will be entirely different.

Also, like the physical world that we live in, the web world also undergoes a kind of metamorphosis every year.

So, the trends that set the direction for website development in the previous year may be obsolete this year.

But, the goal of raking in traffic and improving the conversion rates remains a priority. Following the latest web design trendshelp in knowing how the industry is shaping up to keep tandem with userexpectations.

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Why follow Web design trends?

Anything trending or in vogue indicates that it is accepted by the larger public. Being a viral social media post or a kickass website design, the latest design trend means something which is successful.

So it is obvious for any brand keen to attract visitors to follow the latest web design trends.

Here are some web design trends that one cannot afford to miss in the days to come:

Stories in motion

Simon Sinek, the American author, organizational consultant and motivational speaker opines that companies with a strong ‘Why’ are able to inspire more action and engagement than the rest.

If a website can communicate WHY it does something more than WHAT it has in offer, the message gets across to the user in a better way.

Stories help deliver that message across the table easily. Since websites usually come in a single page form with few-fold scrolls, it is always easy to showcase your brand store in motion.

Websites like startupsthisishowdesignworks and Bagigia are two classic examples, you can look up to for inspiration.

Lavish use of geometric shapes

Geometric shapes were initially used by web designers to fill in glaring void space. Now they have become a web design trend that is inspiring creative use in white space and even on banners.

The good thing about geometric shapes is that they can be used a middle ground between flat designs and grids. You can use them to showcase grids differently unlike the usual square boxes, which brings us to the next trend in web designing for 2019 –  Asymetrical layouts.

7 Web Design trends 2019 by Okey ravi

Check out this compilation of award-nominated websites that use geometry shapes in a lavish manner.

Minimalist Checkout page

It is no surprise that eCommerce websites have increased in number in recent years. However, when it comes to design, eCommerce websites have stark differences.

Especially in the checkout pages -the prime location where customers pay for the products that they have added totheir carts. The checkout pages are important from several angles.

First, they should be simple to use and should also make the customers feel safe and secure.

Secondly, displaying trust seal (which usually comes by installing an SSL certificate) should be shown at the checkout page to help in hitting the customers that the page is secure and free of any cyber attack possibilities.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Every visual designer and web designer swear by the need to have balance and scale in any website. Symetrica land asymmetrical grid layouts help in bringing around that balance to a website.

Symmetrical layouts predominantly used equally proportioned website sections that were pleasant to look at and also made it easier for responsive designing.

Asymmetrical layouts go a bit away from the order and uniformity of symmetrical layouts. They have an edge to them which makes content and the section pop out from the rest of the website.

Web design trends 2019 by Okey Ravi (the SEO and WordPress Expert)

Handwritten fonts

There is a fresh and intimate feeling that handwritten notes or fonts can bring to any space. In the digital medium, handwritten fonts have started making a splash that is hard to ignore.

Handwritten fonts are extremely customizable giving websites the ability to retain their own brand presets of fonts that can easily be scaled across all digital mediums where they are present.

For instance, the font used can also double up as the logo of the brand. Sweet Magnolia Gelato is a classic example of how handwritten fonts can be used to make the website look truly unique from a brand perspective

Handwritten Images - Web design trends 2019 by Okey Ravi (the SEO and WordPress Expert)

Cinema-graphs or videos

Don’t confuse cinemagraphs and videos. Both are two different things. Cinemagraphs are images that are animated subtly to create a dramatic effect. Videos, on the other hand, are feature films where subjects and characters are real people, things, animals and so on.

Both cinema-graphs and videos can help capture the user’s attention spontaneously as soon as they land on a website.

The cinemagraph that Budweiser uses in its websiteis so tempting that one might really feel the want to grab a beer right away!

Web design trends 2019 by Okey Ravi (the SEO and WordPress Expert)

Scroll-triggered animations

Scrolling. One activity that every user wholands on your website must invariabley do to explore more information.

Parallax animations have remained the forte for a web designer for the past few years. With time, and for the need for a change has led to recent trends like scroll-triggered animations.

Scroll-triggered animations are not only engaging but can grab eyeballs quickly.

They can help increase the time spent on the website substantially.

Adidas nailed this web design trend with a stylish urban touch to it.

Web design trends 2019 by Okey Ravi (the SEO and WordPress Expert)

Bringing it all together – Okey Ravi’s View

Web design is a hard thing to crack. You cannot overdo the visual imagery nor underplay the web interface elements.

A perfect balance between both is necessary to deliver a holistic user experience. The latest trends in web designing helps in identifying what really works on the Internet.

Following the trends, drawing inspiration from them and making something unique out of it for yourself can deliver something beautiful for your own website. These trends can be a perfect starting point for your website.

A great WordPress theme can help you to bring this in a good manner.

Thanks for reading. I hope you like this. Please respond with a valuable comment.

Have a good day!

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