Do You Know How to add a custom featured Image in Blogger? A BlogSpot Post without featured Image is like a bird without wings. Blogger Post Featured image describes the post in a decent manner and if you make a Blogger featured Image eye-catchy then you will also get more visitors on that particular post.

In Short, A Post thumbnail describes what is being described in the article i.e it summarizes.

By default, Blogger post editor fetches the first image as the featured image but customization also possible according to your choice. So, In This article, I am going to illustrate you completely, How to add a custom featured image in Blogger?

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How to Add a Custom Featured Image In Blogger?

Here is the step by step procedure to add a custom featured Image. Have a look –

1. Login to Your Blogger Account

2. Create a post or you can edit a Previous published or drafted post

3. On Post, editor dashboard, Add an Image to the top which you want to use as a featured Image. This can be done simply by add image button in the upper menu

Add a Custom Featured Image In Blogger

4. Once The Image is uploaded or added, Right click on Image and Copy Image address

Add a Custom Featured Image In Blogger

5. Now you have the Image address which will be like this –

No matter where this image is lying on your Blogger Blog Post if you want to make it a featured image of your post. you just need to do these Changes.

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Setting Featured Image In Blogger

Use this following line of code to set up a featured image in blogger.

<img src=”image-URL” style=”display:none;”>

Here you have to replace Image-URL with the Image address you have copied. In My case after copying It will look Like this –

<img src=”” style=”display:none;”>

So, Is the featured image set now? No, you have to keep these two things in your mind.

1. Replace image-URL with the URL of the image you copied in above steps.

2. Make sure you add this code at the beginning of HTML tab of Post Editor.

Wrapping Up

So, Now you have learned How to add a custom Featured Image In Blogger? That’s amazing.

Now it’s your turn To share your opinions on this and If you have any query then you can ask.

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How to Add a Custom Featured Image In Blogger
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