Flipkart Affiliate Program Review 2020 – With Payment Proof

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Flipkart Affiliate Program Review 2020 – With Payment Proof

Flipkart Affiliate Program Review 2020 – Do you know how to Make Money Online with Flipkart Affiliate Program? Today I am going to talk about Flipkart Affiliate marketing program in detail. It will Cover How to Join Flipkart Affiliate program, Commissions on Flipkart Affiliate products and much more.

What is Flipkart Affiliate Program?

I think you might have basic knowledge of Affiliate marketing. If yes then It is awesome. if no, then you can read the below-recommended article

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As Flipkart Said –  Make Money by becoming a Flipkart Affiliate!


Drive traffic from your website/mobile site / mobile apps to Flipkart and earn commission on every purchase

Flipkart is paying a handsome commission to those who help Flipkart in selling their products. it is very simple. But to get commissions on a product you need to join Flipkart affiliate program. So let’s See the joining and Working Procedure.

Flipkart Affiliate Program Working Procedure

Let me tell you in short how Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program Works –

1. You join Flipkart Affiliate program. Join now If not joined – JOIN NOW FOR FREE

Fill out all the instructions as directed in the image below –

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing program Join Now

Once you have created your Flipkart affiliate account now move up to the Phase 2.

2. You Create your own Affiliate link using Affiliate link generator. This can be done in more ways. You can also promote Flipkart products using banners on your Website.

There are some predefined Banners, from which you can choose. You can easily embed these banners to your Website or Mobile Apps using the HTML codes provided.

You have also provided a space where you can Place any Flipkart link to get your Affiliate link. Also, you can use a URL shortener to shorten your links.

You can also generate links for your desired products. For this try generate Product Banner/Link Tab.

Promote Flipkart Download link. For every download through your link, you will get paid.

Have a look at the image below –

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing program Join Now

3. You have promoted your Affiliate links using different medium Like Social Sites, WhatsApp, Website and more

4. Somebody clicks on Your link and buys Something From Flipkart. Every purchase, through your link, you will get a handsome commission by Flipkart.

5. Once you reached a predefined limit then You money will be sent to you based on your chosen payment method.

How to Update Payment Info in Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Here are the steps you need to follow to get money on time through Flipkart Affiliate program. Ther are two payment options available. Let’s see how to set up them

Gift Voucher and EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)

1. Login to Your Flipkart Affiliate program

2. Go to My Account Section and fill- out the details

3. Choose Payment method either gift voucher or EFT

4. Upload the required documents. Like Address proof and PAN card proof and Cancelled Check.

5. Done Enjoy Now. Once Your payment is verified and When you reach the threshold you will be paid.

Note – Your documents are uploaded. Flipkart will verify once you cross the threshold limit (Rs.5000/- in EFT Mode & Rs.2500/- in EGV Mode) and require 10-15 working days to verify the same. Also, they will give their feedback in case of any mismatch/discrepancies and the same shall reflect in your account panel (‘My Account’ section).

How will You promote Flipkart Affiliate Links? I prefer through Web sites., That is the best way. Do You have a Website? If yes good luck. if not. Follow the article below to create a Website.

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My Payment Through Flipkart Affiliate Program

Here you can see what I have earned through Flipkart Affiliate. It is not more but it is very important to motivate you. It will help you to believe that Yes With Affiliate marketing you can make decent money.

Flipkart Affiliate Program review 2020
Flipkart Affiliate Program review 2020

Some Basic QNA about Flipkart Affiliate Program

How much can you earn?

Frankly speaking, there is no limit. the more you sell the more you earn.

What if I have not provided canceled cheque in payment details?

If you don’t have canceled cheque or If you don’t want to provide.in both cases, EGV Payment will be a very good option for you.

How much do I have to pay to join the program?

For being a part of the Affiliate Affiliate Marketing Program there is an absolute Zero cost required. It’s completely free.

Do you get referral fees on all purchases made by the customer or visitor?

For a product sale to be eligible to earn a referral fee, the customer must click-through a Special Link  (Affiliate Link, banner, promotional widgets) on your site to the Flipkart Site and during a single session, add the Product to his or her shopping cart.

The session begins when the customer clicks through an Affiliate Links on Your Website to the Flipkart Site and ends upon the first to occur of the following events:

  • 24 hours elapse from the customer ‘s initial click-through
  • The customer places an order for a product
  • The customer follows a third party link to the Flipkart Site that is formatted with an Associates tag
  • We will only pay referral fees on eligible Products after order, payment, and shipping.

What if customer returns/cancels the product?

Flipkart has a 30-day cancellation/return policy. Hence products ordered through your affiliate links might get canceled or return within 30 days of ordering. They make payments to the affiliates only for products which are not returned in these 30 days.

If you have more query then you can read those on Flipkart Affiliate FAQ Page

So, it’s time to wrap up. I think the topic is clear to you now. yet if you have any query then comment below.

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Thanks for Reading.

Have a good day!

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