Best Method to Get First 10000 views on YouTube

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Best Method to Get First 10000 views on YouTube

In order to find out “Best Method to Get First 10000 views on YouTube”, Being a YouTuber and a Blogger I am sharing my experience with you here. I will also tell you What other people think about getting first 10K views on YouTube.

As you know, Youtube has changed its policy about enabling monetization for Youtube. Now a creator has to make 10K views on his/her channel to apply for monetization. Once you get 10K views then you channel will be eligible for monetization and if your account is in good standing, Your YouTube content monetization will be enabled in 3-7 days.

Now there is a misconception in between the creators about the 10K views. Let me clear your confusion “Youtube has never told 10000 views on one video It’s about total channel views”. So keep it in mind. Your channel views will be 10K while applying for monetization.How many videos you have created and how much views you got on those videos doesn’t matter here.
Now let’s see the today’s topic.

Best Method to Get First 10000 views on YouTube

If Your prime focus is to make first 10,000 views on YouTube then It’s not a tougher task. Here are the tricks you need to follow. If you follow this I guarantee, you will get 10K views in 1-2 day only.

Note: Please don’t upload others content like moves and songs, this will give you awesome views count but your channel will not be approved once you have some copyright claim on your channel. Be aware of this.

1. First of all, you need to find out what is going to be viral or what is in the top trending these days. for finding this you can read the newspaper, You can surf the net. the best way to doing it to visit Google Trends will give you wide information about all the trends going in all over the country niche wise. You can select your niche and your country to see the trends going on.

2. Now Once you got the topic, make 3-4 good quality videos with clear audio quality and post it to your YouTube Channel.

3. Posting videos to your channel will not give you video views, you have to keep some other things in mind –

#1. Make an awesome thumbnail of your video. Use custom thumbnail for your videos.

#2. Write the video title properly

#3. Give the full description of the video in the description box.

#4. Use proper tags and tag combinations i.e long-tail tags and short tags both

#6. Proper use of category is also important.

Best Method to Get First 10000 views on YouTube

Note: These all steps will help YouTube to analyze your content properly.So that it will reach the proper audience.

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Now the question is ” If we follow above all steps then Is it a guarantee that a creator will get it’s first 10000 youtube views”. The answer is no, here are the explanations.

You don’t have to make but you should try to make videos before the other creators. As you know, When something goes viral then people generally search for those things. The viral object keyword starts ranking gradually. So, If you make nice and awesome videos on that topic proactively, then there is a high chance to make good views and this also works for a trending video section.

Along with the above all things, You can share your videos with family friends and ask them to share on different social and non-social channels like-






Google Plus

Quora and more

In Youtube a video trend due to two reasons. No 1 is, you are a famous creator and you created some nice things and you got some nice views and watch time on that video in very less time because you have a large no of followers So, the video will trend.

Secondly, You made right things at the right time about which people are searching through.

What you need to ignore  “To Get First 10000 views on YouTube “

Most of the creators spend money on getting paid views and promotions. I will not recommend you to do so. If you do this It might be helpful for you to enable monetisation.but after then what? So, create your own contents from the starting.

Do not copy paste. Neither on Youtube nor on a Blog post. on youtube, there is a lot of free music and images and other important things are available you can use those things to make your content awesome.

You have to work on long-term earning. Your contents should be unique.

I hope if you follow all the steps and do as I said You will get 10K views in 1- 2 day. If ypu have any query then you can comment below.







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    great post but new youtubers can use affiliate platforms as well until they don’t get required subscribers and watch hours like revglue. It will be tough task for new youtubers to get this watch hours and subscribers count, so I think it will be good a practice to use other platforms at start to earn some money and then we can apply for adsense when subscribers count reached to 1000. There are many platform are available we can work with such as revglue as mentioned above and I am also using it. Revglue’s monetisation solution can be found at many other platforms are also available that can be used at the same time.
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