Fix yellow Dollar Sign, YouTube New Ad Algo leads to a revenue loss

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Fix yellow Dollar Sign, YouTube New Ad Algo leads to a revenue loss

Hello friends, how are you today? YouTube has changed it Ad policy for Youtube content now and that is only Advertiser friendly Video will get Ad on their video.That’s awesome, But still, a question exists –

“Is the Monetisation Algorithm of YouTube Working according to the new Guideline?”

Well, the answer is no.It is working but not up to the level.I can say It is in its young period and needs to be more adult and needs to gain more experience.But this is what this also is doing right now.Because What is happening right now will tell you clearly about this?

Let me clear it to you by a situation, let a YouTuber like me, uploads a video on Youtube and after some time gets a yellow dollar sign on that video as Youtube Algo thinks that video is not advertiser-friendly.So, I get a chance to “request a review on that video.So that my monetization is enabled again.

monetisation review okey ravi

But this a 24-hour process, because youtube process that video manually and till then My video will get no Ad.This is stupid really.A YouTuber gains most of its view in Starting 24 hours.So this will lead to a big revenue loss sometimes.

Note: The YouTube will only process request review If Your video has 1000 views in last 7 days.otherwise, your video is not suitable for Monetisation review.

Youtube Advertiser Friendly Content Guidelines – Read Now

Watch This video and Know all the things –

Content that is not suitable for most of the advertiser

YouTube uses technology and policy enforcement processes to determine if a video is suitable for advertising. They continually work hard to make their algorithms as accurate as possible and to understand nuances, including for categories like music, gaming, and news. As they said, “Our intention is to treat each video based on context, including content that is clearly comedic, educational, or satirical in nature”.

You can not use –

1. Controversial issues and sensitive events: Video content that features or focuses on sensitive topics or events including, but not limited to, war, political conflicts, terrorism or extremism, death and tragedies, sexual abuse, even if graphics imagery is not shown.

2. Drugs and dangerous products or substancesVideo content that promotes or features the sale, use, or abuse of illegal drugs, regulated drugs or substances, or other dangerous products is not suitable for advertising.

3. Harmful or dangerous acts: Video content that promotes harmful or dangerous acts that result in serious physical, emotional, or psychological injury is not suitable for advertising.

4. Hateful contentVideo content that promotes discrimination or disparages or humiliates an individual or group of people on the basis of the individual’s or group’s race, ethnicity or ethnic origin, nationality, religion, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization is not suitable for advertising.

4. Inappropriate language: Video content that contains frequent uses of strong profanity or vulgarity throughout the video may not be suitable for advertising.

5. Inappropriate use of family entertainment charactersVideos depicting family entertainment characters or content, whether animated or live action, engaged in the violent, sexual, vile, or otherwise inappropriate behavior, even if done for comedic or satirical purposes, are not suitable for advertising.

6. Incendiary and demeaning: Video content that is gratuitously incendiary, inflammatory, or demeaning may not be suitable for advertising. For example, video content that shames or insults an individual or group may not be suitable for advertising.

7. Sexually suggestive content: Video content that features highly sexualized content, such as video content where the focal point is nudity, body parts, or sexual simulations, is not suitable for advertising.

8. Violence: Video content where the focal point is on blood, violence, or injury when presented without additional context, is not suitable for advertising.

We hope You understand these all.If You have any quey then let us know with a comment below.