Hello Friends, Do you want to start your website today? Do you want to earn money online? Today I am going to give you best option to Buy a domain, a hosting plan, and SSL security at the lowest cost So that It can’t cost your pocket more.Friends to own a website these are the first things which you need to get.After then you can make your website easily by integrating WordPress.

Today everybody wants his/her space on the internet, then It is also important to get at low cost as a starter.This article will be very helpful to you.

How to get Domain+Hosting+SSL?

To get a domain, Hosting Plan, and SSL, you can use Godaddy, Weebly, Hostgator, Bluehost, But I am suggesting you buy a domain from NameCheap.I have bought Indiatopyoutubers.com.

Steps to Buy these all –

1. Open namecheap.com
2. Search and choose a domain (.com and premium domain costs more.If you choose .xyz, .club, .site these will cost very low, But If you choose .website domain it will be free for you.You can choose your domain according to your need)
3. I will suggest you buy a Shared Hosting Plan, called Value Plan, which will be for 3 websites and cost you near to 9$
4. Choose positive SSL in just 1.99$
5. Add all these into your cart and Proceed the Payment with Visa, Mastro or PayPal.

These all cost only 15-20$, i.e just INR 1300 approx, Which is the best cost for a starter.

You can easily Understand all these processes by watching this video tutorial –

If you have any query then You can comment below.You can also watch “okey Ravi” Online money making tutorial on Youtube.

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Start your Website, 3 domains+hosting+SSL in 20$ only, Make Money Online
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