How to find my own Channel on Top in YouTube Search

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How to find my own Channel on Top in YouTube Search

Hey there how are you today?Finding Own youtube channel on the top What to do :).Here is the proper solution.This is based on My experience of youtube.I will also answer you how to find your channel name on the top after changing the channel name?

I know you have a youtube channel so you are reading this post, so take a cup of coffee with you and see all the steps carefully.

Channel name on Top after Creating a Channel

Note – Try to use a unique channel name, If you do this then appearing on Top will be increased by 200%.

#1. Upload some videos to your channel

#2. Share those videos with description on Google + and Social Platform like Facebook

#3. mention Your channel name in Video Description, Tag, and Title

#4. Don’t forget to add Channel Keywords

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#5. Share your video links on WhatsApp and tell your friend to search your channel name on Google and Youtube search.The more you do the more it is beneficial to rank you by Google and Youtube.

So, if you follow above five cool steps then in 1-2 days, I guarantee you that you will be able to find your channel name on Top.

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Channel name on the Top after Changing the channel name

Taking a channel name on the top after changing the channel name is more tricky than normal setup.For this, you have to follow all the steps with the new channel name and along with that one thing you have to do regularly and that is “Just keep uploading”.

Gaining some traffic on your channel and motivating friends and colleagues to search your new channel name on youtube and google will help you most to get your channel on the top.

Why choose a unique name?

Note – if you do not use a  unique channel name then rather than doing all the above kinds of stuff your channel will not be on the top due to Google ranking services.You have to work harder than your competition to get your channel on the right level.So, Choose a unique name for your channel.Like I did “Okey Ravi“.This is the name that will give you an identity.

If you need more help about Facebook, WordPress, youtube, Adsense or other just leave a comment below or contact us.I would like to hear more from you.

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