Fix a Hacked WordPress Website? My Job Site Got Hacked

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Fix a Hacked WordPress Website? My Job Site Got Hacked

Fix This Site may be Hacked or Chinese content on Google Indexing for your website – Have you ever faced any hacking issues on your WordPress website? Well, It’s common these days. Our client job website got hacked as well. When we were searching for anything about Google was providing Chinese content instead of the original content.

Fix WordPress Hacked Sites Easily - job website got hacked
Fix WordPress Hacked Sites Easily – job website got hacked

How have we fixed our WordPress website hack?

We have fixed all the problems related to the website. Now it is working fine. Let’s see this tutorial and know what can you do when your WordPress website is hacked due to any reason.

You can also use the Wordfence plugin to fix your hacked site and clean your WordPress code.

In our case, we have got our WordPress website sitemap got hacked. We have seen a lot of invalid sitemaps submitted in our search console.

How a WordPress website can be hacked?

There is a lot of reason for this. We have mentioned some of them here-

  1. Nulled or Cracked Plugin or Theme
  2. Web Server Issues
  3. Bruteforce attacks due to weak password
  4. Virus and Malware attacks and many more.

That’s why you should always do WordPress maintenance on a weekly basis. We have also mentioned why you should not use nulled themes and plugins in our ThirstyAffiliate nulled plugin article.

Fix this site may be hacked

A couple of months back our biography website has got a problem. When people were searching that website name in Google, they were getting a problem “this site may be hacked”.

This site may be hacked pattern finding okey ravi (
This site may be hacked

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