How to insert any HTML & JavaScript code in WordPress Header?

WordPress Hacks

How to insert any HTML & JavaScript code in WordPress Header?

Adding an HTML verification code in WordPress Website Header or Footer – Do you know how to add AdSense verification code in a WordPress Website? In the same way whenever you have to add any type of verification or other HTML and JavaScript code on your WordPress header or footer then you can use plugins like “insert headers and footers” and “ad inserter”.

These plugins are very helpful. You can easily ad any javascript or HTML code to your website header i.e <head> …</head> or footer <body../body> using this. Like Google Console verification Code, Yandex webmaster verification, Propeller ads verification, Mailchimp code any much more

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Step by Step WordPress installation in Godaddy –

Here are some websites which I recommend for Hosting, Domain, and SSL. Most of them provide SSL for free.

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GoDaddy –

My plans for this Ok Ravi channel –

Full Blogging tutorial Online By Okey Ravi. If you are a beginner and want to earn money online, Then you are at right place. I will teach You. How to make Money from blogging? How to money from Affiliate marketing? How to create your own website? How to do SEO? How to do drop shipping? and much more cool and amazing pieces of stuff here.

Full Blogging Course Online Contents –

  1. Starting a blog/website Step by Step with WordPress
  2. Website design and Customization
  3. How to write a blog post?
  4. Complete SEO (Basic and Advanced both)
  5. Backlinks building tactics
  6. Make Money With Blog (using Ad networks Like AdSense and Affiliate marketing)
  7. Ranking of Website ( Guaranteed Alexa ranking Under 1 lakh in 1 month)
  8. Affiliate marketing and Digital marketing tips and Tricks and many more…..awesome things.

WordPress customization includes

  1. Site identity (Logo, tagline)
  2. Menu Arrangement (Header, Footer, Social)
  3. Adding A page to Primary Menu Bar
  4. Adding categories to Menu Bar
  5. Adding Links to the Menu bar
  6. Submenu creation
  7. Page arrangements (With sidebar, Full Width, Content centered)
  8. Sidebar Customization (Right, Left and Header sidebar)
  9. How to add AdSense ads On Website?
  10. Footer Customization (Upper and Lower footer)
  11. How to Create A category?
  12. How To Add Random button and Search Button in the Menu Bar?

Search Engine Optimization –

  1. On-page
  2. Off-page
  3. Advanced SEO (Schema, breadcrumbs and more)
  4. Image SEO
  5. YouTube Video SEO and much more

Affiliate Marketing –

  1. Flipkart Affiliate
  2. Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  3. Hosting/VPN and Other Affiliate marketing
  4. Drop-shipping with WordPress
  5. Drop-shipping with Shopify

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