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  1. Thanks for sharing this informative article. it’s help me alot
    thanks again

  2. Jimmy

    Ravi I just changed my bank account to icici from sbi and haven’t got the account number and all the required credentials. In the meantime can I use (for eg. my father or mom) bank account to withdraw the money.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Jimmy, Yes you can use that. Adsense release money on 21st. So, you can also wait till 15th of this month. Once you get your ICICI credentials then you can put there in Adsense as a primary payment medium.

      1. Jimmy

        So, for example if my account opening got delayed . I can withdraw the money in my dad account for now and later on when i got the credentials, i change it with my own bank account details. Is that right?

        1. User Avatar

          Yes Jimmy, You are absolutely right.

  3. emmanuel

    I am currently unable to add my payment details.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Emmanuel,

      Your PIN and Identity verification must be done to enable the option of bank account insertion in your Adsense Account.

  4. Really nice explanation, this post is very helpful to all beginner and also for me.

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