Resolve Valuable Inventory Not Enough Content AdSense Violation

Valuable inventory not enough content, valuable inventory: no content, valuable inventory: scraped content and valuable inventory: under construction are some popular Adsense privacy violation which people are getting these days. In this article, we will see how can you fix the valuable inventory: not enough content error.

A day back, I have applied for Adsense on one of my client website. After this Google has sent this message to me.

What Google says about “Valuable Inventory not enough content”?

Google says we’ve found policy violations on that are preventing your site from being approved:

The site I have mentioned above is now approved for Adsense. You can check it as a reference.

Valuable Inventory: Not enough content

It’s important for a website displaying AdSense to offer significant value to the user by providing unique and relevant content, and not to place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.

This may include, but is not limited to:

  1. Paragraph copied from other sources
  2. websites dedicated to embedded videos from other hosts like Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion.
  3. Websites with gibberish content that makes no sense or seems auto-generated

templated or pre-generated websites that provide duplicate content to users. For more information, please review the AdSense programme policies, this help article about scraped content and Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

“Valuable Inventory not enough content” AdSense policy violation

Now let’s see the current scenario of the website

I have talked a lot about Adsense before which you can find below –

So, after getting Valuable Inventory not enough content violation, I was thinking about what have I missed this time. So, before mentioning what have I missed. I would like to tell you what is required to get fast Adsense approval.

Things to follow for fast AdSense Approval

1. You should have at least 20 posts on your blog. Make sure your blogs and webpages have more than 500 words and Self-created featured image. The HTML structure of a webpage should be maintained.

2. All the post should be uniquely written by either yourself or by a content writer. Originality and uniqueness of a blog post matters for Adsense Approval.

3. There should not be any copyrighted material on your website

4. Avoid using the stock images from Pixabey, Sutter Stock or Canva before getting Adsense. Once you get the approval then you can use stock or free images. You might contradict with me here. Many of you have told me that you have properly given the Image credit and the image you have used is free to use. They are not copyrighted. You are right.

But, I would like to tell you when your application reaches to Google Adsense checkers then they will have enough information about your content. They will analyze everything including images, embedded videos, text, your website navigation, pre-used ads, and much more stuff.

In this process, they will find that the images used are duplicate images. You know it’s free, I know it’s free but who will tell the AdSense analyzers.

I hope you might get the point.

5. Make sure you have proper navigation on your site. Navigation means enabling breadcrumbs and maintaining a good menu structure.

6. Make sure you have Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us, Terms and Condition and Disclaimer pages properly designed with enough content. For example, your contact us page must contain the email, phone, address, contact form and if possible then map also.

7. If possible use a good theme or premium WordPress theme.

8. Make sure to contain at least 3-4 posts in each category

Now let’s see the present scenario of my client site –

After analyzing I have found that there are few things which were missing on my client site. Although they have 18 posts, proper site navigation, original images created by Canva and all required pages.

What my client has missed?

The one thing that they have missed is originality of the content. Mostly the content published on their blog was legal and law formats and you know forms are reusable. So, basically, I have to remove them and have to focus on the uniqueness of the content.

Once the Adsense is approved then they can continue with their own content. One more thing I found missing was the content in the about us page. They have written a very short paragraph in there about us page, which also needs to be fixed.

So, now the question comes what you need to do if you get the Valuable Inventory: Not enough content Adsense violation.

How to fix “Valuable Inventory not enough content violation”?

There is a slight difference between Valuable Inventory: No content and Valuable Inventory: Not enough content. I think the word is enough to describe. No content means there is a lot of things missing which I have described above.

Not enough content means things are in your control but needs a polish. So, I am describing here what you need to polish?

If you have got the valuable inventory not enough content violation then make sure to go through this checklist. Once all marked fixed then apply again for Adsense. You will get approval in on go.

  1. Add some more fresh articles on your site. Try to write long and detailed articles.
  2. Check your navigation and verify the content structure and length of older posts.
  3. Keep your sidebar and footer engaged with good things like recent posts, subscription form, recent comments or some other valuable information.
  4. Try to use at least one relevant images in your posts.
  5. There should not be any category in which there is no post.
  6. Add Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition, Disclaimer, About Us and Contact Us pages with enough content. This is mandatory to do.

If you follow all the above-said strategies then you will be able to resolve valuable Inventory: Not enough content error.


Adsense policies are getting tighter day by day. If you want to generate good income through Adsense then you should focus on creating good content. As content is the king and it will be forever. Only the way of the presentation will change in the future.

Try to build your social image and solve people problems through your blog. rest things will come all together.

I hope this post has helped you to know the fixation of valuable Inventory not enough content properly.

If you found it helpful, feel free to share. If you still have questions in your mind leave them below. I would love to answer.

If you need personal support and a full review of your website then buy this package.

Thanks for reading.

Have a good day!

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Completely Resolve Valuable Inventory Scraped Content

Completely resolve Valuable Inventory Scraped Content – It is a new AdSense policy violation which people are getting when they are applying for Google AdSense. We already have discussed  Valuable Inventory Under Construction and Valuable Inventory No Content in our recent articles.

In this article, We will talk about  “How to fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Adsense policy violation error? “

These days people are in a hurry, especially new bloggers. They want to earn very fast but they don’t want to work smarter.

fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Error Okey Ravi. Google Adsense Valuable Inventory Scraped Error Fixing
Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Violation

Readers, please keep these things in mind Blogging is a business which requires smart work, discipline and strategy to get it on the floor”.

Okey Ravi’s View

It also requires patience. It is not something which will start generating money for you from its initial days.

You will not get tons of money on a table turn

So, before going for AdSense approval. Make sure your website is completely developed. Your website should have unique contents. I said unique it simply means written by itself, not copied, spinned or scraped from other articles.

Contents should be advertiser-friendly and also keep your readers interest on top of your blog priority.

This will help you create a brand image.

Now let’s see the Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Adsense Violation in detail.

What is scraping in blogging?

Some of the webmasters from us, use content, taken (scraped) from other sites. They just modify it slightly, use some synonyms and republish it. This is not tolerable by Google. They want authentic content from you.

Sites from which contents taken are reputable sites in most cases.

Here, they fail to produce unique contents.

I have also seen some people who do auto blogging and who use scrappers to perform scrapping or in other words content misplacing.

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Examples of scraped content include:

1. Without adding any original content or value, sites that copy and republish content from other sites. This is really not acceptable if you want to go along with your blogging career.

2. Sites that copy content from other websites, modify it slightly, and republish it.

3. Without providing some type of unique organization or benefit to the user, Sites that reproduce content feeds from other sites. 

4. Sites which are dedicated to embedding content such as video, images, or other media from different sites without adding substantial value to the visitor. you might have seen a website where they only embed youtube popular videos.

See, What Google says about scraping?

Why webmasters perform scraping on their blogs?

Uniqueness matters for Google and for every reader out there on the internet. So, producing unique, authentic, correct and valuable information for readers will always be fruitful for you and your blog both in long-term blogging.

If you copy from some big website just to produce good articles on your site So that, your AdSense is approved or you can accumulate some traffic is not a good idea.

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Being a Blogger you have to focus on the interest of your visitors, their demands. Do some proper research and then write unique and relevant content for your blog readers. Not just scrap contents!

How to fix valuable inventory scraped content AdSense violation?

After all, this is a very easy task if you have understood what is scraping in the above paragraph.

Now, you just have to remove all those scraped contents from your website or blog,  if you really wanna resolve this Adsense violation.

To fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content violation just follow all the guidelines provided below –

1. Make sure your blog has unique contents i.e avoid content scraping. All the articles should be written by itself. If you are getting help from a writer then make sure to check your content for plagiarism.

2. Do not embed or attach unnecessary files to your blog content. Especially I will suggest you not to use any copyrighted images, videos or other data. Always try to add images and files created by you only.

You should also avoid using stock images taken from Pixabay, Canva or any other websites.

3. Focus on the originality of the content – It is worthwhile to give some time in writing your content. Write long articles if possible, because if you write a short article you will get valuable Inventory no content violation.

4. Remove the excessive advertisements from your posts and pages. I will suggest you not to use any type of ads before going for AdSense approval

5. Maintain a gap between ads and the content. Otherwise, it will look like you want the user to click on the ads. In other words, you are increasing the chances of accidental clicks. So, avoid that.

6. Do not add ads on those pages which have less content or no content. Like Login, registration or search pages.

Besides this, there might be some other issues. This article is very helpful for AdSense approval. Have a look – Top 15 things you need to do perform for instant AdSense Approval.

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Conclusion – Fix valuable inventory scraped content

Being in Blogging from the last one and a half year, I have seen a lot of changes in Google AdSense policies. If you read them then you can understand easily that they always focus on the reader’s aspect and advertiser behaviour.

You also need to understand this.

I know sometimes it’s possible to make money with shortcuts also. But it will not last for a long period. People are doing C4C (click for click), this attitude is not likeable by any advertiser.  Google is also making some strong decision in favour of their advertisers.

A new policy or algorithm change can make the worst situation anytime. You already know that Google Adsense is very strict now. For every website, you have to take a separate approval from Adsense now.

So, far better from this is you should also realize the importance of contents and give your reader’s a different eye to read your blog.

People are facing Google indexing issues and ranking issues due to scraped content as well. It is also not good for website SEO.

Take an oath with me that “You will stop content scraping from now.”

If you do so, then there will never be any chances of “Valuable Inventory Scraped Content” situation.

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If you still have any query. Comment below.

Good luck!

Happy Blogging!!!

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Fix Valuable Inventory Under Construction & No Content Violation

Valuable Inventory Under Construction and Valuable Inventory No Content are a Google AdSense Policy Violation in which the ad serving on some pages will be restricted until it fixed. Valuable Inventory Under Construction Includes Pages that are under construction, not functioning or lead to an error message.

Don’t apply for Google AdSense, If your website is under construction. Make sure your website is focused on user interest and provide value to them.

Valuable inventory Under Construction Okey Ravi

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Valuable Inventory: No Content is somewhat a similar AdSense policy violation which you can also resolve using the same process.

Now the question comes is how to resolve this “Valuable Inventory Under Construction”  AdSense Policy Violation?

This is not a tough task. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Why “Valuable Inventory Under Construction” Occurs?

Your website or blog must be content-focused not ad focused. It should provide values to a visitor and more importantly, it must be original. These rules come when you are an AdSense publisher.

Google does these things to maintain a healthy digital advertising ecosystem and you should also respect that. Being a publisher you should not always focus on earning, you also have to take care of Google AdSense and Webmaster Guidelines.

Google believes that you will create a great user experience on your blog or website. You will keep the user frame at the top of your blog motive. But you are not which leads to a Valuable inventory under construction and valuable inventory no content violations

Resolving the “Valuable Inventory Under Construction” violation

If you are a blogger or a web designer you should have the knowledge of unacceptable contents on which Google denies or restricts Ad Serving. Here is a list of unacceptable contents which may lead to Valuable Inventory violation.

  • Rewriting, Scraping, Mirroring or Framing of content from different sources without adding proper value;
  • Pages with more advertisements than publisher-provided content
  • Automatically generated content without manual review or curation
  • Pages without content or Hosted ad pages
  • Pages that don’t follow Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

Fixing Valuable Inventory Under Construction

Take these precautions on your blog if you are facing this Valuable Inventory Under Construction policy violation.

Once all marked fixed then apply again for Adsense. You will get approval in on go.

  1. Add some more fresh articles on your site. Try to write long and detailed articles.
  2. Check your navigation and verify the content structure and length of older posts.
  3. Keep your sidebar and footer engaged with good things like recent posts, subscription form, recent comments or some other valuable information.
  4. Try to use at least one relevant images in your posts.
  5. There should not be any category in which there is no post.
  6. Add Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition, Disclaimer, About Us and Contact Us pages with enough content. This is mandatory to do.
  7. Make sure that the Header and Footer of your website are properly designed.
  8. Add Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition, Disclaimer, About Us and Contact Us pages in the Navigation Menu. Add it in the Footer and Header menu both.
  9. Add at least 4 pages in each category.
  10. Don’t g with more than 5 categories, but if you have already either delete them as of now or add more posts to them.

Remove Pages which can cause violation -Pages which don’t have valuable content should be removed. In another way, you need to add valuable content to your pages and post, if you can’t just remove it

Remove AdSense Ads from violated pages – If you think you should not delete a page or a post not having valuable content then you should auto restrict ad serving on the same.

But keep in mind this will lead to “Insufficient content” or “Valuable inventory no content”. In both these cases, ad serving will be disabled on the pages which violate guidelines.

You know “insufficient content” is the prime reason for AdSense application rejection.

It will also restrict you get AdSense approval if you are a new publisher until you fix this.

Reduce the No of Ads: Reduce the no of ads if your content is not valuable or in under construction.

Fixing “Valuable Inventory no content”

To fix these above all steps are also beneficial. Along with that take care of this as well.

There should not be any Category, Page and post on your blog which, don’t have content or have less content. If you have such things, remove that. make sure your site is completely developed and have rich content before going for approval.

Publishers are not permitted to place ads on any non-content based pages like thank you, error, login, or exit pages. These are pages that visitors see on a site before potentially leaving the domain or after performing a specific action on the site such as a purchase or download.

Don’t place ads in a pop-up and pop-under windows. A publisher is not permitted for this. People do this to get more ad clicks, but this is not the right way.

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Once you make sure that you don’t have any such things mentioned above then Click on “Marked Fixed” and submit for review.

Wrapping It Up – Okey Ravi’s View

If you take user User interest in your account and make it your top priority then everything will be smooth and clear. You will not face these valuable inventories policy violations.

People today are in a hurry to high their income gradually without work. So, they apply for Adsense without knowing the actual criteria. they place ads intentionally on wrong places just to gain more ads clicks.

I always have told my visitor to give your audience first priority. Have some patience while you are blogging. It’s not a day game. It is a time taking process and things will be better soon.

Creating a Website will not give you money. Give value to your audience. Update your Website Regularly and try to build your brand image. Socialize your content, Do proper SEO and then things will be on the line day by day.

If you need personal support and a full review of your website then buy this package.

Good Luck!!!

If you have any query or concern then comment below.

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Google unveiled AdSense Auto Ads for Better Placement and Monetisation

Google has unveiled Adsense Auto Ads, a new type of ad unit that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to “read” a page to detect and place what kinds of ads might be appropriate to place there. It will also decide auto placement of ads with the number of ads to be shown.

It is very better because Adsense Auto ads will use vacant places on your Website and will Optimize them for better placement and Monetisation.

Now Adsense has these type of Ads in its bag.

Adsense Auto Ads

Adsense Auto Ads Benefits

These are top benefits of Adsense Auto Ads According to Google.

Optimization: Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Adsense Auto ads show ads only when they are likely to perform well and provide a good user experience. Isn’t it amazing?

Revenue opportunities: Auto ads will identify any available ad space and place new ads there, potentially increasing your revenue by 15% as Google said.

Easy to use: With Adsense Auto ads, you only need to place the ad code on your pages once. When you’re ready to use new features and ad formats, simply turn them on and off with the flick of a switch — there’s no need to change the code again. Place once and Enjoy.

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Adsense Auto Ads unveiling

The beta version of this new Adsense Ad Unit was rolled out in April 2017, Till now it was in testing phase and now it is live for everyone.

Google has told that “publishers participating in the beta saw an average revenue lift of 10 percent with revenue increases ranging from five to 15 percent.”

Ohh wow.

For those Who are an Adsense publisher, they Know exactly, for Adsense ad placements first you have to create an ad unit and you have to place the ad code on your website/blog.

But With Adsense Auto Ads things are a little bit easier, You just have to place a single line of code on you Pages and rest Adsense will take care with the help of Machine learning and AI.

Isn’t It Good?

of course, it is.

With Adsense Auto Ads is that Google is taking on the task of selecting the placement — doing all of the work for publishers in terms of figuring out how many ads to put on specific pages, where to put them, as well as what kind of ads will run.

Using machine learning is interesting here because it not only is being applied to figure out where an ad will go, but it is also being used to ingest analytics for how well that ad performs to “teach” the system how to place ads better in the future.

How may Ads You Need to Place On Your Website?

One black hole (and potential pitfall) is the fact that Google’s Auto Ads seems to decide just how many ads it will place on a page — something you would have had more control over without it.

This thread on Webmaster World details how some of the early beta testers were not pleased about how many ads ended up crowding their pages, and what that did to the user experience on the site.

We’re asking Google for a response to that point, and whether it will let users limit the number of units that Auto Ads can place on a page.

Adsense Auto Ads

For now, the aim seems to be to roll this out and see how many sign on for the convenience of the service, which you activate by signing into your AdSense account; checking global settings from “My ads”; copying the code that is there and pasting it between the header tags for every page where you want the ads to appear (they come on in 10-20 minutes, Google says).

Know more About Adsense Auto Ads

In a blog post from AdSense engineering manager Tom Long and product manager Violetta Kalathaki. The two note ad units included in the Auto Admix will include Anchor and Vignette ads, as well as Text and display, In-feed, and Matched content ads.

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(Not clear if newer formats like this larger banner will also be included.) They also write that publishers can specify which of these it wants to run.

For those who have been using Page-level ads (specifying different kinds of ads depending on the subject of a page, rather than a whole site). Their code will all automatically get migrated to run with Adsense Auto Ads. And for those who are using Google’s AMP service for mobile pages, you need to use the code for AMP Auto ads.

If You have any query then You can Comment below.

If You are facing any issue with the Ad Placement, Adsense Approval or any other Adsense Issues then You have to see this –

Adsense help and tips for Instant Approval By Okey Ravi

Some Queries related To Adsense Auto Ads

Should I use Adsense Auto Ads or Not?

Yes, Of course, you have to use this new Ad unit for better optimizations of website space and to increase the Adsense revenue.

How to configure Adsense Auto Ads Unit?

You just have to get a code and put in into your Website header <head>…Ad code…</head>. That’s all. Adsense will take care of other things.



How to edit ads.txt without Cpanel in WordPress

Today, I will discuss “How to edit ads.txt without Cpanel in WordPress”. Sometimes If you logged into your Google Adsense account, then you might have seen this “Earnings at risk – One or more of your ads.txt files doesn’t contain your AdSense publisher ID. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue.” This is a blood red banner at the top that reminds about Adsense Earning at risk.

I also got an ads.txt fixing message and I was searching on Google for the right solution.

You know the proper solution for this. It is you have to upload ads.txt file on your File Server or in the root directory of your Website.

The main problem was that I was using WordPress hosting and I don’t have Cpanel access. With Cpanel adding/editing/deleting an ads.txt file is very easy.

Read Now –  Editing/Adding ads.txt using CPanel

You just need to find out ads.txt in public_html folder, which is very easy and then you have options to delete, upload, edit and view in the upper menu bar.

But with WordPress, It is more easier once you know the entire process.

You know I was looking for an ads.txt plugin and I found some also. But they didn’t fulfill my criteria.

All ads.txt plugins have some restrictions. Let me tell you which Plugins I have used.

Ads.txt Manager – This plugin is good when you don’t have ads.txt on your server. But If you already have an ads.txt on the server and you want to edit or change it, then this plugin is not for you. It is clearly mentioned –

Note: If you already have an existing ads.txt file in the web root, the plugin will not read in the contents of that file, and changes you make in WordPress admin will not overwrite contents of the physical file.

Ads.txt Admin – This plugin also has a restriction. It will work with WordPress Multisite.

oh, what to do now? I have to change publisher Id in my ads.txt file. But the plugins are not working properly and I also don’t have Cpanel access.

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Here comes the real Plugin or Solution.

How to edit ads.txt without Cpanel in WordPress?

Go to Apperance-> Plugin-> Add new and search and install WP File Manager.

Note: There is a several WordPress File Manager Plugin will be there But you need to download WP File manager created by mndpsingh287

How to edit ads.txt without Cpanel in WordPress

Once You have downloaded, Just make them active.

Once you’ve activated it, “WP File Manager” should have been added to your WordPress left-hand navigation. Click on “WP File Manager” and the main screen should show all the files in your root domain such as wp-admin, wp-includes, .htaccess file, favicon.ico, ads.txt and more

Once you see that, you’re in your site’s root domain. WP File Manager plugin allows you to just drag and drop or upload files into it. So, What are you waiting for? Drag your ads.txt file into the WordPress screen and you should see that it was successfully added. Here’s what it should look like:

How to edit ads.txt without Cpanel in WordPress

You also have options to Delete, View, Edit which you can use for different purpose.

Once you have either uploaded or edited ads.txt then you can easily verify them on https://yourdomain/ads.txt.

That’s it. Your ads.txt file is now in the root domain of your WordPress-powered website. Congrats. Now do this for any other sites you may have.

Now you have to wait at least 24 hours while Google Adsense process it and after then your red banner will automatically be removed from Adsense Account.

Sample of Ads.txt file

Here I am showing you a sample of an ads.txt file of one of my Website. You can check your on, 3062648, RESELLER     (*Enter your  Infolinks publisher ID number), 3062648, DIRECT           (*Enter your Infolinks publisher ID number), 3251, RESELLER, 3251, DIRECT, 118151, DIRECT, 6a698e2ec38604c6, 118151, RESELLER, 6a698e2ec38604c6, pub-6373315980741255, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0, 295, RESELLER, 59c49fa9598a0117, 295, RESELLER, 59c49fa9598a0117, 6202, RESELLER, 17744, RESELLER, 480577, RESELLER, 480593, RESELLER, 913453223927387, RESELLER, # 41b5eef6, 74964, RESELLER, 7842df1d2fe2db34, 74964, RESELLER, 7842df1d2fe2db34, 482337, RESELLER, 480609, RESELLER,60809,DIRECT,5d62403b186f2ace,60809,RESELLER,5d62403b186f2ace

Hey, Are you leaving you must have to read this before – How to start a WordPress Blog Step By Step?

So I think the topic “How to edit ads.txt without Cpanel in WordPress” must be cleared to you. If You have any query then You can Comment below.



Top Adsense queries and solutions

Being a Blogger, you can face a lot of issues about Adsense. You know it is obvious because Google has its own set of protocols which you need to follow. So, I am sharing today “Top Adsense queries and solutions”. I hope this Adsense QNA session will help you to get out of all your Adsense problems.

Let’s have a look at top Adsense queries and If you feel that your query is not listed. Just comment down, we will make your listing soon. Here we go –

Top Adsense queries and solutions

1. Can I have more than one Adsense Account?

Yes, you can. But as Google says “A person must have only one Adsense Account in his life” So, you need to keep these things in mind which applying for another Adsense Account –

  1. You Identity should be different like – Name, Phone No, Email ID, Bank account
  2. You can use the same address, But I will suggest you not to choose the same address for more than 3 Accounts.

2. Can I use same Bank Accounts for two different Adsense?

Technically yes, You can. But it is not recommended. You can use your other bank account or your family or friend account to get money.

3. Can I change my payment account after getting paid on Adsense?

Yes, Of course. You can see in your Adsense Account payment option there are options to add payment methods and You can do it. But to get paid. you have to make one of payment option primary.

4. My Adsense is permanently disabled? How to get it back?

Generally, a permanently disabled Adsense can’t be taken back. the chances of getting it back are very less. in this case, the only method that will work for you is the Adsense Appeal Form. go through it properly and fill out the correct details.

If your application is rejected try again after one – three month. Again rejected, leave it and focus on other things. You can try even after 6 months or one year to get it back. there are chances that your Adsense might get approval again.

5. My Adsense Account is suspended for some days (generally 30) What will I do now?

If your Adsense account is suspended due to invalid click activity or any other reason. You can go through appeal form. But Please read your mail properly there will be clearly mentioned. You are allowed to appeal or not.

7. How do I remove a website from My sites in Adsense Account?

This is a most important Adsense Query but there is not a suitable answer for this. but as I have experience of this. I can say, You can not remove a site from your my Sites option in Adsense Account.

if you remove a site where you don’t want to see your ads, Just make them unverified and if possible remove all AdSense ad codes and Adsense verification code form that site.

8. My Adsense Account is disapproved, what to do next?

You have applied for an Adsense account and if you Adsense request is disapproved or rejected. Go through this article. It will help you the best.

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If you don’t want to use Adsense further then you can also Opt these best Adsense Alternatives. Have a look –

Read More: Top 7 Best Googe Adsense Alternatives

9. When We reapply for Adsense after getting a disapproval or rejection?

Well, its obvious and you have to reapply again once you have worked on all the possible reason for rejections which are clearly mentioned in your rejection mail. I will refer you to reapply after two weeks.

10. Adsense account Pending Reviews. What to do next?

If you have applied for an Adsense and You are not getting any sign either for rejection or acceptance. Don’t feel bad. Have a look at all the things which you can do in between you Adsense pending approval.

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11. Should I buy an Adsense Account or not?

There is no any problem in buying an Adsense Account Most of the People are doing this. you also can. but Never trust anybody who gives Adsense in very less amount. They may fraud you.

Always buy Adsense with a person you know. I will refer you to go to that Adsense account which already has received payments.

Note: This is not a legal way. But Technically It’s also not illegal.

12. I have an approved Adsense. But I am not able to see ads on my site or it is blank?

There is two possible reason one is either your Adsense account is not fully approved for Adsense for Contents or the second is you have not placed the ad code properly.

Sometimes People do mistakes, they get Adsense approved by either Youtube and Admob. But keep in mind to get ads on your website your Adsense will be approved for Adsense for content.

You can check it here –  Settings -> Account Information in your Adsense Account

Top Adsense queries and solutions
Adsense for Content

If You are applying Ads for the first time then It might take half an hour to show ads on your site.Follow the tips provided in the video to implement Adsense ads on Your Website.

13. How to fix this error – “Earnings at risk – One or more of your ads.txt files doesn’t contain your AdSense publisher ID. Fix this now to avoid severe impact on your revenue?”

Well, this Adsense error occurs when you want to switch Adsense Account of your Website. To fix this you just need to Update your ads.txt file. Read the related article provided below to fix it up properly.

Read Now: How to update Ads.txt, how to add a Missing ads.txt file into your web server?

14. I have an Adsense Account Approved with YouTube. Can I use it on my Website?

Of course, you can, But you have to take approval first to get ads on your site. Here is the process to add a website to Adsense account which is preapproved for YouTube or Admob.

Step 1: Go to other products option in your Adsense Account and add your URL

Step 2: You will be provided with a URL, which you need to paste in between <head>….ad code…</head> tags.If you don’t know How to place that Adsense verification Code properly. Watch our Youtube Video.

Step 3: You have to wait for 2-3 days for the approval, If you follow all the guidelines of Adsense then I am sure you will get a good news.

Find more here: Top 15 things you need to consider before applying Google Adsense

15. Can I take more than one Adsense Approval on the Same site?

This is what we call a stupid Adsense query, I already have said Google only allows one AdSense account per human. If you want more, apply with your different site and with all different details to be safe.

Because if you caught you all Adsense will be suspended and you will be not allowed to take part in any further Adsense program.

16. Can I add same Bank Account in Multiple Adsense Accounts?

Technically yes, No Issue. But If both Adsense is associated to you I will not recommend this. You can use your family member’s bank account. Isn’t a good idea. It is. So, It will be better If you do not use the same bank account.

You are allowed to add or remove different bank accounts as an Adsense payment option.

17. I got some click and money is added to my Adsense. But When I checked it later Both the money and the click is deducted. Why is it happening to me?

This is happened due to invalid click. If an invalid click occurs Google generally deduct those click and money from your account and return this money to actual advertisers.

It happens in two ways one is: the money deducted soon and the second the money deducted from the time finalization of your monthly income. You might have seen some deduction due to invalid click activity from your Adsense Account.

Here is the prime reason for invalid activity –  Adsense and Admob Invalid click | How Google decides it?

18. I have 100$ in my Google Adsense when I will get paid?

For-getting payments from Adsense you must be had done two things before 21 of the month –

1. Your address must be verified (using Google Adsense Pin verification)

2. You must have added the Bank account to your Payment Option

If you have done both the things then you are super eligible to get paid. But google release money on 21st of each month generally. So You have to wait.

Note: Your this payment will come next month because it will finalize on next month starting days. Generally 1st or 2nd of the next month.

19. How to add Payment methods to Google Adsense account?

Once you have reached your threshold then you will be eligible to get payments from Google. I have made a separate article for this. Read this article and know all the process step by step.

Before reaching the threshold limit you can see exactly – you don’t need a payment method until your earnings threshold has been reached.

Read Now – How to add payment methods to Google Adsense Account?

20. Does Website affiliate links affect Google Adsense Approval process?

Literally no, if used in a proper way. Read more about this here – the effect of Affiliate links on Google Adsense Approval.

Author View

I believe these are the Top Adsense queries and solutions, but If you have your own set of queries you can comment below. We can also include your query in our article with your name.

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Fix Earnings at risk Adsense Error by creating ads.txt

How to edit an ads.txt file on your website? you might get this error – Earnings at risk – One or more of your ads.txt files doesn’t contain your AdSense publisher ID. Fix this now to avoid severe impact on your revenue. This error comes in Adsense. Other error is an Ads.txt file missing, corrupted or needs to be edited.

How to edit an ads.txt file in Your website

Today I will discuss these all things in this article. So let’s start with What is an ads.txt file?

Earning at Risk and Ads.txt Creation Youtube Tutorial

What is an ads.txt file?

In an ads.txt file, ADS means Authorised Digital Sellers

Ads.txt is a secure, flexible and simple method for advertisers and publishers to declare who is authorized to sell their inventory.

Ads.txt file is improving transparency for programmatic buyers. It is just a text file as you can easily see the extension .txt.

Ads.txt supports transparent programmatic digital media transactions and can remove the financial incentive from selling counterfeit and misrepresented media.

Similar to robots.txt, ads.txt can only be posted to a domain by a publisher’s webmaster, making it valid and authentic.

As a text file, ads.txt is easy to modify and update. The data required to populate the file is readily available in the OpenRTB protocol, making it simple to gather and target. And because publishers sell their inventory through a variety of sales channels.

Ads.txt supports the following types of supplier relationships:

  1. Content syndication partnerships where multiple authorized sellers represent the same inventory
  2. Networks and sales houses who programmatically sell on behalf of domain owners
  3. Domain owners who sell on exchanges through their own accounts

So, basically in simple words If you have an ad network like Google Adsense then You can share your ads with others website, but for that, there should be an ads.txt file on his server at the location public.html which must contain your Publisher Id and some other details.

It simply means you are verified to show/sell ads.

Note: Ads.txt should be visible at

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Ads.txt file implementation on website server

Implementing ads.txt is very simple. You just need to create a text file using notepad named ads.txt. Now add one line per authorized partner.

How to edit an ads.txt file in Your website

On each line add the provided pieces of the information supplied by Adsense.

These are the four sections which you need to be added to your ads.txt file –

  1. The domain name of the advertising system (In case of Google it will be
  2. Publishers account ID (You better Know the Google Adsense Publisher Id of your account)
  3. Type of Relationship with the partner (It should be either DIRECT or RESELLER if you are working with a third party)
  4. Tag ID (optional)

TAG ID of the source if the Trustworthy Accountability Group certifies them. Once created simply upload that file to your web server so that it is visible at and you are done. tag Id is optional You can leave it blank.

Note: In case of Google, your Tag ID will always be f08c47fec0942fa0

Here is an example of Google Adsense Entry into my Site at location, pub-4843477176092525, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Some Other Examples -, 4536, DIRECT, 12345, DIRECT, AEC242

As you can see the data –

Advertising System domain -> Adsense Publisher ID -> Relationship ->Google Tag ID

This simply means I am selling Google Inventory on my website.

Please Note: While creating an ads.txt file never miss the pub part. You should always include Pub-Adsense Id. which is a correct method to write Adsense Publisher ID, People generally do mistakes here.

So, If there is no ads.txt file on your web server then you are not authorized to sell those inventory.

Finding Your Adsense Publisher ID

If you are using Google Adsense Ads on your websites and want to implement ads.txt, You need to find your Adsense publisher ID First. This can be found by logging in to AdSense account and then navigating to –

Settings -> Account -> Account information. You will see Your publisher ID is in the format of pub-555555555555 with the fives replaced by your own 16 digit Publisher Id number.

How to edit an ads.txt file on your website?

Once You have created an Ads.txt file, you just need to upload this file to your web server in Public_html folder. Here are the important steps you need to follow.

Adding a missing ads.txt –

If you are getting an error that Ads.txt file is missing from your server then you need to follow these steps to fix it-

Step 1: Login to your CPanel Account and Go to File Manager

Step 2: Search for Ads.txt, if not found. It’s okay

Step 3: Go to the folder Public_Html and use the Upload Button to upload your created Ads.txt file.

Step 4: You are done, Nothing to do. Now you are authorized to sell the respective inventory.

How to edit an ads.txt file in Your website

Note: The authorization might take some time.

Editing an Ads.Txt File

To edit an Ads.txt file. you can simply follow these steps –

Step1: Login into your Cpanel Account and Go to File Manager -> Public_Html -> Ads.txt

You can simply search also ads.txt file using the search bar provided in the Cpanel.

Step 2: To edit an ads.txt either you can edit it using edit button or simply you can replace it if you have already created ads.txt.

Step 3: You are all set Hurr…ay

How to edit an ads.txt file in Your website
Wrapping up –

You don’t need to be panic if you ads service is stopped or disabled due to ads.txt file. Thena question comes to your mind  ” How to edit an ads.txt file on Your website?” So, You just need to add it or edit it according to proper publisher Id. You can use the above steps.

I hope after following the simple steps you re error “Earnings at risk – One or more of your ads.txt files doesn’t contain your AdSense publisher ID. Fix this now to avoid severe impact on your revenue” will be fixed.

People often get this error when they use different AdSense Ads for the same website or when they change their publisher Id. So, You need not worry more. You just need to get the authorization from that particular ad network just by adding an Ads.txt file to your web server.

This article is based on Search Queries – Ads.txt implementation, Ads.txt Adsense, How to edit ads.txt? ads.txt blogger, ads.txt website and more.

Yet having queries in mind then put below.

Thank You.

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Top 7 Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2018 Edition

Best Google Adsense Alternatives – When It comes to Earn Money Online using Web sites and Blogs, Google Adsense is the prime focus of everybody. But Google has its own Terms and Conditions of using Adsense which are getting stricter day by day.

Most of the Bloggers face issues like –

Adsense Disabled due to Invalid click activity/Adsense accounts temporarily suspended. As you know Google has a policy “One Person one account”. So by chance, If you Adsense is disabled then you are not able to make any Adsense account further.

Note: Further participation in the AdSense program by publishers whose accounts have been disabled is not permitted.

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So, keeping all these things in mind I am going to share you Best Google Adsense Alternatives.

For a newbie who just has started or wants to make money online, I also have started Ultimate Blogging Course, you can check that.

If you want videos on Blogging and SEO subjects you can join our Youtube channel “Okey Ravi”

Now let’s see what are top best Google AdSense Alternatives, Please keep in mind, All the Best Google Adsense Alternatives are not particularly better than Adsense. Some of them are better like Medianet and Vigilink which will give you revenue near to same as Adsense or might be better sometime.

Google Adsense is a contextual Ad based networking program while a few of the Google AdSense alternatives mentioned below are not contextual ad programs. For example, BuySellAds offers a direct advertisement platform, Infolinks is an in-text link program, and Viglink turns your outbound links into affiliate links.

Also Read:

Getting Google Adsense approved is a dream for bloggers, But If you fail or your Adsense is disabled due to some reason, then don’t lose hope. Here is the Best Google Adsense Alternative which will give you earning from your blog and website.

Recommended:  Ultimate Blogging Course Online By Okey Ravi

Top 7 Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2018 Edition

Program NameAd typeMinimum PayoutPayout MethodSign Up Here
Media.netDisplay ads &
Text ads
100$Wire Transfer
Apply Now
InfolinksIn text ads
In Tag ads
In Search ads
Join Now
AdversalDisplay ads20$Paypal
Apply Now
ChitikaContextual ads10$PayPalApply Now
VigilinksText ads (Affiliate ads)10$PayPalJoin Now
SkimlinksText ads (Affiliate ads)10$PayPalJoin Now
The Native AdsDisplay Ads (content Based)100$PaypalHave a look

Pro Tip – You can use two ad network together like Adsense+Infolinks. I am continually updating Best Adsense Alternatives lists in So, I suggest you to bookmark this page and keep come back to know what are the new Adsense Alternatives or more blog monetization program. will provide Highly Contextual Ads, In-content Ads, Mobile docked ads, Desktop Interstitial ads. It will also Display Ads for all IAB sizes.

best google adsense alternatives is a contextual Ad network and supposed to be the best alternative to Google Adsense in terms of ad type and earnings. It offers high paying ads.

If you have a quality blog, you will get Approval in no time.

Sign up for Now


Infolinks is an in-text link ad network that has been a profitable blog monetization network for many publishers.

It offers various types of advertisements that you can place on your blog/website, but the most popular one is an in-text ad unit, followed closely by an in-frame ad unit.

Best google Adsense Alternatives

It does not offer contextual ads like Google AdSense, but as the best alternative to Google AdSense, Infolinks is highly recommended.

Join Infolinks Now

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If you have a target audience of 50k or more than 50k then you are eligible to apply for Adversal.

Adversal Minimum payout is 20$ and you will be paid on 35th-day i,e this month earning will be paid to you in next month start.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Payment modes are PayPalwire transfer, and ACH. It takes 3-4 days to get your application approved.

Sign up for Adversal Now


Chitika is a CPC product-oriented program.

Bloggers like Chitika especially for four reason – 

1. Chitika always places relevant ads based on your site’s content (which helps you to get more clicks).

2. You can edit text color, URL color, and border color so your ads blend in with your blog’s format.

3. Smart advertising for your website, with no commitments, contracts, or craziness.

4. Chitika allows publishers to monetize their web traffic – no matter the size of their website or the volume of their traffic

Best Google Adsense Alternatives

You can also use their referral program to earn extra income.

Want  to add Chitika on Blogger PlatformHave a look

Create free account on Chitika Now


Viglink is perfect for a blog which is linking out to a business or e-commerce sites.

The Viglink concept is quite different from all of the alternatives mentioned above because with Viglink you earn money by making affiliate sales.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Viglink works great when you have outgoing links to business or product pages such as a fashion store or Flipkart and Amazon.

Even if you don’t have outbound links but you are using money-related terms like Apple, iPhone, etc., Viglink will automatically add links to these words, and you will end up making pretty decent money.

Viglink is incubated by Google and It is a very SEO-friendly ad program, this is the best thing about Vigilink.

Try Vigilink Now

SkimLinks (Make Money From your Content)

Skimlinks is the best alternative to Vigilink and both works in the same manner. Your blogs outbound links are converted into affiliate links by Skimlinks. Here You can earn Money Whenever a sale occurs.

So, Sales commission can be higher or lower depending on the purchase amount and type of products and available commissions on them.

It is possible to earn a handsome amount with Vigilinks and Skimlinks

Sign up for SkimLinks

The Native Ads

Every publisher faces the challenge of balancing profitability with the user experience. This is where display advertising falls short. Adding more blinding banners may make a site more profitable at the expense of user experience.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives

With native advertising, you don’t have to choose between user experience and making money. Native ads promote engaging content with stories users want to read without changing the form and function of a website.

Native ads will also provide you all type of ads (mainly display ads) like Google Adsense. So. I think it is also a best Google Adsense Alternative.

You can also earn 10% commissions on referral successful sign-ups through the affiliate program.

Join Native Ads Today

Wrapping-Up “Top 7 Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2018 Edition”

There is a lot of alternative to AdSense are available in the market and all are great, they are providing ads near to same. But the thing matters is revenue. Google is a huge company and having millions of publishers and advertisers. It is having CPC and CPM based ads and the revenue depend on particularly a lot of things like – traffic location, blog niche and more.

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Author’s View

Regardless all this you have to earn online with your blog. So these could be the best option for you if You don’t have Adsense.

Program NameAd typeMinimum PayoutPayout MethodSign Up Here
Media.netDisplay ads &
Text ads
100$Wire Transfer
Apply Now
InfolinksIn text ads
In Tag ads
In Search ads
Join Now
AdversalDisplay ads20$Paypal
Apply Now
ChitikaContextual ads10$PayPalApply Now
VigilinksText ads (Affiliate ads)10$PayPalJoin Now
SkimlinksText ads (Affiliate ads)10$PayPalJoin Now
The Native AdsDisplay Ads (content Based)100$PaypalHave a look

Note: you can use two ad network together

Hey, Why don’t You try Propeller ads on Your site | It is also a better option to get Money Online.


If you have any query you can put below.If you want to recommend some ad networks then also comment. Thank You.