How to Fix Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content AdSense Violation?

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How to Fix Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content AdSense Violation?

Completely fix Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content – It is a new AdSense policy violation that people are getting when they are applying for Google AdSense. We already have discussed  Valuable Inventory Under Construction and Valuable Inventory No Content in our recent articles.

In this article, We will talk about  “How to fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Adsense policy violation error? “

fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Error Okey Ravi. Google Adsense Valuable Inventory Scraped Error Fixing
Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Violation

These days people are in a hurry. Especially, new bloggers. They want to earn very fast but they don’t want to work. They are just looking for ideas to generate more money as soon as possible, which is not correct in any manner.

Readers, please keep these things in mind Blogging is a business which requires smart work, discipline and strategy to get it on the floor”.

OK Ravi’s View

It also requires patience. It is not something that will start generating money for you from its initial days.

You will not get tons of money on a table turn

So, before going for AdSense approval. Make sure your website is completely developed. Your website should have unique content. I told unique! it simply means written by itself, not copied or scraped from other articles.

Your contents should be advertiser-friendly and also keep your readers interest on top of your blog priority.

This will help you create a brand image.

Now let’s see the Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Adsense Violation in detail.

What is scraping in blogging?

Some of the webmasters from us, use content, taken (scraped) from other sites. They just modify it slightly, use some synonyms and republish it. This is not tolerable by Google. They want authentic content from you.

Sites from which contents taken are reputable sites in most cases.

Here, they fail to produce unique content.

I have also seen some people who do auto blogging and who use scrappers to perform scrapping or in other words content misplacing.

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Examples of scraped content include:

1. Without adding any original content or value, sites that copy and republish content from other sites. This is really not acceptable if you want to go along with your blogging career.

2. Sites that copy content from other websites, modify it slightly, and republish it.

3. Without providing some type of unique organization or benefit to the user, Sites that reproduce content feeds from other sites. 

4. Sites that are dedicated to embedding content such as video, images, or other media from different sites without adding substantial value to the visitor. you might have seen a website where they only embed youtube popular videos.

See, What Google says about scraping?

Why webmasters perform scraping on their blogs?

Uniqueness matters for Google and for every reader out there on the internet. So, producing unique, authentic, correct and valuable information for readers will always be fruitful for you and your blog both in long-term blogging.

If you copy from some big website just to produce good articles on your site So that, your AdSense is approved or you can accumulate some traffic is not a good idea.

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Being a Blogger you have to focus on the interest of your visitors, their demands. Do some proper research and then write unique and relevant content for your blog readers. Not just scrap contents!

Process to fix valuable inventory scraped content AdSense violation

After all, this is a very easy task if you have understood what is scraping in the above paragraph.

Now, you just have to remove all those scraped contents from your website or blog,  if you really wanna resolve this Adsense violation.

To fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content violation just follow all the guidelines provided below –

1. Make sure your blog has unique contents i.e avoid content scraping. All the articles should be written by themselves. If you are getting help from a writer then make sure to check your content for plagiarism.

2. Do not embed or attach unnecessary files to your blog content. Especially I will suggest you not to use any copyrighted images, videos or other data. Always try to add images and files created by you only.

You should also avoid using stock images taken from Pixabay, Canva or any other websites.

3. Focus on the originality of the content – It is worthwhile to give some time in writing your content. Write long articles if possible, because if you write a short article you will get valuable Inventory no content violation.

4. Remove the excessive advertisements from your posts and pages. I will suggest you not to use any type of ads before going for AdSense approval

5. Maintain a gap between ads and content. Otherwise, it will look like you want the user to click on the ads. In other words, you are increasing the chances of accidental clicks. So, avoid that.

6. Do not add ads on those pages which have less content or no content. Like Login, registration or search pages.

Besides this, there might be some other issues. This article is very helpful for AdSense approval. Have a look – Top 15 things you need to do perform for instant AdSense Approval.

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Conclusion – Fix valuable inventory scraped content

Being in Blogging for the last two and a half years, I have seen a lot of changes in Google AdSense policies. If you read them then you can understand easily that they always focus on the reader’s aspect and advertiser behavior.

You also need to understand this.

I know sometimes it’s possible to make money with shortcuts also. But it will not last for a long period. People are doing C4C (click for click), this attitude is not likable by any advertiser.  Google is also making some strong decisions in favor of its advertisers.

A new policy or algorithm change can make the worst situation anytime. You already know that Google Adsense is very strict now. For every website, you have to take a separate approval from Adsense now.

So, far better from this is you should also realize the importance of content and give your reader’s a different eye to read your blog.

People are facing Google indexing issues and ranking issues due to scraped content as well. It is also not good for website SEO.

Take an oath with me that “You will stop content scraping from now.”

If you do so, then there will never be any chances of a “Valuable Inventory Scraped Content” situation.

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If you still have any queries. Comment below.

Happy Blogging!!!

Good luck!

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Comments (138)

  1. Samson

    I once got this message from adsense telling me about scraped content, all I did was to draft all the copied articles and write fresh unique articles. It was approved a week after I applied, thanks for the guide.

  2. hsc result marksheet 2020

    I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free.

  3. Asif

    Hello, Ravi, I have a Marathi news website and I’m writing content by own but you know same news is used by all news portals then I’m writing all news in my own ways but I received Valuable inventory: Scrapped Content rejection. What can I do now? because all other news portals have AdSence approval. Will I get AdSense approval?

  4. Vittu Singh

    I have applied yesterday for google AdSense but google has been disapproved my request. he emails me that valuable scraped content. I need your help, sir, Please reply me as soon as possible.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Vittu, we have mentioned all the details in this article. Please get through this and follow all the steps.

  5. Gift

    Nice article. I have been battling with scrape content, this will be of help to me. Thank You Ravi.

  6. Matt Henry

    Hello Mr Ok Ravi…my blog has been rejected severally by adsense and I don’t know what to do
    I have been following your blog for some times now and done almost everything you’ve talked about before applying for adsense and to no avail
    Please I want you to help me check/review my blog and reply me what to do next so I can get approved.
    My blog is –>
    Thanks in advance as you reply me

    All the best,

  7. Harish Singh

    HI Ravi
    Your blog is very informative , though I have a few queries about it . I have recently submitted my blog and got the rejection from adsense by the same reason of scrapped content .Please clarify on few pointers
    1. My website ( is a job and blog website for call center “niche”. My concern is for job portals there could be a similarity in content that how to remove it
    2. I have pages of “ABout us” “Disclaimer” “Privacy Policy” “Contact us” .is it necessary to include “sitemap” page as well to get the Google Adsense approval.
    3.How to check my old content that it is scrapped or not , as now it has already been indexed andif I will check my old blog for plagiarism it will show 100 percent plagiarism
    4. Please confirm whether I should delete my all scrapped content or I can modify them as well
    3. I used to upload the images from “Pixabay” and google images from “reused for medication”. Does it impact my adsense approval
    4.Please review my website” and let me know that is my website is ok for adsense approval

    Thanks in advance

  8. User Avatar

    Thanks for the information. Encountered many times and most times adsense approval is like luck. Google are unpreditable.

    1. User Avatar

      You are right

  9. stan

    Hi OKey Ravi,
    Nice article, I drop you a mail and I will appreciate your response.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Stan, I Will check and respond to you back on that.

  10. I’m trying to get approval for my website but I always get notifications of policy violation Scraped Content. My site is based on the blogging. Anyone help me

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Naresh, You need to change the website design. Mostly the header part. It looks odd. I will suggest you to start blogging on WordPress or any other CMS. You are using a blogger and the design is not accurate as per Adsense guidelines.

      I am hoping that the content on your website is written by you only.

  11. I have a valuable inventory scraped problem. One of my articles was originally published on my site, and then published by a major site. Will this cause a problem? Could images be causing a problem?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes, Mike, Images could be a problem.

  12. Sanjib paul

    Sir how to write unique content on the job portal website? There is something that can’t be changed like education qualifications, selection procedure, exam details, etc. Every job site posts almost the same article. How to write unique?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Sanjib,

      Soon I will make a new tutorial on youtube about this. Stay tuned on YouTube with us.

      1. Sanjib

        Sir your YouTube channel name.

        1. User Avatar

          Hi Sanjib, you can watch my video on youtube here – OK Ravi Youtube Channel

  13. What can be done when you can’t use original content? My site has to be as it is for its own function and utility, it’s a video-aggregator website, it can’t be made like a blog and original content doesn’t fit with its main function which is offering an organized and selected collection of content already posted somewhere else in a disorganized and unfiltered way. It’s not fair that they don’t recognize the difference between an auto-scraping website from one edited by someone who wants to offer a useful tool to learn and practice some skill. I’ve read that Google Adsence audit are made by bots, not by human and I think it’s true because I can’t contact anyone who can help me. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you

    1. User Avatar

      Make it a blog and then take approval.

  14. Hallo Ravi

    Article is amazing, but about scraped content i noticed lots of site having the same content and they get approved google adsense. If it is strict policy of google about duplicate content then why not google banned those websites which have same content.


      Hi Ravi, you write-up is educative and interesting. Going through it made me convinced that i must be missing something. However, i have tried some suggestions and resubmit my application for approval but still got the same message. Can you please check at your end for a smart suggestion and what might be wrong so that i can adjust from my end. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advanced.
      my site is

  15. Hi Ravi,
    Very helpful article. I have a doubt though
    The stock images are license-free images and can be used anywhere without any copyright issues.
    Then how is it scrapped content? And even if they are scrapped then which images should I use for my blog?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Anand,

      You are right. But You know the AdSense is approved by real humans, not the machines. So, when they check your website they will easily say that these images are may be subjected to copyright. The reon behind this is those images are already available at tons of places and blogs. So, better you avoid using stock images or images downloaded from google while you are planning for Adsense Approval.

      You can use sites like to create an amazing featured image for your blog.

  16. Divyanshu

    Hello, Ravi, I have zero percent plagiarized content but still, AdSense rejection is coming with a reason of scraped Content can you please help?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Divyanshu,

      Your website is not eligible for AdSense. Consider this post on priority and make changes accordingly.

      Adsense Approval tips

      For Scraped content Images could be a strong reason as the images on your site looks like stock Images

      1. Hi,

        We tried multiple ways to get rid of “Valuable Inventory Scraped Content” from Google Adsense for our site We had more than 4000 pages, we deleted all, added around 50 new pages (manually written), but still facing the same error.
        I need your immediate help to get rid of this.


        1. User Avatar

          Hi Adhikari,

          May I know how much traffic you have on your website. I have visited your website and found that the contents are very short as well. but, it’s okay. Let me know your traffic details.

  17. hamid

    Hi Ravi, Google Adsense rejected me for scraped content.

    My question is how to apply for the second time?
    I see two radio button option
    1 – I confirm I’ve fixed the policy violations my blog name
    2 – I’d like to use a different site for ad sense

    which one do I select and before applying for the second time?

    1. User Avatar

      You should choose the first Radio button. It’s common sense.

  18. hamid

    Hi Ravi, Do we need professional email for applying Google AdSense?

    1. User Avatar

      No Hamid., No such requirement is there. But Yes, If you mention your professional email. It will be helpful in approval.

      1. Ankit

        bhai ye meri website h adsense se apply karne ke bad Scraped Content dikha rha h. To muje 10% se jyada Plagiarism vali posto ko delete karna hoga kya

        1. User Avatar

          Yes, you need to do that.

  19. Abhay Gautam

    Hi Ravi,

    Nice Post! But I still have some confusion about Scraped content. Ex. If I am posting an article like How to install windows 7 on my blog in my language but I have taken Idea or Method from another big website like howtogeek. Is it Okay or not…


  20. wow, Quite interesting, learned a lot

  21. Hi Ravi, I had a scraped content issue but I had deleted some post I gathered from research. Every content on my site now was created by me but I still got scraped content message when I reapplied. Please help me and check my site. The url is Thanks.

  22. Thank You for your useful info…Our big problems solved now. thank you Ravi.

  23. Hi Ravi,

    my site : has most of the content scrapped from multiple websites. hence, when i applied for adsense, i got ‘Valuable inventory: Scraped content’ from google.

    My worry is that i currently have like 1 Lakh plus pages. I obviously cannot manually rewrite these many pages. Should i just delete all these pages and write 10 15 pages myself or is there any other alternative to reduce the damage.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Harun, In your case it will be better to trash all content. Then write 15-20 fresh articles and to get approval easily. After the approval restore all your contents.

      1. Very nice article

  24. Hi Ravi,

    Nice article. It’s really helpful. Though it would be awesome if you check my site.
    Actually AdSense was once verified.Once I reached 10$ I was asked to upload ID Proof , I uploaded a pic of my Adhaar card but it got failed and now I was not getting option to upload ID again.

    I even received the PIN on my adress but Ads stopped showing up due failed verification on ID.
    Ultimately after waiting for three months I deleted this AdSense account.

    I changed theme and added various section and reapplied a week ago.
    Currently I’m getting the exact error as mentioned in above article.

    Can you please have a look at my site to see what’s wrong?? I’m a game Modder btw.
    I’m asking this cuz once my site has been verified already but why not this time?


    1. My site link btw… ” “.

    2. User Avatar

      Hi Prakhar, I already have told that what needs to be done in case of valuable inventory scraped content issue. Please follow that. one thing more I can see that you are still using blogger. Better you should start WordPress. These articles will be helpful ” Start a website using GoDadddy”

  25. Amazing post sir, thank you for sharing this knowledgeable post, really this is very helpful.

  26. Wow….love this article, Really solved my long time asked question. Once more, Thanks for sharing this great content and from hence fort I will take 100% responsibilities of my website and build it to AdSense standard

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Ezekwe Emmanuel, Thank for appreciating the content. I loved your warm response.

  27. Sajid Khan

    Hi, Ravi, I am also getting the same issue on this website can you please check this. And tell me to fix the issues on my site.

  28. Yotor

    Good article
    Scrapping is bad and very shameful
    But can a newbie do rather than this because he have to write and this need to copy
    But there is an issue in scrapping, this we don’t know in the beginning
    When we apply for AdSense we come to know about scrapping and that very sad of us….
    Anyway, this is the Best article and thanks for explaining well…keep it up.

  29. Hello Ravi,

    This is the response that I got from google adsense.
    We’ve found policy violations on that are preventing your site from being approved:
    Valuable inventory: Scraped content
    As stated in our Program policies, we may not show Google ads on pages or apps with little or no value and/or excessive advertising to the user. This includes pages or apps that are scraping or rewriting of content from other sources without adding value. Please see Google’s Webmaster quality guidelines for thin content with little or no added value for more information.

    For more information, review the following resources:

    Policy tips for creating high-quality sites (part 1)
    Policy tips for creating high-quality sites (part 2)
    Webmaster quality guidelines
    AdSense Program policies

    Can you please visit my website and let me know how to fix it and how I can improve.

    Thanks Again

    1. User Avatar


      I have checked your site. Google generally doesn’t provide Adsense approval for these type of contents. If you want Adsense on your website then get approval with blog content first and then change your content.

  30. Ruban

    Hi Bro, Can you please help me on my site I created all content on my own except few images from pixbay, am getting valuable inventory: Scraped content issue. please help me, bro.

  31. Danish

    Hey Ravi
    I would be grateful if u checked my website and provide me with some clue to fix it!
    I get content from YouTube and that only from videos under creative commons, but then also I am facing a similar problem. My content is not found anywhere else other than YouTube, not on any website.

  32. Hey,

    I got the same Valuable inventory: Scraped content message. Could you please review the website and help me to fix the issue?

  33. Hello? im having issues getting adsense approval on this domain

    What could be wrong?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Ekene,

      This type of content is not approved by Google for Monetisation.

  34. Google has disapproved my adsense request and stated the following :

    “Valuable inventory: Scraped content
    As stated in our Program policies, we may not show Google ads on pages or apps with little or no value and/or excessive advertising to the user. This includes pages or apps that are scraping or rewriting of content from other sources without adding value. Please see Google’s Webmaster quality guidelines for thin content with little or no added value for more information.”

    My website domain is
    It a classifieds website and I dont think that there is any copied material on the website. Please let me know what to do in such circumstances.

  35. Han Bee

    Hi, Ravi!

    Thank you for this informative post and for answering all of our questions. I encounter the same finding. I have written all the articles by myself but I have images which I got from Pixabay and I added notes after each post that images used are from Pixabay. Would you mind checking my website, please?

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Han Bee,

      Ya, I have checked your site. I will suggest you to add at least 500 words in your articles. Other than that make sure your contact us page has a proper address with phone and Email. I also found some categories on your site which don’t have any content like (How To’s) Category. make sure to use self-created image rather than using stock images before Adsense Approval.

      Hope it helps! Good luck

  36. Hey! Thanks for your post. I have created to ease the burden of news readers in Africa though the contents are mostly aggregated, I get this message

    “You need to fix some things to use AdSense. We’ve found policy violations on that are preventing your site from being approved:

    Valuable inventory: Scraped content.

    May I know why I am being disapproved?


    1. User Avatar

      Hi Fidel,

      This type of website and content is not appreciated by the Google Adsense policy. I will suggest you to make a normal blog site, then get Adsense approval. After getting convert the site into desired ones. Most of the guys are doing the same.

      1. Fidel Okeke

        Thanks for the info. Though I am positive I’ll get into the program and if not, I’ll join other monetization programs or do you have any further advise? Thanks a lot for your advise

  37. Hey, can you check my website and tell me where I Messed up, everything is written by me.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Pradeep,

      Your website looks incomplete. Please change your theme also. Go through all the points which I have made in this article to resolve the scraped content issue. You are missing a lot of them.

  38. Hi Ravi,

    I am stuck in a similar situation. It’ll be great if you could give me some advice.
    I got the same rejection message from Google – Valuable inventory: Scraped content
    Could you check my website: and tell me where am I going wrong?

    All of my content is original.
    Regarding the images used, I have used them from a free website and I have given credits to the photographer along with the website on all of my posts, wherever I have used stock images.
    Other images on my website including the cover have been clicked by me.

    Also, I have a Contact, About and Privacy Policy pages. I am not really sure what am I missing.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Ayush, I would like to know some details about your website?
      1. How many posts you have?
      2. As you said you have written your content itself, So, my question is is it your original content you have just typed your self

      I will suggest you to write some more articles and try to remove those free images. You can use them after Adsense Approval. Other than this Disclaimer and terms and conditions pages are missing. You should add some more information on About us and Conta Us Page. If you follow all these then I hope the problem (Valuable Inventory Scraped Content) Will not come.

      1. Hi Ravi,

        To answer your questions:

        1. Currently there are 20 posts on my website. What do you suggest should be the minimum number of posts before I re-submit the website to AdSense?

        2. I have thought, conceptualised and written everything myself. These are articles, poems, prose and short stories that I have written over the years.

        Some other clarifications:

        1. Though I understand the reason why I should remove the images for now, but I have a doubt that the site that I have used for these images, clearly states that there is no compulsion to give credits to the photographers. Even then I have clearly given them due credit at the end of my each post with a clear link to their artist profiles. So, is it absolutely necessary to remove the images?

        2. I have added the Terms of Service and Disclaimer pages. Also, I have added more content on the About and Contact pages.


        1. User Avatar

          Hi Ayush,

          1. 20 post is enough for Adsense Approval
          2. Your content is written by yourself. That’s amazing
          3. I think images can be a problem. I never recommend to with either stock or other downloaded images at the start. Better you should use own images created by

          4. You have added the required pages, great!

          There is a lot of policies and the people who approve Adsense have their own understandings. So better you should try again and again on some intervals. I have seen a lot of cases like yours, where everything is good yet they are getting rejections. valuable Inventory-Scraped Content is one of the worst Adsense violation we have at this time.

          Try at regular intervals.

          Good Luck!

          1. Great! Thanks for all the help, man.
            I have re-submitted the website to AdSense. Let’s hope for the best.

            Thanks again,

      2. I even added a Job listing website to help in solving unemployment challenges in Africa. Please advise

  39. Santanu Bordoloi

    Hello, I have got the same problem. Can you please watch me out what is the problem on my site.

  40. JM De Guzman

    Hi Ravi, I got the same error from Adsense upon submitting my application. My work is 100% self-created and did not get from any other source. Can you please check my site and tell me what could be the possible reason?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi JM, I have checked your website. Images used on your site may be subjected to copyright and there is a lot of categories on your website in which there is no content. Like Japan, Philippines, Taiwan. Your privacy policy, Contact Us and About Us, pages have no content. make sure to complete your website before going for approval next time.

      If you do so the valuable inventory scraped content Adsense issue will be fixed.

      1. radhika

        Hi Ravi, I got the same error from Adsense upon submitting my application. valuable inventory scraped content Adsense issue like that. Can you please check my site and tell me what could be the possible reason.

        1. User Avatar

          Hi Radhika,

          Please create About us, Terms and Condition and Disclaimer pages on your website. This could be a reason. But make sure you don’t have any copyrighted material on your website if you really wanna fix scraped content AdSense Violation

  41. User Avatar

    Hi Niha, I am glad that you loved it.

  42. I’m having a valuable inventory: Scraped problem issue as well. One of my articles was originally published on my site, and then published by the major site “The Mighty.” Will this cause a problem? Also, how do I know if my images are causing an issue? I use a plugin called Image inject that provides free images.

    1. User Avatar

      You have to use images created by yourself. One article will not create any issue. Google generally doesn’t mention the right causes which are creating an issue for the Adsense Approval. So, before getting Adsense approval, You should not use any content which may lead to copyright or policy violations. Thanks

  43. Abdullahi zakari

    Hello how will I fix these issues in my site Adsense is telling me my site is no ready to show ads Pls help.

    1. User Avatar

      Yes, they are right. you are not following most of the Adsense guidelines like Proper Navigation, website design Completion, Creating the important pages and more. This post (15 things to do before applying Google Adsense) will help you.

      As I can see you are using Blogger, You have to use WordPress. This post will be helpful for you “How to start a website with GoDaddy?”

  44. Dicker


    I have a classified website whenever apply for adsense they won’t approve and its mentioned scraped content.

    Please could you advise for classified site

    1. User Avatar

      Will you please share me your website? I want to have a look at your contents and other website stuff. After then I can give you the exact solution to get Adsense Fastly.
      As you said you are getting scraped content Adsense Violation. So, to fix valuable inventory scraped content I have mentioned all the relevant steps in this article. It will be helpful for you.

      1. Bro my site is and I’ve got the scraped content from adsense and I don’t know how to fix this.
        Please help me….

  45. Hey Ravi, I received the same error mail from Google Adsense team, Will you please spare some minutes to check,

  46. Boldkid

    Hi, I tried several to resolve “Valuable inventory: Scraped content” from my website but the AdSense is still not been approved.
    Can you please help me out?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Boldkid, I have checked your website. You r images may be subjected to copyright and the 2nd most important thing I have observed on your website is “less content”. You should write at least 500 words in an individual post. Refer to this post – Top 15 things to consider before applying Google AdSense


  47. BlacknBeyond Tv

    Please, I have also a valuable inventory Adsense problem. Can you check on my site?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi, the images on your website are subjected to copyright. I want to ask, how do you write your content as your website is a news website?

  48. Hi Ravi ,

    Would you please check my website.This morning i recieved an email from adsense team as follows –

    We’ve found policy violations on that are preventing your site from being approved:
    Valuable inventory: Scraped content
    As stated in our programme policies, we may not show Google ads on pages with little or no value and/or excessive advertising to the user. This includes pages that are scraping or rewriting of content from other sources without adding value. Please review Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines ( for more information.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Arun, Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content is the prime reason which is affecting the AdSense approval now. You have to make sure that there is nothing copyrighted on your website. Along with this follow all the things which I have mentioned in the post to get rid of this issue.

      1. Arun

        Thank you Ravi for your response

  49. My website is showing “scrapped content violation ” but my posts are 100 percent unique but still it’s shows scrapped content. So, How can i rectify it?
    Help me sir, my website

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Arpit,

      You need to work on your site. In most of your posts, images are more and content is very less. You should focus on unique and detailed content writing and also don’t try to add more free or stock images. Try to create image by itself.

  50. Sahil saifi


    Please check my website. I have published original contents but I don’t know why Google is not approving my Adsense.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Sahil,

      May I know the actual reason of your AdSense disapproval. Is it Scraped content, Under construction, policy violation, No content or me other issues?

  51. Radha krishna

    Nice article.
    when I applied to google AdSense I got this message.
    Valuable inventory: Scraped content
    As stated in our program policies, we may not show Google ads on pages with little or no value and/or excessive advertising to the user. This includes pages that are scraping or rewriting of content from other sources without adding value. Please review Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines ( for more information to solve the plagiarism and reapply this even though I got this same msg
    please help me.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi, they have already mentioned that you have used copyrighted materials. It may be either images or contents. So, you have to remove them from your website. Remove every image which is not created by you. Create all the compulsory pages required like About us, Contact us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Make sure you have more than 500 words in every article.

      Once done with that apply again.

  52. Nice article.
    Please is there any way to automatically detect post that is scraped?

    It could be the major cause of scraped content on this site, please

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Abubakar,

      Your website is not completely developed and you already using a lot of popup advertisements on your website. Please remove them and complete your website before applying again. You might also get valuable inventory: no content next time because some of your posts have very less content.

  53. Please check my site, I keep getting the same response, meanwhile my contents are written by myself and a friend. Yet I get the same issue. Website url is

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Robert,

      I have visited your site, Images used on your website may be subjected to copyright. Please go with this post “Top 15 things to consider before applying Google Adsense.”

      If the scraped content issue still persists, try again by applying with anew Email with all unique details.

      Let me know Once you get the approval.

  54. Nishlesh Goel

    Sir, yesterday the same happened to me. My Adsense is not approved and is saying
    We’ve found policy violations that are preventing your site from being approved:
    Valuable inventory: Scraped content
    As stated in our program policies, we may not show Google ads on pages with little or no value and/or excessive advertising to the user.
    Please help.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Nishlesh,

      Please follow the tips I have mentioned in this post to remove the scraped Adsense violation. You would have a proper idea about your content properly. Like how much content is copied? The image used is copyrighted or not?

      1. Nishlesh Goel

        Sir, I have followed all the steps mentioned above but then also I am not able to get approval same reply is coming every time from Google. Please tell me what to do and thank you for replying to me.

        1. User Avatar

          Hi Nishlesh, I have checked your site, You have to create your “About us” and “Contact us” properly. There is no content on these pages. Please create “Terms and Condition” page also. Remove all the images which are subjected to copyright.

  55. Hey man, very good article..loved going through it.
    Also, I would like to have your feedback on what is wrong with my site as I have also received scraped content violation from AdSense even though all my posts are my own.
    Your view and comment about my site will be appreciated.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi, this particular post about AdSense would be helpful for you.

      Go through this once -

  56. I also received the Scraped Content violation. My blog partner and I have been writing our own content for 2 years without copying contents from other sites. We were surprised that we received the Scraped Content violation, is this some kind of a false positive?

    1. User Avatar

      Hey, Scaped content is not always about the blog post you have written or the images you have used in your blog. It may contain some other things as well which I have mentioned in the post. You need to fix them up to resolve valuable inventory scraped content. If you feel you are not wrong anywhere, then you need to contact Google.

      1. Do you think migrating from one domain to another can be a factor? Our website came from an old domain and when we migrated to a new hosting provider we also changed the domain of the site. I think Google might detect that our content came from our old domain. Do you think this can be a factor?

        Thank you for your reply Ravi. Your post is informative and straight to the point.

        1. User Avatar

          Yes, this could be a factor for scraped content. But,It depends on the old site indexing status. May I know for how long your old site was active?

          As there is no any proper email or chat options to contact Google for AdSense issues. So, you can use the feedback option available in AdSense dashboard. Hope it helps you to resolve your Valuable inventory scraped violation.

          1. Thank you for your reply. My old site was less than 1 year old.

          2. User Avatar

            Okay, that would be an issue for your Valuable inventory Scraped Issue.

  57. can you please take a look at my blog and tell me what I have done wrong? I have written every content by myself.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi, You should follow this post once before going for approval again. 15 things to consider before going for Adsense approval.

      I can see that there are things which are missing and You have used copyrighted images. Please fix that to resolve Valuable inventory Scraped Content Adsense Policy violation.

  58. Namaste brother! how i can check which article or post is scraped on my website. Actually i have many writers on my website, so i don’t know which individual post is scraped. And Ravi brother plz also tell me how can i check that images which are used on my website are copyright or no copyright images. I mean from where i can find free images that i can used easily on my website. And also tell, if i used any copyrighted image on my website but i give the source of that image to owner then there will be any issue to AdSense reviewer team. This is my website –
    Brother plz reply me because i am really want to approve my adsens account for my website because i am trying from long time. And also thanks for sharing such a good information. Bhai proud feel hota ha jab india se aapke jaise lo (youth) ko itna knowledge ha and aap itna work kr rhe ho. And i will also follow your all social platform. Bye, Take care!

    1. User Avatar

      Hey, I have checked your website. There is a lot of things which I need to discuss in order to resolve valuable inventory scraped content violation. So I can’t type that here. We can have a conversation over WhatsApp (+91 9576474619). Feel free to ping.

  59. Akash Pathak

    I don’t remember what I did with my blog. Can you please help me to remove such content from my blog?

    1. User Avatar

      Your website is looking incomplete, “About us’ Page is not proper, ‘Home Page’ is not good (click on Home). You should add “Terms and Condition” Page also. I have checked some posts of yours. Have you written the content itself? Images in your posts are subjected to copyright also. You have fix these all.

  60. Amy

    Thank you for your post. I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix my Adsense Policy Violation of Valuable inventory: Scraped content so that I can get approved. Unfortunately, I can’t find a single bit of advice to help me. All the posts are my own and do not appear on any other website. All images are from stock image sites, either purchased by me or available for free use. I have about 35 blog posts in the Health and Fitness niche. I do have some affiliate links, mainly to Amazon.

    1. User Avatar

      I would love to give you some personal recommendation on this. if you are not able to figure out what is the reason for Valuable Inventory Scraped content AdSense policy violation. Please send me your site details at

  61. Mieyvenders

    does taking even a little bit of text also impact the AdSense acceptance for my website? or just like a sentence with a picture? even taking a little? I received a reply from google “Valuable inventory: Scraped content”, please help me how to solve this problem.

    1. User Avatar

      No, the case you have described doesn’t come under Valuable inventory AdSense Issues. You may have to analyze your content accordingly as I have suggested in the article. There will be some other issues

  62. Biplove Upadhyaya

    Does this violation also include the use of copyrighted images?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes, somehow it does. better you should use non-copyrighted unique, user-friendly and advertiser-friendly content before going for AdSense Approval.

  63. Valuable inventory: Scraped content
    on my site How do I resolve this issue?

    1. User Avatar

      I already have described, what you need to do to get rid of Valuable;e Inventory scraped content Adsense violation? Please follow that.

  64. Odot Abraham

    Thank you very much for this article, I had this same issue on my blog despite having all unique contents.

  65. Ayush Jain

    Nice Post. Learned a lot from your videos ab blogs?

    1. User Avatar

      Are you also getting “Valuable inventory” Adsense issue? I am glad that you liked it.

  66. Shayari Pictures

    Excellent Post, Mr. Ravi Ji for Scraped “Content Adsense Policy Violation”, Good Article And Good Jobs.

    1. User Avatar

      You made my day, thanks.

  67. Today adsense send a mail that you have a valuable scraped content so can u tell i have to delete all the post which are scraped content or i will make a new post which are unique. And if i make a unique post and fix it then how many days does it takes for approval?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes, you need to delete those post which are scraped and you have to write some unique post. Once you do these things then apply again.

  68. arman aurobindo

    Once my AdSense application has been disapproved.
    and now it is 10 days after reapplying but now there is no reply from AdSense.
    Please help me.

    1. User Avatar

      May I know why your AdSense application is disapproved? You have to wait till the next reply. In between you keep updating your site with Valuable content.

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