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Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2020 | Download Anything

Do you know which are the top 10 most popular torrent sites of 2020? Torrent is something which people love to use. If you love to watch and download movies, TV shows, Applications, and Software just after the release in free of cost then torrent sites are the best for you.

First of all, let us know what is a torrent site? The torrent sites are a peer to peer data sharing site. Those sites are created for some special purpose. But nowadays this all going opposite. Instead of fulfilling the special purpose people are utilizing it in the wrong way. People are using the torrent site for pirated movie downloading, unauthorized sharing of paid software and many other stuff including adult content sharing. Torrent sites are not following the rules and regulation?

But nobody likes to lose their pocket for. This is the main reason why nowadays torrent sites are becoming popular day by day.

The same happens with a WordPress website creation process when a beginner blogger who don’t have more money to spend strives for nulled or cracked plugins and premium WordPress themes.

While using a torrent site you must be careful. Because those torrent sites also contain malware which can harm your system and may also lead to the linkage of your personal data. So, you must be serious about that.

Always have an active antivirus while browsing those torrent site. It is very much important for better protection of your system.

In most of the countries, those torrent sites are banned totally like India.

In India using the torrent site is not legal. The torrent site leads to much economic loss and also a big threat to cybersecurity. So the government of India has banned major torrent site in India. People are still using torrent using a different method. The government of India is unable to stop that.

But in the era of digitalization, all the movie lovers, games lovers, and for all the free stuff lovers a torrent is something they can’t live without. So here I have listed the top 10 most popular torrent sites for all of you guys.

So, before I should start you should know one thing.

How to open a torrent site which is blocked in your country?

See, many of the countries have blocked different torrent sites based on security and copyright infringement issues. They may be blocked for some other reasons. but the main question is “how to open that blocked torrent sites?” For this you have take help from VPN (Virtual Private Networks).

The requested url has been blocked by government of India

Although most of the VPN’s provide access to some countries for free. If they not then you have to buy a premium plan to access any website in any country, To get a best VPN, follow the artocle link given below.

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Top 10 most popular torrent sites of 2020


This is a very popular torrent site you can use this. Here you can easily download various Hollywood movies for free. This site is also banned by a lot of countries. But don’t worry this website is very much useful for downloading all the pirated movies in best quality. But be sure that you have an active internet connection with VPN.

The Alexa ranking of this website is 184 worldwide which is marvelous.

Yts torrent site for movies

This is the second most popular torrent site in the world. Its Alexa ranking is 245. Here you can download the latest movies and other pieces of stuff. This is blocked in various countries but still, it doesn’t stop growing.

1337X torrent site for downloading movies, adult contents, games and softwares

The pirate bay is also a very popular torrent website in the world. Its Alexa ranking is 280 which the third in the list. This is a very old torrent site. Here you can find a lot of things for free. Here you can find adult video, games, movie and many other kinds of stuff. Its user interfaces quite similar to google search engine. Here you can search for any kind of stuff for free.

The Pirate bay torrent site for downloading movies

This website is founded in 2008. Here you can download fresh movies for free. This website is very fast in uploading data, you will get the latest movies very quickly without any hassle. Its Alexa ranking is 326 which is not a bad ranking. A lot of people uses this website for downloading purpose. is also a good torrent website. Its Alexa ranking is 498 which defines its presence. You can download free stuffs and paid pieces of stuff from this torrent site. But be careful about the cyber attack. Just install a good anti-virus and you are all set to go.

torrentz torrent site for downloading moves, software and adult content

This is also a very good torrent site for you to download stuff for free. This website was banned by Cloudflare but soon it got an alternative. So this site is also open for you. Its Alexa ranking is 549 worldwide which a quite good ranking is another good torrent site with an Alexa ranking of 962 which is a very good ranking for a site. This site was blocked in so many countries in response to those it has changed its domain and home page also. So this is also a very option for downloading so many free stuff. torrent for downloading Games, Movies, apps and adult contents

From here also you can download a lot of free stuff. Its Alexa ranking is 3247 which is a quite good ranking and secures its position in top ten torrent site list. This site boats nearly 3 million torrent. And it is also the fastest growing torrent site in the world. In the coming future, it may secure a better position. Let’s see what happen?


This torrent is very popular among all the torrent user worldwide. This is mainly a TV-distribution group. It provides lots of online content and many other web series like stuff. A few years ago it was shut down due to some controversy. But soon it got an alternative along with its new owner.

Its Alexa ranking is 1950 which is a quite good ranking.

This is also a  very popular torrent site. Its Alexa ranking is 2,018. This torrent is very dedicated to its user. It provides millions of torrent to its user. So you must try out this also. You will get a lot of interesting stuff for downloading.


The information (Top 10 Most popular torrent sites of 2020) is just for educational purpose. We do not encourage anyone to use these sites. But the torrent sites provide the downloading of new and old movies, songs, TV Shows, Documentaries, Games, Applications, adult contents, Wallpapers and a lot of things for free, so, avoiding it is little difficult. You should use it at your own risk.

The analysis is based on Alexa ranking. As I have acknowledged Alexa ranking is not always correct. But yet this is a popular source for ranking analysis.

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