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Do you know which are the top 10 most popular torrent sites of 2019? Torrent is something which people love to use. If you love to watch and download movies, TV shows, Applications, and Software just after the release in free of cost then torrent sites are the best for you.

First of all, let us know what is a torrent site? The torrent sites are a peer to peer data sharing site. Those sites are created for some special purpose. But nowadays this all going opposite. Instead of fulfilling the special purpose people are utilizing it in the wrong way. People are using the torrent site for pirated movie downloading, unauthorized sharing of paid software and many other stuff including adult content sharing. Torrent sites are not following the rules and regulation?

But nobody likes to lose their pocket for. This is the main reason why nowadays torrent sites are becoming popular day by day.

The same happens with a WordPress website creation process when a beginner blogger who don’t have more money to spend strives for nulled or cracked plugins and premium WordPress themes.

While using a torrent site you must be careful. Because those torrent sites also contain malware which can harm your system and may also lead to the linkage of your personal data. So, you must be serious about that.

Always have an active antivirus while browsing those torrent site. It is very much important for better protection of your system.

In most of the countries, those torrent sites are banned totally like India.

In India using the torrent site is not legal. The torrent site leads to much economic loss and also a big threat to cybersecurity. So the government of India has banned major torrent site in India. People are still using torrent using a different method. The government of India is unable to stop that.

But in the era of digitalization, all the movie lovers, games lovers, and for all the free stuff lovers a torrent is something they can’t live without. So here I have listed the top 10 most popular torrent sites for all of you guys.

So, before I should start you should know one thing.

How to open a torrent site which is blocked in your country?

See, many of the countries have blocked different torrent sites based on security and copyright infringement issues. They may be blocked for some other reasons. but the main question is “how to open that blocked torrent sites?” For this you have take help from VPN (Virtual Private Networks).

The requested url has been blocked by government of India

Although most of the VPN’s provide access to some countries for free. If they not then you have to buy a premium plan to access any website in any country, To get a best VPN, follow the artocle link given below.

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Top 10 most popular torrent sites of 2019


This is a very popular torrent site you can use this. Here you can easily download various Hollywood movies for free. This site is also banned by a lot of countries. But don’t worry this website is very much useful for downloading all the pirated movies in best quality. But be sure that you have an active internet connection with VPN.

The Alexa ranking of this website is 184 worldwide which is marvelous.

Yts torrent site for movies

This is the second most popular torrent site in the world. Its Alexa ranking is 245. Here you can download the latest movies and other pieces of stuff. This is blocked in various countries but still, it doesn’t stop growing.

1337X torrent site for downloading movies, adult contents, games and softwares

The pirate bay is also a very popular torrent website in the world. Its Alexa ranking is 280 which the third in the list. This is a very old torrent site. Here you can find a lot of things for free. Here you can find adult video, games, movie and many other kinds of stuff. Its user interfaces quite similar to google search engine. Here you can search for any kind of stuff for free.

The Pirate bay torrent site for downloading movies

This website is founded in 2008. Here you can download fresh movies for free. This website is very fast in uploading data, you will get the latest movies very quickly without any hassle. Its Alexa ranking is 326 which is not a bad ranking. A lot of people uses this website for downloading purpose. is also a good torrent website. Its Alexa ranking is 498 which defines its presence. You can download free stuffs and paid pieces of stuff from this torrent site. But be careful about the cyber attack. Just install a good anti-virus and you are all set to go.

torrentz torrent site for downloading moves, software and adult content

This is also a very good torrent site for you to download stuff for free. This website was banned by Cloudflare but soon it got an alternative. So this site is also open for you. Its Alexa ranking is 549 worldwide which a quite good ranking is another good torrent site with an Alexa ranking of 962 which is a very good ranking for a site. This site was blocked in so many countries in response to those it has changed its domain and home page also. So this is also a very option for downloading so many free stuff. torrent for downloading Games, Movies, apps and adult contents

From here also you can download a lot of free stuff. Its Alexa ranking is 3247 which is a quite good ranking and secures its position in top ten torrent site list. This site boats nearly 3 million torrent. And it is also the fastest growing torrent site in the world. In the coming future, it may secure a better position. Let’s see what happen?


This torrent is very popular among all the torrent user worldwide. This is mainly a TV-distribution group. It provides lots of online content and many other web series like stuff. A few years ago it was shut down due to some controversy. But soon it got an alternative along with its new owner.

Its Alexa ranking is 1950 which is a quite good ranking.

This is also a  very popular torrent site. Its Alexa ranking is 2,018. This torrent is very dedicated to its user. It provides millions of torrent to its user. So you must try out this also. You will get a lot of interesting stuff for downloading.


The information (Top 10 Most popular torrent sites of 2019) is just for educational purpose. We do not encourage anyone to use these sites. But the torrent sites provide the downloading of new and old movies, songs, TV Shows, Documentaries, Games, Applications, adult contents, Wallpapers and a lot of things for free, so, avoiding it is little difficult. You should use it at your own risk.

The analysis is based on Alexa ranking. As I have acknowledged Alexa ranking is not always correct. But yet this is a popular source for ranking analysis.

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Chrome Best Browser Ever – Browsing Tips You Should Know

The popularity of Google Chrome as a web browser is not behind the scenes. It is the most widely used web browser across the world that does not just allow browsing pages but comes loaded with innumerable hacks to simplify internet browsing experience.

Chrome Best Browser Ever – The Web Browsing Tips for Google Chrome

From simple tricks permitting the users to send emails via address bar to extensions that let you save images to Pinterest without going to the social networking site. There are many surprising things Chrome can do for you.

Here are a few tips and tricks of Google Chrome:

Open Multiple Pages on Startup

You can choose what things you want Chrome to show you as it starts up. The web browser gives you an option to choose several pages to open as the Chrome starts. Rather than the default homepage, you can set the pages and services of your own choice to start your browser with.

Open Chrome Settings and set pages of your own choice checking the ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’ on start-up.

Pinning a Tab

Chrome gives you an option to pin a tab that minimizes that tab and only shows the icon of that page. When you have several tabs open, the pin tab option lets you create more space minimizing the least required tabs. Simply right click on the tab and choose ‘pin tab’.

Home Button

If you want to have a home button in your browser, click on Wrench Icon at the top right corner, choose Preferences and click show Home Button in the toolbar.

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Create desktop shortcuts for your favorite web pages

The web browser lets you convert your favorite website into a desktop app. It allows you to quickly access your desired web page. To make a shortcut of your favorite page, go to your desired website, tap Wrench icon, select Tools and click on ‘Create application shortcuts’.

Uncommon Use of Address Bar

Do you know the URL address bar which is also called Omnibox can be used for simple mathematical questions? Just type the conversions or calculations in the address bar and press ‘Enter’ to get your answers.

Secret Incognito Mode

The Google Chrome lets you browse privately with its secret incognito mode. The Chrome does not record the browsing and download history in the incognito mode. If you share your device with someone, you can use Chrome’s incognito mode to restrict the other users from accessing your browsing details.

To enable secret incognito mode, press Ctrl+Shift+N or go to Chrome Settings and click ‘New Incognito Window’.

Task Manager

The task manager gives the detail of memory used by tabs opened in the Google Chrome. If there are multiple tabs opened and you find speed issues, the task manager can help you locate the problematic web-page consuming more memory or influencing the performance of other programs.

To go to Task Manager, right click in the title bar or press Shift+Esc.

Change Search Engine in Address Bar

You can ask Chrome to search your results in search engines other than Google. Simply put the name of your required search engine in the address bar and then enter your keyword. For instance, if you want to know the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus through Yahoo, write ‘Yahoo Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus specifications’.

Swipe Tabs

You can switch the place of tabs opened in the Chrome. If you have multiple tabs opened, you can choose which tab you want to place at a specific place. Just hold the tab or link and drag it to the desired place.

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Drag and drop downloaded files

You can transfer your downloaded files direct from the Chrome download window to any other file browser. Just hold the desired file, drag it and then drop it to your required file browser.

Resize Text

The web browser lets you customize the text area on any web page. Go to the bottom right corner of the webpage to find two slanted lines. Drag it to resize the text area of that website.

Switch between opened Tabs

There are shortcut keys to switch you from one opened tab to another. Use Ctrl+Tab to switch from one tab to the next. Press Ctrl+1 to go to the first tab. Press Ctrl+2 to go to the second tab and so on.

Quick Access to the Address bar

The Google Chrome has made it more convenient for users to access address bar. You can now navigate to the omnibox without using your mouse cursor. Simply press Ctrl+L and you will get back to the search bar.

Reopen Closed Tabs

It happens several times when you accidentally close a tab. You can get back your closed tabs without following a lengthy procedure. Simply press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen the recently closed tab.

Go to Browsing History

The Chrome lets you see your browsing history logs without going to Settings and then finding out the History. By using your keyboard and pressing Ctrl+H, you can get your browsing history opened in a new tab instantly.

Check your computer for Spyware

The Google Chrome users can make use of Google’s Software Removal Tool to remove needless software, pop-ups, ads and malware.

Hope you would find these tips and tricks helpful in mastering the Google Chrome browser. Try all these to streamline your browsing experience and digital life.

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Guest Post Author Bio:

Chrome Best Browser Ever - Guest Post by Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez is experienced writer and journalist that usually covers the beats such as a business & finance, stalk exchange, and have deep knowledge of financial markets and industries and develop high quality content as freelancer.

Jacqueline has expertise in writing blogs, copywriting, ghost articles, magazine and also affiliated as a writer with TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software.

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[Full Tutorial] Install Windows XP on Android with Video

Hello techies, Do You Know how to Install Windows XP On Android Smartphone? Can You install any Windows on your Phone? It is Like you are running Windows Os on Your Mobile Phone and Doing amazing stuff with that. Today In this I article I will help you to install Windows XP on Your Phone Step By Step.

You are at Okey Ravi -Place to start your Blogging carrier

How To Install Windows XP on Android?

Now Let’s do it. But before Moving to the real concept of installing Windows, you need to read these important faqs about installing windows on Android. Have a look at them –

Q: Can We Play PC games On Android after installing XP?

The Answer is very simple you can Play PC games. If Your Android Phone is compatible with the hardware of a PC. I will talk about hardware requirements later in this article.

Q: Can We Use Ms-Office or Do Official Works on it?

Yes, You can, But it will be a slow process. So better You do not do on It. you can download MS office Android Apk from Play Store. That will work For You In abetter Way.

Q: So, Why You Need To Install Windows XP On Android Device?

You can do this for learning purpose. This is just an example which claims that Windows can be installed on an Android Smartphone easily.

Q. Can I install Any Windows version like 10/8/7?

Yes, You can Install any Windows version By this. There is no issue in that. You just need to have relevant Files.

Q. Will this Wipe data On My Mobile?

No, It will not wipe any data, It is just Creating a Virtual Storage there to Install Windows. As you have Seen In Windows Virtual manager/PC.

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Hardware Requirement to install Windows XP On Android Platform

This is an import step which You have to ensure first. Because if you fail to reach hardware requirements then you might be stuck in between the process and this can harm your Smartphone.

Here are the minimum requirements you have to install Windows XP On Android

◾Ram Size -At least 2GB Ram

◾Internal Storage -16 GB Internal Storage

◾Processor Speed -Quad Core 1.3Ghz

◾Android version -KitKat 4.4 and above

◾Free Space – Need Free Space on Device At least 5GB

Note – For all of the above-mentioned requirements, if it is more than mentioned then it will be better.

Files Need to Download before Installing XP on Android

See, you have to download these necessary files before moving ahead to install XP on Android Device. Without these files, you can perform this task.

You Need To Download These Files :

◾ First Download Limbo Pc Emulator 

◾ Download WinLite.iso or Mirror

◾ Download

Once you have downloaded All files. Now we can move ahead with the Installing process.

Step By Step process to install Windows XP on Android

Follow the below mentioned steps to Install Windows XP on Android Device. I have already mentioned it step by Step.

1. Open Limbo Pc Emulator Now Set The Setting Same as described in the video.

2. Select the Ram Size as 512 MB

3. Now Extract the Using Rar or Z achiever App.

4. After Extracted Rename The file “BlankDisk” to “BlankDisk.img

5. Now Select The HardDrive A Choose Open And Locate The “BlankDisk.img” Where You Extracted.

6. Now Select CD-Rom And Choose Open Now Locate The “WinLite.iso

7. After all Go And Press The (Start Button)

8. Now The Setup is Loading Install The Windows XP on Your Android Device.

Some Important Comment Which I Noticed By Every Viewer:

1. After Clicking on (Start Button) My Limbo Emulator Was crashed!

◾ It’s Only Happen When Your Device Have not Enough Ram Select it Minimum 256 MB (But I Recommend 512 MB)S

So, that’s For Today Guys Hope You Like It.

Thanks for Reading it. If You have any Issue Comment in Author Section.
Good Luck, have a Nice day.

7 Things You Must Delete to Boost Up Windows PC

7 Things You Must Delete to Boost Up Windows PC –  Today you will learn how to deleted some unwanted files folders in Windows 10/8/7 to free up some space and boost up your Windows PC.They are recent, temp, %temp%, Prefetch, Crashdump, and VirtualStore.

Hello techies, How are you today? Today I am going to tell you about “7 Things You Must Delete to Boost Up Windows PC” So let’s see it one by one. We will know what these files are and how to delete them manually.

Before Moving Further let’s know this first 

1. Run utility – In windows when you click WIN+R button then Run utility will be opened for you. Here you can enter commands, to directly open a file in Windows. Like Cmd for Command prompt. You can find the list of Run Utility Commands below.

7 Things You Must Delete to Boost Up Windows PC

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2. To delete a file in windows. you just need to select the file and you have to press the delete button. Now, In Windows Selection and deletion can be done in different ways by using some keys, commands and by using a mouse.

3. Sometimes special permissions are required to delete a file. A pop-up window will open and you have to allow it.and sometimes a file will not be deleted because it’s open or currently running.

7 Things You Must Delete to Boost Up Windows PC

7 Things You Must Delete to Boost Up Windows PC
#1. Recent files

In windows, recent files are just a 1-2Kb shortcut files which indicate what programs, Files, Folders you have recently opened. You have to delete recent files time to time to free up some disk space.

Deleting a Recent File

To delete a recent file, You Just need to open run utility (WIN+R) and then type recent and press Enter Key. Now recent files will be opened for you. So just Select all and click on delete button.

#2. Temporary files

Temporary files are a type of log file which an operating system creates for the smooth functioning. These file helps in faster execution and giving some quick information to the processor. But Operating system only creates it not delete it. So, you have to delete it manually.

in %temp% the percent signs indicate that this is an “environment variable” the usual value of which is C:\Documents and Settings\,yourusername\Local Settings\Temp

The directory specified by %temp% is, in fact, the directory cleaned by Disk Cleanup under the name “Temporary Files.”  Why do you think Disk Cleanup isn’t removing the files?  Note that Disk Cleanup does not delete files from this directory that have been accessed in the last 7 days (this time period can be changed by modifying a registry value).

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Deleting temporary files

There are two folders which contain temporary files one is “Temp” and the Other one is “%temp”. you have to delete both of them. the deletion is very simple just type “temp and %temp%” one by one in run utility and recycle the files inside the folder completely.

#3 Prefetch

Prefetch as the name suggests the files in this folder are prefetched, yes you are right. Prefetch is a folder which contains some files which are very necessary during the boot-up process. When a windows operating system boots up it will search for prefetch folder if it is not found it creates and keeps some important files in it which are needed for fast booting. So when you boot up the second time or restart the system. the os will use prefetch files to boot up faster.

So I can say –

Each time when you boot up your PC, Windows keeps track of the way your computer starts and which programs you commonly open. Windows saves this information as a number of small files in the prefetch folder. The next time you turn on your computer, Windows refers to these files to help speed the start process.

The prefetch folder is a subfolder of the Windows system folder. The prefetch folder is self-maintaining, and there’s no need to delete it or empty its contents. If you empty the folder, Windows and your programs will take longer to open the next time you turn on your computer

But You can delete it once in a month to delete some unnecessary files in Prefetch Folder. The deletion is same as above only the run utility command will be “prefetch” here.

#4. VirtualStore

VirtualStore is a folder in AppData. AppData is a hidden folder in Windows 10/8/7  where most of the application data are kept. Judging by Microsoft’s knowledge-base articles about them, your situation (files remaining in the virtual store after uninstall) evidently is not uncommon. The answer they provide is just what you did–delete the areas manually. Specifically, you’ll open the folder C: \Users\username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore, locate the folder that contains files for your now-uninstalled program and delete the complete folder.

VirtualStore also contains downloading data which are not purely downloaded.So, Completely recycle the VirtualStore folder time to time. This will provide you some more free soace in your memory.

#5. CrashDump Folder

Whenever an Application Software like Browser crashes, it creates a CrashDumps file. CrashDumps files are itself a big subject. The Crashdump file I am taking here is at location – C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\CrashDumps. So don’t confuse with others. So just delete the file inside this folder time to time.

What more you can delete to Boost Up your PC?

Along with the above all you can uninstall and delete all other Application which is not necessary. Try to clean up you Disk regularly. for this, you can do these two things –

  1. You can use software like CCleaner and
  2. You can use Disk CleanUp utility of your Computer

If You have any Problem in Understand anything then This video will help you to get out of it. Watch it Carefully and understand everything completely.

If you have any query then you can comment below. We will answer you soon.

Disable Windows 10 Automatic updates Completely

Disable Windows 10 Automatic updates Completely

How to Disable Windows 10 Automatic updates Completely? Sometimes It becomes very cozy installing and updating Windows 10 auto updates.Above all Windows Inside preview have made it more Sophisticated.If You are a developer then Automatic updates are good for you, because you need to test the new arriving features and need to send your import feedback with the pros and cons, bugs and fixes, which is good.

But, If you are a commoner then it becomes irrelevant to install auto updates. Here are some pros and cons of it for a commoner.

1. You will lose your net pack, so it will cost more sometimes.
2. Update and Install consume time.
3. Sometimes you might lose some important data.
4. new updates might have some bugs which cause harm to you.
5. Most of the time’s new updates are unstable, So If you find some stable update then Install it and then disable your auto update until you find some new stable update again.

What do a window update features do?

It enables the detection, download, and installation of updates for Windows and other programs. If you disable it, the user of the computer will not be able to use Windows update on its automatic updating features, and programs will not be able to use the Windows Update Agent (WUA) API.

So Let’s have a look at Enabling and disabling of Windows update feature. In this order first, we will take a look at How to disable windows 10 Automatic Updates completely? Here are some important steps which you have to follow in order to complete this process.

Step 1: Open Control Panel -> Administrative Tools-> Services 

Under Control Panel you will find Administrative Tool Open it and then double-click on Services to open it.

Disable Windows 10 Automatic updates Completely

Step 2. Scroll Down and Find Windows Update option In Services. It will in the last section.Once you find It, Open it by double Clicking. Now You can see Service Type and Service Status in General Section.

Step 3. First Stop the Service Status and then Choose the Disable option in Service Type.If you do not do it, It simply means you have stopped the Current ongoing updates But it will be available in Future. So, to Disable Windows 10 Automatic Update Completely You need to choose Disable in Service Type.

Disable Windows 10 Automatic updates Completely


How to Enable Automatic Windows 10 update?

This Process is reverse of the above process.Here first, Choose either Automatic or Automatic(Delayed start) in Service type then you need to Start the Service Status.If You do so, you will start getting your Windows 10 Automatic updates again.

you need to Start the Service Status and then

Watch Our Youtube Video About This to Understand the complete process

If you have any query then comment below. I will answer you soon.

How to change Admob Ad Units of Any Android Application to earn Money

Hello friends, How are you today?…Ooo wow..thats great to hear.

Friend Today I am going to tell You “How will you change AdMob ad units on an apk file (Android Application)”.This can be done on PC and Mobile Both.But, Today’s article based on Windows PC.

You might know, By editing an Android Application especially by changing Admob Ad units, you can earn money.I will tell you this process in some other tutorial.

Admob ad unit Modification of an Android App

Friends, You can refer this article to Know ” How can you change App name, App version Code/Name, App icon, Package name and more of an apk“. So first read that article, Because I am leaving “Setting up your PC first for Android application modification.”

Steps to follow:

1. Open Your Installed Android Emulator then Open Android Apk editor. Now Choose Either Option 1 or 2 See the picture below. I am choosing Option 2 ” Select Apk from app” (You can choose any app you have already installed)

2. Now Click on Full Edit (Resource Rebuild)

3. You will get the details of the app now, Now made your changes. To edit AdMob ad units You have to find out the Admob Ad unit (This Type – Ad unit ID: ca-app-pub-4843477176092525/9553102452). You can also search “ca-app-pub“, By doing this You will be Provided the list of ad units used in the app.Once You got the ad units.Now replace those ad units with your Own Admob ad units.Lastly, Save and Re-compile the apk file.

See Here: How to create an Admob Ad Unit for Your Android Application.

You are ready to install and see the changes now.

Note – There is no save option, So you just need to click back button then you will get an option to save the edited Apk App.

See Here: How to create an Admob Ad Unit for Your Android Application.

If You have any Query then You can ask Below.

How to edit apk file on Windows 7/8/10 | Modify Android apps easily

Hello techies, Toady I am going to tell you “How to edit apk file on Windows 7/8/10?” Easily.Whichever Windows version you are using this method will work on Every version On Windows.

Basically Today I will change App name, App Version, App Icon, Admob Ad Ids.I will prefer Nox Android Emulator today. You can choose any Android Player like Bluestcks, Andy Os, Genymotion.

Edit Apk file On Windows PC

You exactly need two important things to edit a .apk file on it is –

1. Android Player or Emulator for Windows

Top 7 best Android Emulators for Windows and Download 

2. An Apk editor – for this you can use a cracked version of Apk editor pro android application.Apk editor pro has all the functionality to edit an Android App.

Download Apk editor Pro Now

Watch Our YouTube Video and Understand The Whole Process

Editing an Apk File on PC

After installing an Android Emulator (our recommendations – Nox Player & Bluestacks). Just install Android Apk editor on Nox player or Android Emulator.

#1. Changing the Android App Icon, App Version, App Name and Version code

Steps to follow – 

1. Open Android Emulator and then Open Android apk editor pro.

2. You will be provided four options, you can choose Either Select an apk file (Choose an Android app file from Memory) or Select Apk from App (Choose an installed apk file to edit).I am choosing Select Apk from App.

edit apk file on Windows

3. Now You have to choose an app to edit from an installed app. I am choosing “Indian HD Player

edit apk file on Windows

4. Choose common Edit, It is common to change app icon, App name, and version.

edit apk file on Windows

5. After choosing ” Common Edit” You will get an interface like this (image below).Where you can see a lot of information that is changeable is displayed including App Name, version and image.

edit apk file on Windows

6. You can change App Name, Launcher Icon, Version Code and version Name here. Once done Just click on save button below. You will be provided a new apk file with your changes.Here you can see some changes I have done.

edit apk file on Windows


7. You just need to click on save and install the created apk file to see the changes.All the changes will be reflected then.

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I hope the topic Edit Apk file on Windows is clear to You now. If You have any query then You can comment below.


Top 7 Free Android Emulators | Run Android Apps on PC/Windows 7/8/10

Android emulators/simulators are largely required to run Android apps & games on PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/10). However, choosing the correct Android emulator might become a daunting task, as if not selected properly they can really slow down your Computer (e.g Duos M & Sometimes BlueStacks). So, here we bring you the best 7 Android emulators for your PC – Windows 7/8/8.1/10 which you can use to run android on the computer.

See How To edit an Android Application On PC here –

Top 7 Free Android Emulators | Run Android Apps on PC/Windows 7/8/10
#1. Simulator 1 – NOX Player -Android Emulator

I am using this android player, It’s amazing, I am not facing any hanging problem.You can play any games of Android and you can install and use your .aok files here.So, Nox App Player is our preferred Android emulator to play Android games on PC / Computer (Windows 10, 7 & 8)  or to try out new android apps due to its high speed.

Note: VirtualBox is not required to install Nox Player

Features of NOX Emulator

Nox App Player is fast, plus provides lots of features such as –

1. One-click root hide / unhide (disable or enable root)

2. Ability to specify the CPU Processor & Ram size! which is great for gamers & app-testers to check resource usage.

3. Besides, these Nox even provides Keyboard mapping for touch input. Thus, you can specify the areas where touch is to be simulated, on pressing a keyboard key! (Awesome thing for gamers)

4. Plus, it even has an inbuilt GPS controller setting, by which you can even play GPS required games such as Pokemon Go directly inside Nox App Player.

Click here to Download Nox App Player HD for Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (Home, Pro, Professional 32-bit & 64-bit).

#2. Simulator 2 – BlueStacks Android Player

BlueStacks is the most widely used Android emulator or Android App Player for Windows. It used to be free but now is only in Specific regions

Easy One-click installation on the Windows System (Split-online installer, as well as an offline installer, is available).
Easily install 3rd party apks or Android apps by simply double-clicking on the .apk files.
No other-3rd party virtualization required (VirtualBox  isn’t required)

Click here to download BlueStacks Offline Installer for Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10.

#3. Simulator 3 – KO Player

KO Player is the latest entrant on this list & is a great android emulator especially when it comes to playing Android games on your Computer / PC. KO Player provides a host of great features in its Android emulator such as –

1. Keyboard to Touch Mapping
2. Crisp Display on Bigger screens due to HD Resolution
3. Ability directly record your Android emulation screen & save it as a video. Thus, enabling you to share your Gameplay easily.
4. Besides, you can run multiple accounts of various simultaneously
5. Since it is made for gaming KO Player does require a good amount of RAM & graphics memory.

#4. Simulator 4 – Droid4X Android Player

Droid4X is perhaps its the most interesting emulators mentioned in this article. Droid4X is designed for real Power! in the hands of the user, and its features to point to the same. Droid4X has some salient features such as –

1. It comes Pre-rooted, with Play Store installed.

2. It’s pretty fast, doesn’t lag & even allows you to configure your keyboard as a controller! for the emulator

Click here to download Droid4X Android simulator for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

#5. Simulator 5 –  Andyroid – Andy OS

AndyRoid is one of its own kind Android Emulator for Windows 7/8/8.1/10. It supports some unique features which aren’t supported by any other Android emulators out there such as –

1. Using your phone as a remote control while playing games!.

2. ARM support, You can directly install apps in your andy emulator through your host’s desktop browser!.

3. As Andy is based upon VirtualBox, It doesn’t require any dedicated Graphics card to function smoothly and works well even on Intel HD Graphics.

Andyroid is very similar and may be classified as an advanced alternative to Genymotion as both of them require VirtualBox to be installed on the system.

Click here to download Andyroid -Andy OS emulator for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

#6. Simulator 6 – Windroy – The Android emulator with a Windows Kernel!

Windroy is perhaps the unique Emulators present in this article because of the fact – It completely runs using the Windows Kernel!

Windroy doesn’t require any external Virtualbox support. Like Bluestacks, also its quite light-weight and handy to use!. You just have to take care that the directory path wherein you install Windroy must not contain Spaces.

Click here to download Windroy with Gapps.

#7. Simulator 7 – Genymotion

GenyMotion is another advanced Android Emulator for PC and may be classified as a worthy alternative to/of Bluestacks. GenyMotion has advanced features like OpenGL, and hardware acceleration support. Its built on the x86 Architecture and hence is faster as compared to BlueStacks.

1. It is also available for Linux and UNIX OS.

2. You need to install Virtual Box before Installing “GenyMotion” on Windows and Unix based Systems.

Click here to download GenyMotion for Windows 7/8/8.1/10.


3. Simulate 3000+ virtual device configurations and every imaginable situation to ensure a better user experience.

4. Be Agile: Code and Test often and early before and after committing your code to eliminate pesky bugs.

5. Develop test cases with Java API and automate them with Command line tool or with our Gradle plugin while you are in development phase.



How to Book a confirm Tatkal Ticket In 30 sec on IRCTC | Best way

In India, Tatkal Ticket booking is not an easy task in India.While Tatkal Hours there a heavy rush on IRCTC site.So Today I am going to tell you some awesome trick to book a tatkal ticket.By this method, You can book a ticket in less than a minute.Keep in mind, You have to log in before 1 minute from the tatkal hours.

First You need to download a Chrome Plugin “Book Tatkal – IRCTC Tickets“.

Benefits of Plugin “Book Tatkal – IRCTC Tickets”

1: Clock synced with IRCTC time.
2: Auto-reload at 10 and 11 AM to show the availability.
3: Payments filling.
4: CAPTCHA filling.
5: Siron sound to notify you at 10 and 11 AM.
6: Displays time you need to wait before submitting to avoid session expiry.
7.The plugin will hide ads to faster reload of the page and hassle-free redirect.

Here are the steps to Book a Tatkal Ticket

#1. Open the downloaded Plugin, Here you have to enter the data before the plugin.Click on “Create new form-data”.

#2. Now you have entered your IRCTC Login Details.IRCTC  Username and Password and click on next.

#3. Now you have to enter Train Details which include Train No, Boarding Station, Date of Journey and Class of Ticket (Sleeper, Tatkal, AC) and Click on next.

#4. In the next step, You have to enter the passenger details.It includes Name, Age, Meal type, Berth, Gender and Mobile Number also.

#5. At the last, You have to enter the payment details.Please choose it carefully keeping in mind, By which method you have to make payment.As Youcan See, I am making a payment using Airtel Money Wallet.After choosing the Payment way, now fill the payment details.Don’t hesitate it’s very safe to use.

#6. I hope you have done with the steps, click on save details.Now the time to book a Tatkal ticket.All the details are pre-filled.We just have to enter the Captcha & need some clicks, At payment time You have to enter OTP only.

 #7. Click on the Book now at 10:59 am if You want to book AC tickets, and on 11:59 if you want to book Non-Ac tickets.

If you have any query then comment below. Thank you for reading this article.

How to turn Systems Icons On or off in Windows 10

Hello guys are you aware of this awesome feature of Windows 10 where you can turn on or off System icons in taskbar according to your choice?This is just a simple 4 step process which will make your work easy on Windows 10.

Windows 10 has a lot of useful features which I will discuss in Windows tips on Tech Page.So have a look on them also.but before that see below.

Let me start with a list of System icons which can be configured, here it is-

Clock –  This Icon will show you the time, When you click on it, It will show the full Calendar and options to configure Calendar dates.

Volume – you can easily control your Volume from here.

Network – it will show you the Network connection i.e LAN, WLAN or Connected or disconnected

Power – Power remaining in the PC will be shown by this icon.

Windows 10 system icons

Input Indicator – This will show you the Language in which you are currently working

Action Center – This will show you some actions on your Pc which are required like Restart required, Antivirus not installed, maintenance mode is on ext.

Location – To share your location i.e Location sharing on or off.

TouchPad – To on or off your touchpad

Touch keyboard – this will show Touch keyboard is on or can say it on screen keyboard is on or of right now.Sometimes On screen keyboard is very much required, then this feature will work.

Windows ink workspace – this will open a special feature of windows where you can work with windows Ink

Process to turn on or off Windows 10 System icons

Step 1 – Click on the Windows Icon in the Bottom right corner and then choose settings

settings in windows 10 okeyravi

Step 2 – Settings ->Personalisation – Open Personalistaion

Personalisation in Windows 10

Step 3 – Click on “Taskbar icon” option under Personalisation, then click on turn system icons on or off as directed in the picture below.

Step 4 – After clicking on “Turm System icon On or Off”, You will see the list of Icons like the picture below.Then According to your choice, you just need to turn it on Or off.

Windows 10 System Icons turn on or off okey ravi

If you have any query related to this topic or related to windows, Facebook, Youtube, blog, and Website the do let us know.I will answer you soon.